Decapitated - Visual Delusion Lyrics

Bastard, Lizard! Lick my wounds
Lucid dream, world turns to chaos
Demonic shadows floating in blood
Waiting for me to fall asleep

Inside my head an outstanding pain
Millions of voices screaming for help
Their venom poured all over me
An essence so powerful it destroys

My visions flounder deep in the whirl
Of blood storm. See, feel and smell
Plastic Jesus nailed to the cross

My visions flounder deep in the whirl
Of blood storm. See, feel and smell
Plastic Jesus nailed to the cross

Doom, nihility, holocaust comes
The cataclysm I have feared comes
Doom, nihility, holocaust comes

My visions flounder deep in the whirl
Of blood storm. See, feel and smell
Plastic Jesus nailed to the cross

My visions flounder deep in the whirl
Of blood storm. See, feel and smell
Plastic Jesus nailed to the cross

Doom, nihility, holocaust comes
The cataclysm I have feared comes
Doom, nihility, holocaust comes

Stench of rotting flesh
Melted seas of human hate
Doom, nihility, holocaust comes
The cataclysm I have feared comes

Cutting my veins, infecting my brain
Burn my throat, burn my eyes
Throbbing pain, throbbing brain
Heavy lids, heavy thoughts

Doom, nihility, holocaust comes
The cataclysm I have feared comes

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Decapitated Visual Delusion Comments
  1. Wanja [Nechtan] Gröger

    So much power and precision!

  2. Adah BombDon

    This sounds like Aborted


    You're a monster James 🤘

  4. Paul Hammel

    It looks like Jesus with the crucifix sticking out of his arse!

  5. Brunetto46

    RIP Vitek🤟🤟

  6. Nigel Proctor

    he swivels the crap out of those ICs, bet he has to replace the footboards a bit haha

  7. kcrich13

    Damn he made that bass drum sound faster with one foot than he did with two...............

  8. Valentina De moya

    100000 times better than fuck eugene

  9. AttilatheThrilla

    What the fuck? This is fucking phenomenal!!

  10. Vince Gedeon

    Saw these guys holy fuck they were so loud my heat literally about popped out my chest brutally loud live ba🤟👿🤟nd

  11. Dee Espin

    This son of a bitch goes off! Love it!

  12. Look At The Sky 111

    RIP vitek

  13. samoht larpak

    How does nobody know this guy when your into metal fucking drumming?

  14. Jorjais 8787

    02:19 mierda..que velocidad

  15. sexypoulpe

    Cleanest metal drummer out there.


    sexypoulpe the technique is great from this guy

  16. ELK1989612

    Jesus doesn't need the floating technique; he just walks.

    For real though, guy uses both the floating and swivel technique, in the same song. That's pretty badass.

  17. Michael stone

    Great form!!

  18. alex boller

    This guy just rose from the dead !!


    The spaghetti leg motion just looks funny af sometimes ..js😂

  20. James Farley

    yeah nah this guy's good. Does me proud gee, vitek did well for 23...miss him

  21. G1ForLife

    You know a band is untouchable when they recruit Jesus as their drummer.

  22. Isaac dissonance

    RIP the greatest drummers in existence can't believe we pass 12 years now !!

  23. Satanic Panic

    Hey this is definately James "Bubba" Stewart ripping up MotoX lmao! This Guy is way fucking faster! Gr8 little detour!!

  24. GabZach

    Holy technique Batman

  25. Adam Adam

    The only one who is better is Lars Ulrich.

  26. Paws Pawlisko

    Dżems zajebisty pizgacz!

  27. BytemeVV -

    Jesus drummed 🥁 for our sins

  28. Grimtal


  29. Falkiii

    Isn’t this one of the Night Kings lieutenant?


    Una máquina Jesús.

  31. Christophe Perron-Martel

    Fucking brutal ! Keep up the good work.

  32. Fletcher 88

    Absolutely unbelievable!! Damn!

  33. That girl A

    James is one of the best drummers I’ve ever witnessed in my life.

  34. TsIntent

    Total beast. One of the best!!

  35. AzzDogZ

    0:48 do the stanky leg 🤣👌

    Nah jokes aside, what a fucking performance. incredible.

  36. Napalm Jake

    James is a mad man! Glad I got to be on the same festival with Vader to witness his drumming in person. This is the best since Vitek!

  37. Skeletal33

    Best drummer since Witek! He belongs in the band. He absolutely blows away the last few drummers

    Chance Dawson

    Skeletal33 go watch Krimh back in 2010, same song

  38. Ezequiel Peralta

    blast beats on a foot like a boss

  39. Francisco Javier Bravo Cerda

    Jesus christ that drummer. Seriously literally.


    james is one of the best


    he left vader?

  42. Jon Skaery


  43. Dragon Balance

    Last riff always reminds me of predator.

  44. shawnhuk

    This is the strongest, fastest drumming I’ve seen yet. This guy is poooowwwer! Wild.

  45. Brad Sullivan

    Well done!

  46. Reverend 666

    Wow, so much power and yet so smooth! Just a joy to watch!

  47. TheLambIsGood

    Daaaaaamn bro tuff as fuck

  48. Michael

    Fucking Christ! Bruuuuuuuutalllllll!!!!!!!

  49. Matthew Jojola

    This man is from another planet.. 👍 brutal as fuck!!

  50. Richard Noggin

    This guy looks like every roofer Iv'e ever had the pleasure of nailing shingles with. Could you Imagine this guy with a roofing hammer?


    LMAO fuck that I want to see him with a nail gun............

  51. Y Y

    When that one guy from Decapitated actually was decapitated rip

  52. Miss Azul Music

    Hell of drumming!!!!!!!

