Deftones - Headup Lyrics

Got back out, back off the forefront
I never said or got to say bye to my boy
But it's often I try, I think about
How I'd be screaming and the times we'd be bumping
Our minds would be flowin'
Taking care of shit like, "hey homies, what ya' needin'?"
If life's comin' off whack, well, open your eyes

This has begun you seem to have some doubt
I feel you next to fiending, getting spacey
With the common love of music
Think of this as the sun and the mind as a tool
But we could bounce back from this one
With attitude, will and some spirit
With attitude, will and your spirit
We'll shove it aside

Fly high
Fly free

Shut your shit, please say what you will
I can't think sidestep around
I'm bound to the freestyle
Push it all down to the ground
With a nova dash but they watch you
Now climb up, super slide
The spirit's so low, it's coming over you

Fly high
Fly free

When you walk into this world
Walk into this world
With your head up high
Walk into this world
With your head up high
Walk into this world
With your head up high
Walk into this world
With your head up high

Head up, head up, head up, head up, high
Head up, head up, head up, head up, high
Head up, head up, head up, head up, high
Head up, head up, head up, head up, high
Head up, head up, head up, head up, high
Head up, head up, head up, head up
Head up, head up, head up, head up
Head up, head up, head up, head up

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Deftones Headup Comments
  1. Daniel Slaughter

    This is the song that got me listening to these guys, saw manic and thought to myself, "I can mosh so much harder than that."

  2. Jonathan Lockwood

    Mike Bl9imberg can @$!# h8s own ass. Look forward to war with the NY Libtards!

  3. Vicktoria Velichkova

    Egati kurvata, otkude e taq krava,shto ne Go izchukaye kopeleto i da e mejdu mazeto i vtoriq etaj, za po - golqm orgazum, da se izpoti qko

  4. Federico De Sando

    A Matt Bellamy piace questo pezzo.

  5. Adel Piégé

    Well thank you Muse

  6. Crash BanditLoot

    Hard and good as fuck

  7. Jeffrey Swiderski

    The MoshPit erupts

  8. Luiz Santos

    Somebody knows what Chino screams when Max sings "SOULFLY, FLY HIGH"?

  9. Wolvie Wolves

    i miss this deftones

  10. Hawkeye

    my mum thought this music was toxic and that there's 'no wonder why i have so many problems'.... she seemed to shut up quick when i told her it was dedicated to Dana....

  11. Klyntar Kenny

    Sometimes, to get the pain “out” you have to cut yourself “open”

  12. kennet lundeman

    Love to play this Numbe on bass ..
    But it takes a lot out off you.

  13. Les Garrett

    Song is fucking dope as fuck

  14. tehjamez

    High school bus rides

  15. priedthirdeye

    Heavy riffs and hair with frosted tips! Love the late 90’s!!

  16. TheCivildecay

    Love that muse still covers still riff in most of their shows:)

  17. Belinda Murray

    Done and done Mat 🤘

  18. Jason Rodriguez

    To all you Muse fans just joining the Deftones party.... What took you so long?

  19. Neon secret

    Any muse fans?

    Jason Rodriguez

    Just started getting into them. I hope more muse fans figure out they play some Deftones covers during their concerts haha they're in for a treat if they dive into the Deftones rabbit hole


    Fuck that, you lost? Lol

  20. ???? ¿¿¿¿

    I don’t care if I can’t understand half the lyrics this song is pure explosive energy

  21. Italo Mekend

    Codigo de conduta

  22. DIO

    I love how it transitions from Dai The Flu to this

  23. Vijay Sambyal

    walk into this world with your head up HIGH

  24. MrKucc

    Its like the most powerful screams I ever heard ♡▪♡

  25. Judas de Exeter

    I'm trying to kick my own ass in a moshpit to this song

  26. 1Fertig1


  27. K J W

    Makes me wanna run thru a wall

  28. Garrett Anderson

    133 people are from lil pump fans

  29. ???? ¿¿¿¿

    This song reminds me of a newer version of engine no 9

  30. Matyo Abanes

    It's impossible not to headbang with Carpenter's riffs, simple yet effective.


