Delain - Get The Devil Out Of Me (Live) Lyrics

I don't know what to feel, I don't know what to say
Ooh, I don't know what to do, what makes me treat you this way

Oh I get numb in my bones, oh I get numb in my heart
Why don't you leave me alone before I tear you apart?

I'm no Jesus Christ, I'm the one mistake that you love to hate
I apologize, it's your destiny to get the devil out of me

Oh I don't know what to do, it always ends the same way
Though I've been here before, I know the rules to this game

And though I try not to lose, in the end I will fall
Better to have you in tears than not to have you at all

I'm no Jesus Christ, I'm the one mistake that you love to hate [2x]
I apologize, it's your destiny to get the devil out of me

If you think I'm hard to handle (you give up so easily)
I just need a good example (to be what I used to be)

Get the devil out of me

I'm no Jesus Christ, I'm the one mistake that you love to hate
I apologize, it's your destiny to get the devil out of me

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Delain Get The Devil Out Of Me (Live) Comments
  1. Patrick van Gelder

    Want that devil out of you? STOP singing "curse the Morning star" in the song Masters of destiny. Christ is the Morning star.

  2. Maruan Domingues Sayegh

    Puta que pariu, que cantora afinada e sexy...🎤🎤🎶🎶😍😍😍

  3. Syele

    Delain Excellent J'ADORE !!!!!❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤🤘

  4. Timothy Shelsea

    Excellent! Delain is opening for Amorphis here in Seattle next week!

  5. 梁龍魘

    2019,hi guys

  6. Michael Barba


  7. MERICA Guns, freedom and love.

    Brooooo this is the band that had the gaint flash. like 30 girls flashed

  8. Marilú Orozco

    My FAVORITE!!✌🏻👌🏻

  9. RedDevil682

    Best Song from Delain 🥰🥰 Charlotte is amazing. See you in Luxemburg 🤘🏼😊🤘🏼

  10. jarosław dudziak

    yesssssss........./no zajefajnie was lubię i szanuje/

  11. Dusan Pavlovic

    get the devil out of me and song starts with everyone showing devil sign nice job morons

  12. Андрей Васильев

    Шикарно поет😊😊😊
    И почему наши российские певицы ттакую музыку не играют и не поют???
    (Только долбанная попса на тв)
    Металл!!!!! Рулит!!!!!

  13. dARkT

    Sadly i won't see these guys,they are toooo underrated!!!!

    Laci Doszka

    Will meet them in November (Budapest)

  14. kristy gutierrez

    MY DAD IN OCTOBER WE GONNA SEE HER IN A CONCERT when she comes im sooooooo excited

  15. K K

    Sound like Skillet

  16. Артём Сидоров

    Супер !!!

  17. Firekeeper GR

    2:29 - 2:31 oh god hahahhaha is so happy

  18. Erik H.

    I love her so pure at 0:40 And BEAUTIFUL at 2:08

  19. Erik H.

    Really proud of our dutch queens!! Floor, Simone, Sharon and Charlotte! They're all exiting and wonderful singers!!

    Tarl Cabot

    You should be, besides Amy, North America has no one that comes close to those 4 ladies for my tastes.


    I must add Anneke and Sharon to that list :)

  20. marketmogul


  21. Malu Blair

    Volta para o Brasil, que eu quero ir no show 💙

  22. Mr. Unkown person64

    Charlotte Wessels, such a babe

  23. David B

    Her voice is amazing.. that hard to handle part.. could listen to that all day.

  24. Andrew Beetison

    Cristina scabbia is the world's best woman rock singer. X

  25. Lucid

    hail satan

  26. Maro Alterego

    I am smelling Masters of Rock :-))

  27. CometTamer

    I had the Devil in me once...then i joined Robotology! Then i went back to sinning. Course then the Devil had me in him...that was weird.

  28. Jason Nielsen

    Just to the one's who think these women get where they are because they are beautiful consider Simone Simons, Alissa White Gluz, Sharon den-Adel, Tarja, Floor Jansen, etc....they're all beautiful, but first they we're vocally talented, the physical beauty is just a happy extra lol :p

  29. fwlawrence

    Where can I get that doormat?

  30. Dmitry Kuper

    Не плохая песенка)

  31. Александр Чернов

    Кипятком ссу !!!!!

  32. Dana Haughey

    I love you

  33. Ferenc Mászlai

    Ütős vagy Chalotte !!

  34. sam chung

    my. favorite band🤗🤗🤗🤗

  35. Company of Dreams

    amazing song . so catchy.
    please check out our youtube channel greetings Company of Dreams

  36. Doug Hedval

    When are you coming to Portland Oregon or somewhere near?

