Del Rey, Lana - Get Drunk Lyrics

I am sleeping with your best friend
How do you like me now?
How do you like me now?

I am sleeping with your best friend
How do you like me now?
How do you like me now?

Come on, get drunk, you know you wanna.
I am, you can, won't tell no one 'bout it
It's gonna be a ball
It's gonna be a ball

I am lying, using again
Come on. It's gonna be ball

Come on, get drunk, you know you wanna
I am, you can, won't tell no one 'bout it
It's gonna be a ball
It's gonna be a ball

Cigarettes, robitussin, will I ever get to heaven?
Cigarettes and robitussin, will I ever get to heaven?
It's not looking good now. Ohhh
It's not looking good now

Come on, get drunk, you know you wanna
Come on, get drunk
Get drunk
Get drunk
Get drunk
Get drunk
Get drunk
Get drunk
Get drunk

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Del Rey, Lana Get Drunk Comments
  1. Joel Shaw

    Makes me think of Beck's 'One Foot in the Grave Album'.

  2. strawberry banana swirl

    sounds a lot like the only mistake by joy division

  3. lily allen and the diamonds

    Best artist of our generation

  4. Julio Jose

    What kind of guitar is this? acoustic?

  5. Alex Davies

    i have a cough and am going to miami....gurl thanks for the advice im gonna get me some robitussin :L

  6. Alda Sigurdardottir

    bruh we are drunk already no need to tell me twice

  7. Pepita Abeln

    There I am. Drinking in bed while listening to this song, crying. Life sucks

  8. Mattheo Märte

    Spotify????? :(

  9. Gokhan Atasoy

    😍 darling

  10. Maiko Leite

    essa música é tudo pra mim

  11. Bex

    this song is so underrated. im still listening to it years later ❤️ i wish she would do another updated recording of this song!

  12. Morgan Slauson

    I would not want to be drunk with her. She sounds lousy.

  13. anonymus

    there is something so dark in this song (yeah, even for lana)- i love it

  14. Kaitlynn Baldwin

    Carbon copy of Priscilla Presley!

  15. Wingate8 7zero

    Heaven is on love Satan is in heaven and I am down for 4

  16. Gabriel Carmo

    I am lying, using (cocaine) again.

  17. Feuerchen Compostella

    Did hear her song drunked? I'm very scared now.

  18. Magdalena Lukač

    ASMR icon

  19. S Hall

    Omg I fucking love her so much

  20. valerie

    every single time i drink, due to the void within me and the emptiness inside of my veins, i listen to this song. it makes me feel less broken, in a strange way, almost justiying my behaviours. i know it's a problem, i promise you that much, but it makes me feel okay about my decisions. i need to stop, yes i am aware, but i can't help it. i crave a drink every morning to get me through the idea of living as long as an entire day. i've drank each day for the past 3 weeks, getting completely drunk most days. it's a problem. i know. but what does that matter if whenever you pick up the bottle you see the cuts on your wrist? if you remember all the thoughts inside of your head and all the evil voices, convincing you that you are the evil person you've always assumed you are, that keep repeating until the moment you taste the harsh spirits down your throat? of course you'd drink, if you lived my life, if you were me. can you blame me, really? im drunk writing this. and so what? what about it? it's a problem, but it's my problem. it's my problem.

    actually her name is marina

    valerie are you better now? please get help,you’re worth it xx


    @actually her name is marina thank you so much hun!! xx i completely forgot that i even wrote this but im 103 days sober now <3 toughest thing ive ever done

  21. kurt cobain

    Wow I have a problem

  22. Oriel Collins

    This reminds me of early PJ Harvey.

    Oriel Collins

    Wait. Cat power.

  23. Andrea

    you know you wanna...

  24. Lovely Loni

    Why only 1million views!!?

  25. Mindaugas s

    thet made me dee whi frbid the sorrwwwwww

  26. Viking Song

    Some of her best songs were never released. Madness.

  27. Precious Mosley

    Anyone who knows the chords PLEASE do tell!

