Def Leppard - Another Hit And Run Lyrics

Union Jack is back with a hole in his head
He's gettin' badly burned every time
He's laughin' at me and dancin' on my sneakers
And his sixties songs are blowin' up my speakers

I say you got no respect
Respect for authority
You're just playing your dirty tricks
And then come cryin' to me

Hit and run, hit and run
It's just a hit and run
Another hit and run

The bulldog lost his bite and his breath has gone bad
And the whole damn world is really laughin' mad

[Repeat Bridge]

[Repeat Chorus]

Hit it!!
Oh bring it down
Oh you bring it down

I say you ain't got no respect
I say you ain't got no respect
No you ain't got no respect
And you hit me when I'm down

Hit and run, hit and run
It's just another hit and run
I said it's just another hit and run

Oh yeah, hit and run
Oh yeah, hit and run
Oh yeah, hit and run
Oh yeah, hit and run
Oh yeah, hit and run
It's just another hit and run
Hit and run

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Def Leppard Another Hit And Run Comments
  1. Paul Frank

    One of Lep's best tunes.

  2. C Williams

    I realize that the band had to grow, mature, whatever ya want to call it but it saddens me to think that they'll never be as good as they were on the first two albums. They were so young the first time I saw them and now we're all just old....

  3. mundoparlante MP audio

    lq mejor

  4. rhys oneill

    How did def Leppard go from this and on through the night to hysteria? These albums kick ass. 🤘

  5. monicka lynn

    So underrated!

  6. Mike Nuttall

    F Yeah. great album shitting cover

  7. Jerry Velardi

    😲 😲 😲 Awesome !!!

  8. E P

    This chorus guitar at 0:24 give me goosebumps

  9. Victoria Victoria

    I wish high pitch sound would be turned down a bit so I could listen it a lot louder !

  10. Alex Strat

    @3:25 and on, pure eargasm.

  11. Raymond Drennon

    DL stopped being a rock band after Pyromania. This album rocked!

  12. Charles Smithhart

    Side one of this album is one of the best sides of a heavy metal album ever, imo.

  13. j2deev1234

    Sheffield's finest...


    my #1 leppard tune!!!!!

  15. Sonicloud 777

    I'm guessing those dislikes came from the people who blasted this music too loudly and became deaf in the process.

    Michael Bienicewicz

    Funniest thing I have ever drunk heard afore !!!!

  16. bayhorse01

    I so love the early raw music, with $1.98 videos.

  17. Tino Tse

    We all miss you Steve Clark. Lot,s of great memories. Keep Rocki,n

  18. mH8675309

    Had this on an LP. I recorded it to a cassette and put the album back in the jacket.

  19. Alex Perez

    Is this like saying hit it and quit it, lol? Or something else

  20. Cuttlefish Empire

    why is there nobody else that likes things from high n dry through as late as adrenalize? people on their earlier albums always slander their later stuff, and people on their later albums don't even know the earlier stuff exists...

  21. Martin Querns

    I heard many Def Leppard songs. Never heard this one before. Wow it's pretty heavy and a little different from their other songs. Like this very much👊🤘

  22. A H

    I’m 50 I wish l could go back to the 70s and by all the great rock band records. I was too young to by them then.

  23. william de castro ferreira

    Europe s Farewell song Intro

  24. patty hoge

    i love def leppard

  25. Mark Woehler

    Had a Sanyo stereo w 6 by 9 in back of a 74 grand prix first time i heard this..great memories

  26. Corinne Hernandez

    This is the best Def Leppard LP!!!!!

  27. Hadrian Valarius

    Hell yeah ..

  28. R King

    Pete Willis!

  29. Curtis Smith

    I have been a fan of Leppard since I was about 10 years old and now I'm 40.If anybody really knows anything about them like I do,Joe Elliott said years ago before they made it big that they set out to become one of the biggest bands in the world,which is what they went on to do.You can say what you will that they sold out or whatever,but they have fans all over the world for all the different styles of music they have done.

  30. Glenn Smiley


  31. Alex Mustata

    Great tune, great album, great band PERIOD.

  32. Vito Bratta

    Another epic gem from the Pete Willis era...

  33. MadnessMobile

    pure Leppard as they should always be.....

  34. Frank RangerFrank

    What’s wrong! Not loud enough!

  35. 455Transam

    Class of 79 here....I turn 58 Dec 22nd and still listen to a LOT of 70's and 80's Rock...........
    Favorite bands...these guys...THE WHO, FOGHAT, KANSAS, RAINBOW, THE ROCKETS (from Detroit) VAN HAGAR and VAN HALEN, DEEP PURPLE, shit there's too many...........