  37. Marco Paillacheo

    buen tema

  38. Emilio José Yáñez Fernández

    Me vuelve loco.

  39. john w

    no one can fill sander zoer shoes.....sorry, nice try. goodnite

  40. Gammareign

    If the devil were in you, what makes you think I could get him out of you?

  41. Tim Smith

    No, I did too, in person, she's a sweetheart 😍

  42. Lex Buren

    this band with epica and within temptation makes me proud te be dutch, such musicallity :D

  43. Jappe Aho

    Hollandese. Nightwish has the best voice in the world, Hollandese.
    I am married to an Asian woman. PROUD.
    Still I feel that white race must be saved.

  44. Flávio Oliveira

    I love this song.
    Um comentário Brasileiro passando aqui.

  45. Jeanette Wyszkowski

    I have to just state a fact here but this song in particular mentions Jesus Christ more than any christian or nonchristian song I have ever heard. I love this song too, its truly awesomely well put together.

  46. Dominique Laurent

    A very goog song !!! And this voice Charlotte 😀💕

  47. Marco Paillacheo

    buen tema

  48. Bobby Adams

    Awesome - Post if you're listening !


    koszonom elnokur




    mit csinalyak?

    Ábel Niederhoffer

    szilvásbuktát mert azt szeretem


    meg baszhatok egy lehetoseget?


    mit csinalyak?


    facken you

    ez se mi meggy el?


    nem megy?

    nem megy mi?

  56. Michał Lesisz

    Great song ,awesome sing Charlotte

  57. Mark Francis

    really, judging by all my favourite Epica/Nightwish/Within Temptation tracks this should be on 5-10 million views, not 1.

  58. Jaanus Karpender



    Again and again play this video clip... great!

  60. Mark Francis

    after Thursday in Cardiff this is the one I can't get out of my head

  61. Alberto Carlos

    I fell in love with this band and especially with their beautiful singer on November 9th in Glasgow watching them from the local background.

  62. Alberto Carlos

    I fell in love with this band and especially with their beautiful singer on November 9th in Glasgow watching them from the local background.

  63. Alberto Carlos

    I fell in love with this band and especially with their beautiful singer on November 9th in Glasgow watching them from the local background.

  64. Avebury Eddie

    Seeing them in Norwich Norfolk, UK, this Tuesday !!
    Im Excited :)

  65. Memories 21

    First version (demo) here, live in Paris, 2011 :

  66. troy stringer

    wasting food to get paid. thanks

  67. Head Stone

    I love you, Charlotte!

  68. AnimeSlapdown

    Dear Youtube, until the end of the election season I am re-enabling my adblock for Youtube.

  69. TOni OrtFe

    Buen grupo

  70. MetalSanglix

    My love to this band grows every day....

  71. German Fuentes

    I fell in love at 1:43 ♥♥♥


    1:42 for me so i got dibbs...

  72. Marcelo Mota

    Como amo bandas de metal da Holanda <3

  73. War Location

    sa TÜRK var mı

  74. Mario D. Zmaj

    wait, am I on the weird side of youtube again, or not? It looks so normal...

    Arga Rap

    Its normal but metal bands are not really serial killers in real life they just like to sing about it.

  75. Thay Pissaia

    We need this album on Spotify. It is not there yet :'( Please <3

  76. dabz good

    you should have used FE map instead of globe in video , don't spred mans lie makes me wonder on your true faith and which god you think is Jesus's father now think on that , with that said and out of the way I Love you still.

  77. Jose Luis Becerra

    charlotte te amo cantas como toda una diosa gracias por tu musica

  78. Leigh Burne

    Heard these guys at Download because my mate dragged me along to them. So glad he did!


    love both bands, both good sharons number 1, charlotte number 2

    gayle norris

    I agee but most people with have stop playing if they had mono,but I love both singers also.


    gayle norris very true they would of


    Do you know how hard it is to find fans that have been around sense there early days. I have a hard time find fans who have been around sense Lucidity and before.

    In fact most fans I seem to not know that the first person to play drums on a full Delain album was Ariën van Weesenbeek. Most think it was always Sander Zoer. Or they go way back to Tim Kuper.

    No Arien Van Weesenbeek was the drummer on Lucidity.

  79. Sabah B.

    Love this song! xD

  80. TheGupp19

    Good song and Charlotte is so hot

  81. Rev Jonathan Wint

    But the devil the Fun Part!

