Deicide - Consumed By Hatred Lyrics

Hatred runs deep, evil released
Darkness has taken control
Fatal decision your death I envision
Aversion on you I invoke

No one of nothing of you will be spared
Go from my life and dispelled
Condemned to die, and forever despised
Your father awaits you in hell

Evil unseen, what will be will be
Blasphemy I bleed
Doomed to die, strangled by my spite
Satan on my side
I won't rest, curse you to death

Loss to be got, leave you distraught
Face of desertion and dread
Pay with your life, on the cross with your Christ
The price that I put on your head

Consumed by hatred, god wants you dead
Consumed by hatred, cease to exist
Consumed by hatred, fall from the light
Consumed by hatred, waste of a life

Right is ignored, you will get yours
Wiping your blood from my hands
Light of deception, dysfunction resentment
Upon all your graves I will stand

Evil bereave, own your agony
Hell has been unleashed
Womb of lies, suffocate inside
Terminate our ties
For the best, hate you to death

Dispose your sight, careless if you die
Alone in your miserable shell
No more am I part of a lie
Hate you and damn you to hell

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