  36. 455Transam

    This and DRIVING WHEEL from FOGHAT!!!!!!!

  37. Savatage Fan

    My best def leppard song.

  38. Downhill Nut

    My first concert was the High & Dry tour. There best album

  39. Valter Santanna

    The REAL Def Leppard.

  40. Ivan Rojas

    Simple y sencillamente espectacular

  41. Daniel Barber

    From :25 to :50 , I still remember the sound moving from right to center then left and back again. Gave me chills then and still does.
    Anyone else who has a good set of speakers knows this. Thanks @DefLeppard

  42. M???????? A???????

    Kind of start of like switch 625 and me and my wine

  43. Gooner29


  44. Michael Anderson


  45. Andre Andre

    High'n'dry and Pyromania– best albumas forewer

  46. Iracema Torres

    leyenda por siempre grande def leppard

  47. Drew Karkadoo

    D L is the best song ever since

  48. Steve Day

    Ladies and gentlemen, this is Rock N’ Roll

  49. Nathan Moore

    Times change , the music of our past will always be the best 🤟

  50. Moon Light

    Super fantastic tune !!!

  51. Brantley Myers


  52. rj h

    Last LP before they retuned to E flat to throw everybody off , too

  53. crow offroad

    Bad Ass! Thank You

  54. Michael Kashif

    Rock Classic

  55. Ron Hanisco

    What's the deal with all these 70's bands and naked dudes on their album covers? LOL.

  56. T. Kepling

    My favorite album of theirs

  57. Nathan Lester

    And almost everybody I know has the nerve to call these guys glam..

  58. lartigue christophe

    Dans cet album switch 625 solo très très rapide avec le regretté soliste hors pair Steve Clarck

  59. Ned Rini

    54 people only know Def Leppard from pyromania on

  60. Iracema Torres

    leyendas por siempre

  61. Mr. 7


  62. Shane Owen

    highndry rulz

  63. Emily. Ink

    [email protected] YES!!!!

  64. Adolfo Jefferson Fernandes Lopes

    Union Jack está de volta com um buraco na cabeça Ele está gravemente queimado toda vez Ele está rindo de mim e dançando meus tênis E as músicas dos seus sessenta são tocando meus alto-falantes Eu digo que você não tem respeito Respeito pela autoridade Você está apenas jogando seus truques sujos E depois vem chorar para mim Acerte e corra, acerte e corra É apenas um golpe e uma corrida Outro sucesso e corrida O buldogue perdeu sua mordida e sua respiração foi ruim E todo o mundo maldito realmente está sorrindo Acerte e corra, acerte e corra É apenas um golpe e uma corrida Outro sucesso e corrida Acerte! Oh, traga-o para baixo Oh, você derruba Eu digo que você não tem respeito Eu digo que você não tem respeito Não, você não tem respeito E você me atinge quando eu estou para baixo Acerte e corra, acerte e corra É apenas mais um sucesso e uma corrida Eu disse que é apenas mais um sucesso e uma corrida Oh, sim, acerte e corra Oh, sim, acerte e corra Oh, sim, acerte e corra Oh, sim, acerte e corra Oh, sim, acerte e corra É apenas mais um sucesso e uma corrida Acerte e corra

  65. C0lleen Parks

    Author hit And Run

  66. Lourdes Pineda

    Buen mix perfecto me encanta amo DEF LEPPARD

  67. parshimonz works

    great ! love Pete Willis !

  68. Richard LeBoeuf

    BEST LEPPARD album of all time

  69. Charles young

    I'm with ya, if it's too Loud, you're too Old! Hahahahahahaha ~ ;)

  70. Ben Jenkins

    This record rocks BALLS!

  71. Ben Jenkins

    There is no such thing as too loud when playing this song, this record was quite possibly the best rock n roll record made in the eighties!

  72. Harry P

    Heavy as fuck...

  73. Mark Johnson

    36 years ago today July 11, 1981 High 'n' Dry released 🤘🏻I'm still rock'n this album loud. I was 16 then ... long hair metal rocker 😜

  74. last name

    the Old DEF LEPPARD was the BEST … after Pyromania nothing very good like the OLD Stuff !!!

  75. Keith Stout

    Sitting parked in my car with this cranked up! I just can't turn the car off in the middle of this epic tune!!!

  76. monicka lynn

    Sheer badassness (is that a word,lol?Awesome song!

