Deicide - When Heaven Burns Lyrics

[spoken backwards:]
"I smell smoke"

Wonder and wait as I stare at the cross,
Thinking in ways that have Christ at a loss,
Kick your ass out through the lord's pearly gates,
When heaven burns and engulfed into flame.
Blasphemes villain, the killings begin,
Murdering Christians and torturing them,
Conquering churches and slaughtering lambs,
Doing it all for my love of Satan... (I love you Satan, my lord)
Bring death to your god; tear apart his begotten son,
Christian you are dead, fucking kill every one of them,
Drop down in defeat, retribution of hypocrisy,
In life is unknown, after here I will own your soul.
Death to god banished and burned to incite the invert,
Blasphemy.... When heavens burns we inherit the earth,
No more lies, churches and crosses confusing the mind,

Agony watching them burn in their righteous empire,
When heaven burns I will dance in its fire!!!!!!!
Drop dead hyraces, paradise has begun to bleed,
Give praise to the lord, over run in the face of war,
Christian wait with death, heaven burns into nothingness.
Satan on his throne rejoice in returning home.
End of god, when heaven burns it will fall to the earth,
Watch it burn angels on fire and screaming berserk,
Holy ghost, lost in confusion and puking in pain,
When it burns pissing on prophets that fall to the flame.

Wonder and wait as I stare at the cross,
Thinking in ways that have Christ at a loss,
Kick your ass out through the lord's pearly gates,
When heaven burns I will stomp on his face.
Blasphemes villains, the killings begin,
Murdering Christians and torturing them,
Conquering churches and slaughtering lambs,
Doing it all for my love of Satan.

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Deicide When Heaven Burns Comments
  1. Ceaser Gaste

    The howls at the end are pretty freakie

  2. Jeff Patterson

    I love DEICIDE

  3. Spicy meatballs

    How can you NOT get a warm fuzzy feeling hearing Glen Benton say "I love you" at 0:36?

  4. Spotify '

    My favourite chritian song from my favourite chritian band

  5. The Raven 200

    My neighbors love it when I listen to Deicide. They even throw a brick at the window so they can hear it better. And they even invite the Police to come listen to it with me, their so considerate.

  6. Werlys Arioch

    Porrada dos Mestres!!

  7. Ilnur Garipov

    "I love you Satan, my Lord" that's my favorite part

  8. juan gregorio serena villarroel

    La.zorra pela ctm!!!

  9. TheModernPhilosopher

    Definately the angriest song by Deicide...and I've heard ALOT

  10. matthieu cloutier

    illuminati 911

  11. Radek Gmyrek

    Lubię ten zespół cześć Radek Gmyrek

  12. Bedawg Ebenezer 76

    A wonderful song to burn a Church to!

  13. Panth Mantheon

    A very satisfying mix between black metal/death metal

  14. Joe Blow

    This raises the question: why listen to anything other than this or Vital Remains?


    Joe Blow Because you'll lose your fuckin' mind. In moderation it's fine though.

  15. Camilo Beleño

    Glen Benton For President

  16. Snattlerake

    A fade out? Damn, and this song was almost perfect.

  17. Jemima Bonfield

    This song is a window of paradise

  18. AcksBoy

    my daily driver

  19. MCDarCH

    ... it should be, Sanatana!!!...of the Sanata, Sananda, Sanaka...

  20. Squawk the Parrotriarch Smith

    homage for stan is the best song ever, not really sure who stan is.... must have quite a following though

  21. HeadbangorGTFO

    One of my favorite songs by Deicide!!! \m/

  22. Sonnenritter

    With this track even Ghandi can become a serial killer :P

    Biscuit Head

    Matt Cantina fuck, that sick-o, Ghandi!!!!!! He slept with his 18 year old nease when he was in his (age don't matter here really,his family member) 70's Plus Some other G.G. ALLEN type 💩 for his spiritual journey!!!!!!🖕Ghandi IN THIS LIFE AND THE NEXT, sorry God for resorting to my stupid ways, and judging someone you made for a purpose. Everyone!!😈

  23. Dead Man 456

    Soon will come the end of days when our Dark Lord & Master will Boil the Seas & bring Fire & Destruction to the gates of Heaven. ;D

    jason orsak

    so true hell will see this world get what it deserves

    Lucille Rose-Davis

    Ave Satanas 𖤐

  24. Robert Miles

    Seek the truth

  25. SmokinJoe

    This is the most brutal song by this band, no joke!

    Raul Silva

    fuck your god is their heaviest ever

  26. Watson Fiveohthree

    The last great Deicide song before the fall. Hoffman brothers' era rules.


    +Watson Fiveohthree I don't know, man. "To Hell With God" is a pretty great album.


    Watson Fiveohthree to hell with god is fucking badass

    Ali Jr.

    Which album?

  27. Kobi Zeus

    i like u bro apj rohan, they should repent

  28. Blake Procter

    To be completely honest, this is about the only song I actually like off Scars of the Crucifix, which I find to be an otherwise dull album. But fucking hell is it a massive diamond in the rough. That riff man!  

