Del Rey, Lana - Ghetto Baby Lyrics

You got a face like the Madonna
Crying tears of gold
Been pumping gas at the Texaco
Road to road

You're on the run, oh, baby
Yeah, you're on the run, oh baby

I'm not a trick but
I'm a trick for you
You give me butterflies
Heart skipping, one two

I know you're sick, boy
I wanna get the flu
I'm running temperatures
Thinking of your love, boo

Brooklyn move my soul like this
Kissing my stilettos
Move your mouth up to my lips
Come on over ghetto baby
(He says "Show me what you got girl")
Come on over ghetto baby
("Drop it like it's hot girl")

I know your lips say that you wanna
But your heart's a no
But boy your hips say that you're gonna
When you hold me, hold me

You're so fun, b-baby, you
Are too much fun, b-baby

My local rock star
The WillyB crew
I'm feeling you boy
You're liking me too

I'm clocking chicks
Left and right
Just to get to you
You're out there
On the grind now come home
To your queen, boo

Brooklyn move my soul like this
Kissing my stilettos
Move your mouth up to my lips
Come on over ghetto baby
(He says "Show me what you got girl")
Come on over ghetto baby
("Drop it like it's hot girl")

Brooklyn move my soul like this
Kissing my stilettos
Move your mouth up to my lips
Come on over ghetto baby
(He says "Show me what you got girl")
Come on over ghetto baby
("Drop it like it's hot girl")

We're a match made in heaven
If they're gonna talk let 'em
If they don't think we're good together
Baby just forget 'em

When he's bad, he's bad
But when he's good, no one's better
'Cause we're a match made in heaven
And this kind of love's forever

Brooklyn move my soul like this
Kissing my stilettos
Move your mouth up to my lips
Come on over ghetto baby
(He says "Show me what you got girl")
Come on over ghetto baby
("Drop it like it's hot girl")

Brooklyn move my soul like this
Kissing my stilettos
Move your mouth up to my lips
Come on over ghetto baby
(He says "Show me what you got girl")
Come on over ghetto baby
("Drop it like it's hot girl")

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Del Rey, Lana Ghetto Baby Comments
  1. a normal random person

    this is a cheryl video, can we stop talking bout lana, thank u

  2. Sonia S

    Everyone: always telling you shouldn't cover Lana cause no one can do it better than Lana
    Cheryl: *kills it*


    Cheryl is good but Lana's version is catchier

    Sonia S

    @70sNEON I dig both :)

  3. cuhlayer

    This is such a Lana song omg

    Brian C

    She wrote it


    @Brian C I know I just meant it fit so well

  4. hello kitty

    Lanas version >>>> this

  5. Soaribb

    I like the instrumental a lot
    Someone better put Lana's vocals on it

  6. R xY

    Had she done more promo for it, I feel like this would have been a lot more popular.

    Nikola Nikolić

    She didnt release this as song, just did a video

  7. R xY

    I prefer Cheryl’s slowed down version to Lana’s demo, but Lana’s vocals on this tempo would have been very good.

  8. Leo Noakes

    if this was published in 2019, the amount of drama and things this would be labelled as, omgg lol

  9. Zayid Al-Balushi

    Like me if you Lana del Rey fan 👍🏻

  10. Shariah Pata

    WTF people telling this is not so Lana del Rey? This is sooo Lana. From the lyrics to the tune. Everything. ahahahahha

  11. Hey Jamie

    Oh nooooooo.

  12. Caleb Ellis

    Nothing's wrong with selling a song to another artist but at least make the lyrics your own so it doesn't have someone else's signature all over it

  13. Melinda Mullins


  14. RubyRoseRivers

    Lana 🖤🦋

  15. Riri Knowlage


  16. Katie

    I can't believe LDR created this montrosity

  17. nssjd kttk

    it reminds me of She's Not Me by Lana Del Rey

  18. Jake Mcfee

    Never heard this song in the USA. Not even by accident

    Nikola Nikolić

    She have never released music there

    Jake Mcfee

    @Nikola Nikolić probably because her label knew it would be a waste of money. She can sing karaoke

  19. Mellw Mellw

    Um amor por essa música!❤
    (* ^ *)

  20. Naiyah Reed

    7 years later and this is still a bop

  21. Messylin

    Black fetishisation at its worst.

