Deer Tick - Blood Moon Lyrics

In you I was invited
So in your arms I'll die
Every other man got away
But I won't even try
Twenty coins in your pocket
Twenty nails in your coffin
With faith and salvation
Oh you must be joking

Now the moon has a watchful eye
And it bleeds in the sky
And the red rock drips on rocket ships
And you hid your eyes
cause you just couldn't take it

Years of delusion put scars on your face
And we'd make the earth quake
With every step that we'd take
You're hung on your mission
Of destroying your vision
Constricted and timid
you're a time bomb ticking

All the heavens in the clouds
Are a pendelum swinging down
So hurry up young man
Go and bury your head
And know no one's around right now
to water the ground

Hey big daddy what's on your mind?
All the things that you're thinking of
All the time
Is it heresy to speak of
Or an undying love?
If you told me it wouldn't change me
You said you'd act boldly
But your hesitating
Now I'll escape and I'll never come back around
Well you won't learn nothing
Until you bend down and taste the ground
Taste the ground

All the colors, grey
In your head made of hay
Won't you take me now?
For the hearst will stop
Then the flesh will rot
And the blood moon we see is an act
It's an act of god

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Deer Tick Blood Moon Comments
  1. 2fast4death

    My favorite band rn I’m obsessed

  2. DrymouthCWW

    reminds me of the swampy voodoo setpiece from monkey island 2. class

  3. Steve Morris

    seein this tonight!

  4. Kirsten Gamble

    I'm in love with this song. John McCauley and the whole gang has a wonderful sense of melody and harmony. They are absolutely wonderful. Such peaceful and simplistic soothing sounds. Love love love them. Can't wait to see them perform live before my eyes. I'll be in a trance.

  5. odiumimbues

    i was here years ago... and now im back. still a great song !

  6. Adam San


  7. Foggy Pebble

    Can somebody tell me what the lyrics mean?

  8. Matthew McLees

    my ears will never forget the sound of this album.

  9. John Korponay

    because he sings about more than woman that left him or vice versa.

  10. Eric

    how can u say more talent than Bob? maybe John McCauley is Kurt Cobain resurrected ???????? screw that. this band is doin their damn thing

  11. Platezzzzzz

    Because they are out of their minds!

  12. John Korponay

    @MrTrickydick666 I like your way of answering these magical questions my friend.

  13. John Korponay

    @Jonathan Howard

  14. ThaRealUnknown

    but does the one who sings the song really matter? he is the voice, but is he more then that and the caster of the bass? did he conjure these words in the couldren we call his brain or did another jot these stories down for him to recite? well my good sir the answer to that magikal question is, fuck it lets hear more

  15. treesofoblivion

    Uhh....John McCauley is the lead singer and the lead guitarist. Chris Ryan is the bassist and doesn't sing.

  16. Tracey Marie

    They have been featured on 'Hell on wheels and Private Practice' I think the audience for these guys will go through the roof now... I discovered them two hours ago and I'm addicted.. Outstanding talent :)

  17. superinfinite88

    No problem.

  18. Danglewoods

    Thanks for the info,

  19. superinfinite88

    He play's guitar but he's the lead singer as well.

  20. Danglewoods

    What I see says John is the Guitarist.

  21. superinfinite88

    Isn't it John McCauley whos the lead singer?

  22. Danglewoods

    Christopher Dale Ryan is the lead singers name. The first song I heard by this band was Christ Jesus and I was hook from the first bass line cord. Look that one up its also Awesome! Thanks for posting.

  23. Danglewoods

    Christopher Dale Ryan is the lead singers name. look up the song Christ Jesus if you liked this one. CJ was the first song I head by Deer Tick and I have been a fan ever since.

  24. John Korponay

    I have never heard a more brilliant lyricist in my generation. I think he has even more talent than Bob Dylan. Wtf is the Singer's name anyway?

    Nick Johnson

    John Korponay I’m a bit late to answer lolol but John McCauley is his name

  25. Fukmi butthole

    this whole album is fucking genius

  26. Mephistopheles019

    Discovered this band randomly at an event I wasn't supposed to attend. Man am I happy about those little twists of fate that change my life for the better. This band is amazing and I couldn't be happier to have found them.

  27. whatsthismean

    @morjohnny540 only that many cool people left maybe....

  28. Apostolos Lempesis

    @MrMountain33 Well, yes, they have to, but, as we see only the untalented become famous nowdays. People unfortunately don't appreciate good music anymore...

  29. MrMountain33

    i predict they will be really, really famous

  30. fuhqpayme

    Abortions, and the usual yoo-toob viewers are lemmings.

  31. Jonathan Howard

    Why only this many views?

  32. Captain Badass

    love the organ

  33. HMG5588

    ABSOLUTE GENIUS!!! Best song writer alive today. The perfect voice matched to the truest lyrics and music.