Decapitated - Deathvaluation Lyrics

You've got control, learnt ably the principle -
"The bigger always devour the small"
Never a servant, acting more like a demigod!
Exposed power led you to the throne
Vulnerable minds - weak ones asserted you on
Bloodstained ties strengthened your name
Made them feel fright - afraid of death!
Feed them with fear like you feed them with bread

Death sets the value on the world!
Religion's price, authorities, taste of flesh
Death is our favourite dope

You waste life to reach higher and higher
Feeling immortal, the man who'll never expire
Remember time is the reaper, it will bury us all
The hooded end and nothing more than a fragile body and a mortal soul
Hourglass of a hundred years, everything turns into ash
Your all empires will fall with the last of the rotten cells
What is your heritage?

Death sets the value on the world!
Religion's price, authorities, taste of flesh
Death is our favourite dope

Mother of life, the mother of pain, the birth of chaos, the harmony of fate
The fatal blood, the bond we can't avoid! Search for the aeons lost in her name
The doomed game but worth the show - begins her dance, let the dice be thrown!
The worship of life drives the destiny's course, the cult of death kills the remorse

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Decapitated Deathvaluation Comments
  1. newsted88

    Welcome to Machine Head, Vogg!

  2. James Mackay

    Killer riffs!!!! Love it

  3. Julian Perasso

    Pantera meets Death Metal

  4. Dan Malzi

    First album of thiers i listened to and im not disappointed. Now i gotta dig through thier early shit


    They probably have a really fun time jamming together

  6. Endtyme

    Incredible song.Anticult it's probably the best album from the band (and a ruined promotion) thanks to that bitch who accused them from rape.

  7. Solar Destroyer

    Hail Vogg... I hope you guys come back to America after the whore tried framing you. But sadly, I wouldn't fucking blame you if you didn't...

  8. Steve

    I know this is different from their earlier work, but holy shit! It's like Pantera meets fucking Fear Factory

  9. golotdub

    cudze chwalicie, swego nie znacie ...

  10. cliffawesome

    Better than porn

  11. Серега Скалин

    The best song))))

  12. Marcos Ramos

    Damn it, I just love this song, Vogg's guitar work is superb


    Marcos Ramos ..I agree 1 million%!!😈😈

  13. cikei

    fucking core - best metal band nowaday!

  14. Justin Lee


  15. mutlah

    This song rips!

  16. AthuZ

    Decapitated has that "tasty flavour", with excelent doses of old and modern influences.. what a refreshing killer riffage 🤘

  17. Kohy96

    this kind of riffs reminds me the old racing game grand prix circuit and I dont really know why

  18. Darren Stolte

    As an old school death/thrash hed. I needed this! .After re-cueing this song for the 34th time I finally realize who this remind me nearly 20 years ago. BUYIN BEER TONITE!

  19. Jakub Klinger

    Love that Death'n'Roll intro riff.

  20. Captain Orsson

    Polak potrafi.

  21. Sludgehammer

    Favorite song on the solo!

  22. Wojtek apsik 666

    Panowie powodzenia mam nadzieje ze nie spuscicie z tonu i nastepnych nagraniach "wywalicie" z siebie cala agresje gniew zal jeszcze mocniej zycze wam panowie szczesliwego nowego choc juz dla was zaczal sie bardzo dobrze i zycze wam szczescia w zyciu rodzinnym i przedews ystkim zdrowia zdrowia zdrowia i wracajcie na scene pozdrawiam

  23. Dario Avila


  24. Wojtek apsik 666

    Wyrazy wsparcia dla chlopakow i ich rodzin takich lachonow w stanach nigdy nie brakowalo co chcialy zrobic kase na kims album perfect chcialbym za niedlugo panowie zobaczyc was na wspolnym koncercie z vader behemoth acid drinkers i samael pozdro i trzymajcie sie wierze w was i wasza niewinnosc

    Iguana :3

    Wojtek apsik 666 Wypuścili ich ;D

  25. selfatrophy

    Dimebag lives on!

    Paul Laplante

    selfatrophy in a great way

    Bruce Lee



    yeah riffs <3



    dheeraj dhall

    Yeah! So much Pantera influence in their songs!

  26. localescariaco

    This song displays the technique of this animal, he is fucking flawless and he can do anything he wants.

    Nicklaus Books

    localescariaco like Bill Cosby.

  27. Nixstruction

    Decapitated пропо.

  28. Stolen Vinyl

    This is boring. Have they moved to Gothernburg?

    Mirek Bieniak

    You have endless more entertaining options. Jerk off, before you start research as it`s gonna take a while.


    Stolen vinyl you idiot !..there from Poland!!😈😈 true metal bands in the world come from there!!!😈

  29. Michael Boyd

    Are we sure this isnt a Soilwork song ? ahjaha i love it


    ■■■ This whole DESTROYS ALL!! very incredible guitar tones! and songs!! it's 1000% fresh breath air! can't wait to see these guys DESTROY LIVE!!! \DECAPITATED /!!!!


    Dude!! I literally came to the comments just to see if anyone else thought the same. Lol

    Ryan Fisher

    Stephen0 dudes same!

  30. UNLEASH- HELL666


  31. Lil Mac

    Such a killer song!

  32. Alex Hold

    i'm so happy

    Melinda campbell

    awesome album. they have a clean sound. my metal album of the year

  33. Friedrich Jens

    So fucking good!