Deftones - Be Quiet And Drive (Far Away) Lyrics

This town don't feel mine
I'm fast to get away-FAR

I dressed you in her clothes
Now drive me far - away, away, away

It feels good to know you're mine
Now drive me far - away, away, away
FAR away
I don't care where just FAR - away [x3]
And I don't care

FAR - away
And I don't care where just FAR - away [x3]

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Deftones Be Quiet And Drive (Far Away) Comments
  1. José Martins

    I found this gem, after ages of search, when i was 12 and i never felt so accomplished.
    That was 10 years ago!

  2. Jeykel Redax 65

    y de aqui saco xxxtentacion ese estilo tan peculiar:))me encantaa

  3. PaperPlane Guy

    I came here for my yearly dose of deftones

  4. The Bsgo Player 1

    Man...I really can feel the pain that comes out from this song...its like some kind of nostalgy.the guitar at the beginning always gives me goosebumps...

  5. ratiuss quetzl

    what i’d give to have those 20 years back.

  6. Dystopia _

    Bugs, I need your help.


    aahhhhhhhhh.......veo pasar mi adolesencia por este tema.........
    vamos a rockear forever

  8. Donyae Dixon

    I loved them every since digital bath and I've watched a change came out

  9. rellik009

    of course, the video is cringey and defiles the band's prestige, but...
    Deftones is definitely an excellent band. They aged better than most bands in nu-metal, and thankfully for them, their popularity didn't detract from their quality.

  10. Nicolás Nelson Martinez

    0:33 CHINO SPIT

  11. Gage Petty

    Freind...turn that truck has a sytem in it

  12. shit horse

    my prom haa haaaa

  13. Ryan Quinlan

    How fucking good is this song 🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘

  14. tremoRs beatdown

    This is too far in 2020👉👈

  15. Justin

    I was looking for nostalgia, found it right here. Literally, the memories connected to this song gave me goosebumps. Class of 2001!

  16. Joshua TV

    👐🎠 🌋

    Joshua TV


  17. elgojira

    Honorable mention to Stephen’s outro. Those harmonics, those palm mutes! Simply brilliant! Thanks for the inspiration Stef.

  18. There's Something About Mary

    i don't care we've just FART... away....

  19. vlad matei

    This is what im gonna listen to when i will broke up wiht my future girlfriend

  20. Shadow Man

    Is this considered post-grunge?

  21. Gustavo Samperio

    Who else has awesome sex while playing Deftones haha

  22. Luis Coronel CedeÑo

    La primera vez que escuché esta canción fue en el juego de ps1 “dave mirra bmx” solo lo jugaba para escuchar esta canción una y otra vez, desde ese entonces amo a deftones 🤘🏽

  23. Rangda Rangda

    far and away the best 'numetal' band, though that label does them an injustice

  24. Valentina Delgadillo

    Deftones forever

  25. Brenton McCann

    this wide open west coast 90's rock sound soothes my soul

  26. Aaron Thompson

    He always hated on his gf at the time...

  27. Jill Salter

    This will forever be one of my fav songs of all time. Minus the fact when i saw them live in 2005-06 at Taste of
    chaos in Winnipeg, Canada and they NEVER PLAYED THIS SONG and preformed terribly saying they were too 'old'. Never been more disappointed.

  28. lam19bo

    One of the greatest songs EVER

  29. HayesByeGrey

    Imagining driving somewhere far, I don’t care where but far. How freeing would that be.

  30. milmech43

    chinos dances dont match the music but oh well his voice is all you notice anyway

  31. cheyneosy

    Who came here after listening to Loathe’s new song?? Love how much these guys are influencing their new album.

  32. soulstice

    Whatever scale deftones plays in just always hits perfectly , emotional but aggressive at the same time

  33. The groove sessions anyalewechi

    the intro riff is so 'helmet'

    Джопс Такахаши

    Name of song?

    The groove sessions anyalewechi

    @Джопс Такахаши no one particular song but it's the kind of guitar you'd hear on a helmet song. I'm sure deftones were influenced by them

  34. Clint Ayres

    2020 still here motherfuckers. Who’s with me?

  35. daniela jara zarate

    muy bueno muy bueno.....

  36. m Hernan

    This band got me trough high school / intermediate school and I’m onlt a senior rn

  37. The Shmekler

    Back when we still till hard core pills on the weekend and made it to work, whatever days are weekdays were; I can't remember. Fuck smart phones, "I'm at the Capitol!"

  38. Gypsy Alex

    SACTO! 🤙🏽

  39. Patrik S

    That last part sounds like Donald duck getting viciously strangulated backstage

  40. CaptainNitemare

    sounds like Send the pain below

  41. Chuck TNS

    Well this just brought me back to high school...I miss those days sometimes.

  42. Accy

    0:30 Chino:
    next videos(default)

  43. Gonzaloantagonia Lopez

  44. El-Melly Boombang

    Deftones and 2020 <3

  45. Guiney Ozzy

    I love their theme with water in a lot of their songs, really represents deep emotions like happiness and sadness water represents a lot of emotional turmoil as well.


