Deftones - Dai The Flu Lyrics

I always wondered what it takes
Fifteen stitches and a soft parody
To make my eyes be like deceit
Believe the sting proves heart to me

Now I know that you love me
Thank god that you love at all

Dislocated at the joint
Timing is everything in the bed
'Cause you'll sleep for hours to keep away
Then sink the teeth and bat your eyes

Now I know that you love me
Thank god that you love at all

What surprise right here
Going on and going off
What's the surprise right here
Going on and going off
What's the surprise right here
Going on and going off
What's the surprise right here
Going on
At least now I know
At least now I know
At least

Now I know that you love me
Thank god that you love at all

What surprise (dai)
Right here (the)
Going on and going off (flu)
What surprise (dai)
Right here (the)
Going on and going off (flu)
What surprise (dai)
Right here (the)
Going on and going off (flu)
What's the surprise (dai)
Right here (the)
Going on (flu)

What surprise (dai)
Right here (the flu)
What surprise (dai)
Right here (the flu)
What surprise (dai)
Right here (the flu)
What surprise (dai the flu)
What surprise (dai)
Right here (the flu)
What surprise (dai)
Right here (the flu)
What surprise (dai)
Right here (the flu)
What surprise (dai the flu)
What surprise (dai)
Right here (the flu)
What surprise (dai)
Right here (the flu)
What surprise (dai)
Right here (the flu)
What surprise (dai the flu)
What surprise (dai)
Right here (the flu)
What surprise (dai)
Right here (the flu)
What surprise (dai)
Right here (the flu)
What surprise (dai the flu)

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Deftones Dai The Flu Comments
  1. jarmo tverin

    Still my favorite deftones track after over 20 years

  2. Johnny Comparaz

    this is beautiful!!!

  3. Nukultus

    That video fits better to this, than to original song...

  4. bomba bomba

    Ну охуеть теперь

  5. Jane Doe

    So many criminally underrated gems Deftones put out. Deffinetly in my top 5 Deftones songs.

  6. Dead Scene Gitz

    I dedicade "Lucky You" to this guy.

  7. jarmo tverin

    Still my favorite song in this very best album from Deftones

  8. PacinoXTC

    This song got me through high school

  9. Andrew Jessen

    Borat got himself a dimepiece

  10. Jahro Danja

    Still my fav of Dettones' after 22 years

  11. Matt Fain

    This song sounds different depending on my mood. It can be whatever type of song it wants. Pure ecstasy

  12. Orko


  13. abhishek redkar

    Listen to slipknot killpop after this

  14. John Stamos

    Still listening to this daily in 2019 almost 2020. Song is the absolute shit.

  15. Eddie Bruce

    i just want to be with a woman that love deftones as much as i do

  16. Jon Eckrich

    I love the juxtaposition of this song to this footage!

  17. Jill Conner

    That dude scored way outta his league when he got with that girl!

  18. chax Erazo

    I 💘 love u when people act. Embearest its so red out ill believe in godd soon..... 👌 its so 😎 cool 👑 kinG chax going out ....🌞🌞⭐⭐love me si thank u chino tha maN . deftones 📞😢©😍😍WoW

  19. chax Erazo

    👑 kinG CHA definitely me

  20. oO Fogman420 Oo

    I think they should of broke up at the end

  21. chris shepherd

    Only in a dream.........

  22. Ghost Prototype AR

    This video is so stupid

  23. Ohio Against The World

    she's banging.

  24. Юрий Гагарин

    Axxaxaxaxa!!! Пацталом!

  25. Michael Armster

    From the age of 'full sensory music purchase'. You got artwork, lyrics, band photos the store ride or walk, extras, etc. etc. and POW!!

  26. Kevin Rosner

    How can anyone dislike this song or video? 🤷🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️

    Kevin Rosner

    Now that I know the source of the video(machete:tenderness).. I don’t tell that video bc I don’t understand the lyrics. Whomever put THIS video with THIS song.. THANK YOU.

  27. Pedro Meneses

    This song is amazing, but this clip with it... it wants to make me cry... why?


    Nostalgia i guess

  28. Andre Richard

    Fuck, me and my chick are actually like this. I'm grateful for our time together she's lovely.

  29. Anthony Haller

    Wtf is the meaning of this song and what does it have to do with the video?

