Deer Tick - The Rock Lyrics

My love for you is old, but new.
I'd give the rock to only you.
It is the piece that can't break through
The window of our love. [x3]

Don't paint my picture
Sleeping on the ground
Come on! Little sister,
You know what you have found
The heart, beaten like a sinner.
The sweat, melting like a bad trip.
Uuuuu, the rock sits there dead!

Don't hold me closer
It's all too sweet to last.
Come on! Fellow gonner,
The glory days have passed
the lungs, crazy for your perfume
the tongue, praying for renewal
Uuuuu, the rock no interest.

Don't paint my picture
Sleeping on the ground
Come on! Little sister,
You know what you have found.

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Deer Tick The Rock Comments
  1. Randy H.

    Fun Fact: John had no idea this was being recorded... the guy they hired just said to stare into the camera.

  2. karonic ゝ

    i clicked this because i was expecting the rock from wwe, disappointed to say the least


    karonic well get fucked.

  3. Nathaniel van den Heuvel

    great song

  4. funkyfacewash

    Great song..but classic shitty Noisey video clip

  5. SerpicoCharlie

    That first "don't!" still gets me every time. McCauley is such a brilliant vocalist.

  6. mimosa022

    GREAT!!! Eargasm x 100 ♥

  7. Andrew Gould

    This song still rocks... Wish the album would have had a couple more edgy songs like this

  8. Wrong Bros

    John Demeranville.. Nuff Said..

  9. Rodrigo Gonzales

    great song, great band!

  10. sleepyhoon

    Great ART

  11. Cool stuff in your inbox every 90 days

    This video is dumb af


    you're dumb af

  12. rosscobosco

    Great tune , great band. Rock on fellas!

  13. dontblowsmoke

    I'm okay with staring at John McCauley. 


    haha weirdest video ever...this song is sick though

  15. Teresa Thorborg

    LOVE this video.

  16. Teresa Thorborg

    My favourite band. And John is so cute on this video from Negativity.
    I love all their albums - and for sure I'll be in Copenhagen in january.
    Saw them first time in Tønder - GREAT concert.

  17. Ernie Murguia

    Whoa.. Why does this have so many dislikes? I don't listen to these guys much but that boggles my mind! Obviously they know nothing of good music.

  18. leave me alone google

    So many dislikes, very few negative comments. What's happening here? lol

  19. leave me alone google

    God damn.

  20. The Devil's Twins

    Happens with every Deer Tick song I hear. I listen to it, then I listen again. Then I tell a friend about it.

  21. Luiza Tavares

    the guy in the video must have been so unconfortable

  22. Michael s

    You must be so hardcore

  23. Mack Lamoureux

    My long term relationship just ended and I can't quite articulate just how cathartic this song and the album has been. Just giving a little thank you.

  24. BrandonScott RobinsonMusic

    First song i liked from them since war elephant.. it's not that songs after that weren't good.. it's just that one was one hell of an album.

  25. fantasypgatour

    How does this have so many dislikes?

  26. bwill5599

    Pussy shit

    Randy H.

    Have you become any less simple minded these last 4 years?

  27. dylanvine

    It will be a great album.

  28. Jorge Huaman

    Great songwriting! Love this!

  29. Herbert The Duck

    cool video

  30. Chrissy Jones

    On the first listen, I was like "meh", but then it was stuck in my head, so I listened to it again.....and now I can't stop. So good! Can't wait to see them play it live in Detroit on the 11th!

  31. thedelightfulday

    Why so many dislikes? :(

  32. Truman Capote

    This song is okay but this video was really dull and LAME-O!!

  33. Nick .F

    them horns man, they make the song.