    Water can create... But it can also destroy!

  46. Potato None - Random Gameplay

    My new girlfriend dedicated me this song today...

  47. Jonathan Cordero-Reyes

    I always wonder where the hell this was.

  48. Muzahid Ahmed

    This was my wife's favourite song whether she liked it or not.

  49. なSwampFox

    I’m the youngest person I know who listens to these guys

    Panic! At the chimical fall out

    Nope ur not one 13

  50. Jujus World

    wow this hits hard

  51. Shandra

    This song reminds me of being strung out in madness with my ex-star crossed lover. We could never get away

  52. Angel Palacios Jara

    jaja q kreisi el chino :v

  53. Vinny Gonzales

    nu metal bands that made it big. korn slipknot linkin park disturbed limp bizkit......

  54. Lathan Barr

    does the singer know sign language?

  55. Bittu Mandol

    Chino is a very good and talented singer. And 1 thing more they're better than Slipknot or Disturbed

  56. MVRTXN

    drug abuse

  57. socialNrocker

    Guys, who's joining me in 2020?


    We never left bro

    Official Ore

    I can't leave rock music was always in my blood 🤘🏻

    Shaheed Mohammed

    2020 def all the way need a new album

    alain marroquin

    Some good new song?

  58. ScaryNunbwrs

    Me amnetengo fiel a mis crencis todavia

  59. Jason Bottoms

    When you're sitting at that red light with your headphones on and the person in the car next to you is giving you that look, like "what the fuck is he on" when they see you headbanging.

  60. Tim Purcell

    Sad they will always get lumped in with shit bizkit and Korn when they are far and away the best of all nu metal era bands.


    yo limp bizkit is best band i nthe world yo

    Tim Purcell

    @KEEPROLLINROLLINROLLINYO spoken like a limp dickit fan ,did you do it all for the nookie or the cookie, amazing lyrics .even wes borland was like fuck this I'm out.

  61. VillainLuv

    I love this song

  62. Business Chicken

    So cluck.

  63. Freeman Wharton

    Dave Mirra BMX on PS2 brought me here

  64. Jeff Aguiar

    Listening Jan 5th 2020 🤘

    Ryan Dicksen

    My 23rd birthday. Nice 🤘

  65. Valerie Brunengo

    Good memories ever...

  66. LIZARD_1582

    so weird how people are commenting now about how their parents got them into Deftones. Like I'm only 21, but I remember getting into them when I was like 10 and seeing all the older fans were just in their 20s. I'm at that age where the passing of time keeps tripping me out.

    Odraleba Zerimar

    Found out about them when I was like 6. Heard Change in the movie Dbz Revenge of Cooler. VHS


    @Odraleba Zerimar yeah I remember watching that because I heard that song was in it.

    Gili G

    I'mm also 21 (girl) and discovered Deftoens a while back, also tripping over the time passing buddy. dont worry it's because your a smart metal head. people don't always get us. its ok.

    Bobeto Slim

    Times a trip man. It goes so fast. Years fly by in a blink, and it hurts my mind. Im about to hit 27, and fuck i still feel like a kid in a lot of ways, I just have a lot more money and bills to spend it on. My body hurts alot more nowadays too, so my expression of myself and how i feel is different; less physical (external) and more emotional (internal).

  67. Kamalla

    Master, master, MASTERPIECE!!!

  68. Tibetan Sky

    My bands biggest influence is Deftones, check us out!

    Tibetan Sky

    @Mr Immortalz come on. I kno u want to babayface

  69. David Escalier

    Who else is on a nostalgia binge?

  70. Ludmilla Jaine Silva

    It feels like freedom 😍

  71. Kyle David

    2020 🤘

  72. Bran Don

    2020 anyone???

  73. Rj Cortez

    Sounds a lot like Send The Pain Below by Chevelle.


    Be Quiet and Drive came out before



  75. Dai Pari


  76. Buddy Shoe

    prob watched this 200 fing times new years a great day to just crank the hell out of this.

  77. stinky rat

    happy 2020

  78. Jamie Plays Music

    Roses are red
    Voilets are blue
    When I listen to Deftones
    My neighbours do too


    I'm your neighbor and it sounds like shit, put a TOOL song on please.

  79. smh


  80. sarah myers

    Happy New Year bitches!!!

  81. Jorge Rodriguez

    F..k yea!!!

  82. ajc bng

    This still makes me lose myself ❤️


    Fucking bullshit that this only has 20 million views

  84. Bryan Mardis



    I still love this look 😂

  85. Bryan Mardis


  86. Micky DV

    Happy 2020 🎆i love Deftones !!

  87. Lokopro 2017

    Primer tema de Deftones a minutos de que comienze el 2020. Mejor decisión para terminar el año

  88. bradley lofthouse

    Tattoo music anyone

  89. Mark Mora

    Me: No, you can't put your fingers into the socket
    My sibling: 3:13

  90. Stephen Stern


  91. CDXX

    ahh yeah **rubs 90's all over body**