Decapitated - Carnival Is Forever Lyrics

The music is too loud, you can't hear the clock
Conductor is missing and no one misses hum
Band of politicians, lawyers and false prophets
No one reads notes, yet everyone wants to lead

So you think you can dance?
Said hooded axman to the king
Monarch nods, the wheel turns
Head rolls through the ballroom
Dancers stumble, loose the rhythm
Dogs play with blood-stained crown
Fool looks noble in king's cloak
Cooks and crooks fight for the throne
It's still warm

Herr Fritzl invited his kids and their kids
They stay in shadow and sip champagne
Agoraphobic and somewhat pale
Telling bad jokes to relaxed Natascha

Rwandese waiters serve cold snacks
Nothing for vegans: it's all bones and blood
The night is bright as the world burns
Or is it Theodore and his pyro toys

Elderly women hunt for soldier boys
Soldiers hunt for civilians, it's always fun
Getting hard to breathe, it's either smoke or gas
Master of Ceremony smiles behind the mask

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Decapitated Carnival Is Forever Comments
  1. Pete Smith

    decent but nowhere near their older stuff.

  2. Lisa

    Weren't there 2 different drummers on this album?


    Not sure, the only one I know of is Krimh.

  3. Jamie Hicks

    VOGG Fucking Rules!Fucking riffs for days!Hail Decapitated!

  4. John Gerard Lynch

    United is my favourite

  5. Georgi V.


  6. Lisa

    The drums in Homo Sum are crazy!

  7. AthuZ

    404 - sons of pravus

  8. Peter Gray

    This shit is so correct. All of these rhythmic ideas put together so purposefully. Just started listening. Will buy some music. Good fucking job, Decapitation. Rock and Fucking Roll.

  9. Peter Gray

    Itch scratched

  10. MaKina


  11. Man Torres

    just only one fuckin hater dislike..

  12. Taylor

    This RULES \m/

  13. Lucas Lira

    2018 \m/

  14. macho chele

    Fucking awesome