Defeater - Dealer / Debtor Lyrics

Stare through me
Eyes burning

"Stare through me, I see you giving up your hand"
Eyes burning into the back of his head
Aces hidden up sleeves of cheaters, liars and thieves
Dealer folding a straight and debtor flushing

Drag him kicking out the back
Struggling hands around his neck
"Can't fool me or hide from me"
Wrapping fists around his head
Lessons learned or common sense
"Can't cheat death or hide from it"
Turning pockets for his debts
Concrete tearing at his skin
"Can't fool me, can't fool me"

"Keep walking, you'll find your way to the bridge"
Cold pistol pressed in the back of his head
Switchblade hidden in sheathe, in reach while down on his knees
Dealer making him beg and debtor plotting how
To keep his blood from spilling out
Ending up in cold and shallow ground

"Stare through me now, stare through me"
Moon shining down. "What do you see?"
"I see a broken, beaten man. I see a coward at the end"
"Can't fool me now, can't fool me
It's a long way down." Gut sinking
"I am a broken, beaten man. I am a coward at the end"
Dealer puts away his gun and tells the debtor to run

Dealer walks along the tracks
Sun is rising at his back
"Can't fool me or hide from me"
Rattling memories around his head
Death at home and in the trench
"Can't fool me, can't cheat me"
"Can't drink enough to make me drown
Bridge and river pull me down."

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Defeater Dealer / Debtor Comments
  1. C Sully

    Cant wait to hear the mastered version!!!

  2. Tom Holden

    how can they release the album with the vocals like that?????

  3. hydrakn

    hope to hear this live

  4. Drew

    turn. the. vocals. up. Fuck

  5. kane McGarvey

    Deserves more likes

  6. kimetsu no pickles

    whole album is art