Deftones - Gore Lyrics

Deep in this dream we are locked in
I've pulled you in
Now our bodies are wet
There is blood on the beaches
I brought you into this don't deny yourself

Smile, now you're all set
Surprise, you're now one of the gang
Take what you want to take
Surprise. you're now running the game

We lay in the gore of our vices
Oh we writhe in them
At night we assemble the hunt for out prizes
I hooked you in this way
You should try yourself

Smile now you're all set
Surprise you're now one of the gang
Take what you want to take
Surprise not you're running the game

We'll slip right through these gates together someday

Lost in these dreams we arrive in
I know you will
Develop the taste that will tie us together
I put you in this game
Just remind yourself

Smile, now you're all set
Surprise, you're now one of the gang
Take what you want to take
Surprise, you're now running the game
Smile, now you're all set
Surprise, you're now one of the gang
Take what you want to take
Surprise, you're now running wild

We'll slip right through these gates together someday
We'll slip right through these gates forever someday

Smile, now you're all set
Surprise, you're now one of the gang
Take what you want to take
Surprise, you're now running the game
Smile, now you're all set
Surprise, you're now one of the gang
Just take what you want to take
Surprise you're home


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Deftones Gore Comments
  1. Jmarion Warren

    I heard this song a couple times and i love it

  2. Gary Cooper

    This video is AMAZING.

  3. j williams

    Thour won’t win ...

  4. j williams

    Why the hating winds of Thor she hated polymose and my pathrogin for the fleah of the new

  5. j williams

    Joshua.. wait..

  6. Adam Borucki

    Deftones .

    Every time a little bit worse

  7. daniel sarn

    Only a complete pretentious dickhead would hate on this masterpiece of an album, cant understand the hate it gets, from start to finish its possibly the best work Deftones have ever done.

  8. didgeteria

    Another good band going Linking Park on me...fuck this is an almost bad album ..sorry guys , been there for you since I was 11 in '97...but this is not you making an effort..better quit if u gonna keep on doing this shit , sorry

  9. Deja Blue 82

    Beauty resides behind the eyes

  10. Corey Fellows

    I remember waiting for Around tge fur to come out...all these years later


  11. Hypocrites Pun

    I want to see you and Crosses.. Chino 😘😘😘

  12. Michael Whitted

    This came out 3 years ago. When will your next album come out?

    Chris McQueen

    We're waiting trust that

  13. Arman Ericson Lao Cubelo Molina

    Deftones Solid

  14. MrDavidhasslehoff

    Love deftones but this song and album suck. They can do better. The way the chorus comes in is so ridiculous and steph is so bored/uninspired on the whole record.

    Jonathan Ostler

    What are you going on about, the chorus is the best part


    @Jonathan Ostler Its just kinda by the numbers

  15. Rango Duke

    Love this; every album.

  16. Brandon Rodriguez

    #MadinaRuth you will never be free!

  17. A. Nicolas

    Did you guys noticed the amazing illuminati message, pay attention to the lirycs:

    "There's a new strange...
    There's a force....
    Terrorizing the angels i keep...
    While we dream ...
    You'll never be free!!!
    You'll never be free!!!"

    I will never walk this street again.... !!!!!

    Man thats a huge statement!!!!

  18. cavn1ble vulcious

    Why do fans of a band always exaggerate things or misestimate things? I don't know, but Deftones are a bloody good band regardless.

  19. rice opener

    after a long time a song which awakens strong feelings inside of me. i feel really sad listening to this for some reason. and for some reason its so calming

  20. burbon ­

    horrible music video.

  21. Local User

    I love this song so much 💛😫

  22. true bandit alqmst


  23. WJiSi

  24. Kimbella Bella

    When you make love or touch yourself place the headphones in your ears and begin the buffet of Orgasm

  25. الشيخ عبد الرحيم

    Deftones is love, Deftones is life

  26. Watchdog

    Thank you to these Flamingos for the beautiful footage. The flock just happened to be big Deftones fans. They knew the album was about to drop and thought this concept was cool. They got in touch with Chino and agreed for the Queen Flamingo to film this flight. Tip of the cap to the Queen and fam.

  27. Claudia Almeida

    Perfeito 👍!! Brazil 🇧🇷

  28. Adams spirit communications. delusional

    That's a definitely a Deftones song

  29. Rebecca Hall

    😍 always.

  30. Jacob Hostetler

    I'm gonna find me a flamingo and name it Chino

  31. Along Came The Gold

    The way this song sounds... it really takes you places

  32. Justin Meredith

    If we believe in the power of love, we can free ourselves from the drama of the human experience. We are the creators of GORE.

  33. Worthless

    Why aren't they called a modern prog band ?

  34. Fabrice Gardette

    Atmospheric song, an incredible dream among our strongest dreams, definitely \m/
    Many thanks from France !

  35. theNEWMASKSdudexxx

    It's the only song from this album that I love, but damn I could listen to it for hours. May be my favorite Deftones song ever now

  36. mike

    Controversial... I prefer the Com Truse remix.

  37. Adrian Romo


  38. Adrian Romo

    The BEST!

