Deicide - Destined To Blasphemy Lyrics

Feel my scourge upon the earth

Born into the darkness
Fate, it tempts my being
Blood stains my essence
My veins the seed will grow

Surrounded by evil
Taught from the cradle
The only reality I know
A constant struggle
To shelter this curse
Where reason and primal converge

Myth of free will haunt me
Since birth set on this path

Walk in the footsteps of those from before us
Inherit a murderer's hand

Feel my scourge upon the earth
Destined to blasphemy
Signs aligned since birth
In the dark they call for me
Cleansing life of worth

These are the sins of the father
Passed to the sons and the daughters
The progeny of a taker of life
Killing is all that we know

Feel my scourge upon the earth

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Deicide Destined To Blasphemy Comments
  1. 한지혁

    I cannot understand why this song is so underrated..

  2. Rand Wulf

    One of the few songs on this album that isnt boring.

    Teletelo Electro

    Rand Wulf cannibal corpse is worse

  3. Ghostswarrior33

    This is the best song on the album

  4. Todd Wilson

    fuckin hell.