  28. Дарьяна Полищук

    It's like Norman Fucking Rockwell era

  29. brennen green

    i still like this

  30. Agustín Baletti

    I think this is Lana singing as if she was another person, or even some kind of devil.

    "I am using again". I believe she did not use again any drugs.... But maybe she just felt the temptation and wrote this song ❣️

  31. Alfredo Castillo

    Love you sm 🖤🖤

  32. Ray Roses

    This is so toxic!

  33. I Don't Know Elisa

    So glad I discovered you when she’s when under Lizzy Grant

  34. alt. b.

    I drink to escape and I always listen to this song when I do. It's so sad and tragic and relatable. An addict trying to find comfort in social drinking. Because drinking alone feels like something wrong, like you're sick, desperate. I love Lana so much, God.

    kurt cobain

    I hope you feel better now.

  35. Brennen's Music Account

    Cigarettes, robitussin. Will I ever get to heaven?

  36. Vanessa Fontecha

    Your voice, the lyrics, the guitar....God you're amazing........... fulfilled my dream of seeing you and I hope to see you again

  37. Thomas Dix

    This song makes me want to drink my ass off. Booze and blues is bliss!

  38. kurt cobain

    I am lying, using again.

  39. Thomas Anchell

    Such a beautiful touching song

  40. Lyrer0

    Reminds me of "Enough" by Cat Power from the album Myra Lee

  41. kurt cobain

    Lana likes lean

  42. Ines navy blue

    sorry but she isnt pretty on this photo and this plastic mouth xd

    Ave Satanas Baby

    Ines navy blue she’s never ugly.

    Lucy Harlock

    Ines navy blue She doesn't have a plastic mouth.

    Emmanuel Macron

    Ines navy blue Fuck you.

  43. Laura Navarro

    this is a fucking masterpiece

  44. kylecita del

    i see the nirvana too but the first thing this brought me was cat power, nude as the news

  45. Colson Hagan

    Lyrics and chord progression are dead on Jim Morrison

  46. Florentina Guggenheimer

    channeling some early Cat Power... love it

  47. Brittany Leigh

    I may not be an alcoholic but this song is so beautiful and so real and even made me a little emotional. I love lana so much

  48. Kato Vajra

    How do
    like me


  49. Braydon Del Rey

    is there a link to where I can download this full song??

  50. Salvatore 0

    im getting drunk alone listening to this song right now

  51. Black Beauty


  52. Anika Tommerup

    does anyone know what she means with "i am sleeping with your best friend"?

    Holly S

    Anika Tommerup I believe she was friends with this guy and she was sleeping with his best friend

  53. PewPewPew

    Depression man

  54. Lee Woods

    Shining like gunmetal cold and unsure

  55. Lee Woods

    They all say hey, you try to ignore them. Cus u want more why?

  56. Lee Woods

    I love lana so much. Kinda makee u wonder if she loves us ad much or she jus says she does. Like a reflex. Even tho she dnt know us does like she love love us. Which is impossible ig. But i still lovr Art Deco

  57. Alejandra Achury

    I always listen this when i'm drunk... That's it... Love Lana ❤

  58. gambits candy

    i adore her but she has had a ton of work sad

  59. gambits candy

    now she keeps her money saved from alcohol to totally transform her face

  60. gambits candy

    how do you like me now !!!!

  61. gaby lopez

    lana have to do ASMR

  62. Velvet Music

    I wanna do a cover of this song soon! Super relatable...

  63. Kelvis Arrieche

    why this reminds me of nirvan's something in the way?

  64. Ashlen Electra

    So beautiful as always, Lana. I love you and your music touches me from across the USA.
    Definitely hear the Nirvana influence in this one. I love you<3

  65. Lana Rutherford



    Lana Rutherford girl i mean i get the sentiment but it was never even officially released LMAO

    also who gives a fk abt the Grammys... like cmon. we should thank God Lana doesn’t

  66. Afro-Geek

    I am a diehard fan.... I have all released songs of Lana Del Rey

  67. Afro-Geek

    This is much better than Brite lite, it was aweful.