  39. Nicholas Wojton

    I just realised It's been 3 years already since this dropped...... damn

  40. Nicholas Wojton

    Whenever kids today play me their music I just put on any deftones song and tell them " your idols NEVER did it this good"

    The KGB

    Ok boomer

  41. Daniel Castillo

    James 5:13

    WAS a fan from the first CD even meet and gave my Demo to them when I was a teen. That's when I didn't know the Lord Jesus Christ loved Me. There music is luring and their lyrics are trash. The devil is not cool, he hates Us. Hope Y'all wake up. . By the way I forgive You that are or will send hate messages. I use to be You...

  42. Javiera Cortes Neira

    Es un deleite , todo un placer oír tu música

  43. sami sbahi

    Deftones r just awsome

  44. Jonny S

    Should’ve been called bore. By far the worst deftones album imo

  45. Володимир Троян

    Love deftones 🤗🤘

  46. Laurence Burks

    Wine cellar, maybe.

  47. Zak Jackson

    My. Favorite. Band.

  48. Kenny The Jet

    "You'll never be free"

  49. Elias Rosales

    You will never be free....

  50. James Douglas

    whoever mixed this music together is a joke. bet this sounds way better live

  51. Dakin Lee

    I'm glad this is so low key

  52. Emmanuel Publicidad Camilo

    This song sounds like:
    Story of the year

  53. multiple resistance Stapylokokus Aureus

    sitting' with my headphones listen to the Deftone's

  54. caleb b

    Deftones is the greatest fucking band in the world to me.

  55. ConceitedZombie

    I woke up at 4am and this song was stuck in my head so I had to come back here

  56. Santiago u.

    Look at the pelican fly...FLYYYY PELICAN - Tony Montana 1983

  57. Chance Lane

    Here Jan 10 2019

  58. Brett Cook

    I'm a true slave ....

  59. Jimmy Durmody

    wish there would be more songs like this on GORE:..

  60. Glam Americano El Retorno

    Muy tirado pal indie y fome

  61. tonedefhimfan

    I wonder what he's talking bout.

  62. Robert Horton

    This is one of my favorite Deftones songs.

  63. bubbl

    Great song... Love the vibe

  64. James Dean

    compare this to cardi b lol sje sucls she is worse than jusin beiber she jas mo busoness being famuous

  65. Peacefull Brown

    @Deftones I LOVE this song!!! it's like a big HUG to me! thank you.

  66. Taylor Macleod

    Deftones = love and life

  67. Kayla Correa

    I never get tired of this fucking song. When to see them at the Greek theater in Berkeley. Changed my life been a fan ever since I was 12

  68. Jorge Mouta

    Who the fuck wrote this shit, this is not deftones...


    Do it better instead of whining, shit boy

  69. Frankie Short

    make the 4th album sound like the 5th album next time . LESS singing! Fuck emo.

  70. Frankie Short

    Michael jackson is just a little better.

  71. Keith Bates

    Love def tones

  72. SusPyro

    this is my favorite song of deftones.
    I really love that to this day they compose music so unique

  73. Gavin Brown

    Let's start a whole civilization where it's just deftones loving people living there

  74. jhon wick

    i loveee deftones man !!

  75. Benjamin F

    This album sounds especially sweet on 1.25 speed.

    isaac tapia

    Benjamin F thats every bands secret Live setting, thanks for the tip it sounds better that way man good find!!d

  76. Ivan Guzman

    Aint my fault. Virginhellmarys get jesusbaby. Myking

  77. bergedie

    All that gore and so much more thanks from Carl...………..

  78. Leah Keller

    Flamingos <3

  79. Vince Simon


  80. Lincoln Judge

    My wife said of all the music I listen to... this made her unbelievably horny AF... She likes it when she no Whispers... I'm just sitting here liking both.. #winwin

  81. Princess Milkshakes

    Can flamingos really fly?


    Of course they can xD

  82. Josh James

    This has become one of the songs I listen to on repeat a ridiculous amount of times,
    without getting bored. I love this album so much. The name, the lyrics, the pink flamingos, everything.

  83. Kaitlyn Anita

    I'm saddd :(

  84. Kashala Abrahams

    MY favourite song from Gore, so beautiful!

  85. Koragh

    idk man the japanese album was my fav they release in a while gore is diffetent

  86. sci yer7

    This album was so disappointing, I'm going to give it one more try but man not a single song caught my attention, bsides and rarities.

  87. scorpiodefined to a T

    For anyone new to this band....please go back and listen to all of their not just sayin. 🤙🤘💪💎🙏

  88. LXRD

    Deftones make orgasmic sounds

  89. EsCeL

    Been a fan since 94! Love this band!

  90. Topher Doucet

    Thanks a bunch for sharing! 20 years listening to Deftones and they just keep getting better and better. No sell outs here!

  91. Alex Sash

    Once you have listened to Maynard this is just nothingness

  92. dokanyon

    0:24 . I always think i have an incoming message on facebook lol

  93. Lucas Doucette

    Deftones tap into an emotion I didn't know I even had. Good vibes.. I fucking love this shit 🤘

  94. Scrotum Monster

    It's good to hear Deftones haven't forgotten their roots like most bands do through decades of lasting. I miss the the early 90's. Great music was more common. Today's wussy music is terrible. LoL

  95. BurningMask

    This IS one of the absolute best Deftones songs in the past 10 years. The album's okay but this song is otherworldly.

  96. Unanimous Arts

    Please do yourself a favor and spread this shit: