Deftones - Lotion Lyrics

I meant to come back to put out bliss
But the style is crumbling, covered canned
It was sick and no you don't even know how it comes
And shifts then gets ruined by you fucking slobs

It's classical anyway

I can't help it, it makes me so sick over and over
It sits stiff bound with no heart, fine
Cause this is where the separation starts arising
I can see it coming over your cloud

It's classical anyway
How cool are you, I remember
I feel sick, I feel sick
I feel sick, I feel sick

It's just a bad call, it's so funny how you think I'm so serious
Oh but that's not it, the thing is
I don't give enough jacks to give a fuck
It's just plain boring how you bore me asleep

It's classical anyway
How cool are you, I remember
I feel sick, I feel sick
I feel sick, I feel sick

Feel sickened, feel sickened
Feel sickened, feel sickened
Feel sickened, feel sickened
Feel sickened, I feel sick

And who the fuck are you anyway, you fuck?
It's making sick sense seeing how you're sticking out
Hardly and hoping money
But please arise up off the fucking knees
Hop off the train for a second
And try to find your own fucking heart

It's classical anyway
How cool are you, I remember
I feel sick, I feel sick
I feel sick, I feel sick

Feel sickened, feel sickened
Feel sickened, feel sickened
Feel sickened, feel sickened
Feel sickened, feel sickened

I feel sick right here
I feel sick right here
I feel sick right here
I feel sick right here
I feel sick right here
I feel sick right here
I feel sick right here
I feel sick

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Deftones Lotion Comments
  1. andthefatman

    A perfect change from When Girls Telephone Boys. I remember when my mate showed me this at the bus stop in year 9. Absolute madness.
    One of the greatest bands since.

  2. Raynee Day

    Hey guys, do you know what's the basics of Steph Carpenter's sound on the very first riff at 00:00 and that comes all other the verse ?? Like, more delay, chorus, vibrato ? He doesn't use pedals s it is complicate to really know

  3. MuseAbsolution 03

    2:01 chi’s bass so damn good fuck me

  4. Rick James

    I frickin love this album especially MX

  5. Cristián Jaramillo

    lo mejor deftones live in DOWNHILL

  6. Beatriz Honorato

    Me acalma

  7. Cameron Muise


  8. Noriaki Kakyoin

    2:42 Fuck you haaard (obviously those aren't the lyrics)

  9. Randy Dubin

    I love how this song's intro rips off the intro to the song before this on the album, "Be Quiet And Drive (Far Away)".

  10. Pedro Ortiz

    Só vem! It's classical! ;)

  11. Buck Ovens

    that Guitar in the verse sounds so pissed, like its just growling at you

  12. fred -PIGBEARMAN-

    one of my favorite !!
    the lyrics kick ass

  13. Irkz

    1:27 I always thought it said "it's just plain glory"

  14. Dr. Mantis Toboggan, M.D.

    This song rips so hard. Classic Deftones.

  15. Joe Cicala

    Most intense deftones song

  16. ???? ¿¿¿¿

    Everything about this song is perfect the bass the drums the guitar the vocals can’t get any better then this imo

  17. Vidkun E

    If I were to show someone Deftones, I’d give them an original Around The Fur CD— this is Deftones. This album embodies everything I love about them. They don’t have a best album imo, but if I were forced to say, I’d say this is the best.

    Kellie Castillo

    Vidkun E WORD 🤘😜


    best detfones song ever
    perfect mix of anger and brutality as well as softness

  19. Kasia L

    Who the fuck are you anyway you fuck

  20. Belinda Rodriguez

    public bedroom comments are psick

  21. Dreamy Haze


  22. Colin_ardoin 10

    Deftones are fucking terrible

  23. YT2006


  24. James Gant

    This is my go to when I've had enough of the existential madness of reality.

  25. krishna Bhakti dasa

    Mmm nais

    Dr. Mantis Toboggan, M.D.

