Decapitated - Veins Lyrics

Marked as a "new human breed", with the face ripped from the amorphic body
Half breathing to not disturb this order

Wired to a demo-god, upgrading the faith
Downloading the holy soul-ware. Saved or just safe?

Data flooding a weak brain, confused mind under mass media control
Submissively taking the nourishment until it pukes with cybernetic dope

New age has come, shiny screens display the true world
How many bytes are You worth?
You get a "sweet" and it does the trick
Be a clown or get the throne through knowing "more"?

Mental extermination machines, pumping shit into the brains
Global factories mass-producing the new kind of man
The numbered model scalped of identity, steered and deafened
I cut the wires, I wrestle with the veins
Must disconnect!

Millions of clones, humanoidal folk, being bred and dying
Suffering the same kind of dole
Touching the throne, the invisible throne, are the kings of lethargy
Chained to the fake crown
Serving the gods, the digital gods, on the altar of stripped privacy
Fucking system's sluts!

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Decapitated Veins Comments
  1. Faithless Humanity [Official Band]

    4:41 -
    Fuck Your SisSisters!!!

  2. Faithless Humanity [Official Band]

    The Music Video Reminds of KoRn a little!! \m/

  3. Coen Leigh

    How come the spotify version is like, idk how to put it to musical terms. Let's just say nerfed, it isn't as heavy?

  4. Joseph Hill

    Seen these so many times and always gone hardest in the pit. Legends

  5. Bill Kilmer

    Holy fucking shit.

  6. Denislav Denchev

    Is it me or is this faster than the original song?

  7. Sergio Lage

    Great to see how great musicians support animation

  8. I. Kaminskiy

    old or new i love it anyway

  9. Zawisza :v

    Palenie Zabija. I love the wing wing from Decapitated to it's Polish fans :D

  10. Michael Brown

    I like decapitated a lot but I don't really like the newer songs as much. I still listen though. I do like the speed of it

  11. Алексей Анциферов

    So great song!

  12. TheFBM2011

    This song is really sounds like Threshold by Slayer.

  13. The Night Stalker

    one of the very few new age Decapitated songs I like

  14. UNLEASH- HELL666

    HAIL!! "POLAND"!! love the \METAL FROM YOUR COUNTRY /!!! soooo!! much POWER!!! aggressive! ! people in Poland are extremely very nice in person and super cool!!

  15. Bruno Ferreira


  16. Jaizz J. Z.

    Hahaha angielska nazwa, angielski tekst, komentarze po angielsku i polski tekst na paczce papierosow "palenie zabija" XDDD

    morbid consperacy

    ta xd też na to zwróciłem uwagę


    +The_Evil_Moth_Conspiracy VOOGS!!! amazing "guitar player in the world "!!! Polands! finest!

  17. Dio Szy

    this sound like 56kbs

  18. Spazz 5697


    Kill yourself

  19. Diego Fernandes

    som do caralho man... aquí é decapitated poha. cade os BRs nessa merda

  20. Synys Magic

    no puedo creer que apenas este escuchando este tema de Decapitated me encanto la rola lml

  21. Gonzalo Morales Sánchez

    Linkin Park is sounding slightly heavier than its usual.


    Good to know. Can you recommend any good LP songs. I'm looking for som heavier music.

  22. Yugo Lago

    I love that song! So good!!

  23. G. Ro.

    cool video decapitated continues to kick ass

  24. Teddie Prine

    Fuck what the negative people think, I love this new track!!!!!!!!!!! Horns up my metal mates\m\

  25. Rocco Arroyetti

    fuck!! Doesn't even sound like Decapitated,where is the old Decapitated???????


    if you want old Decapited listen to old Decapiteted albums and hide in basement fucker

  26. tae smellsbad

    New decapitated failed in finding their "own sound" i was actually expecting a lot from vogg

  27. MAJ 86

    muy buen tema le encontre una mezcla de metallica (all nightmare long) y algunas partes parece la voz de Jonathan Davis (Korn)

  28. TheRantKid/TheRanting Marauder

    Decapitated shreads!

  29. Baekho

    They put more effort into making this animation than writing the song itself.

  30. bard icus

    I guarantee if decapitated still sounded the exact same as the nihility/winds of creation era, people would complain that they are bored and it all sounds the same. Some people are just never happy. Awesome song, awesome video \m/

    Khsathsovairyo bhekizitha


    Sébastien Gagné

    I agree, this stuff kick ass

    keep core out of metal.

    Im.looking for similar bands with this guitar tone and vocal style. Any more stuff like sepultera, decapitated, pantera, fear factory, meshuggah, devil driver, pro pain, tetement. Love the new groove they got going. Love old decapitated but the new stuff is much more dynamic with simple riffs. No need to always be tech death.

