Deer Tick - Mange Lyrics

These words they make the world spin here in steady rotation
Until the new words turn the new world into oblivion
Well at the end of the line and this new world feels pretty rotten
Then we'll go our separate ways to put new blood in our system

I've never seen eyes so hurt, the kind that scream my name
Now what can I make of life when it all seems like a game?
I've gotta tie up all my loose ends 'fore my skin turns to mange
So I've gotta look at the sky and imagine I've found my place

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Deer Tick Mange Comments
  1. Eli Webster

    Seriously one of the greatest songs ever written. And there's not even that many words.

  2. Jeff Ryland

    Anyone who listens to this on the daily should know: you have exquisite taste in music. I admire your admiration.

  3. Joanthan Kruger

    Dad died July 9 2018. This was his favorite song at the time.

    Lane Guthrie

    Joanthan Kruger My condolences. I'll be spinning DT the rest of the day in his honor.

  4. Giovanni Sanseviero


  5. Carrie Wilson

    💙 gives me goosebumps. Never heard of them until recently and absoutly love it.

    t. conring

    Carrie Wilson John McCauley has side bands, super bands if you're interested.. Diamond Rugs, Middle Brother & a Nirvana cover band called Deervana. 😙

  6. foxymeowful

    One of the best songs out there

  7. Shannon Bolenbaugh

    I don't know why this isn't more popular.... its so good lol

    Madelayne Brown

    Shannon Bolenbaugh most people are lacking much..

  8. Jeff Ryland

    beautiful song. fix yourself before you try to fix something new.

  9. SuperDogcrap

    traffic. dear mr fantasy. 1967

    Giovanni Sanseviero

    oh yeah. great tune though. (both)

  10. Peter Schopf

    come on , less than 8k for this? wtf has happened to us?

  11. heliopolis29

    Sooo Rolling Stones 'Sympathy...' and Primal Screen 'Loaded' come to mind, big time.. that's why I like it.

    rocco mepose

    Sorry for the ridiculously late response, but right on, on the rhythms stated good sir.

    rocco mepose

    Thanks, btw, for temporarily restoring my faith in humanity. If not just for a moment.


    Absolutely with the Sympathy. I don’t know the other but cannot wait to check it out.