DeGraw, Gavin - Best I Ever Had Lyrics

Melt Antarctica, savin’ Africa
I failed algebra and I miss you sometimes
We’re at war again, save the world again
You can all join in, but you can’t smoke inside

You said, “Take me home, I can’t stand this place
‘Cause there’s too many hipsters and I just can’t relate.”
You’re my neon gypsy, my desert rain
You’re my “Helter Skelter”, oh how can I explain that

You’re the best I ever had
And I’m trying not to get stuck in my head
But I've read that soda kills you and Jesus saves
On a bathroom wall where I saw your name
You’re the best I ever had
I won’t be the same

Night sky full of drones, this neighborhood of clones
I’m looking at the crowd and they’re staring at their phones
They groom the coast line here, the sun will disappear (oh, God!)
And maybe once a year I think to clean my car

Caught my reflection, dropped the call
I’ve been medicating with cigarettes and alcohol
I got vertigo, no I can’t see straight
I got obligations though I’m usually late but

You’re the best I ever had
And I’m trying not to get stuck in my head
But I think I dropped my wallet in Santa Fe
Lost the only picture I had of you that day and
You’re the best I ever had
I won’t be the same

Hey West Virginia, Hey North Dakota
I think I love you, but don’t even know you
Hey Massachusetts, Hey Minnesota
I think I love you, but don’t even know you
Hey Carolina, Hey Oklahoma
I think I love you, but don’t even know you
Hey Alabama, Hey California
I think I love you, but don’t even know you

You’re the best I ever had (you’re the best I ever had)
And I’m trying not to get stuck in my head (not to get stuck in my head)
But I passed a lonely sign on the interstate
Saying, “Find someone 'fore it gets too late!”
You’re the best I ever had (you’re the best I ever had)
I won’t be the same

Hey West Virginia, Hey North Dakota (Oh why, oh why)
I think I love you, but don’t even know you (I won’t be the same)
Hey Massachusetts, Hey Minnesota (you’re the best I ever had)
I think I love you, but don’t even know you (I won’t be the same)

Yeah, I won’t be the same

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DeGraw, Gavin Best I Ever Had Comments
  1. LightWolf2005

    The awesome thing is that I live on Oklahoma 💗

  2. Senga

    How much does this track sound like ‘ the god given,.... Train’..... brilliant.. love it 😍

  3. brianna walker

    nostalgia omg

  4. Bad Andy

    #1 College gym song. Always on my Ipod when I would walk in.

  5. AL Basketball

    Am I the only one who gets that weird stomach and chest feeling and starts to think about their crush every time

  6. Sarah Foy

    Think I Like the original better... Drive By by Train 😂

  7. Abby lovely

    2019 and im still listening to this song

  8. Michelle Swinckels


  9. Li Ko

    The lyrics make absolutely no sense

  10. Guess Time

    This band was my childhood music

  11. Gabriel Tobing

    This is one of those songs that you like but find the meaning of the lyrics 10 years later.

  12. Minty Hippo

    ... why do people think this song doesn’t make sense 🤔

  13. normie disguised as a meme account

    “hey Minnesota” :]

  14. Joey Grotentraast

    The psychosis and medicine.

  15. Ariela Birbrager

    I’m gonna like this

  16. liza schoen

    2018 ❤️

  17. jocelyn ellison ʘ‿ʘ

    i feel this could be a good theme song for the seven demigods

  18. Marah B

    i failed algebra

  19. Yougot Nojams

    This is the only country song that I listen to and will forever love

  20. Asma Yousaf

    No dmv ::(

  21. Marah B


  22. Joey Grotentraast

    If someone invents the cure for love,
    then he should definitely win the noble prize.

  23. Raven Snow

    I love this song it’s so opposite of my life it makes me feel happy for a change and nothing else could

  24. Blake Taylor

    so this is what happens when you call the number on the bathroom stall

  25. Stas Shulepov

    One of the best song ever

  26. Joey Grotentraast

    I'm still in search for a girlfriend though, but I need a compliment now, haha!

  27. Sanne de Koster

    The best song i ever had (😂😂)

  28. ava

    this was in a Jongin vine

  29. Annie Grace

    this song makes me so happy but at the same time I can feel my heart hurting inside my chest and I don't really know why...I guess this song just reminds me of so many wonderful people I've met in my life and how those people don't even know how much they mean to me...


    Yeah.. I get what you mean.

  30. Joey Grotentraast

    I'm afraid that i'm too late!

