Deftones - Mascara Lyrics

I feel soon
I will sink
Into you
What do you think?

'Cause there's still blood
In your hair
Got the bruise
Of the year

But it's something about her
Long shady eyes
I'm all about her
Shade tonight

I hate your tattoos
You have weak wrists
But I'll keep you

'Cause it's something about her
Long shady eyes
I'm all about her
Shade tonight

Well it's too bad
It's too bad
It's too bad
You're married, to me

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Deftones Mascara Comments
  1. Pablo Mascarenhas

    I hate... Yours tattoos... Holy shit !

  2. zzpacks masher

    This song is one memory to me.... heroin.

  3. ÁUß Code II

    2:57 makes me want to grab a shotgun and kill zombies.

  4. Mister Frank


  5. valdez57700


  6. Janetta Van der Merwe

    AGH I love this song! take me back 4 years ago to our first dance on our wedding day!

  7. William McCormick

    This song makes me wanna get high... some more, eff his wife.

  8. Christian Wiseman

    I'm all about her shade tonight

  9. Dakota West

    This song makes me want to take a shit with my pants on

  10. Meuric Miracle


  11. Dakota West

    This song makes me want to kick my grandma down the stairs after bringing me a mayonaisee samch

    Allisyn Boer

    Well said!

  12. Harrison Manygoats

    I'm happy I find this CD when I was like 10 years old 💯

    Man utd FAN CLUB

    lol... but for real this music sounds just as good as it did back it the day. production quality is incredible

  13. midorimeowth

    this was my parents wedding song! :D

    Dakota West

    No it wasn't you fat lying peese of shit!

  14. Anabasis

    Jesus Christ 2019 and this is still like biting into a fresh crisp apple

    Man utd FAN CLUB

    same with Megadeth. Deftones and Megadeth music hasnt aged at all.

  15. HIGHland Hippies

    I got a stinky finger back in the day to this song in a sleezy bar in Glasgow.. .. Good times

  16. Wolfgang Abel

    2019, it' s too bad

  17. Water Proof

    still empty
    8 all pro baby

  18. River Sutcliffe

    Fuck u dislikes, haters!

  19. Claudia Dantas

    Novo estilo de rock sex metal!!!

  20. Nicholas Wojton

    The definition of why they are the greatest band of all time.

  21. xo boom

    ugh desiree

  22. Liliana Martinez

    Todos me la pelan ayaayyyyay

    Liliana Martinez

    @Luka Bravo ajuaaaaaa

  23. Big Bird PH

    It's too bad Deftones do not play this live very often!

  24. luis Deee

    Best disc!!!

  25. Yoesh RA Trooth

    Reminds me of gojira's "the silver cord"

    Richard Gamrát

    Yeah, kind of.

    Sharing Lungs

    Just listen to that track I can see why you think that. Gojira’s track feels a bit overplayed like notes on top of notes like someone with add who gets fidgety. I like how Deftones slow it down and let the notes breathe and really lets you sink into the atmosphere.

  26. Jon Ritchey

    chino is the only guy in the world that can sing literally two words per bar and keep me listening the whole song..... so genuine, so organic, so creative. my favorite band hands down.

  27. Momo

    The atmosphere is dark and empty but yet sensual, Love it!

  28. Paranoia Jackpot

    thinking about this girl that makes you wanna melt, this song fit so much... boner alert

  29. Tom Guerrero

    Chino daddy af

  30. Chris Sheridan

    2019....whos making guitar music better than this

    Brayan Alfaro

    Not me :(


    Devin Townsend


    meshuggah has been since 1995


    or maybe even earlier
    (im not talking shit about deftones though, they are one of the best bands for sure)

  31. Emo Waldo

    Underrated as fuck

  32. Salty Stones

    Hey kids dont forget how bad ass this group is. I grew up to these guys.... sad story about the bassist. He was a true dude. We love you tones for the def.