  30. maya mitchell

    Always said
    Messages in distant affairs
    When I over care
    In my heart
    Now make me dread
    Life out of order
    I gave my heavenly city to you
    U took it and re routed
    Said you were all about her
    As knives like three of swords
    Reached for my heart
    In misery and confusion
    Tore the family home in my city apart
    Sat back and cried and laughed to myself
    Going crazy by myself in the dark
    I loved you through and through
    More than I loved myself
    So without you how and what would I do
    As you insult my time put in
    As your switching lanes again
    Going through your own problems up in Michigan
    You wouldn't let me know
    And you wouldn't let me in
    Thought you wanted to be with me
    Evidently you couldn't see or perceive
    Dreams you could never receive
    Or believe
    To respect kindness and loyalty
    Attached to respect for my bond to you in effort
    Does it mean anything to you
    For the last 21 years waiting
    The last three years without even dating
    Lonely as hell with a half broken shell for feeling a lack of support
    U compare holidays where we both dwell
    And looks and sizes for unknown tact
    To attract divulge in unjustified truth repel back then expell
    Everything I expected
    Turned us two magnets in error
    Terror of going in the opposite way
    Hurt like rejection when you speak of her better than me
    When you compare her lifestyles origin
    Did you forget about break ballet and poetry
    Then I'll return to where my heart is
    In many places that I gave away
    Or no mind too
    Cuz I was covered in your hues of blues
    And it proceeded that way
    The pain I feel inside
    From you a poet really can't explain
    Imagine your favorite person attached to your perfect wish or dream
    And all of it went away
    All day no sun
    And it would be dark skies in what feels like forever
    Cuz you were only stringing me along
    You really never planned on us being together
    Hurt damn exploited my name into a change of hearts
    Tore me apart like a feather underneath a dart
    Worse part
    Was you never showed up or called in over twenty years
    Cuz you didn't want too
    If you wanted me still
    You would have shown up today
    But really you didn't want too
    You didn't want to pick me up
    Or fly me in to begin a family
    What hurts the worse
    You did for Mariah
    But you didn't for Maya
    I said you would if it were Rhianna
    You tried cheating on me with her
    Secret monster tour drama
    And calling Christi my best friend now my karma
    Knight in shining armour.
    You did for Mariah
    But you wouldn't for Maya
    And everyone tells me I love you too much and more than myself
    What a crazy death
    What a shame
    Living with no peaceful rest
    And hearing her name
    When you possibly marry another
    But you wouldn't for Maya
    Offer a loving vow
    So what do I do now.............

  31. Claudia Dantas

    Always wanted..

  32. zarone xzar

    was expectin her to die in the end though..meh

  33. David Pergrin

    3:30 Yoda tshirt 🤘🤘

  34. Recato

    This is so good👌👌👌

  35. IAmRyler

    Really love the song and the video that goes with it. The way the two smile at each other at 3:25 is really sweet

  36. Eduardo Barraza

    Is this the type of relationship that exists limited or maybe there is just one for each of us, or could it be achieved with just about anyone?

  37. jeepperz truthonly


  38. Dr. Mike Wood

    Heart breaker

  39. Math Larcelet

    I need more Deftones in my life.

  40. Aorakis

    I don't know you guys but... I Could Mary Her Everyday !

    As well as this one is my favorite Deftones Song with Be Quiet and Drive !

    Cheers !

  41. AquA riuS

    *still listening in 2056*

  42. River Sutcliffe

    Only here for the song loser

  43. River Sutcliffe

    Ur video is stupid. All wrong poser

  44. River Sutcliffe

    Love this song, fuck all u haters

  45. Noriaki Kakyoin

    I have a friend that I've only hung out with once who's a girl, and damn she's fine even though she's got a dude

  46. Claudia Dantas


  47. M CM

    This video actually belongs to a song sing by a russian artist known as machete the song name its tenderness. Clean and beautiful song.

  48. я3ρ3ηтιν3

    This track is a once in a lifetime masterpiece. It brings me to tears almost everytime. Insanely symbolic and mesmerizing. Crazy i first heard it 20 years ago. Aging sucks.

  49. Gennaro Sebastianelli

    La tipa è veramente veramente veramente.....

  50. Turning Gargoyle

    How is it believable that this cute little baby is with this wannabe hipster douchebag? The world is a evil-ly imperfect place.