  31. GimliTheDwarfKin

    makes me fucking happy as hell love my girlfriend like crazy 😍😍😍

  32. Linda Bonnefoy

    hahhahahha sick

  33. Alecs Donaho

    Haven't heard this song in years and it made me cry over a break up that happened almost 2 years ago 😂😂

  34. Rubens_YRH

    name one song this guy didn't murder.. still waiting lol.. love this guy

  35. Natalie Beniquez

    he should sing on mtv awards next year 20171!! crowd will go wiiiilllddd!!! i dnt even listen to this kind of music!! its effiinnggg catchhyyy

  36. hearts1700

    When you realize he's talking about hooking up with girls from several states and each one being "the best" he ever had. O_o "Hey West Virginia, North Dakota," etc "I think I love you but don't even know ya" sounds a whole lot like he gathered women's names from bathroom walls and called them up for a good time.


    @***** I'm sorry!! :'(


    I think it is more like he used to live this life and one of these girls he literally fell in love with, she is the best he ever had. That's why he says he won't be the same, he gives up on hooking up with a new girl in every city because he found the one.

  37. Hannah N.

    I swear I went insane trying to find this song! (I loved this song a long time ago but I forgot the words and all I remembered was him losing his wallet, and a bunch of states. I made a note so I wouldn't forget, and my friend told me it reminded her of this song, so I looked it up, and practically died.)

    Bear Striker

    Nice! :) I play this sometimes when I drive


    Hannah N. ya I liked a song but forgot the words and the beat but I still had a little beat in my head and it was killing me that I couldn't find out. Not for this song, I STILL DONT KNOW IT

    Gretchen Frances

    YOUR STORY IS ALMOST EXACTLY LIKE MINE a few days ago I tried to find this song and all I remembered was a wallet and states and Jesus at one point. I read the name gavin on some instagram and had a feeling that was his name. Gavin McGraw. And I found it!

    Melina Calderon

    Me too! 5 years until It came to me to look up "your the best i ever had"

  38. Slayden Blood

    Good fuck'n song (say it with a Italian accent)

    Carrie Wilson

    I imagine my brother saying it hahaha


    **Insert Mario voice here**

  39. oczarowan-a

    kaisoo vine bring me here 😂😂😂

  40. K.T.

    I love how well done this lyric video is and love the song anyways. I can see how people get the Train vibe from it but I can't in anyways see how is sounds like Train's Drive By. It honestly can't be that bad to sound like Train or Gavin considering they got more money coming in than most of us. So they must be doing something right lol

  41. Black Tail

    i fel in love but the one..has.. gone..

  42. Ditshu Roy

    the lyrics suck

  43. Bailey M

    best gavin degraw song hands down

  44. Chloe_SVS_D1

    Best lied ever

  45. Adrien Michel

    Can I know why she doesn't wear a shirt ?

  46. Max Danyel


  47. Minecraft/Creeper/Gaming Mar/MCG

    i prefer LIFE IS A HIGHWAY by: Rascall Flats enjoy!! :D


    +Minecraft/Creeper/Gaming Mar/MCG The original by Tom Cochrane is miles better than that overproduced crap.

  48. Ticci Abby

    Gavin Degrawwww <3

  49. Cheese Pizza

    Don't kill me please but I thought this was a one direction song

    Marit Snijder

    AHAHAHA dafuq

  50. Arabella :/

    An ereri playlist brought me here? 😂

  51. Berlyn

    best song i ever heard

  52. RUOK Owl

    I won't lie its a pretty good song.

  53. KimPossible725

    Massachusetts love ❤️

  54. Kalina Spry

    Best song ever

    @Kalina Spry One Direction danced all night to it :p

    Joanna Meyers I was scrolling through the comments and just nodded when I read this. Then two seconds later it clicked in my head and I laughed for five minutes about this! This made my shitty day much better!! Thank you!

  55. Sydney Groot

    one of my favourite songs ever..!

  56. Moranda Rasmussen

    I think it's about all the mistakes he's made and how he knows he could do better-- Soda kills (stop drinking it) Jesus saves (he should go to church) etc., except for the girl, she's the best thing he's ever had.

    Tim de Kan

    @Moranda Rasmussen smart girl

    The Randy Tomato

    _But I read that_ soda kills you and Jesus saves
    _On the bathroom wall where I saw your name_

  57. DJN0F4

    This song spreads quite much positivity 

  58. Hatem Khrouf

    "soda kills you but jesus saves"
    wtf ?


    Soda kills you, and Jesus saves. They're two separate statements.

    Ryan Taylor

    +Superbad1400 Adding to this, he "heard" those things. I don't think an opinion is being made, rather to reflect American opinions. It just puts the song in time - our time. That's all.


    Hatem Khrouf if u drink it too much it can give you diabetes which can lead to other major illnesses and diseases which leads to death

  59. SalmaaOk

    Oh yes, Minnesota. ❤️✌️

  60. riesbergen

    Could be a Chef Special Song!....

  61. Stjepan

    Program used to make a lyrics video like this one?

  62. Tim Welch

    This song captures the modern world like no other. "You can all join in but you can't smoke inside" "I'm looking at the crowd there staying at their phones"

  63. Laura Zamperetti

    I think I love you but don't even know ya.