  29. It’s ok To be White

    i think its funny that in the beginning sound clip where it sounds like "i smell smoke " i revered it and played it at normal speed and i swear its a black guy saying " Doing it all for the love of satan yo! "

  30. Dean FrogZwell

    +tokman20 The version you've also heard is Glenn saying "Doing it all for my love of Satan" reversed and does sound like a foreign language due to it being actually reversed, Not just lowered a lot in pitch like the "I smell Smoke" version is

  31. WolfsBlood003

    When the Hoffman Bros. We're there Damn Fucking Hoffman's ruled!!!!!!

  32. AlvisDeath Heredia

    I love you Satan, My Lord !!!

  33. Jordan Fragoso

    I smell smoke

  34. sebas rock


  35. iiXeno

    It didn't make you want to do that when it was first played at 0:34? But yes I agree, that riff is amazing.

  36. matt falkowski

    By the way, if you don't like it, slit your throat on the alter.

  37. matt falkowski

    The Judeo-Christian religious system was created to control mindless people. Deicide and other bands like them are here to destroy it.

  38. Rob Groeneweg

    Just bought a ticket for the show at the Baroug Rotterdam 25-03-2013....COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. William Bucklin

    By far one of the best albums and tracks.1:27 makes me want to punch a baby lol

  40. Matt Weismiller

    Hmmm. Not wasting my time here. Bye.

  41. nihilist

    It's annoying .. Yet you're listening to a song called when heaven burns ... Sounds like you're just asking for it to me.

  42. Matt Weismiller

    I'm a Christian myself and it's annoying seeing all of this bullshit on extreme metal videos. You know? Killing a serial killer out of vengeance is still murdering a person. If Christians are such bigots then why are you being a bigot yourself?

  43. nihilist

    No, I acknowledge their ignorance and their presence.

  44. Eternal Mist

    Actually you make 23 so...

  45. Matt Weismiller

    You're acting ignorant of ignorant people. That makes you part of the group you're detesting.

  46. Matt Weismiller

    Make it 22 jackass.


    "do it all, for my love of Satan, yo " inverted.

  48. BlackSunOfNile

    The person You replied is retarded for sure but you are also not too bright , you cannot be christian and listen to deicide , you may be a Believer and listen to deicide thats different case , but when you call yourself christian , then you cannot even listen to The Beatles or any sort of music besides prayer songs or whatever they are called , not mentioning deicide its the Violation of CHURCH/CHRISTIAN rules , people often mix faith With religion ;) thats your case

  49. deicidaldemon

    steve asheim for emperor of earth!!

  50. jk47hm4

    You must see that nobody gives a shit that you're christian.

  51. nihilist

    Even if it's an ignorant hateful path. Yup.

  52. Aff Ff

    glen beton is god for metal

  53. CrazyB 777

    True shit I've had idiots tell me I shouldnt listen to this but then they blast biggie smalls and that dumbfuk biggie said he doesnt want to go to heaven because he cant get his dick licked...I try to tell the hypocrites metal is about the sound and rap is about the message.;

    The Raven 200

    I love Biggie. RIP And Metal is awesome. 🤘🏻

  54. army también

    glen benton for president.

  55. Sarah Tornero

    @Hitchhikeroftheyear no it doesnt matteer if u listen to it as long as u dnt agrree with the lyrics and as long as we dnt go against our God!who cares what ppl say about me..........infact my pastor loves death metal.

  56. N11Ckk123472

    @Hitchhikeroftheyear Did you not read what I wrote? These people are listening to the band because it sounds good, Satan or Christain lyrics doesn't matter as long as it sounds good. They aren't paying attention to the message.

  57. N11Ckk123472

    @Hitchhikeroftheyear You can be a christian and like this band. It just means you like the music for the sound and not the message.

  58. MrCrazyMetalHead666

    Only the best from the best Glen Benton is a god and I will be on the same pile of Christians with him when judgement day comes

  59. Nyarlathotep

    @korpsefck oh ok thnx

  60. HeathenVaeltaja

    @Hitchhikeroftheyear metalheadz? what are you fucking twelve? use the correct letters or dont comment, "Dudez"


  61. 1DeathEater

    @pluskendall98 Ahh... I knew it was one or the other..

  62. Nyarlathotep

    @1DeathEater black metal

  63. 1DeathEater

    God damn.... That's err... I think it's true Death Metal...

  64. ZeroSystem100

    @wdfaw thats for damn suer

  65. pittbullbill

    only glen benton can write lyrics like this its crazy how he can come up with this stuff almost like hes possessed or something

  66. pittbullbill

    @njthug666 very well put

  67. Eternal Mist

    16 Reasons abortion should be free

  68. stickmandeth

    @mizuhokazami1 By the way bro, it's my birthday today! You coming over today? I wouldn't want you to miss the birthday of the century! Oh yeah! Before I forget, did you see the season 4 premiere of Breaking Bad? You told me we'd watch it together, but you never showed up. Did you watch it home?

