DeBarge, Kristinia - Speak Up Lyrics

Speak up, your silence is killing me
I've had enough, baby speak up
Are you lovin' or hatin' me?
Cuz I can never tell
I'll be the first to admit it
Been silent for a minute
Thinking like damn is he feeling me
We fell in love took a second
But now I'm always checking
Cuz I never hear you say what you really think

Some days I feel it then I feel it's over
Some days were harder then some days were colder
When you open up, our love is alive
But now you're quiet and I'm dying inside

So baby speak up
Cuz your silence is killing me
I've had enough, baby speak up
Are you lovin' or hatin' me
Cuz I can never tell, I can never tell
Just let your heart say what you can't say (speak up)
Let your heart say what you won't say (speak up)
Don't let the silence tear us away
Cuz I can never tell, I can never tell
If you don't speak up

I don't know where you've been
But nothing's making sense, I'm standing on this fence for you
And even when you're here, somehow you disappear
If I can read your mind, I'd know just what to do

Some days I feel it then I feel it's over
Some days were harder then some days were colder
When you open up, our love is alive
And now you're quiet and I'm dying inside

So baby speak up
Cuz your silence is killing me
I've had enough, baby speak up
Are you lovin' or hatin' me
Cuz I can never tell, I can never tell
Just let your heart say what you can't say (speak up)
Let your heart say what you won't say (speak up)
Don't let the silence tear us away
Cuz I can never tell, I can never tell
Speak up

I'll be out the door before the sun comes up
Boy catch me if you can while I'm pumping that clutch
(Try) Try to be the one, (I) gave it all I got
(I'm) Giving you your last chance (if you don't speak up)
Say all the words that you never said, oh
Write all the letters that I never read, oh
Show me your words or the love is dead
Just want to hear it from you

First to admit it, been silent for a minute
Thinking like damn is he feeling me
We fell in love, took a second
But you about to wreck it,
Cuz I never hear you say what you really mean

Baby speak up, cuz your silence is killing me
(your silence is killin' me)
I've had enough, baby speak up
Are you lovin' or hatin' me
Cuz I can never tell, I can never tell
Just let your heart say what you can't say (speak up)
Let your heart say what you won't say (speak up)
Don't let the silence tear us away
Cuz I can never tell, I can never tell
Speak up
If you don't speak up
Open up your mouth cuz baby I'm listenin'

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DeBarge, Kristinia Speak Up Comments
  1. Dorian Kelly

    Kristina I care about you and love you and the family that you are a part of. It seems that you have been through something but, the storm. is over now although you and most of DeBarge Family have been the Molido G e n t e s means Bruised Peoples of Jeremiah 31st chapter where it says of old has the Lord God appeared unto me saying I, God have loved you with an Everlasting Love. Kristina in 2016 you finally saw your father, James again that loves you very dearly, I know how girls are very close to their father he is busy trying to perfect himself in holiness by taking the mote out of his own eye. Also, by working out his own salvation with FEAR and trembling, repenting of his own shortcomings of which God assured him that He alone shall cast our sins as far as the east is from the west. Along with 1 John 1 verse 9 that promises He, God is faithful and just to forgive us of our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. Letting us know that He,through Jesus our High Priest is our Advocate to the Father. Another book states He, Jesus is the Mediator between God and man means Intercessor, even our Propitiation, our Sacrifice,
    yes the Lamb that takes away the sin of the world. The book of Romans enlightens us to the fact that where sin did abound, Grace did Much More Abound. The First Adam passed the curse to all mankind but the 2nd Adam, Jesus Christ made provision through His Blood by way of the VEIL, that is to say His holy flesh at the cross, triumphantly defeating the devil and making an open show means a public shame of him before all the world. Yes, HE rose again for our justification, healing, etc. Scripture says, God was in Christ RECONCILING the world to Himself.