  31. Dave Dupras

    Love it !

  32. LordEARDEATH

    @Gothic Whoovian
    I am totally agrreing, I do know too the old style of Decapitated and their new tune is really cool imo. So here I go: for all the people who know there old songs - really - try to play some of them songs on the guitar, bass or drums, then you can really judge about their new style they are doing. As a musician for myself, and I am playing the guitar for more than 20 years now in several grindcore or technical and melodic death metal bands, their old songs are killer for your wrist - I gotta tell you, so really think about this before judge the cover of their new books!
    Sincerly - Max from Psydeath (former name of the Band: Psychedelic Destruction)

  33. Northern hate

    mastering sounds like shit. hope the actual album copy ends up better than this flat hissy ear rape.

  34. Chase Fedina

    Amazing video

  35. javymetal harder


  36. Aldo Mares

    has anyone figured out what is the video about? to me, it feels like it's about some guy who serves as a weapon when in an altered state, controlling robots with his mind. It's some government secret program. then some other faction kidnapps him. i haven't figured the ending, though.


    +Aldo Mares they then use him to launch nukes, he wakes up and sees thouse nukes flying at him. Everyone died. The end.


    +Aldo Mares or it's possible, that while used by goverment he was controlled. While when thouse guys connected him he was acting on his own will and just decided to kill everybody cause he was tired of everything.

    Aldo Mares

    +Wrzeszcz100 both sound coherent, but I'm more inclined to the one where he was used instead of acting on his own. Thnx for the reply, mate.


    @Aldo Mares yeah, me too,  casue he looked surprised when he saw thouse nikes.

  37. 【OverBored】

    sounds like shiet

  38. BiotreX

    Are the wars/gun fights and the Irises with arrows around them a reference to Warhammer 40k?

  39. TheRobb573

    A cartoonized copy of a Dying Fetus video.

  40. Mike Martins

    How far they've fallen

  41. Oleksii Spitsyn

    The best song from the album, glad they made such a cool animation for it

  42. Aperture 4.0

    It's like Soulfly and Gojira got a bit saucy, and Meshuggah stepped in for the sneaky reach around, and a beautiful bastard was created.


    No. This is legit decapitated

  43. Carlos Mendivil

    what a fucking great video!!! motivation for my career! you guys fucking rule!!

  44. Lucas Gomes

    Finally one new music of new formation for I like!
    Remember gogira.

  45. drheim1

    the video has Voivod feel to it

  46. slipknotsk8ter89

    I'm loving Decapitated right now. And I gotta say, this does sound like it could've been a Slipknot song had they continued in the style of Iowa.

  47. LP13 CurryFace

    So strange how this is faster than the original album version..

  48. hellthrone1349

    I miss old Decapitated

  49. GP GP

    me encanta la banda, lo poderoso que suenan y todo eso, pero este video es la version barata de "do the evolution" de Pearl Jam.

  50. Florent BTY

    Its alright

  51. cabalofdemons

    I enjoy the music video and the song is good too. It's a bit toned down compared to the band's earlier releases but heavier than what's coming out of the U.S. these days.

  52. Miloš Đorić

    am i the only one hearing the slight alteration in the tonality? like,it was recorded in A key/tuning,but here it sounds like something between A and A#

  53. Ɱᴇᴛᴀʟʟɪʗ Ɱᴇᴛᴀʟʟᴇԇ

    Reminds me of early Chimaira

  54. Synwolf

    The aggression in this is fucking real!


    Deathcore is shit.

  56. Gary Sackman

    Great album, good song. Cool video.

  57. ChoseDeath

    This album was the first Decapitated album I'd bought since "The Negation" and it's freaky and it's weird and it sounds nothing like their old shit, and I LOVED it. It's like a whole new band!

  58. Shannon Cook

    Awesome music, as well as animation.

  59. A in a Dupuis

    This kicks a lot of ass 👦

  60. Janxa54

    Those white knight comment... "Dont h8 on bands who are evolving plzzzzzz"... Let me ask you... Will you be fucking happy if your charizard evolved into a magikarp ?!

    Mr Awesome Bart

    Well Magikarp can evolve into Gyarados

  61. UndeadFleshgod

    The video itself is nice and interesting but the music is pretty generic and weak. It's a shame they decided to keep the band name Decapitated while they have almost nothing to do with what it was originally. Feels like Cryptopsy and their album The Unspoken King.

  62. Will

    I've heard better out of Decapitated, but not a bad song :)

  63. Zelkiller core

    la puta sociedad me gusto el video

    Zelkiller core

    @***** tengo 18 por que?..