  33. Ella Adam's

    This song makes me want to walk around aimlessly in the dead of the night

    Oliver Marks

    Ella Adam's I love doing that! And I love in nyc


    done it while listening to this song, feels great

  34. Jordan Barbieri

    Korn is just as good as them but I still love them

  35. AlmeloseKa

    100 points.. all my heart

  36. Frances Holbert

    Who likes this song anybody😕


    I don't like it. I fucking love it 👌

  37. Kaitlyn Moore

    Who has tabs for this?

  38. Joanna Luna

    This song always gets ya...Such a reminder what a voice makes you feel

  39. Leg3ndKilla687

    Deftones just has a unique sound and I always loved them growing up

  40. Arthur Oliveira

    Deftones = perfection

  41. Ricardo Freitas

    I hate, your tatus!

  42. Isaiah Uribe

    Nofx brought me here

  43. Trying Normal

    Hmmm this goes great for movie trailer

  44. LeRoy Drums

    Deftones has the best snare sound ever <3


    Feel like he uses a piccolo snare cuz it's so snappy


    Abe is the man. Top 5 favorite drummers in my book.

    J G

    @ShitBird was a 8ply vented ocp custom maple snare

  45. Tera firma

    Yessssss! 2018 and they still never get old!

  46. valdez57700

    Damn' good ! :D

  47. Mark T

    Great song! Deftones are so awesome live as well.

  48. Trujillo

    that ending gives me the fucking chills

  49. Man de Gaturiss

    i'm trying to figure out what really means the lyrics, is a sexual frustration?

    Sebastian Richards

    Chino wrote it about his wife at the time. He talk about it in an interview (part 3 of 3)

  50. maite youtubers

    te amo💘

  51. Brothers Keeper

    I feel soon I will sink into you. what do you think?

  52. m4ticc

    fav rock band

  53. Chase Al

    What's with that ground him during the beginning then it was gated after the first chorus awful engineering but still a great song


    It's entirely deliberate and I think it sounds awesome. It's like you're listening to them in their practice space

    Hammer Of Justice

    i didnt like this song at first beacuse it sounded too messy and a little akward on the chorus, but i grew to love this track more and more and now its one of my favorites from them. It sounds so fragile and broken. like it could fall apart at any minute. there is something very creepy and bizzare with this whole track. chinos singing. the reverb guitar. the wierd chord progression and ofcourse the fucked up lyrics. Classic Deftones. amazing song!

  54. Raoh

    The 1 dislike is his ex wife.

    Zack Anderson

    34 ex wives? What is he, a mormon?

    Erik Machula

    This deftones album is the epitome of Sacramento. This track takes domestic violence away from right or wrong, him or her, and portrays it the way it happens in the moment. Including the somewhat delusional thinking of one of the people involved. Nothing is black and white and it’s all “matter of fact” yet with the deepest emotion possible.

    Gabe Gabe

    he's got 39 now - 2019

  55. cookies

    who cares who's better its still all jams!!!

    It's Alright

    Lisa Richards ya but deftones is definitely the best... Lol

  56. Gravitalez

    Chi Cheng. 

  57. s695579

    Of course this band is better than Korn. They didnt recycle their lyrics and come up with shit repetitive riffs.

    JoE KeRr

    They're _both_ great.


    Chino kinda does recycle lyrics/lyrical themes, though...

    " The crowd goes wild " is a line in both Hexagram and Rubicon.

    He often likes to say some vague shit about waves a lot as well.

    But I do agree that they're a much better band than Korn and that Chino is the superior singer/lyricist, as much as I love Korn as well.


    Chino does recycle themes in lyrics. He's always talking about a "her", he loves the word "whore" not unlike most alt metal vocalists lol, he talks about "god" a lot whatever he means by that... most of the songs put out a prostitute/drug vibe.

    hey that's pretty good

    chill man korn is cool too

  58. adrenaline

    Best band ever

  59. Rain F

    I have a tattoo on my wrist from an ex.....a heart, I wore it on my sleeve.....he later destroyed my entire being and I was forced into a wacky shack.....he will always be with me no matter how many times I could kill him in my head....the trauma is in every atom and that fucking tattoo is still there.....this song heals for the moment, it does, it does. I fuuucking ifjitugifie love the Deftones, fuck.