    Brian O'Neil

    monicka lynn You can also go with badassery, badassitude or badasstastic.

    Scott Emmerick

    monicka lynn it is now. CONGRATULATIONS!!

  77. docholiday13

    This kick so much ass I use it when I work out. My god even if Im tired this just gives me life....

  78. sdkee

    NWOBHM! Except for the shitty production, the On Through the Night (and the shady First Strike) is in a similar vein. Goddamn old DefLep is still amazing.

  79. Lauren02nicole

    my dad told me this ROCKS!

  80. Thierry B


  81. Andy

    Best Leppadr song EVER!

  82. Will Tu'Liv

    Mutt Lange really produced some great sounding records back then. Mixed to be played loud for sure.

  83. Bryan Wilson


  84. Noah Stephens


  85. Donald Grow

    Dam rt this is one of my ALL time favorites, can't get it loud enough either

    Party Sugar

    baddest motherfuckers ive ever heard. Now the whole damn World is really laughing mad.

  86. Brooks Price

    OMG!!! One person wrote that Hysteria is like death metal. Are they insane? Nothing but pop.

  87. fmaxm1

    I'm over 60 now and I can still never play this LOUD enough!


    @Skittles Fuzz I stopped at Hysteria which is great. Saw them in 1987. The next album after that was not good enough and then Steven passed away. I gave up Leppard.


    And that is because you buy crappy stereo equipment. Spring for a 300 watt amp and hear what you have been missing. :D

    R. P. 72

    Great...i bought this Album when i was 11 i am 47 .....and have my own Band "Devicious "

    Jerry Velardi

    Only about 10 behind ya and I feel the same!

    hoss glover

    50 and still jamming 😎!

  88. jolanta za

    kocham Def leppard

  89. Alexandre Cassata

    C est du bon, souvenir ;-)

  90. Eddie The Head

    I love every album but this one takes all the cake for me! Hit and run!

  91. cswace62

    Blastin those 6x9 ALPINES! HitnRun~~~

    Andrew glionna

    my whole car system was Alpine! thanx for helping to conjure up some great memories.


    Thanx4reply..saw them in 1980 when they hadnt been in the states very long* On thru the Night&plenty Wasted at 18yrs young lmao

    Andrew glionna

    I didn't see them in concert until hysteria- wicked live!

    Wayne Oneal

    right on dude..i saw them in 81 in cc a place called the only held like 500 or so..but it was awesome..i was 19

  92. Chorus Cellar

    Pete was fired .. for being drunk .. wait .. what

    Wade Mitchell

    He was an awesome guitarist.

  93. plofus wilson

    Loved this album,too bad they went pop/hair/metal!!

    plofus wilson

    I havent heard the latest stuff.Its great to be able to open this tresure chest of music,its been awhile since Ive really listened to these guys.

    plofus wilson

    After I soak them in for a few days I will decide if I now like Hysteria more than Pyro,back in late 80s I preferred Pyro but Im really enjoying Hysteria now.

    Eddie The Head

    @plofus wilson unfortunately I only have Hysteria on CD at the moment. I plan to get more soon. Its really a bummer that they don't have any studio album besides Slang and 2015 on mp3, but thankfully we are able to rip.

    plofus wilson

    They are one of very few artists not on Rhapsody,which is my music service,Metallica and Bob Seger are only others I like but arent on there,but youtube has them at least..

    LedZep's X

    They were already that in this album. They just became more mainstream pop metal

  94. Brian Potter

    love this song love playing it live.. even after all these years, it still gets me moving.

  95. Count Blastula

    can i EVER play this loud enough??

    Seven Seer

    only if you're god


    no... u could try 400 times.. However if you do match all those takes on a regular basis, I am beyond interested

  96. oldschool Fink

    I still have this on vinyl somewhere, possibly the best sophmore effort EVER, top to bottom, a GREAT album

    Raymond Gorney Jr

    Better than Pyromania by far...

  97. Michael Wolf

    I write completely different than this but i remember this music was my training ground for the musician i am today..

    Seven Seer

    yeah bravo dude

  98. Richard Gutierrez

    All the housewives cringe when Leppard play this live. Too bad Def Leppard don't play hardly anything from first two albums.

  99. Brian Nichols

    Their best record. Pete wasnt fucked up yet.

    Goran Brezak

    Brian Nichols not true, Pete was already fucked up, you don't become alcoholic over night. Steve was also drinking a lot, but never when he was playing, recording or writing. Pete was heavy drinking even on stage, he was drunk 24/7. If he continued being in a band, he would have ended just like Steve.