Deftones - Hearts / Wires Lyrics

Nothing can save me now
Is what I believe
The slit in the sky when you left
Is all I see

Nothing to sing about
I've bared all my leaves
No vision or dreams about you
Came true for me

Cut through
This razor wire
And dine on your heart
Mine 'til the end

Stuck with illusion now
I drown in your sea
I hope that you'll first save yourself
And then come for me

Cut through
This razor wire
And dine on your heart
Mine 'til the end
Break through
Collect the wires
And writhe in your heart
Mine 'till the end

A way a way out a way
Down deep into your veins all the way all the way
Down deep into your heart all the way all the way

Cut through
This razor wire
Mine 'til the end
Break through
Collect the wire
And dine on your heart
Mine 'til the end

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Deftones Hearts / Wires Comments
  1. Mike Uhlir

    The brilliance of the Deftones is at a level beyond comprehension.

  2. roachytube

    Any one who says gore is no good is talking out of their turd winker.

  3. Jason Berezowski

    My favorite thing about this band is how the songs always sound some warm and inviting but also kinda cold and heavy at the same time

  4. Brennan Sweeney

    nothing can save me now

  5. Luan Xisto

    Venho sempre aqui amolar o chifre.

  6. Gabi Murray

    Chino's been hurt so much. You can tell in his vocals. He's like a fallen angel

  7. Norka Chamorro


  8. Jonny Hughes

    Surf guitar 🎸

  9. David Lutz


  10. The Brice Plays

    Listen to het breathe

  11. R Rybiczki

    [email protected]& that- I been on this band from album #1- if you get it, you are enlightened. Hope you understand. If not- push on to blink or maroon5

  12. didgeteria

    I still don't like the new guy he changed everything

  13. Laura Oliveira

    this was the song I heard most this year on spotify <3

  14. Jeison Zambrano

    2019 🤙🤙🤙

  15. Black-Rav3n19

    My ❤ bleeds to this....


    Why am I screaming this song at the top of my lungs wile fukn crying

  17. pokochasz mnie


  18. Christian Rodriguez

    The beginning takes me to different world

  19. James Hipkins

    smokes of experience

  20. Tunç Öztürk


  21. Wunderlustgirl

    Moreno always had a cool voice; I read a few years ago he took singing lessons after hurting his vocal chords due constant screaming on tour. Now, I wouldn't call this a falsetto at 4:02 but seems his voice had more depth and control. It just keeps getting better.

  22. Kelly Kelso

    That intro was a masterpiece gives you the feels of and epic song and then the rest of the song it's just not relatable. hat intro with dai th flu or be quiet would work better.

  23. Anthony Santana

    So unique $$$

  24. Bo-Bo Boski

    I would listen to this song during my toxic relationship with my ex gf.
    For the ppl that are listening to this going through heart ache, I hope this songs heals you.

    Alysse Adrianna


  25. Shay Jenkins

    My fav band of time...If there is a girl around, I basicly get raped.

  26. Angela Baker

    This makes my ear pussies wet

  27. Carla Siegle

    This song is so deep into the heart it cuts you open

  28. Truth in Exile

    Nothing can save me now, is what I believe

  29. Bryan Martinez

    All. The, Way.

  30. Ricardo Syozi

    Still in love with this song!

  31. Poppy Kneegrow

    Dedicated this song to someone
    she didnt give a fuck
    5months later im still drowning

  32. Silly Gily

    Everyone’s saying their newer albums sound like White Pony as if they don’t know it’s the same band

  33. Solar DNA

    I love this band so much.

  34. French Wolf

    8 months ago I was crying to this sound because my girlfriend of 4 years left me for another dude. Now I can listen to it and actually enjoy it :3 gone are the dark days

    Richard Reynaga

    Congrats!!! I've been down that road too

    Richard Reynaga

    The night is as dark as the day is light...when the death of night falls arise the birth of light!!!

  35. Matt Avello

    I fucking cried. I'm still crying. I may never stop.

  36. Volga Katrancı

    what a fuckin song.. gets me everytime.

