Decapitated - Anger Line Lyrics

Since I remember, every eye's burnt with wrath
Since I remember, every hand's been stained with crime
Since I remember, every word's dripped with lies
Since I remember, every step's been a risk
We've been the hate's alchemists
The great violent search for shimmering release
Death, fear and anger are the perfect recipe!

I've fallen and crawled through the ages in nowhere land
Blind, suffocated by submissive life
Prolonged lethargy grows like a claw
Then breeds anger, cuts the bonds
The human swarm full of spikes, sting without mercy every time

I slotted into the order of this severe world
I bred my anger, my dormant arm
Sculpted in the lurid forge of my fears
Hounded mind reached into the darkness sphere
The inside fury gained with every wound, the latent fuse, the bomb inside
I slowly enter the fragile Ground
Sanity stands against the wrath
I'm getting closer to the anger line

Closer than ever to slake the urge
Curiously staring at what is beyond the line
Too many years, too many scars...
Pointless awaiting just whets appetite
Sinners, the cursed ones, temptingly calling my fucking name
Just a few steps forward to feel released
Just a couple moves to awake the beast!
Closer than ever, closer to hell
I walk into shadow, the valley of the damned

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Decapitated Anger Line Comments
  1. Batsinthebelltower

    insane track , solo section took me by surprise, hypnotic and chaotic with those blasts

  2. John Gerard Lynch

    Now that is shredding


    FUCKEN SICKNESS!!!!!😈👹...

  4. Notch Johnson

    So fucking metal! \m/

  5. selfatrophy

    This is the most intriguing track on the new album. The thrash/death verse has an interesting kind of doomy progression while the discordant Meshuggah-ish solo section is killer, and the transitions, particularly the drumming, are excellent in regulating tempo and building intensity. Very foreboding but aggressive feel throughout. Concise structure yet varied stylistically and rhythmically. Brilliant songwriting.

  6. Frankie Gamboa

    dope song. 2:17, ready to karate chop some bitch

  7. Empty box

    Killer riffs and grooves, I was a bit dissapointed when first two singles were released but then after full album release, I changed my mind. This album has a lot of Organic Hallucinosis vibes. Definetly love the old and new Decaps as well \m/

  8. Daniel Allasia

    kocham decapitated...

  9. evilcat

    wrong cover photo, chosen by author of this channel xd this bassist is not playing in deacp anymore


    I know, you're right :3 But I was doing all of this and uploading it in the middle of the night and I've missed that thing :x Hubert Więcek is the bassist now :))