    The riff of this song has been written by Max Cavalera

  31. Steven Halso

    And now for our National Anthem.....

  32. tony soriano

    eargasm as fuck

  33. Richie John Gamotin

    I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!! hahahahahahaha! LOL!!! :)

  34. R amirez


  35. Felipe BuFo89 Benavides

    Perfect song yeah.

  36. Alexandre Selin

    Pwa phup puouo wa pwaaaaa pxa pa pupupupha

  37. John Goodwin

    for sure my favorite deftones track of them ALL. This song kicks so much ass.

  38. Micro Mints

    Why does he sound like MC Ride?

    Mo Ra

    4564 Andrew Kazichson both Chino and MC Ride do this kind of scream rapping where it sounds less like actual rapping and more like someone talking as quickly and aggressively as they can.

  39. SGTSnakeUSMC

    This destroys.

  40. Ghost001

    beefy <3

  41. nelson medrano

    lima peru poguearemos hasta no poder mas con esta cancion....mayo 2018!!!!!!

  42. SimpleKhajiit

    here bc of Muse

  43. Maikol Vallejo Bentancourt


  44. Vic Ghoul

    Before i forget intro?

  45. Daniel Johnstone

    Deftones music is the epitome of 'cool'

  46. ShameToSmokeIt It's LikeKillingAUnicornWithABomb

    Don't tell me you can't hear it? I love them! but Deftones are not the same band without Chi.

  47. Eyal Ron

    what the fuck is he saying at the chorus

  48. bryce tetrickk

    fucking cool that max was on this song.

  49. 3DKing200

    My favorite part was when he said headup.

  50. Cade Guydon

    I saw them live

  51. Eyal Ron

    deftones are the shit!

  52. Ricardo Jorge

    Bouncing like a maniac here in Portugal 2017

  53. Chris Sawyer

    I saw this live in Charlotte the other night. I lost my fucking mind!!! I traveled 5 hours to see them and it was the time of my life! I still can barely speak.

    Ghus 81

    Chris Sawyer saw them in Boston about a week before you. They opened with this track. It was fucking brilliant.

  54. Michael Norris

    played this last night in South Boston to open the show, fucking killer!!!!

  55. DylanDaDominator

    3:03 starts getting heart attack

  56. Bro Vado

    Very Limp Bizkitish.

    Leslie Chow

    atd8vii limp bizkit is a little pony compared to deftones.

    Gi Bo

    This was the real original deal, LB imitated and fucked this style up

  57. qwerty6801

    This song makes me want to jump off my balcony in a fit of rage

  58. Leighton Fisher

    it's impossible for me to stand still when I'm listening to this song

  59. David Prendergast

    they played this in Scotland last night and it Fucking killed!

  60. Jacob galindo

    Dem sac town Boyz wicked beauty school an awesome song also

  61. three dollar bill, yall

    hell yeah~

  62. Millie Rose

    favourite deftones song

    Tre Dutch

    Millie Rose damn, you are fine!!!

    Oksana Nesterchuk

    Marry me

    Gina Marie Rider

    Great choice!

  63. jeremy Kelsey

    twenty year old song still fuckin rocks and better than a lot of new shit!!

  64. WhateverBoss

    Love how this song is so bad ass, yet so easy to play on guitar.

    evan lightner

    LOL! Yeah but the screaming... less easy..

  65. Andrea Newsome

    fuking love this song... shit shreds gonna make a gym comp to this deftones will always be my favorite i was thimking about making a skate montage with this too

  66. cyrus music

    0:53 cuando se te atora un cacho de molleja

  67. Fer Gonzalez

    Muse brought me here.

    Jason Rodriguez

    Welcome. About time you found Deftones

  68. Blown Moon

    Anyone else know other good headbang songs like this?

    Black Mirrør

    Blown Moon Korn - Rotting in vain
    Ill Niño - Liar

    Augusto Vitor

    Lotion, Hexagram, Korea, Elite, CMND/CTRL, When girls telephone boys, MX, they're all Deftones'

  69. Exile Mobius

    this was the 1st song on the set at Riot fest in Denver. The place came unhinged!


    bob garner I was down in the middle of that! that set was amazing.