    Zelkiller core

    Tener 18 es aburrido :<

    Zelkiller core

    @***** see tienes razon pero es chebere encontrar a alguien k le gusta el metal

    Zelkiller core

    Pasa face

  64. Tecocolihquetl

    R.I.P. Decapitated

  65. ce nom est déjà pris

    ho shit......
    that's so Good !

  66. Isaiah Perry

    I love creatively animated music videos. I've never heard the band, but they sound good, I'm gonna look up more of their stuff.

    mi san thrøpe

    try nihility and the negation, in my eyes best decapitated albums, but music is more aggressive and more DM ;)

    Fernando Mazo

    +Isaiah Perry You're cut off - Municipal waste


    try Djerv's 'headstone'

  67. RayK47utizube


  68. Ozzy


  69. The Alf

    first time I listen to this band, it sounds great

  70. Unholymethod

    This is EASILY my favourite slipknot song!

    Miguel Barahona

    So sad to hear that. Decapitated doesn´t sound like in "Nihility" anymore.

    Pedro De Oliveira

    Slipknot wishes to sound like this, though...

    General Winner Steve

    You're all fools.

    This is clearly Lamb of God waking up one day and suddenly trying to sound like Cannibal Corpse

    Paweł Poźniak

    Masz łeb jak Slipknot song!

    sheoop lasios

    slipknot sucks ass tho

  71. simon surname

    i am the only one who think that @0:50 looks like a toilet? oO

  72. Julio Cardenas

    esta bueno

  73. joe shmoe

    People aren't complaining that they've changed. It's that since their lineup change, they've gotten boring. Not good or bad, just plain boring. Not able to keep one's attention. The Negation was the last album I've liked. It was different from all previous albums. It's was simple, yet brutal and kept you listening.
    I just don't enjoy them anymore. I know no one cares, nor does the band themselves. Heck, I didn't realize so many others thought the same. But this is the comment section, a place for people to place their thoughts. It's impossible for everyone to think or like the same exact things so all the arguing and berating is pointless energy. Reading others point of views shouldn't be automatic fighting.
    I will continue to not listen or purchase their music because I no longer enjoy them.
    At least the numetal guys can enjoy them now...

  74. mejiajosue77

    Rip vitek. Rip decapitated.

    Greg' Ozymandias

    and at last... THE quality


    mejiajosue77 go jack off to winds of creation you fucking clown

    Joseph Hill

    You deign to insult his greatness. Away with you good sir.

  75. Sergio Luna

    Sick. I like it

  76. Gleyson Peres Toledo

    Crazy !!! Perfect Song \m/

  77. Jairojavier Suárez

    tremendo tema, las graficas todas bizarras son todas excelentes y la puta violencia genial!!!

    Zelkiller core

    es una buena critica ala sociedad

  78. DeathDoomDarkness

    What a cool, interesting video!

  79. cabby007

    best album since Negation imo

  80. Висячий папочка


  81. ShoxGun



    Around 3 minutes I can hear some Meshuggah for sure.

  82. andrew cairns

    Organic Hallucinosis the negation and niihility best albums they have done old decapitated was the best.

  83. Chuloloc

    Awesome. Long Live Decapitated.

  84. Uapsiabiduba

    The music seems to be a little faster than CD version. Maybe you mistakenly rendered audio with 48 kHz instead of 44?


    menudo cambio, se parece un poco a sepultura, ya se acabo el death metal ammm

  86. Johannes Kochs

    why is this faster than the original?

  87. brontosaurio3000

    Decapitated used to be awesome,they were pure fucking DEATH METAL , but now their music is garbage like this video , there is still a solution...BRING BACK SAURON !!!!

  88. Gladiator

    Oh God!

  89. cogitoergo

    'hurr durr they iznt old decap ;_;' No shit. Tell me a band who never changed.

  90. PiMi Komo

    Fajny klip!

  91. Leonid Isachenko

    the most boring decapitated ever.

    Disco Duckbill

    +Leonid Isachenko no such thing. Not happy? Then give Nihility another spin. See ya.

    Greg' Ozymandias

    Leonid Isachenko

  92. Businessman

    Why is this sped up so much?!!! Pitch is higher due to speed increase. The fuck

  93. Doomseen

    Not my kind of Death Metal at all, but i guess it's good that they try something new. Great Video!

  94. Filipe Fernandez

    Amazing, Decapitated is one of the best pilish bands. This is clip is art.

  95. heres johnny

    Blood Mantra was fucking awesome, up there with their best so the haters can go fuck themselves.