  37. maya mitchell

    How could you
    Betray me
    Leave me
    All alone
    Like the sea
    And curse me love a friend a enemy
    Drowning in wisdom
    Of what you've done
    Excuses you've blamed
    Getting high as the sun
    Ray's shine down on it's subject
    So quick to pick the weapon
    While she smiles and steps in
    I'll never forgive you
    And I don't need too
    You know what you do
    She knows I'll never forget him
    In my mind like lovers do
    Sitting in a dark room
    Far from you
    Cuz see I never really ever had a chance with you
    You saw so many suitors in line when I danced
    Way before you
    You ain't right how you treat me unwanted now
    With a cause of concern
    And a reason with no apology once the lesson was learned
    Observed from a terminal of empty space
    Left chewing the fat off a plate she would waste
    Such a disgrace when she chooses another as you do
    Laughing hysterically
    Crying when she doesn't come home to you
    Can't entertain you
    And has no rhythm for soul
    No sex in her magnetism to bring you back to the rabbit hole
    I been calling myself a liar
    And jumping through cellophane
    An idiot blowing my brain out in the rain in the public in a phone booth trying to call you to answer to the pain
    Before I do it and disappear again
    Would you even try to stop me
    Or would you be happy when I'm out the way
    And care for her and love her madly
    Sadly I've buckled in at the belly
    And fallen in at my knees
    I pray to God the forest recommends trees
    And a cool breeze from time to time
    A headstone with a nice line
    Restaurant with a dark wine
    Body with a straight spine
    Somewhere something I can call mine
    Christmas mixed with valentine
    A walk under moonshine
    A post with a love sign
    The inevitable credit that I missed to give you I had and tried with effort
    The rapport that I tended such woes through
    Kept getting stuck and as all days like this the cold wind blew through to do
    Nothing but manuver less
    Spoil the quest
    Be jealous of the success
    And reprimand a lady for the drugs he just handed you
    Bitch I got you
    I see you
    And what you do
    Your terrible with her
    And I still love you
    I tell you this
    As nights rolled in
    If you still remain in her area
    My distance around your space will expand
    And I will be forced to let you go and find another plan
    I've never had a lover quite as cruel as you
    You broke my heart
    God gave me another
    And you broke it too
    Win to lose to win
    And just be you again

    Erika Weitzel

    If you wrote this, it's awesome!

    maya mitchell

    @Erika Weitzel thank u sweetie

  38. AttilatheThrilla

    The Headphones!!!

  39. Ghost 2319


  40. Mike Enders

    100% PERFECTION!



  42. Oscar Leal

    Como dice Juan PArraos Nunca desepcionan...ellos siguen con su legado y nadie los alcanza..ojala halla otros deftones para las proximas gemeraciones y si no los hay tenemos muchooo material para seguir adelante!!! Sigan asi chicos son unas leyendas!!! I lov deftones

  43. Sammy Tee

    Deftones has literally gotten me through some of the most severe of moment in my life, Trials and Tribulations.

  44. Imanuel Mosley

    0:00-1:16 nostalgia af

  45. Dreaming On

    I just fucking love this song.

  46. Rebecca Hall

    Chino is the sexiest man alive. Period.

  47. marty falltone

    i get a lost feeing of inspired hopelessness when i hear this its like a shove and a hug or both . just all over the place beautiful

  48. Naktumper


  49. Troy Suza

    This song just gets me.!

  50. unusedsn

    Deftones have the power to bring both Heaven and Hell.

  51. kejaaa

    yup, this one is old good deftones <3

  52. Lou Aben

    pure fire

  53. Пастырь 13

    I love this song

  54. 3dison

    A way out

  55. Florida Dan

    Love these deep tracks. I love this song and fist from adrenaline.

  56. Mario Criptomoedas

    new albumm????

  57. Castelar 81

    this song fall in love me again and again

  58. Jm C/soupsoul23

    Everytime i listened to this i learned like life is lost and found.

  59. Jeremy Piquette

    Need lyric n melody ides, so I turn to chino.

  60. Matt Urmenyhazi

    Is there a bass guitar in this?

