Deer Tick - Christ Jesus Lyrics

Woke up next to the king
Got up, gonna fix me some things
And it makes me sick how I can't trust him
No I can't trust him

Said the bottom of his belly
That's where he would keep me
Christ Jesus
As I'm floating
And you get a brick and you drop it down on me
Christ Jesus
Have you seen us
Down on our hands and knees
And tell us what's the reason

Like a hawk that's hung in the sky
A hard-on when I die
And you passed away
And that horizon never came
No, it never came
It's the time of the week no one sees but me
Christ Jesus
As I'm drowning
And I struggle to breathe
It's your face I don't see
Christ Jesus
Please don't leave us
If in peace you'll keep us
Well then you should have believed us

Please let me inside
And hear out my desire
'Cause soon I may die
Yes one day I will die
I'll get eaten by the rust
You cremate and breathe the dust
And I'll weaken your lungs
And I'll bite off your tongue

Christ Jesus
Please don't leave us
Down on our hands and our knees
Or I'll never believe, no
Christ Jesus
As I'm drowning
And I struggle to breathe
It's your face I don't see
Christ Jesus

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Deer Tick Christ Jesus Comments
  1. Courtney Gillespie

    You can't write a masterpiece in 20 minutes........I bet this took forever to write 😅

  2. crybaby :

    and it made me sick how I can’t trust him 📿

  3. ZepFan9 9

    A few off lyrics but good job

  4. TheQuadatikkita

    Said the bottom of his belly thats where he would keep me!

  5. frank perry

    you people are sick in the head to go for this shit. stick it where the sun doesn't shine just like your idiot brain.

  6. frank perry

    This song is fucking weird. A hard on when I die? WTF. Stick this crap down the toilet. Some of you idiots think you can do any song and it's a hit, well, no , it's fucking the shits. Fuck you.

  7. Samantha Marie

    One of my all time favorites, band and song.

  8. Matheus Angus


    Matheus Alves


  9. Mitchell Halvorson

    i think he was having some problems with faith at the time of this song

    Antony Much

    No shit ;)
    I can totally relate to this song....btw. check out my upload from live in London...If you wanna

  10. Ollie Gosiewski

    its 'i'll weaken your lungs' not kick them in

  11. Danniello Vladimir Orozco Torrez

    it doesn't sound so difficult, ¿can someone tell me which chords is he playing? i bet they're just three of four, it would be the bomb makin a cover.


    +Danniello Vladimir Orozco Torrez If you makea piano cover can I use it to sing over ???

    Fetish Hotel

    +coconuthunterlemons it's only 6 chords. I'll get them from my friend who taught me

  12. Nick .F

    3:45 gives me chills every time. I love these guys and being from RI and seeing them in their home time as many times as I have, makes this that much better

  13. TheDaftMonk

    Beautifully painful, painfully beautiful.

  14. Hank B

    so good