    They opened with this in Philly two nights ago as well and the whole place EXPLODED

    Matt Ashworth

    They opened with this last night in Denver. I've never seen mosh pits explode like they did before.

    Shi Clifford

    Daddy I was there for that concert. Holy shit it was crazy

  70. Jason Camps

    This track should have been a repetitive verse. It hits like a fist full of steel

    Axel black


    Christian Dabdoub

    Cuz I know the power of the question

    Axel black

    Christian Dabdoub rage against the machine

    Christian Dabdoub

    Axel black And Mad Boy grips the microphone with a fistful of steel! (And I won’t stop, cuz I know the power of the question...”)

    Axel black

    Christian Dabdoub aaaaaaaaah « i know the Power of the question » it is in the chorus??
    Fuck yeah man rap! XD


    Breaking Benjamin - Topless intro is way better than this!!!

    ShameToSmokeIt It's LikeKillingAUnicornWithABomb

    If you hate stupid people then you should hate yourself..... lol

    Julian White

    please don't compare breaking Benjamin and deftones. don't get me wrong i love them both but they're two very different bands that shouldn't be compared.

    Joel Bailes

    godson SOANS I want whatever ur smoking

    Blown Moon

    godson SOANS Did you hit your head or something? You dumb ass


    Blown Moon No.. Im just into good music... You fat blushy moon fuck !!

  72. Ivan Rusak

    you walk into this world

    David Bavier

    Ivan Rusak with your head up high

  73. Ivan Rusak

    Fuck yeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh

  74. George Regester

    This song is deadly played live. The place got destroyed in Bethlehem. It was kick ass

    Chris Sawyer

    Kellen I traveled 5 hours to see them in Charlotte on June 20th. They opened up with this in the pouring rain. I lost my fuckin mind and my voice for days. I was jumping around like a fuckin maniac after 5-12 dollar beers lol. Half the people were just bobbing their heads. I was ready to start a fucking riot. Hell yeah, Deftones Life!!!!


    Chris Sawyer dude the funniest shit happened at the concert i was at --- there were crushed beer cans EVERYWHERE and i slipped on one in the moshpit --- it was simultaneously the most embarrassing and funniest thing ever

    Chris Sawyer

    Kellen haha. I bet. There were thousands of beer cans everywhere in Charlotte. People were pissing on the grass. The rain was so heavy and it being pretty dark with so many people I guess they just didn't care. It reminded me of a mini Woodstock. Lol.


    Chris Sawyer good shit man

    Robb Stark

    Did Jesus mosh?

  75. Waferton

    Manic. That is all.

    _ _iconoclast

    That was almost a Rage Against The Machine song but they couldn't get the rights. Which would've sucked dick so I'm glad.

  76. Mailson Cerqueira


    cyrus music

    Mailson Cerqueira julian ?

  77. fdSoadeft

    I'm still waiting for that day.


    If you bumped into me, and it annoyed me just enough, I'd kill you.

  78. 1DX2020

    Fucking awesome....remember watching them play this at Manchester academy when I was a wee teen...34 now and it still does the same...I'm not dead other song that gives me this feeling or close to it is ashes in the fall byRATM....

    Alpha skill

    Rock on brother!!!

    Axel black

    Ashes in the fall yeah so good this song !


    I'm 37 and deftones is one of the few bands I loved as teen and I'm still listening to it today :)

  79. glass of voss

    this song is sad if you know the backstory tho


    +glass of voss what is it?

    DigiMation Entertainment

    really? tell me


    this song is pretty much dedicated to Max cavalera's step son who died that year. they wrote this song as a way to cope with the loss. his name was dana and he was close with max and chino. also max got the band name soulfly from this song

    DigiMation Entertainment

    @Hollywood nice


    Hollywood mind=blown

  80. VampireFreak 37

    Moshpit song


    YEEESSSS saw them two nights ago and the pit went HAM to this

  81. Raymond Sandberg

    I lamost choked on my poutine trying to head bang while I eat lunch

    Doing Business With The Chinese

    I really like poutine

    Jonathan Quinney

    Raymond Sandberg fellow Canadian

    Hank Moody

    Raymond Sandberg lol


    It would have been a good death

    Mike Northrup

    Good day, eh?