  61. Arnold Castillo

    This song reminds me of my mother’s passing. She was diagnosed with cancer 3 years ago. In 2016 cancer took her from this world. I listen to this and I am reminded of how I felt helpless and hopeless. The slit in the sky is her leaving this earth. No vision or dreams about you coming true is what I wanted for her which was for her to live. The razor wires were the IVs in her arms. Nothing can save me now is how I felt. She always protected me, always saved me. This song means more now than when I first heard it. It’s my mom’s song. I cry whenever I hear it. I think this song is about loss. Finding a away to cope with that loss. Maybe I’m wrong but that’s what I get out of it. May someone else get what I get out of it it too.

  62. Donnelly Dakle

    ..and dine on your heart 🥰😍

  63. Brian Robert

    God what id give for another white pony album

  64. Silky Slim

    Th best band out there 🎶

  65. DemGod Rf

    This shit is 🔥 🔥🔥

  66. Kimberley Caldwell

    He broke my heart.. hurt me.. but I’ll forever love him.. no one has ever made me smile the way he did.. I’ve never loved anyone like the way I loved him.. he left me broken.. and I miss him more every day.. I’m empty without him..

  67. Kimberley Caldwell

    He broke my heart.. hurt me.. but I’ll forever love him.. no one has ever made me smile the way he did.. I’ve never loved anyone like the way I loved him.. he left me broken.. and I miss him more every day.. I’m empty without him..

  68. Asaki Sake

    warner free masson fuck you...

  69. Giang Le

    should be illegal to make music this good

  70. aSuperunknown

    The lyrics are true. A perfect mother victimized by meth users. She was the love of my life. She's slowly coming back, I hope. 😞😞😞

  71. James Dean

    I've been a fan of deftones since they released around the fur but this is one of my favourite songs

  72. Reinteck

    The beginning reminds me of blade runner

  73. JJessica Hanson

    im new to hearing this band..but this particular song hearts/wires..reminds me of a coffee shop with open jamm nights

  74. marty falltone

    love this . only Deftones can make some true build up with a minute intro only to drop the most sedating melodies . heavy and harmony. long live Deftones

  75. Sebastian Gonzalez

    Solo deftones , 20 años escuchándolos , cuando madures te van a dejar de gustar decían, tengo 36 y me gustan cada ves más.

  76. Rox Gámez Griffins

    Stuck with illusion now
    I drown in your sea...

  77. LuvU Robert

    The trippy beginning is so Pink Floyd! Ahhhh, love it!!!!!

  78. MM Sizzlak

    Holy coheed and Cambria, Batman!

  79. Bob Duncan

    Don’t get me wrong I love this band and I love this whole song but it seems like there’s always one line of their songs that hits me harder than the others. Like that one moment of a song that I wait for.

  80. Bored Dream

    Hot song

  81. Esteban Arias

    Reminds me of The Cure

  82. Joaquin Eduardo

    DEFTONES siempre sera mi banda favorita!

  83. Randy from the bula

    I can’t get over the evolution of deftones, this is so good.

  84. Sol Faur Spurcatu

    Could hearts be made up of wires? Mine seem to be cut off long ago

  85. Black Haze

    I feel a touch of Sade vibes from this song. From No Ordinary Love.


    Deftones ❤️

  87. Emersson Amaguaña

    2019 ......para estar en una montaña cicleandoo..deftones de mis basdas preferidas

  88. Brett Cook

    Saturday Night Gore

  89. DonalD MagneSS


  90. avedic

    gah....that intro. chino's guitar playing is super underrated. he's a genius at single-note melodic lines FULL of sublime pathos.
    then the palm muted distorted guitar coming in with that sliiight half-step upwards movement. eerie....

  91. Andy Alvarez


  92. Lucas Argandoña

    CUT throughhhh.....these RAZOR WIREEEEEESSSSSSSSSssss

  93. A G

    If only my heart could be re-wired <3 Alexandra

  94. Michael Uhlir

    I get lost in the surreal, euphoric, toxicity, that breems from this masterpiece as it cascades into my ecstatic eardrums and electrifys every atom of my being until the intensity is so overwhelming I advance neons into oblivion of ecstasy.

  95. Bradley Nielsen

    ..."Cut through!"
    [pause] .... [ break out open open back planars] .... [plug in tube amp] .... [Turn up]...[play]

  96. john larose

    The contortionist and deftones shood tour together

  97. edson santos

    the best band

  98. Alejandro Favre Podstavka

    The whole song is beautyful... but from 4:00 forth on is just Glorious...