    Nais indeed.

  26. Anthony Sabia

    This is as intense as anything they've written! Definitely my favorite and should be played live at every show!

  27. Darth Punk

    Ageless piece of art.

  28. Varence Young

    How fucking cool even are you bro?

  29. SuccDaThicc


    Dio Brando

    SuccDaThicc Hahahaha

    Noriaki Kakyoin


    Orwell Jones Laeddis

    good ears lol

    Franklin Graves

    God damnit

  30. Davephatbuds

    "I feel sick, right here". Meanwhile, Chino points at his heart.

  31. Hunter Lorenz

    This song is so slept on

  32. alan betts

    Feels so good !

  33. Pleasure IN Pain

    i feel like breaking stuffs...

  34. jesse

    I'm getting (sic) vibes. Both amazing songs.

    Sk8ter kek

    narkune Slipknot reference?


    This came before though... so (sic) gives you Lotion vibes

  35. f n

    their hardest song

    Rick James

    wulfive I love Damone

    Rick James

    f n actually there’s a lot of harder songs!! But this one is great!! Deftones forever!!

    Bartoloměj Eliáš

    Elite, Royal, 7 words, Engine 9, Head Up, Hexagram?

    john doe

    rootand bloody cape are pretty hard too :D


    Lotion and headup. Don't even mention anything from anything past their self titled album, because all of them suck.

  36. M.T AXSENT

    fav for ev

  37. Jum Hed


  38. MJ V

    Damnnn I really thought it was Glassjaw at first


    Don't be that guy/girl...

    Daniel Martin

    I totally get that. Their first album is just this.

  39. underoath16v

    Deftones in Fuckin Portugal July15 Super Bock Super Rock 2017!!!!!'!!!!!

  40. QuakerOats

    Hey so does anyone feel "sick" ?


    maverickM249 yes :(

    Matt G

    maverickM249 yes! fitting song. drank too much these past couple days. 2 days later and i still feel shitty :D

  41. Ayk Power

    This song makes me want to vomit, in a good way. Pure anger.
    Fuckn Brutal!

  42. Jose Larios

    better than now

  43. Mario P.


  44. Lmirl Chino

    It's cool are you? ....I remember

    Jeremy S

    Nice Username

    phillip the third

    i feel sick...

  45. musiclover01ization

    One of the best off of Around the Fur.

  46. Jason Smith

    hadnt heard this in ages!

  47. Whippybox_grHD!


  48. Tyler Christie

    smoked a joint with Chino in Toronto @ Arrow moment ever

    Jedy Zichterman

    Must've been magical I'm so jealous lmao

    Julian White

    Lol Nice. I smoked one with Max Cavalera and his wife

  49. ayushtokisoham

    This,needles and pins,Korea,hexagram,elite,nosebleed,bored,knife party,engine no.9,my own summer......oh wait they are many......Hats off to Deftones......

  50. Vanyo Vasilev

    I really relate to ....................... FEEEEEEEL SICK GOD !


    Vanyo Vasilev Feel Sick I!!! Not God.

  51. brandonedgerarities

    i feel sick


    @brandonedgerarities feel sick drug


    +brandonedgerarities And who the fuck are you anyway you suck

    Alex P

    right here

    White Bread

    I feel sick wicked

    Neznámý Boží Dítě

    Thats how you know its working daddy.

  52. Bister Mungle


  53. twocatchtwenty_

    Deftones is the band that made me finally understand that it's better for a band to mature and evolve than to stagnate. 



    I still want to hear Eros, though.