  69. stickmandeth

    @mizuhokazami1 Bullshit!! Mexicans and Salvadors don't even exist, its just a myth like Santa Claus and Satan, but I'll tell you something sweetheart, if Deicide came here to LA which is filled with my brothers in arms from vietnam we'd punk em like the limp noodles they are. Yo!

  70. stickmandeth

    @mizuhokazami1 Of course I'm not Satan, he doesn't even exist! And everybody is somebody in LA, which is where I live baby!

  71. stickmandeth

    @HarDcorXtreme Dude fuck yeah! You're on the right track bro... btw this band sucks lol

  72. stickmandeth

    @ppjdbsjai12332 fuck you and this band :D

  73. stickmandeth

    @GeneralHumanGenocide Tunage my ass lol

  74. stickmandeth

    Dude fuck this band and satan. I like leo and satan better lol If I were satan I would be pissed at this band.

  75. AdamIsDeath


  76. keith138punk

    @SuperAldo94 i wish i could like you comment a lot more than once

  77. Mega Man Rush Jet Renegade

    What ISN'T wrong with emo?? :D

  78. TheMetalclub666

    I love u Satan? holy shit

  79. MrLuciferion

    @LLPinney1969 it's death metal not black metal

  80. Laurence Pinney

    Glen Benton always adds the element of over-the-top heaviness that sets him apart from others of the Black Metal genre.

  81. Sebastiaan L.d.

    @msw0322 Fair enough ;) Enjoy!

  82. Abandoned Morna

    When I heard this song I wanted to burn the church in my neighborhood....\m/

  83. Lucifer Yanez

    @Mcbossybych Fuck Your God

  84. Zachary Milligan

    @BoyIsCool300 Huh okay I didn't be specific enough but honestly on a video by a band named Deicide? That's fucking dumb.

  85. BoyIsCool300

    @300spartancrusader What does this being a Death Metal video have to do with anything :O!!!

  86. BoyIsCool300

    @ZachVMNTX1 Crimson Thorn is Death Metal

  87. Zachary Milligan

    @Darkangel81687 You THINK christ is the way into heaven I think he's imaginary. How dumb can you be posting that on a death metal video?

  88. dagnab1

    @bloodyblade LOOK cockless bitch go fuck you self soon you will meet the oppisite of god becouse it will be sent to your door step i warned you to shut up OH and runninng your mouth more or what you do or dont belive wont help you this time rermember you where told to shut up

  89. dagnab1

    @bloodyblade looser youll get what comming cus you just showed your self to be a hippocryte with your statement , as for unbeliver i told as a matter of fact that they are both real every one doesent have the same wierd hippocryte view as you, if we dont like god we just dont like him and dont want to hear you preach period . decide is about the lyrics not the music as many death metal bands nonsatanic are way better , evry time you speak you look more stupid , PLEASE KEEP TALKING

  90. hell razr

    @dagnab1 Stfu I like you hardcore unbeliever's telling people what music they should and shouldn't listen is here for anyone who want's to listen to it. I don't listen to bm/dm for the lyric's I listen for the music. I believing in god should be of no concern to you or my musical taste Im likely to go to hell like the rest of you im no hypocrite get the pic? so uh go fuck yourself elsewhere. and thx for reading \m/ (^_^) \m/

  91. dagnab1

    @bloodyblade long winded and alot of belifes ffor not pushing what you belive please visit a band site that makes more sence for what you belive and go lay down somewhere " not here to force my belife" are you done yet . IF not please be

  92. hell razr

    @dagnab1 I serve god I believe there is a satan. good, evil, makes sense you know at least in my opinion it does. ed up evil liThere are natural good people in the world. And then we go to the pedophiles, murderer's and rapist. not to mention what other evilness lys in man I see god as a spiritual father for we wer'e created by him.(flesh and spirit) same with this world, animals, fowls of the earth and all things that creepeth. believe what you wan't im not here to force my belief on you.

  93. dagnab1

    @bloodyblade Well he told you him self you cannot serve both the light bearer or him one or the other , either way im not him so i think belive what you want serve who you want be free in your heart JUST realize others may not feel as if he is a father and he maynot be thier actual father this can be true for some people so please consider

  94. TheRecluse26

    @HarDcorXtreme That kind of defeats the purpose of Jesus coming here then. I will push it forever... I love Jesus and so will you if you want to escape hell. That's just how it is.

  95. hell razr

    @dagnab1 HAHAHAHA ^_^ this is comeing from a guy who believes in god as well as the morning star I been on god's bad side plenty of times. I am faithful as always but in life god punishe's me like my father would just more severe. I had times if I wer'e to steal from some one I would have 6times the shit taken from me. not just from takening shit from people who deserve it but also through any means of sin. if you are a follower of god and you sin he don't play lol but i still love the guy lol.

  96. Sxrillez

    That probably goes hand in hand with what I said.

  97. dagnab1

    @Sxrillez ok so ill tell you this way some have chosen what they see as good and you may call it evil as has been told even lucifer loves someone thats the piont