  34. David Butler

    I've seen a few Deer Tick videos with an unusual amount of dislikes. It's obviously not fans, maybe an ex-girlfriend with a lot of time on her hands? Haha

  35. mrfortyfore

    Why do many dislikes?? The new albums gonna be awesome

  36. Zach Heon

    this song has been stuck in my head since the first time i heard it. can't wait for the rest of the album

  37. One Man Clan

    This song is going to be in so many movie trailers

  38. Mike

    1) They really are that good
    2) It's a crying shame that they aren't more well known and recognised for the brilliant musicians they are

  39. Michael Cuddyer

    I'm really surprised there are so many dislikes.

  40. Clark Kyle

    Woah calm down, stop poppin wood for this guy, they aren't that good.

  41. Mike

    Can't stop listening to this, considering buying about 50 copies of negativity when it comes out and gifting them to everyone i know

  42. Megan Duggar

    That look at the end said,"Soooo, do you like my song?" Yes, I do. I will memorize these lyrics and sing as loud as possible along with you the next show.

  43. WonOneWun

    I'm assuming because it says official video and its just John staring at the camera and 200 people got but hurt because they actually watch music videos for some retarded fucking reason.

  44. jlnamron

    Holy shit! Cannot wait for the new album!

  45. Bruce K

    I hope one of my friends sees this

  46. Captain Kodiak

    I don't understand why this has so many dislikes

  47. Cody Jock

    I honestly love all their albums. Don't really care love the way they change from one album to the next.

  48. RedAlexios

    Intro was good

  49. Star

    Keep coming back to this song! It's good cant wait to pump it loud from car stereo

  50. J TM

    who isnt?! party till ya puke!

  51. Michael s

    What's with all the dislikes?

  52. Brendan Finn

    viewing this video is just as uncomfortable to watch as Im sure it was for McCauley to shoot. also willing to bet their whiskey in that mug. also that aside, this album should rock if it's got all these los lobos style horn sections.

  53. peloponnesians

    he's definetely in love with crack...

  54. Mitch Sutherland

    I like the song but this video isn't doing it for me.

  55. Bernadette BURSON

    mais dommage que cela sente autant la phantasmagorie :)

  56. CecilWellington

    For better or for worse Deer Tick makes albums that are reflective of the time and situations they're going through at that point. Divine Providence mostly reflected the constant party atmosphere they were in. I am eager to see where they are now. I fucking love Deer Tick.

  57. broskijohansson

    i liked it, quite a bit. then again, my expectations are a lot lower after the last album. not that i want them to keep rehashing "war elephant", but that delaware destroyers impression they did on "divine providence" felt like a betrayal. I am still anxiously awaiting the new one

  58. Robby D

    For some reason.... I didnt blink once.

  59. Jordan Brodie

    Is another incredible album on the way?

  60. chesiyna

    thought this would be shit, buts its te SHIT!!!! love it

  61. Nestor Ortiz

    i thought it said "the cock" in the thumbnail

  62. Oli Lowndes

    What Stuff?!!

  63. Kyle Jernigan

    Genius. Can't wait for this album.

  64. dmtiv

    Dear Dick

  65. Bleydra Majes

    how is it...i'm synchronizing with your expressions....beautiful face...nice draw...a painting from.....oh and it sent me on a journey...through pictures of thought...and positivity...even though i couldn't remember most of this consciously....i remembered it was a gift...

  66. Elizabeth Guerra

    It feels intimate. I like it.

  67. PJ McCarthy

    love the horns in this song...can't wait for the full album

  68. Pedro Ribeiro

    The song was ok but the video was mind blowing, it did stuff to me.

  69. Chico

    This was great and uncomfortable in a good way.

  70. Bob Rock

    Good song , but not the video !

  71. Obviously Jesus

    I hope they go for a darker tone, like War Elephant. This is a good start.

  72. Ahmad M'ayyed

    I though that thumbnail said "the cock"

  73. Panoukla Ena

    he's definetely in love with me .He can't take his eyes off of me

  74. James Alexander Grieves

    Can't wait for Negativity

  75. Brendon Hoeferkamp

    John McCauley 2016.

  76. Michael s

    Looks like he has a headache