    Esad Punk

    Iam Yourtourniquet hope your better now... love from cali to you.. been there done that life is hard and harder when you

    Victor Axel Alonso

    Rain F lol

  60. Jose RL

    Perversamente hermoso.

  61. TheDomanation13

    Better than Korn.

    Squiggly48 09

    Lol is this the haters comment section?😂

    Philip Lang

    Annastasia they had like 5 albums before they made an overall new sound.

    Alex Liston

    alix Korn is random slapping the whole time.

    Kaleb Brown

    Who cares just love them both

    First and Last Name

    Beans is way better

  62. Slumzer4

    who's the girl on the album cover, and are those scratches on her tits???

    Billy Lewis

    She's a random girl the band took a picture of at a party. They later had to contact her to get permission to use it at as their album cover.


    No, she was a friend of Stephen's..


    @ closer look it seems to be water running down, but there does seem to be a bruise on the right side🤔

    Golgari Plague

    not scratches. its water running down

  63. Zach L

    Very cool, thanks for curing my curiosity with that story :)

    I knew there had to be something more behind the photo.

  64. Jacob Malakian

    The album cover was shot by photographer Rick Kosick during a late-night party in Seattle where the band was recording. Upon seeing the candid photo, the band proclaimed that they wanted to use it as the album cover. Kosick was unsure who the girl was, so the band had to find out and track down the woman to obtain her permission to use the photo, which she eventually granted

    Mentalx Rot

    Rick kosick from jackass?

  65. Chris Hoyt

    bitch on the cover is about as ugly as it gets in the face region...

    Fox McCloud

    its a bad angle.

    Golgari Plague

    You're probably ugly af too so what do you expect? To date a pornstar? Good luck with that.

    Micah Newton

    U must be a chubby chaser...

    Kaleb Brown

    Stephan fucked her

  66. John Connah

    Yeah, it went like the latter.

  67. Zach L

    Does anyone know who the girl on the cover is? Is there some story behind it or did someone just say, "Yeah, that's it!"
    I'm not complaining, I love Deftones. I'm just curious if there's any subtext I'm missing.

  68. attaboy83

    deftones to new metal like slaughter house to hip hop

  69. Iisus Nazareth

    deftones can do that to you..

  70. Jubair Onik

    tnx god no dislikes!

  71. Sliver

    RIP Chi....

  72. MsDjo54

    Chi Cheng..

  73. Carmona Roberto

    3:24 minutes boner

  74. geowithajay

    Ahh this song :)

  75. McFro95

    "Too bad, you're married... to me."



    i see you all over deftones vids bro lmao

    Charlise Bar-Shai

    Fucking gottem

  76. TheBlackNightSighs

    Sex bruises.

  77. Kevin Murphy


  78. Jason Ramirez

    I was thinking the EXACT same thing D:

  79. OphillineTheViolent

    This song is good , there are many songs that are good , but this one is my favorite.

  80. 300daysandnights

    Cheese doesn't have reproductive organs.

  81. kwstaspalai

    aaaaxaxaaxa! Τι λεει αυτη ρε??? :P

  82. VelveetaCheeze

    chino's voice creeps up my vagina ^__^


    That's a hot comment.

    Rafael de Mattos

    mine too... and i don't even have one


    Otval pizdy

  83. THEM

    coke IS a very fattening drink.

    Michael Sanderson

    THEM not sure he was messing with that kind of c9ke my guy

  84. Delsy c

    i remember this song well from my childhood still gives me shivers (in a good way ;P )
    Love DEFTONES !!!

  85. 300daysandnights

    I don't even think I have those.

  86. Corey House

    Song is about his wife. Great song.

  87. Stevie Gottschlich

    @fivebythree He quit coke. Nice one douche.

  88. Domo

    No wonder Chino got fat, this shit is depressing.

  89. Mozluv7

    I just came :D

  90. Steven Scheepers

    this song makes my nopples quiver.

  91. d money

    dopest nor cail band

  92. TucksDelluxe

    @CintiaYarely shut up, yer spam