  64. Robert Foster

    so this is what's considered good nowadays. wow.

    Robert Foster

    that's great, I never mentioned Taylor swift and couldn't give a fuck less about her, but if that's your obsession then you do you


    It's really not. It can't be that good if the video has less than 3 million views in over 3 years. Plenty (actual) bad songs out there with wayy more views. Just cause you don't quite understand the lyrics doesn't mean it's bad though. And he mentioned Taylor Swift because she was mentioned in almost every reply to your original comment, and he thinks that's what Taylor does with her lyrics.

    Ava Gonzalez

    @CarsonFacePalmer A song isn't considered good based off the views. Plenty of GREAT songs have under a million views so you can't say "less than 3 million views in over 3 years"

    Robert Foster

    @CarsonFacePalmer I get that he mentioned swift because other people did, but swift had nothing to do with my argument at all, and there is literally no purpose to have her in this conversation. I understand the lyrics, every sentence is a random other thought having to do with current events, the issue is they are completely random separate thoughts that have nothing to do with each other, then it throws in generic lyrics about missing a past love to appease the audience. None of it is remotely personal, none of it matters in the slightest, but it seems like it's trying to be deep. It's only used to sell, it's not art.

    Robert Foster

    @CarsonFacePalmer Also, just because someone doesn't like something doesn't mean they simply 'don't understand it'

  65. xPinkTuxToThePromx

    this is how a lyric video should be. amazing job, really.

  66. Alex Reba

    Why no Pennsylvania?

    Mardi Versteegh

    we dont need no Dracula...

    Mustafa Kademoğlu

    @JangoDark23 Because we hate Fethullah Gulen

    Jeanette Taurozzi

    JangoDark23 😂😂😂 it's ok he left out my NY too 😉


    cause our state sucks XD

  67. Hanna

    South Carolina

  68. Juliana Lamm

    god, i want popcorn...........

  69. Deana G

    I saw him sing this live! It was sooo good.

  70. noodlesman12

    Original is better...


    What is the original?

    QMC Gaming

    @noodlesman12 wtf 

  71. Stephanie Slagle

    Any Hetalia fans agree that this could be a good USUK song?

  72. ty lavallie

    @tammy beasley

  73. Ayre Sanchez

    I love the hipsters verse

  74. XxSkill ZorxX

    i miss ma girl ):

  75. Stevan Pena

    Who's the girl?

  76. Katharine Ammon

    thought id just be seeing lyrics not a naked girl

    Joe B

    Haha I just realized she's wearing nothing


    +Katharine Ammon She is not naked.

  77. Isaac Morris

    Not DeGraw's usual style, but still pretty great. :)

  78. lorraine richardson


  79. Dante1870

    just listened to this song for the first time absolutely hooked 

  80. Melvin Powell

    I was sitting in walmart the other day waiten on my girl when Q102 said caller 20 gets free GavinDegra ickets i fumbled with my cell phone on first ring I was caller 20 now I have front row seat July24th his opener is cool also cheapest ticket is 65.00.I feel blessed.


    Where was it?


    lucky !!!!!

  81. Janna F


  82. natasha gilbert

    THE CATCHINESS!!!!!!!!!! oohhhh i can't wait to see him in concert tonight! This is gonna be amazzzingggg.

  83. MRISL _isa_Freak

    I'm trying to get my chorus teacher to let my senior class to do this for are senior song at graduation.    

  84. Jon Sm

    whats that girl's name?

  85. Jon Sm

    drive by by train? lol 

  86. alyssa forman

    i hate this song

    Anthony Jennelle

    Its post to be by drake

    Mardi Versteegh

    @Anthony Jennelle That my friend would have been horrible! :D

  87. Laura Trejo

    I love this song!

  88. natalie hanley


  89. Jessie Manuel

    the lyrics confuse me but fuckit. :)

  90. theonethtgotaway8

    Massachusets livin in Kentucky haha <3 dis song

  91. TheChumbotxj9

    Is it just me or does the beginning sound like Train?


    I’ve thot that too! Two brilliant artists xx

  92. beautyy4ever1

    The beginning sounds exactly like "Drive by" by Train...

  93. TheNukedNacho

    This song has weird lyrics... but I, somehow, feel it.

    Isaac Morris

    lots of allusional references..

    Brandon Davis - Cleveland

    I'm pretty sure he's talking about a hooker
    @Isaac Morris


    LMAO Right?

    Minty Hippo

    You should listen to “that green gentleman” but panic at the disco

  94. Desmond Willis

    And I like the song, listening to it again

  95. Desmond Willis

    You can sing bro

  96. jvhorssen

    Such a shame that the best I ever had is not with me anymore... Imke, if you read this, I still love and miss you.