Decapitated - Moth Defect Lyrics

I'm writhing among my brothers.
Vigilant and distrustful.
Enemy among predators.
Always traced by the others.
Hatching the lifeshell,
That I used to wear,
Absorbing paramorphosed reality.

No one will lead the blind!
No one will call the numb!
Follow superior's principles.
No prayers, our silence is out speech.
No bread, our fear is our feed.
No light, our blindness is our hope.
No warmth, our coldness is our force.

God left! There is no Eden.
The sky struggled with ash. Disappeared.
Lungs taste the venomous air.
The curse of cannibalistic breath.
We are existing in phantasmagoric hell.
Limits of human creation,
Crossed at every point.

Moral schism, images of decay.
The coma is wrapping me up
Cocooning senses in a catatonic shell.
The pallid chamber-extinction stench.

The pallid chamber-extinction stench.
Awakening in Fire-Imago in Death.
We are the burning nation,
The torches of absent light.

In forge of this flame
I hammered out my wings,
Spread wide towards the freedom.
Grey wings covered with dust.

God left. There is no Eden.
The sky struggled with ash. Disappeared.
Lungs taste the venomous air.
The coma is wrapping me up
Cocooning senses in a catatonic death!

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Decapitated Moth Defect Comments
  1. Fwufikins

    Fuckin A, that breakdown/bridge is incredible 3:58

  2. Jiggly

    Instant Tune

  3. Luis Fedrigo

    Awesome Atmosphere.

  4. SloppyChrisCovers

    Meshuggah - Choirs of Devastation :D

  5. Paroxysm Studio

    Why ins't this on my "Blood Mantra" Album? WTF a very good song, why be the bonus this would be a great f'n closer!!

  6. joey recher


  7. Jason Taylor

    I'm a serious musician trapped in the worst part of my country southern indiana. to find musicians like myself who can actually play this style.where I can have a band of this caliber


    i am trapped in costa rica

    Jarod RR

    I'm from Indiana and, yes, Indiana is banal and lifeless.

  8. Jason Taylor

    this band continues the please me lyrically and musically

  9. Materia-Keeper93

    Should not be a Bonus Track. Album feels incomplete without it.

  10. Joel Rodriguez Ortiz

    so brutaaal

  11. Omar I T.

    Come on guys! I hear and read only stuff like this in every place with this
    album: "good but not enough", "sounds comercial", "this band is now a
    deception", "elite musicians, low quality music", "what happened to this band?" and a looong etc, first with Sauron and now with the general band's sound.
    What happen with DECAPITATED?! Vitek is DEAD, remember? His style/technique/execution too. Logically the sound are too different without him, 'carnival is forever' is the proof. At least this album sounds more DECAPITATED than Carnival.
    Just think: you lost your brother, a talented drummer. You are an excellent guitarrist but even much talent you have NEVER can replace your brother.

  12. Isaque Mendes

    best song of this album!!!

  13. Jimmy Kerast

    I love the tribal tone in the drums with this one,!

  14. Cosmic Wakes

    The best drums from Decapitated lately.

  15. Casey Burnet

    This track is pretty cool. Overall, listening to other songs though, the drums have seriously become simplistic in this band. Listenable, but a bit uninspired.

  16. SevenStringShredHead

    why did they not release this with the album!? it's awesome

  17. Wretched Slippage

    those screams, yo.

  18. Wretched Slippage

    Anyone who defies Decapitated... may get DECAPITATED!

  19. Randall Halo

    4:16 BRUTAL AF

    Wretched Slippage

    +Randall Halo HAIL

  20. someone someone

    fav new decapitated song

  21. Fucking Heavy Zygmunt


  22. Sakis Headbanger

    I've heard this album again and again,with different song order each time and it's a killer,not like the first 3 albums but definately a killer.Not a filler in it,it's a sure buy thing!

  23. Adam Nalepa

    Nie ma co zajebisty Nr !!!!

  24. Valeri Gordon

    Great band !!! Respect


    This one reminds me of Flash-B(l)ack

    Edit: 3:47 is some crazy new shit though

  26. Kotschnüffler

    saw these guys last year on wacken was a really good show

  27. Jon Olson

    best track off Blood Mantra

    Matt Bourgeois

    Every track is amazing!

    Jon Olson

    @KEETZ BOURGEOIS hell yeah dude!



  28. Islam Falmi


  29. Kermit McDermot


  30. Szynka Wmiodzie

    rip sauron

    Król Brzozy

    so u have a heart mr Stalin ;____;


    rip mario

  31. ILuvMacNchEeSe

    reminding me of the title track, 'carnival is forever,' which i fcking love <3 awesome

  32. The Almighty Johncast

    this song is so fucking great, hope they play it on tour