  82. Ajub Magomadov

    dat iphone ring tone at the end


    More like industrial facility alarm.

  83. 2mitts Photog

    Garbage hoamge at 2:09! <3 it!

  84. gabriel perez

    ♬ ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬ ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬ ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬ OK, my new favorite song of 2016...♬ ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬ ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬ ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬

    Clayton Takamiyashiro

    little late as this was made in 2012

    gabriel perez

    yes, i know, well iknow now, but is in 2016 when i hear it for first time!!!!!

  85. Josué Leite

    because some vídeos are blocked?

  86. Josué Leite

    Porque alguns estão bloqueados?

  87. Carson Guthrie

    Great song. She has a cool unique voice and natural beauty.

  88. Manala Official

    Amazing voice and great band! Thanks for sharing. If you like female fronted metal check us out:

  89. Seasonn Jarvis

    Seen these guys live at the London Music hall, She did awesome with this song. \m/

  90. levcsavo.

    Nyugodjon békébe tanár úr!


    Szegény Albert nem tudom, mit érezhet.

  91. Devidaen Dagon

    People, this kinda music has nothing to do with Gothic.
    It's not even rock..More like heavy pop

    Devidaen Dagon

    Haha, fair from mainstream?
    You've really no idea how mainstream Delain is, don't ya? ;) lol

    LUKE D

    +Devidaen Dagon ok. go listen to Lady Gaga then.

    Devidaen Dagon

    I'm certainly not a Gaga fan. But you have to admit that even Gaga is more original and alternative than Delain ever will be, that's just a fact. And I'm sorry that I just crushed your little emo balls, but Delain is more mainstream than you realize. A friend of me is pretty close with Charlotte .And according by him Delain is going for the $ and fame, just like Within Temptations. But hey..Who cares? There are more than enough Good metal bands in the world. You Should Try Watain, Behemoth or perhaps FleshGod.



    +Devidaen Dagon No has to admit a lie. Gaga took her whole act from Madonna. And why should a try Behemoth and FleashGod? Because you say so? Go listen to what you like dude. I will listen to what I like. Which includes bands such as Emperor, Death, Nile, and a number of other bands.

    Have a nice day/week/month/year and enjoy what ever it is that you listen to. I will keep listening to Delain and enjoying them.


    +Devidaen Dagon No one fucking cares. Either you like the music or you don't. Whether their trying to be some hipster indie band to be "different" or go for the $, assign w/e label you want to asign to them. It doesn't matter. At the end of the day you like the song or you don't lol. And that's all that matters.

  92. Jason Kocher

    Absolutely love this band. Their drums are the hook for me, they're very snappy and punchy, not buttery. So when Charlotte sings, shes going into battle with a 50 cal. If they lose this quality, I don't think they'll be on my workout playlist as much as they are.

  93. daisy xx

    The bass tho 1:15 to 1:25

  94. BrightEyedAngel416

    AHHH can't wait to see them live in 3 months with Nightwish and Sonata Artica!

    Glacyneyla - Lifestyle

    WHY I wasn't there?! 😭

  95. Katerina Mitika

    Song meaning? Good or evil? Great song though :)


    +Katerina Mitika I guess it's just how you interpret it but personally I don't care. Just shut up and enjoy the music : )

  96. Jim Lotus

    This music is not all about a beautiful girl lol I know the singer is cute that's a given but it's about the music people lol I love Delain because they play songs that mean something and they put them together the right way, I never listen to metal just because the singer is cute lol that is not a true metal head and not what metal is about, it's about getting the devil out of us.....not sex every time ok ...

    Jim Lotus

    @Epica124 YOu are so right the singer is an amazing person yes she is very cute but the words to her songs and the way she expresses herself let me know she is a girl who is very down to earth, a agree with you my friend :) much love from one dElAin fan to the next ;) 


    @Jim Lotus
     I have not found one song by them I dislike. Unlike any other band I have found there lyrics and music mean more to me then any other band. They were the only band where I was will two travel 3 hours just to see them after already seeing them the month before. I'm still kicking myself for not seeing them in 2014 when they played there first headline show in Michigan.

    Jim Lotus

    Wow yes I know what you mean I LOVE Delain's music very much and I am very picky about my bands but they just have a certain deep aura about them, you are very lucky to have seen them, I wish I would get that chance ;) 


    @Jim Lotus
    Not sure were you live if you live in the USA they will be back again next year.

    Jim Lotus

    @Epica124 Yes USA California ;) 

  97. Jim Lotus

    Yea people this song is for real.... get the devil out of out of us .....