Deer Tick - Bluesboy Lyrics

I remember my imagination
I remember feeling it racing
Nowadays I just sit there tracing
Spirals in the palm of my hand

Every day I hear the call
It's got me searching for you

I remember the frozen weather
And feeling a bit thrown together
I'm gonna live like that forever
Locked somewhere inside your head

Every day I hear the call
It's got me searching for a profound nothing

And when you look ahead
And the road appears to be without end
You can take me by the hand
Together we'll stroll into nothing, my friend

Every day I hear the call
It's got me searching for a profound nothingness

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Deer Tick Bluesboy Comments
  1. Rhonda Silver 97'



    best band out man love them

  3. Eric Baum

    Andrew Santino led me here. Great stuff!

  4. John Mud

    Gotta say, I've always been a huge champion of Deer Tick, but this is sub-par at best. Come on guys... I know you got it in you! Not impressed with this "effort" in the least. Not giving up on DT, but rather awaiting the real deal, for now.

  5. Colin Rodgers

    Come to Winnipeg

  6. Kelly Matenga

    Please come to Australia 🌸💘

  7. Dabonzo

    Now this is the deer tick I love

  8. brandname6

    That is very good. Thank you

  9. Logan Mohler

    Yay!! New deer tick. How did i not know? Is there a new album coming?

  10. Ra Littlewolf

    miss the war elephant days.

  11. Irving Velasquez

    John reminiscent of his 08/09 look. I'm digging the new song man.

    Loucas Stephens

    Was also noticing that.

  12. John Scott

    This room is my fucking happiest place. The solo on this track is banananananananaaaaaaaaaaz!!

  13. pnhuck

    see you in Brooklyn

  14. Muddy Ruckus

    Dope song

  15. StashRiders

    simply the best band out there right now

    sammy's tank

    bruh wtf

    S H

    No doubt about it

  16. Drew W


  17. Taze Kozak

    Come to Vancouver, Canada.


  18. baron

    Heccin dope. Love Julia

  19. casebmxmagazine


  20. Angel Delich


    John Scott

    Angel Delich they’re coming to Ann Arbor in May! Get on that presale!

    Angel Delich

    John Scott AY THANKS A LOT

  21. Suzi Benz

    love it

  22. Evan W. Craig

    Please come to halifax Canada

  23. Aws Cos

    I’m really loving this new album so far.

  24. Chad

    Wow! Great song! This video made me feel like i was there! I want to see them live again so bad! I can just imagine how perfect those guitars will sound at their show! Thank you Deer Tick 🙏🏻

  25. Maluta Vision

    Fresh new deer tick music. Hell yes