  22. Maiyah k

    Her facial expressions really piss me off!!

  23. Raf. J

    that face that make up.....oh miss old beautiful Cheyrl

  24. Akyrah Spiller

    This songs is my shits i love this song😍😍😍😍

  25. PubliusAfricanus

    Goddamn, I can't even see her through the whirlwind of black guys.

  26. Sandii LovesU

    I actually like this song idk what other versions there are but who cares this one takes the cake 💕🔥

  27. Ерол Еголор

    B R A V O •

  28. The Fury

    1.25x for Lana speed. Btw Lana version is way better to me

  29. petty Nicolee

    I love this song 😍💖😫

  30. Ceecee Narine

    I was searching for this for a reallllly long time

  31. Ιωάννα Γκόγκου

    I feel like I'm watching a suicide in front of me.

  32. Sarbjit Kaur

    She's lovely

  33. Laura Watt

    This is so cringe. At least if Lana did this awful song she would have made ironic with her vintage chic style, this is just dated try hard R&B

  34. Sad Girl Clique

    Its vocally missing the passion tbh

  35. Hailey Nelson


  36. Lisa Colgan

    Love this song. Its great being sung by Cheryl

  37. Stacey Young

    I think Cheryl does such a great job of this, it really suits her vocals and she looks beautiful.

  38. Rox

    SHE Had A BABY With a White Boy So How Is That True That She Doesn't Like White Guys 😁🤔

  39. Shawn Williams

    Hot Record/ I'm Listening And Watching Videos This Morning/ Thinking Of Concepts For The Future

  40. schlayyyter

    urban queen

  41. Kate Cairns

    Bless her she’s a normal human being and a girl who’s unlucky in love we’ve all done it ....she shouldn’t be judged for her personal life ...hope she gets back on her feet ❤️ and support here :) x

  42. Javid M

    More like ‘council estate baby’ with no talent

  43. Saima Khan

    Stop dancing cheryl. Cheesy AF. So cringe. Music is not your thing love

  44. ZS 15

    I love this song haha!! Cheryl sounds good in that higher range.

  45. Kaja Florek

    Still listening to this 2k18 baby

  46. Bríd Ní Hannín

    Dats some crap

  47. Dom Ryan

    She had the bbc. And now she's a single mom. Lol


    And the dad isn't black so?...

    Dom Ryan

    @JOTennisVid Ever heard of putting the wrong males name on children's birth certificates? It does happen. ;)

  48. Claire Lusby

    Still one of my favourites from Cheryl

  49. PoppyCupCake89

    We're in 2018 and I'm still living for the makeup at 0:57!

  50. Javid M

    It actually scares me how she just can’t seem to comprehend that she CANNOT SING OR DANCE.

  51. ✩ Blueberry Dreams ✩

    She's a horrible dancer. Just horrible. 🙈

  52. Lemon Boi

    Ok, so yes, the demo of this song was wrote by Lana Del Rey... But did you know that Lana has made a demo of the demo of this song ? Yes... And it’s called « Match Made In Heaven ». You’re welcome 😊

  53. André Homsi Jr.

    is weird to see someone using lana lyrics in their own style, i do like it tho

  54. SupernaturalLove100

    What u know about the ghetto Cheryl? 🤔

    Nikola Nikolić

    SupernaturalLove100 Ask Lana del Rey.she wrote song

  55. Zugalu

    you wanna get the flu? ok brb. ....... em I'm sorry to tell you this but i might have gone a bit far. oops.

  56. Catiti Hueso

    Lo veo por primera vez WoooW <3<3<3 I see it for the first time Woooow

  57. Yanna Hatzipemou

    Ghetto baby is probably the ideal performing and singing style for multi-talented and beautiful Cheryl! Go girl! Waiting for your new album release #October2018!

  58. Braydon Del Rey

    can someone please tell me where i can find lana’s version of this song

  59. Lauren Holmes

    I’m sick of coming here and seeing pressed Lana fans, okay she wrote it and it’s a great song and okay you may have liked her performance of it better, but please this is Cheryl’s version - say something positive or leave it out.

