Del Rey, Lana - In Wendy Lyrics

Well dark clouds they'll subside for awhile
And sit down I can make my friends smile
I have lost a lot but I'm sane you know
And I'm calling you up just to say hello so
Hi, my lovely, hi my lovely
I am someone else

I did think I would live life alone
I was sure I was made out of stone
I have lost a lot but you helped me find
What was really real and some peace of mind
And I'm awfully thankful and I am so grateful
I need no one else

Will you think of me when I am gone?
Will you comfort me when I am wrong?
I have a lost a lot but I'm feeling fine cause I
Finally found out nothing's mine and I'm
Only human, I'm so human
I am nothing else

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Del Rey, Lana In Wendy Comments
  1. ccyanide snacc

    She has so many fucking songs its ridiculous (but I love it)

  2. Square Crybaby

    Only the real fans...

  3. the blackest

    She was at my age when she recorded that ⚡🖤😿

  4. Arthur Auday

    i fcking love her

  5. david winchester

    Being probably the first fan here in Bangladesh back in 2012. But there's a thing about her made me a worshiper of her later in 2016. It's not her songs. It's more her. All these time she described prophecies. But now, it's more like watching meditated unconscious Budda under the bodhi tree and a beam of psychedelic radiation lurking behind him. Her way of becoming the dark mother of her own self-illuminating split personalities, she's converting me into a human of lost scenes trapped inside my head. I will gladly follow the paths she's taken and deeds she's done for the rest of my life. Because in her, it is freedom.

  6. Kathy K

    Wow what a sweet song... !!

  7. Unicorn Thirteen

    I’m so thankful

  8. Gemma James


  9. Mallork Pdm

    Maybe this song is called In Wendy cuz the film "American Horror Story" has a lesbian couple called Lana anad Wendy o.o

    Mallork Pdm

    Will you think of me when I am gone? this part of he song supports my theory also "Well, dark clouds they'll subside for awhile" can refer to the black and white film that is American Horror Story


    It was recorded in 2005, or even before though.


    Wish it was longer....

  11. Sabrina Locke

    Her voice in this song is like a hot mug of tea to my heart right now. ❤️

  12. Vitoria Bay

    mais uma vez, me salvaso

  13. Kathy P

    I love this song more than life

  14. Vitoria Bay

    essa música salvou minha vida

  15. this is fifi

    is lana sing this? her voice sounds different

    angelica ramirez

    her "May Jailer" days.

  16. Wendy R

    She has a song with my name... GOD IS GOOD! 😍😍😍

    rae oneal

    Jazmin R ikr my name is Summer and I get hyped every time she says summer, some people call me summer time sadness.


    rae oneal owww How good is that 😍😍😍😍

  17. ícҽís թհօҽղíx

    a masterpiece. I love her so much especially her old stuff

  18. Brooklyn Baby

    She should do these folky acoustic songs more it fits her voice perfectly

  19. Blend Bytyqi

    this song is from her album "Young Like Me" other songs like "Blizzard" , "You Mister" , "Junky Pride", "Move", "There's Nothing To Be Sorry About" and "More Mountains" are in this album too!

  20. Raven Sky

    where can i get that picture?

    Alice sweet Alice


    Miss Daytona

    im a good gal

  21. dumpster fire

    Why is it called "In Wendy"?

    entropy fan

    +Farhan Mannan "hi my lovely, i am someone else" maybe 'someone else' is named wendy. maybe an alter ego type thing.

    dumpster fire

    +entropy fan good idea thanks. Just remembering that the girl in 'Born To Run' is called Wendy, and I think lana is a fan

    Elias Acosta Mendoza

    she wrote it while in a Wendy's

  22. Mel Al

    It's pretty easy to decipher which chords she is using, verse: A, Em, G, D, A, D, A, Em, A, D, A, Em throughout then at the end while she's humming A, Em. These songs are golden, I wish she would release these. This is the Lizzy I love.

    Thikki Nikki

    a.j. W It’s for anyone that wants to play it, dumbass.

  23. Tom Sundog

    Love these songs, its like shes saying goodbye to an old persona before becoming full-on diva Lana

  24. Angel Lee

    Prettiest goodbye ever 😍

  25. Mario Pena

    Does anyone know what are the chords ?

  26. Leon Kerr

    She's too old for a wendy house......

  27. Sebastian Pierre

    Lana is the definition of perfection <3