Deftones - Around The Fur Lyrics

Hey vanity, this vile's empty, so are you
Hey glamorous, this vile's not God anymore... yeah

Speak, I don't get it
Should I ignore the fashion
Or go by the book
I don't want it
I just want your eyes fixated on me
Coming back aaah
Coming back around the fur

Prostitute, climb back down from the floor
Please don't fuck around and die like this cause I love - her

Speak, I don't get it
Should I ignore the fashion
Or go by the book
I don't want it
I just want your eyes fixated on me
Coming back aah
Coming back around the fur

Fur the fur
Speak speak you're so bad to me
I don't want to get dressed over anyway
Come on have some fun
I'm innocent, drop your weapons and come on
You're a liar you're a liar and I don't care about aaah

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Deftones Around The Fur Comments
  1. aesop2020

    This album solidified my love for the Deftones.

  2. Jadon D.

    best song to cruise and blast pop shuvits as high as possible to, at any given point in time.

  3. Bruce Hubbard


  4. brian spencer

    I a fuck

  5. ashuraha

    I did SOOOOOOOOOOOOO much acid to this album

  6. Its Gems

    First song i heard from deftones still has the same punch as the first time i heard it

  7. Mathieu Fortier

    The 90s was a heck of a the time for all rock genres!!

  8. James J Torgerson

    Left over shades move, toward the sides revealing Burning sun blistering heat skin boils on surface bubbling reaching Icey bathes

  9. Scott Shepard

    Best album...ever...period. Full stop.


    That title belongs to adrenaline

  10. myboy051

    Funny I don’t remember too many of my friends listening to them . I listened to this album over and over .
    Deftones was the band that kind of sat in the shadows of the more well known metal bands.

  11. Nelsonba Win

    I misheard
    "SHARK!" "SHARK!" "SHARK!"

  12. Gustavo Bill

    Border y cool !!!!! My own summer. !!! [email protected]

  13. larry glenn

    The Matrix


    I was wondering why this sounds so fucking familiar. LOL

  14. selfatrophy

    21 years old, fuck!

  15. Aleksey Nesterov

    Вот и лето прошло словно его не бывало. P.S seeyou all in hell

    Notorious X

    Jokes on you there's no such thing as hell

  16. Jonathan Parkinson

    Have safe, be fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!+!+!!


    Jonathan Parkinson my name jeff

  17. BuildYourOwnBass

    Most famous selfie ever. All of ig doesn't come close


    I built my own bass, but then it swam away :(

  18. Luke Duke

    Great record

  19. Black Kobra

    still one of my favorite albums

  20. Tyler Anderson

    Best song ever

  21. HDM Reviews

    Deftones forever😍 Would love to see them again!

  22. 1HundredWatt Warlock

    Saw them in Louisville KY when they toured for this album. One of the most violent mosh pits I have ever been in. Such a great fucking night. Talked to the entire band for a bit outside the venue after the show. They all autographed my ticket. Those were the days.

  23. Amélie Larouche

    I just saw my whole teenager's life flash before my eyes. After hearing this, I can die in peace and have this song in my head on the way there.

    Chris Cole

    Amélie Larouche Senior year flashbacks

    James Strength

    How did you see your whole teenager's life? You were only there for half of it when he or she came home from school untill they left again the next morning bahaha

  24. rajivaksha dasa

    i have always been about this song so hard that though it is in fact a legend and a deftones live favorite. so love it or fuck it. i miss Chi.

  25. rajivaksha dasa

    this album is, according to my delusional crackpot mind, not only the best deftones record, but the best fuckin record in the vague grouping of loosely associated bands theyre in. and spands the full decade it resides if. if you dont like my opinion, then wander the streets until some degenerate moves on you and suck his dick until his nuts shivel and turn to dust.

  26. kalebpost20

    That riff reminds me of A New Level by Pantera off VDOP


    Terry Date produced both albums. Plus they are big Pantera fans.

  27. statusquotas



  28. Star Bird

    A goddamn masterpiece in heavyness.

    40steden 15city

    everyone in love. my fish, her fish. and the golden fish.

    40steden 15city

    everything for the sex, basically yes, after all :) because of artcover, because i never felt a damn thing, yep.

  29. VampsPlay

    this shit is fucking amazing I love old school metal this is one the albums I blasted in my car

  30. ADSaaron

    I remember hearing this in 98, i was in the 1st/2nd grade. The older kids loved it, How did i get so lucky?....


    I was a Sophomore in high school and this album stayed in my CD player in my car for a month...😃 Good times

    Premix Utah

    my Friends always thought i was weird and suicidal when i listened to these old classics , glad i didnt give a SH#% what they said cuz this is still amazing.

    Scott Shepard

    Same, I was in 3rd grade. I blasted this on repeat every day throughout my summer vacation.


    shit, now i feel old thanks

    The Ace

    Wow... Shoutouts to deftones and Adam Sandler

  31. Leosadin

    I love this album since 2016...


    Noel Sadin I was 2


    Noel Sadin 3 actually

    SoCal's ReelBasster

    Walking around high school with my CD player playing this loud all day for a year

    40steden 15city

    goldfish american dutch


    I loved it till I murdered my girlfriend now I’m in prison still listening to it though