Deer Tick - The Dream's In The Ditch Lyrics

Well the dream's in the ditch
Now the kids are all pissed
But its not new to hate what they make you do
First they pull all your teeth
Then they'll want you to eat
Well get over it kid
You don't want any part in it

But its not the way you cant afford your time
Or the envy of the friends you've left behind
So whenever you go they can have everything you lose
Is this it? This is it

So they paid you to scream
But it buried your dreams
So you wait for the pain
That will send you to sleep again
Now you walk with your wolves
Like you got nothing to lose
Act like you don't care
While you pray for a cross to bear

But its not the way you cant afford your time
Or the envy of the friends you've left behind
So whenever you go they can have everything you lose
Is this it? This is it

Is this it?
Is this it?
This is it!

But its not the way you cant afford your time
Or the envy of the friends you've left behind
So whenever you go they can have everything you lose
This is it. Is this it?

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Deer Tick The Dream's In The Ditch Comments
  1. Simonstopher

    Anyone looking to watch the video forwards at close to it's actual speed here you go:

  2. Dip Dinger

    Good job on beating okay go to the original video concept

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  4. Kevin K.

    deer tick sucks

    Mason McConnell

    get the fuck off this planet.

    Kevin K.

    Yea, they totally should

  5. Phillip Vigo

    That piano solo!

  6. Agustín Rodríguez

    Best band lately! greetings from uruguay! come near!

  7. Ximeno the Pod

    greetings from Acapulco México. You're the BEST!

  8. Standing on Stones

    rhode island has some really great musicians, especially around foster. 

  9. jacob stephens

    Without your alls music then I wouldn't know what to do sometimes. You've helped me out through your songs more then you could ever even imagine. It's more then just music, your albums are there too talk to me when my world is falling apart. Thank You so fucking much!!!

  10. wont do

    Looks like it was shot in New England by all the three deckers on the street. It is definitely a New England thing.

  11. Anthony Langford

    Great song - in my Top Ten for the year. 

  12. ZigZag VVanderer

    To the 85 people who are anti-single shot videos in reverse...FUCK YOU AND YOUR MAMA!

    The Schwifty Man

    watch your mouth dudee.....not cool.....u don't say thing about someone's mother.
    what if his/her is sick(cancer or something) or she passed the way.

    The Schwifty Man

    I like this song btw....

  13. Mike Hunt

    Jordan Mike likes the cack

  14. Corduroyflare

    Fantastic song in band. Thanks for this from Ireland .

  15. Andy Thomas

    Sorry Deer Tick, an anonymous youtube commenter thinks you're not good enough to make it. Time to pack it in. You had a good run.

  16. Nick .F

    go to fucking hell you ignorant son of bitch

  17. jordan mike

    I'll back off out of respect for John and Vanessa being pregnant.

  18. ThePerspexAvenger

    don't understand why there's dislikes on this..

  19. thesharpestknifeever

    you talk like an old, poor person. ew and yawn. #wronguseoftoo #ifyouwanttogettechnical

  20. jordan mike

    You have a young person's correlation. No, I've been married for ten years - good try though. One of them bang you or something? I'm giving my honest critique of a band - the "art", how it became possible and the marketability of the band and music is what I am referring too. I wish they would stick to their original sound and material. It felt more authentic and less like desperately trying to fit into main stream.

  21. thesharpestknifeever

    cool story. did one of them bang your girlfriend or something?

  22. jordan mike

    Mid grade venue for a mid grade band. We already did folk indie in the 90's and called it grunge. Maturity - nah, more like running out of good material and trying to be more pop. Dylan matured his music as it got older. It was still good, but nearly as good as the early stuff overall. And it is "background", not back ground if you want to get technical - but that is all silliness.

  23. Matt Sedlak

    last i saw them they sold out the rex theater in pittsburgh a mid grade venue in the area. i have a back ground in music and am a former internet radio show host. with limited text i cannot get into the detail i would like to on how false your comment is. we aren't talking about imagine dragons. this is a folk indie movement band. their sound isn't meant to be pop. war elephant was a good album, but this album shows their maturity in music. ad its ashamed. not "cryin' shame"

  24. jordan mike

    So how is they are exposed to millions of TV viewers four times now and don't have a hit or more FB fans? Probably because they are a Class-C band with Class-C music. Back in the day, he had a few good songs... if he kept with that, I think he may have a hit eventually. He played the wrong song on his first view on Letterman - should've been These Old Shoes or Cryin Shame. Good luck filling up a stadium with Negativity. Daddy can buy the networks of people, but consumers buy the music.

  25. Matt Sedlak

    dude, i have seen these guys back in 09 when they were barely filling local bars in cleveland and pittsburgh. this isn't their first album. they paid their dues. before conan they were on letterman twice i believe (might only be once), and they earned those appearances.

  26. blank blank

    Why such an intense amount of dislikes?

  27. gbrownstrat

    I dig it! It's kinda Springsteenishly sounding.

  28. thedankens

    Jealous much? Their music is actually pretty good compared to 99.9% of the bullshit out there right now, so go put on your Justin Bieber and cry elsewhere please.

  29. Andrew Fleming

    Super butt-hurt.

  30. jordan mike

    Not bad for a band led by the privileged son of a former Congressman who was arrested in Rhode Island for defrauding the federal government of $500K. It's funny how money can buy connections. It's ironic that a band who considers themselves hipster and "against the man" is actually a product of a Congressman. Ha! When daddy knows Conan, son gets on show. Leave Tom Petty's sound to Tom Petty.

  31. Chiara Razzino

    keep it up guys =)

  32. Keto Bear

    I guess 28 people must have dreams in the ditch.

  33. John Sullivan

    this is it!

  34. Alyssa Gelfuso

    I love how this takes place in providence

  35. Chris Rudolph

    Ghostridin' da whip!

  36. Natasha loves Freddie Mercury

    wow wat a cool video!! seems like u guys had soo much fun making this!!!! can not wait for the album!!

  37. Tiffany Penrod

    One hell of a way to start off a shitty Tuesday!