  53. Lucas Rocha Gonçalves

    This is the most powerful drumming I've ever seen

    Trevor Phillips

    Look up Chason Westmoreland with Hate Eternal. The power is unreal for somebody so fast

  54. Greg Murphy

    Dude's GREAT! Wish I was in the crowd!

  55. Сергей Сенин

    давненько я не видел такой годноты! Top level!

  56. Life Imitating Death

    Those ball joints and bearings in his ankles are well oiled and working overtime! Holy fuck-beans.

  57. Mac Prus

    fuck me this guy is phenomenal ... look at his wrist work, foot technique on simple eliminators as well

  58. fotszyrzk79

    Didn't know Guthrie Govan is such a beast on drums!

    Farhan Takashi

    This is when the aristocrats change their genre to metal

  59. Cristian Chavez

    Yeah! Gutrhie Govan on the drums!

  60. Nate Cowan

    Love his wrist action, punishing blast beats, just a fucking talented master.


    "Love his wrist action" sounds homo...

    Valentina De moya

    Nate Cowan yeah, much better than fuck eugene

  61. Aden Indra

    Fukk yeaaaaaaa

  62. cikei

    real sick drummer!
    ps : i recognized that all of the drummers keeps their backup sticks in their back are awesome


    Plus if they need to scratch their ass it's a lot quicker that way.............


    This is nothing.
    I play like this everyday in my Dream!!

  64. Francisco Storms Trejo

    Why nobody told me that Jesus went metal?! Amazing drumming

  65. John Stonebraker

    I would need to retire after this song.

  66. toolband1992

    That was f***ing brilliant. So tight and dynamic. You're a very versatile drummer and saw you with Bloodshot Dawn last month and you killed it. Brilliant. Thanks. :)

  67. Zé das Couves

    Impressionante a técnica do cara. Fiquei cansado só de olhar.

  68. Paula Eden

    Who the f#ck listens too this??? Wot a row...utter shite!!

  69. Friendly Hand

    I play with the same shoes.

  70. Konrad Zubrzycki

    Rafał, dawaj cały gig! James, jesteś najlepszy!!!

  71. Ranzaba Tv

    Justice for Vitek 🤘

    Michael Beddoe

    What do you mean justice? Justice doesn't have anything to do with his death does it?

    Ranzaba Tv

    @Michael Beddoe no, justice has to do with drummers who have not done the job well after his death. It is an opinion of a drummer and a big fan.

    Michael Beddoe

    @Ranzaba Tv just as I thought. Bad choice of words.

    Adah BombDon

    Michael Beddoe Jesus fuck off

  72. Travis Vaughn

    Wonder why he has 2 triggers on each kick? Backup?


    Yes man, Dan Presland use to do the same!


    I was actually there during a show in France earlier this year where his right trigger failed on the very last song in the setlist, which made for a very groovy interpretation of "Spheres Of Madness". I guess this is where he said "enough of this shit, I'm getting a backup", interesting :D

    Life Imitating Death

    Was wondering the same.. Makes sense tho.

    Life Imitating Death

    @Alphare33 That must have sounded absolutely nuts.. Do you recall which foot failed? Or couldn't you tell?..


    I don’t even understand why he has triggers at all, with the incredible power of his feet, why the hell do you need triggers? (yes, I know why he has them, I used to drum. It was a huge compliment to him)

  73. ChaosPotato

    He's so fucking tight hahaha

  74. MetallicOpeth

    Vitek would be proud \m/

  75. Gustavo Felipe

    SO SICK.. SO SICK.. machine blast

  76. Antonio Cruz

    This drummer is a "MONSTER"... Amazing!!!

  77. Klaus-Herbert Wachtelhuber

    Favourite Decapitated record! Flawless drumming

    If u got Post (Organic) pleeeeease upload it!

  78. carlos florez

    The times of the lord are perfect, ramén!!!!!

  79. Necros1s

    perfect drumming!

  80. SouthWest

    Would love to know is IC pedal settings!!

    Johannes Kochs

    pretty sure he maxes out spring tension

    Life Imitating Death

    @Johannes Kochs a guess? Or do you know this?

  81. Márcio Chiabotto

    Damn, Jesus is a hell of a drummer

  82. Лелик Болик

    Я знал, что Децл - жив, но что он вокалит в Decapitated и подумать не мог!

    Елисей Радеющий

    Чё там Децл, у них сам Иисус на барабанах)))

  83. Brian Begnoche

    I didn't know they had a new drummer. This guy is killer.

    Brian Begnoche

    Ah, OK, so he's been with Vader for a while?

    Márcio Chiabotto

    ​@Brian Begnoche He's just touring with Decapitated while they don't announce a new drummer

    Lars Kjær Mortensen

    Ahh that’s where I saw him. Actually a gig last year where Decapitated opened for Vader 🤘
    That was killer drumming...

  84. 12 21

    Fvck... The machine.

  85. Evan Knight

    Swivel from hell

    Klaus-Herbert Wachtelhuber

    Almost as hardcore as Ken bedene

    Brian Bumstead

    Or George Kollias

  86. Alpoepael

    no wonder he's so good at the drums, he had over 2000 years to practice.

    Art Gill

    @MARt great minds ... 😏

    Nicoly S


    Иван Грозный

    Witek was good too

    bug productions


  87. That RVA Guy

    Beast mode ftw

    James Burris

    This guy is a fucking beast

  88. Marc Le Gigan

    Awesome energy !

  89. Dominic

    Buttcrack stickholder is the best stickholder

    Life Imitating Death

    Well, you'll never forget where you put em i guess... Lol


    Well atleast theyre not pointed in the other way then we'd have a problem

  90. Sam Deane

    French grip ;)

  91. Tim Zegna

    Hold my beer pls..i can do that!