    Jeremy S

    your name is an apc song minus skating

    anony moose

    I actually like their first album the most then every album after worse

    ShameToSmokeIt It's LikeKillingAUnicornWithABomb

    Really? KoI No Yokan and Gore suck... So I couldn't disagree more. Deftones are made to be LOUD and in ur face! if not, then it's just the same slow, melodic, atmospheric-space- Sound shit. Like, Sextape and What happened to you?
    Beauty School, hearts/wires, prayers/triangles.. etc.. Actually, I'm 100% positive that Deftones haven't evolved since SNW, if anything, they have declined significantly! lol... I'm not hating, just being brutally honest, unlike a lot of Deftone fans are just a bunch of dick riders and can't admit the truth, Deftones are my 2nd favorite band, I'm just being honest...

    Its_just_chris 1990

    3SkatingLibras right ... seriously compare like around the fur to Saturday night wrist.. I love them both


    This is the deftones best song imo.

    Existential Error

    RIK VARTIGYAN Is this Dadaism?

    ???? ¿¿¿¿

    One of the best riffs ever

    Alejandro Gonzalez

    Here we go again with "the" yea I like THE korn, THE tool, THE slipknot and don't forget about THE system of a down.

    Buck Ovens

    @Alejandro Gonzalez the kornholio


    its my 2nd but its the best on the album. korea is just heaven to me

  55. Cody Dalton302

    One of there best songs


    @Cody Dalton With Korea, Engine n°9, Head up, Bored, 7 words, Be quiet and drive, Birthmark, Hexagram, Deathblow and so many others... Deftones forever !! \m/

  56. areyoureally123

    Take that Fred Durst and all you rap rockers that ruined the style. Deftones moved on.

    Man de Gaturiss

    Fred Durst is limp bizkit and almost the things limp bizkit has won had been for Fred, because hes talented.

    Dylan Sayers

    you can't be serious


    say what you want but LB was fucking great . Wes borland is an amazing guitarist and even if u hate durst if you go back and listen to tracks like boiler or whatever really - the dude has a fucking good voice

    Joe Cicala

    areyoureally123 i fucking hate fred durst, i cant see how they would want collaberate with that pussy

    shemagle boi

    areyoureally123 Limp Bizkit is overall pretty shit, but their first two albums go hard and you can't deny it.

  57. XxXUpInSmokeXxX

    The Best Ever

  58. Ryan Kelly

    RAW, deftones personified..............think back to Adrenaline, that title sums it up...........there new stuff - diamond eyes and koi no yokan is just as powerful as 1995 debut. Fortunate enough to seen them live 8 times, met them in manchester with linkin park (chi present- god rest his good rockin bass thumpin head pumpin soul) better be jealous too lol

  59. Xmdrums21

    R.I.P Chi ...

  60. Bloody Honey Bunny

    somehow I can only listen to Chi's Bass

  61. Demise Media

    This song makes me want to punch someone in the fucking face!!!

  62. Joshua Garcia

    RIP bro....

  63. SuperMario16bit

    R.I.P. Chi :(

  64. Esteban Vasquez

    I fucking hate lotion! But I love lotion! xp

  65. Demise Media

    Always have to play this full blast in the car riding past people on the street cause i know that THEY know it sounds pleasant to the ear! And if they don't like it.. fuck them. Deftones always!

  66. Carmona Roberto


  67. carlos patricio miranda salazar


  68. Lohanny gonçalves

    uoullll muito show roc´n roll na veia arrebentaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

  69. Liam

    February hurry up! Cannot wait to see them in Glasgow, Scotland

  70. Tetsuo Max

    I meant to come back to put out bliss but the style is crumbling !!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE DEFTOOOOOOOOONES !!!

  71. AtomyC winter

    dieser song zählt für mich zu meinen 3 lieblings songs dieses albums wo ich jeden track liebe. ich finde alle deftones alben müssen von track 1 bis zur letzten nummer durchgehört werden und jeder song ist eintraum. meine meinung.

  72. Blake Blackstone

    But it's classical anyways
    How cool are you I remember
    ..I feel sick...


  73. Tom Lolsactive


  74. slipsonic

    listen to this next time your "girlfriend" is a fucking bitch

  75. SX1995able

    Listen to this the next time you decide to start a political movement against the Government.