  60. Nik Mad

    I don't like it. And her voice making song worse. Think may be lana could make it better.

  61. Harris McWinved

    Wierd how all the background dancers look like ashley cole 🤔🤔🤔

  62. Hero Big

    How can this people dislike her!?!!!

  63. Sophie Morgan

    It's 2018 and this is still 100x better than Lana's version. Nothing and nobody competes with Cheryl in any category.

  64. Vermillion 303

    She ruined this song.

  65. Honeymoun

    Song is so bad even Lana's version sucks wonder why she bought this one

  66. Justin Ford

    Looks like Liz Hurley here a bit

  67. I G

    never expected Lana would write a song for cheryl

  68. Sherrene

    Cheryl come back please 😫💗

  69. GlitterBritney

    Lanas version is a way better but Cheryl was cute she did her thing

  70. Femke A

    This is a LDR cover, isn't it?

    Femke A

    claudiusxme aah like that! Thanks for letting me know! :) ♡♡

  71. Pam Amacio

    Marry me 😅

  72. Jake Miller

    I love this 👌💖

  73. Jake Miller

    If you don't like Cheryls version, then leave and go and watch Lanas? Why do people have to compare? Especially when Lana sold Cheryl the song!

  74. Hasti Fallah

    This is really perfect!!!😍

  75. angel x

    Lana did it better lol

  76. Shannon Cohen

    Love this

  77. Aditi K

    When you like the black d

  78. Angela Lynn Rivera Perez


  79. Lavita Williams

    I like the song. I think it's cute. I like the 💃 dances. Bianca👠👑💄

  80. Tom Hart

    2:45 I'm a losing my bowels laughing

  81. Dr.Vaishnavi Pol

    I love this

  82. Caleb Scott

    fuck I can't get the Lana version any where now and I can't stand this version. She sounds like she's talking through the whole thing smh

    Kyle Woolridge Grant

    I'll give you a picosong link.

    Kyle Woolridge Grant

  83. G Crew 18

    2018 anyone😀.

  84. olivia wagstaff

    Is it weird that I'm sad I'm not her bestie 😔 ♥ ♥ ♥

  85. Kyle Woolridge Grant

    This is like a mix of The Other Woman and Match Made in Heaven (Other unreleased songs by Lana).

  86. Bella Allison

    Everything about this song screams Lana, especially the lyrics so it feels kinda out of place. Idk Im a fan of Lana’s version

  87. Evan A1

    01.04 - The Dancer was about to sing a rap verse 😂

  88. Alexandra Gottini

    LOVE this song and loved her with Trey <3

  89. DashPepito

    everyone talking about lana and i'm like ''Fuck I miss Trezza''

  90. M G

    This music video looks like a bad version of Ciara - like a boy lol

  91. Sandra H

    She's lucky she's an absolute ride because this is embarrassing

  92. julikeah

    This is so obviously written by Lana Del Rey it might aswell just be her song

  93. Brandon Greene

    Thus version is betaaaahhhh

  94. April Tiff

    I love the dance moves in this video and the hot guys😍😍😍get it Cheryl!!!😘😘

  95. miqueishawhite

    I don't like the fact that it's called ghetto baby ..could've picked a different title!

  96. Helen Taylor

    I love this song, and I love Cheryl!

    Love from Europe

  97. M. Nicole

    People keep saying that Lana would have sung the song better. I am a fan of BOTH Lana and Cheryl. Lana wrote the song and gave it to Cheryl, get over it. All I have left to say is that if you don't like Cheryl's version of the song, then don't listen to it. No one is saying that you have to like this version; that's all up to you. But just don't listen to the song or even watch the video if you dislike this version so much. On another note, for those saying that she was being racist having two black dancers in the video, she had hired them for the video AND for the "A Million Lights tour"; which occurred in 2012.. Plus, she was dating one of the dancers in the video at the time. So, if you really think that, then why bother watching the video?!

    Kyle Woolridge Grant

    This is a pointless argument. Like you said, people don't have to like it. People also have the right to their own opinion. It's just weird hearing her singing this when it's so obvious it was written by Lana.