Deep Purple - Fingers To The Bone Lyrics

Everything went wrong
I'm sorry boys, I've got to let you go
We've had some hard times
And the long rain, it didn't show
Hired hands, I've seen them come and go
But you don't come much better
Today's Blue Monday
I just got a bad news letter

This day has come
The darkest cloud on our horizon
My hands are tied down
To that promise note I signed upon
Always been this way
It's the poor man who gets hurt
All you ever work for
Is to leave your footprints in the dirt

You work your fingers to the bone

The deed is done
The fruit will fall to someone else's hand
That's how the land lies
Now we all know where we stand
You'll have to walk away
Don't let them see you running
Today's Blue Monday
I should have seen it coming

You work your fingers to the bone

If sweat and tears were all it took
To make this valley green
We'd be alright but now it's gone
They've taken everything
They say it's just an act of God
And that's the way ill wind blows
You've got thirty days to pack your bags
Say goodbye, hit the road

You work your fingers to the bone

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Deep Purple Fingers To The Bone Comments
  1. bruno banter

    i need this on spotify right now

  2. Mauro Sádico

    Amo demais essa música!

  3. Petr Samal

    Super, super, super!!!

  4. scalfa

    the dislikers are fingers

  5. scalfa

    how the fuck people underrate this song, I can't really understand! perfect song perfect tune perfect guitar..

  6. Mauro Sádico

    Tudo está errado, desculpas galera, mas eu tenho que deixá-los ir...

  7. Robert Sallee

    I've never heard of this album That is a pretty good tune

  8. Ivandro Ferreira

    é que sem vídeo ngm curte

  9. Hisham. H.N


  10. Jpeterson7

    This is a great song.

  11. Wee Willy

    Having been let go twice by major manufacturers because they were closing and having infant children at those times, I shed tears every time I here this fine fine tune. God bless Deep Purple!

  12. Francesca Milanello


  13. charles fitze

    they came a long way from the 1962

  14. Plinio Araujo

    underrated DP album. I like it so much!!!

  15. Anton Smith

    I do thing "Abandon" is one of the weaker Deep Purple albums but it's still a Deep Purple album so there are still strong tracks on it. Just like this one! "Purpendicular" and "Now What !?" is the strongest "Steve Morse - Deep Purple" records in my opinion!

    Adream withinadream

    +Fran Carmona - Honestly? I do like early Deep Purple the best (1967-1976). But I think it's hard to compare a young band in the most interesting times of rock (late 60's and early 70's) and their later day material reguardless of who the players are. Ian Gillan isn't what it used to be but I'm definitely no "hater". I respect him for all that he has done and is doing. "Don't Make Me Happy" from this record contains some really nice singing for example. I think the band got a fresh start with "Purpendicular" too.. Nothing "wrong" with the later Ritchie material either but it offered little new.. Steve Morse brought some interesting ideas to the band for sure! This song is cool but it is hardly a personal favorite among the big Deep Purple legacy! It's nice that not everyone is stuck on "Machine Head" though! Deep Purple is so much more than one or two albums :)


    You absolutely cannot compare Morse to Blackmore...absolutely cannot.
    Blackmore defined Purple.... This guy is good...But Blackmore MADE Purple...He is the Maestro....'Nuff said.

    Eric Campbell

    This was the last Purple album that I really care about and the last with Jon Lord. The lineup with Don Airey is a good band but it isn't That band. I hated Bananas and the subsequent 3 albums have only yielded enough first-rate material for 1.
    Abandon isn't as monumental as Purpendicular but I still think it's a fine piece of work.

  16. blastfromtheeast

    Gillan has been kind then.

  17. dato mindiashvili

    write me and i will give you this song...

  18. Havmannen

    sweet old times..

  19. Rodrigo Vidal

    Excellent! Steve is a great musician

  20. SlashedLove

    minor ending yeah

  21. leftis95

    So strong song!

  22. Amar Deepak

    This is Brilliant... Steve Morse is Superb. I bet he would have done the riff ie the intial piece

  23. windaxis

    this is another reason for deep purple to say we own you xD

  24. Brianne Mueller

    This is one of my favorites from this album but you can't find it anywhere online!

  25. Jorge León

    super humana esta cancion