Del Shannon - Sue's Gotta Be Mine Lyrics

Sue, why don't we go away
(go away)
Sue, we could leave today
(leave today)
Sue, what would your daddy say
(daddy say)
Sue, will he see things our way
(our way)

Come on, baby, we'll fund us a preacher man
In time your daddy will understand
Sue, who cares what people say
(people say)
Sue, let's leave today
(leave today)
I'll find us a secret hide-away
I'll get a job and I'll work everyday
Sue, you gotta be my baby
(be my baby)
Sue, you gotta be mine
(all the time)
Sue, you gotta be my baby
(be my baby)

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Del Shannon Sue's Gotta Be Mine Comments

    I'm very new to this one -----but I LOVE it . One you can play over and over and never get bored. He's a wonderful timeless talent, and WAY ahead of his time.

  2. Brock White

    This made the Top 30 on WLS in 1963, but I like "Little Town Flirt" better!

  3. eslermanu47

    Fantastic memories this song for me my cousin was a d jay around 1962 and this is the first song I ever heard at a dance.