Deer Tick - Cocktail Lyrics

I started missing the days
Where as soon as I'd wake
I'd make a cocktail
I'd spend the time that you took
Giving me dirty looks
With my cocktail

And just like every love affair
Well the fault in my armor shows
And the boat is shot full of holes
And I get a little green
I could be dancing on one leg
And enjoying the masquerade
But I'm not making any lemonade
But I got lemons if you need

In my meandering way
I'd sing a serenade and sip a cocktail
My very own world view I'd tell the people I knew
Through a cocktail

Who can you turn to
When the world is bleeding you dry?
Man, they'll turn you loose
And watch you wither in the daylight
Sometimes I feel like a corpse
With a lifetime subscription
Just a strange proposition
Or a thankless sacrifice

Now how is every day the same
In a variety of places?
All the dull and empty spaces
In the middle of a crowd
I could be slipping off the wing of a dove
Or tied up onto the train tracks
But either way I ain't coming back
The only way out is down
Yeah, the only way out, my friend
Is falling down

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