  68. Josefine Bliss

    Living for them Nirvana vibes in this one

  69. LoliPenetrator

    nice guitar and voice, lyrics are really fucking simplistic

  70. kaitlyn zuniga

    ha my ex's best friend is hot as fuck, i'd love to be able to sing this lmao. very nirvana-esque

    stillontheproperty 06

    kaitlyn zuniga I actually did that after my ex broke up with me ... bad desicion :(

    kaitlyn zuniga

    Gloomy sunday aw. i hope all is well eventually


    me too, but i'm fine, because it was just 3 month with my ex. his friend loves me, but my problem is that i don't really love him back

    stillontheproperty 06

    allenkozlowski I didn't love him either, I was just fucked up and he was hot ;/

  71. David Murray Holland

    there have been a few nights where this was basically my life buy so much noisier

  72. XXX Xxxx

    Cade os br ??

    Sam Carvalho

    XXX Xxxx aqui rsrsrs

  73. Shannone

    such a beautiful song <3

  74. Bubble Girl

    After one hour listening to rap songs
    lana is the best way to break ;)

  75. Dolce Luxe

    I listen to this song every time I relapse.

    just grace

    Dolce Luxe hope you’re doing good

  76. moha haamed

    Love it💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛❤

  77. Little Akira


  78. Marz B

    she's great

  79. Animal finatic

    I now see the eerie beauty of this song. Amazing, Lana. Love you

  80. cera balzly

    she channels cat power a lot on this one.

    Natalija ltgh

    sorry l'm so very curious, what do you mean ?

  81. Ulises

    ketchup, Ketchup, Ketchup,Ketchup,Ketchup.


    You seriously just ruined my day xD

  82. night fiera

    she did dxm! i knew we're similar


    bambiblueeyes wtf


    bambiblueeyes just do real drugs lol

    Cinnamon Girl

    xXKatanaXLordXx thanks for your input 👌 you've changed my life.

    Cheeky Blogger

    What's DXM not that I really wanna know. It's synthetic right?

  83. Karla Alyssa G.

    God. I love Lana.

  84. Gavin

    reminds me of something in the way by nirvana <3 love it

  85. taffie!

    everyone is totally correct with the whole nirvana-vibe. it would be sin for lana to not adore nirvana, i'm sure she takes the impression of nirvana as a huge compliment. other than that, i fucking love this song.

    Josefine Bliss

    She loves Nirvana, she's sung Heartshaped Box and she mentions them in Oh Say Can You See.


    Josefine Lea And in Bel Air 💞

  86. Giselle TDC

    I love this woman ❤

  87. KrimsonFkkr

    It's sickening how much Ive come to love
    these vocals are haunting...and captivating

  88. Davion Blackwell

    this would kill sung live on an acoustic with someone with a lil bit more of a passionate voice

    Katy Puddifoot

    the mood of the song is quite bleak, I don't think a "passionate" voice would make it better than it is

    Davion Blackwell

    You can change mood with tone and emphasis. It's about how you sing a song.. I can sing "You Are My Sunshine" somber like Cash or you can brighten it up with a more livelier voice and attitude and it could be just the opposite.

  89. Grace Blessington



    omfg best pun 2k16

    TheEmoNemo And TheKillYourSelfiesXD

    grace blessington Shit I thought it sounded like Nirvana too lol

  90. Aine Dargan

    this is one of my "listen to on repeat and cry" songs

    Iriss Gaytan

    same here , exactly💘

  91. aleqs3

    This is Effy singing to Freddie after she fucked Cook
    Only skins' fans will understand this❤️

    Lee Woods


    Tilda wannabehippie

    Yes omg!

    Lizzytheepiclizard Gibb

    Why did you have to ruin a good song w a skins reference smh

    Samantha Puleo


  92. Sergio Arruda Filho

    I just searched for "lana del rey sleepy" lol

    Ch P

    Sergio Arruda Filho This is actually a very sad song and If you truly relate it certainly does not make you cry!Especially knowing the fact that she wrote this song with her poor knowledge of guitar playing

    Ch P

    *does not make you sleep

  93. vivi armani

    getting nirvana vibes from this and I love it