  51. Mike turner

    Damn good!

  52. Jess Hart

    My word she is gorgeous. What a lovely counterpoint to this song. If you don't think it fits, you're fine to feel that way, but it hit home with me.

  53. coolgamer thebest

    My favorite video it seems like an accident and somehow it ended up being my favorite by the deftones

  54. Turning Gargoyle

    How does this mangle motherfucker pull this smokeshow?

  55. SharDarksoul

    You just wait on the moment she murders him with a knife.

  56. Ash Thompson

    Classic "Manic Pixie Dream Girl"

  57. Amber horror 710

    for u

  58. Stace Smith

    My husband and I used to drive, listen to this, glance over at each other. Fell in love March 2007. This song is significant to us and we are renewing our vows with this playing.
    I adore this group. Deftones❣

    Digital Bath

    Stace Smith congrats to the both of you

  59. Brandon Schubert

    Great song!....shit video.

  60. Blaine187able

    Just gotta say. Fuck the haters. That was a good video.. Music, video. Everything was perfect. dream like....something lost and never found again.

  61. kathurtado13

    For a minute there, I thought this was the official video.

  62. psylocynaut

    this is so dope..

  63. dusan spasojevic


  64. humanalien 001

    not sure wheter to laugh or cry actually ,, Id rather not bother ,, interesting though ,, in some ways and full of cheese balls ,,, I wonder if they are still together/

  65. Dope Stone Lion

    Nice chic. Smug guys got skillwz. Song's my favorite.

  66. Geoff Coombes


  67. paranoid android

    that guy is just perfect.

  68. chax dax

    I love smoking Puerto Rican dudes!!! That shit makes no sense here feeling made stupid in [email protected]!!it gives me an adreline rush!!!No problem 0000()9mm 😂

  69. chax dax

    Chax smells good😍

  70. Kaitlyn Anita

    This reminds me of the guy I really like

  71. her still singing limbs

    I don't know who thought of putting this video over this song, but 100. Nicely done.


    ONLY ONCE IN A LIFE TIME YOU GET TO DAI THE FLU ... this exact type of flu {2015💀}

  73. Sarcófago Sarcofágo Live

    omg, this make me sad and happy at the same time

    Sarcófago Sarcofágo Live

    deftones brings me this sensations in every track

  74. Владимир Павлюченко

    20118 сибирь!!!!)))

  75. Владимир Павлюченко

    Эй привет Что ни говори ДефФтонезЫ Охуенные ))))ИИ Клип токио отель ебанный и пизду не помню(незнаю)как зовутБочередной раз доказывают охуительность этой группы!!!!

  76. bazuka7

    What a song!

  77. Rick Ridenour

    one of a kind voice

  78. Lafayette Cathey

    Life is so simple right?

  79. Jon Schneider

    I wanna buy one

  80. John Me

    this song is sooooo FUKIN heart felt.
    long live moreno!!!!!!!

  81. God ZILLAMAN

    I think this is my favorite Deftones song.. But then there's Damone.. Nope. Can't ever be sure. AT LEAST NOW I KNOW..


    i love it

  83. humanalien 001

    is this an official video or a pisstake ? of some chick trying to get famous with her boyfriend who is just a friend anyway .. poor bastard

  84. Man de Gaturiss

    best nu metal sound ever

  85. G F

    Nancy, this is how you look in my eyes...

  86. neidermeyer

    I wonder if they're still together. I'm still watching this after many years

  87. RobertBobby PelletreauJr

    and then they killed together and liked it. they are inseperable and you wouldnt want to meet either one in a dark alleyway.

  88. Chris Mendez

    great song

  89. Ryan Lueras

    great visuals adds that little extra

  90. Как это возможно

    pode crer muito bom

  91. Daniel Medina

    Bad ASS song stupid ASS video

  92. Jeronimo Bispo




  94. DeineLieblingskathy

    I absolutely love this song and I also love the video. It's so pure. I always come back here.

  95. Bluesdog 77


  96. Steven Warrington

    I'm here for defrones the chick is pretty dope tho...

  97. NFS2SE3HP4HS8U2

    I shave my balls to this song.


    Love playing this on bass⚠♨▶

  99. Dean Wilson

    Funny reading the comments. Oddly appropriate given the lyrics concern Moreno's wife :)