  82. Chris Ramsey

    I'm 25 years old shit just had me bouncing around my house like I was 14 hearing it for the first time all over again haha. Fucking DEFTONES

    Onta Mi chuleta!

    Jaime D.G. saludos hermano chileno.. te manda saludos un amigo mexicano desde north carolina


    I'm 28 doing the same thing. Not heard this in years but the nostalgia is huge. Never be ashamed of your past. It shaped you as the person you are today

    Jonathan Quinney

    Chris Ramsey 24 years here and head banging like no tomorrow!

    Nicolas Degand

    :) I'm 39, I saw them at the beggining, it's my fountain of Youth


    Im 35 and still bouncing for fuck sake :D this is called THE BEAST INSIDE :D

  83. Metal Novak

    Nu Metal brings back memories. I was at a metallica show where deftones opened it seemed odd that the guy was yelling out Soulfly. One if my favourite nu metal tropes was the muffled yelling.

    Tony Jo

    Alternative metal really but definitely the same time era. I love deftones

  84. randy lahey

    deftones = best erection I ever had

  85. remember tomorrow

    3:26 Hell yeah

  86. Connor Ron

    this song always sounded dark and I've always thought it should've been in a horror movie with a bunch of gore and what pisses me off about the song is that its not dark at all

  87. Opvs Cvlpa

    this is art
    i fucking love art!

  88. alyssa rivera


  89. b_t___r

    One of my favorite songs from my favorite band. They played this in Camden this summer and it was 3.5 of the best minutes of my life.

  90. Avbner Bellamy

    MUSE Riff :D

    Carmona Roberto

    @Joel Abner Cortés Lara no

    operator elevator

    +Joel Abner Cortés Lara Muse respects deftones. It's well-known story.

    Dark Slayer

    After New Born :)

    Avbner Bellamy

    +Chay Gomez jaja ya se que no es de muse!

    Daniel Johnstone

    It's a pretty typical riff though. It's in Norma jeans 'Vertabraille' aswell

  91. Irrelevantape

    I have a beard and hate my life you all

  92. David Rinden

    I just realized this song is about Max Cavalera's stepson Dana who was killed in a car accident just before he left Sepultura.

    Ralph Wiggum

    +David Rinden That's Max singing the parts "soul fly... fly high/fly free". That's also where he got the name of his band.


    I'm pretty sure those parts are sung by Max and Chi

    doug sadler

    Hence the band soulfly

    Rob Kilgore

    He did a lot of guest spot and did the back up parts yes but...I herd Him doing them as well and he’s amazing ✊

  93. sawnod

    pim pim pim pim

    Joshua Gaffney

    +sawnod Pim Pim Pim Pim is EXACTLY how I feel....those lyrics just hit home for me..

  94. mike evans

    Its really bugging me now
    what is chino saying in the chorus in between the "soulfly!! fly high!!!" bit?


    +mike evans its easy

    mike evans

    +Jesse Watson ahhh yes finally that's what I thought thank you


    I think the chorus lines always end with a "rip out your parasite", you can also hear him say this live, but the idea :D


    It's the same in engine no. 9 no fucking clue what he is singing, but it sounds awesome

  95. 7 Star 150

    any Volumes fans here?   I think if Volumes did a cover of this song it would be fuckin sick !!

    bobby j

    i'm not comparing them to deftones, i'm just saying they'd do a sick cover of it, and parkway killed it with that rage cover it was sick.

    Mark Speza

    We aren't comparing their skill level people god damn lol, just a cover would be intersting.

    7 Star 150

    Guys, in no way am I comparing skill set or experience. I love both bands and I am only saying with how Volumes sounds, I think they would do a badass cover of this song.

    Julian Ibarra

    yeah dude volumes is fucking dope

    kendra neely


  96. Martino Martino

    *So this sounds like LP ? explain that bitches !*


    deftones is much before linkin park. linkin park has influenced by deftones.

    Naruto Classic's

    by the fact this song you are talkin about its FORGOTTEN , But they not rip off this song cuz they made that song on 1996 , when they was XERO was RHINESTONE