    I know girls are very close to their father, worry no longer lay all your burdens down at the feet of Jesus, at the foot of the cross. Jesus will meet you there tell Jesus Christ the LOVER of your soul, the Mind FIXER and Heart REGULATOR what
    is ailing your mind, HEART, soul and spirit. As hymn says I must tell Jesus all of my troubles, I cannot bear these burdens alone in my distress HE kindly WILL help me. He ever loves and cares for His own. Jesus can help me e e. Jesus alone. Continuing in Jer.. 31 God says those left of the sword found Grace when I went to him to CAUSE him to REST. Kristina
    let God HANDLE your business, HE says Will I be the the God of all the families of Israel of which we are spiritual Israel. He goes on to say, Therefore with LOVINGKINDNESS have I drawn you. Jesus said Come Unto Me, Kristina you that labor and are Heavy Laden and I Will Give you REST. LEARN OF ME FOR I AM MEEK AND LOWLY IN HEART AND YOU SHALL FIND REST FOR YOUR SOUL. FOR MY YOKE IS EASY, AND MY BURDEN IS LIGHT. KRISTINA DON'T ALLOW THE devil to continue to keep you on a roller coaster headed towards a downward Spiral not a lift going up in Christ but just the opposite since the enemy is a counterfeit and a hater of God s real people the ones he desires to possess, and control fully by stealing, killing and destroying them. Satan is very subtle he does it little by little the same way that an animal is caught in a trap or the same way in which seafood is placed in a pot to cook it the flame COOKING under it is on very low then by the time that that mammal discovers that they are being cooked it is too late there is nothing they can do to escape. Don't keep getting backed into a corner spiritually , Break away from the devil, the adversary of your soul as well as him being the archenemy of God as well. What I am saying is that you are lowering and cheapening yourself in the hip hop industry or field and the proof is that is the reason you have to flash your breasts and body, Not a wise thing to do it is degrading, takes away the honor of your family and of all woman Especially in a field that calls women b's and hoes, sluts, etc There is no dignity there, reason they will pay you big to corrupt, exploit, and demoralize yourself What a shame .... You have been GIVEN A FEW BEAUTIFUL GIFTS
    BY GOD BUT, they are being used for the devils devices, Blindly Through Pain, Hurt and Ignorance you didn't know any better and the devil is a lying wonder even gospel singer Helen Baylor testified on a CD about the devil having a trap set for her. The enemy mainly choses to do it when we are young so he can have us for life then we are his pawn, Not God s Property as we should be, then he can pull the plug on us at any time. He works on the old and especially on backsliders too , currently I am working hard to bring a sister back to the Lord because of some bad cards that have been dealt to her but she finally knows, Hay e s p e r a n z a, means There is hope she is struggling trying to keep hope alive and to stay alive in the land of the living and trying to remain functional but you both are doing the same thing Wrong putting all your eggs in the same pot. I am saying focusing too much on making money. That is the EASY part When a person is Living Holy and Allowing God to Direct their path, their footsteps, their Direction as Proverbs 3 v5 to 6 says. Another verse says Order my Steps in the Lord which is a prayer also. God gave me something else awesome to say but sleuth foot stole my thoughts. Anyway, CHRIST declared I am Come that they might have Life and that More Abundantly meaning the Choice is yours. Don't. let the devil and mean uncaring people stand back and laugh at you because they are piranhas called hirelings and wolves in St. John 10 th chapter that care not for the sheep only going forth working for their father
    the devil to scatter the sheep as well as to put them in positions to be stolen from, killed and destroy. Kristina Commit your Way unto the Lord, make Straight Not crooked paths for your feet. Evil communications corrupt you, you know better reason you said twice in one interview that your father does not interrupt or try to curtail or redirect your career. In the Bible when they spoke of Jesus in Isaiah he said Jesus knew how to choose the good and not the evil, HE knew how to chose the honey even as God desires to give is milk
    and honey. You can't bargain nor wheel and deal with the adversary because even his starting ground is not level, Not fair but cunning and full of all manner of craftiness reason God says Vain is the help of man. Dear sweet Precious
    soul, Spa. 34v 8 says Taste and SEE that the LORD is GOOD, BLESSED, YES JOYOUS AND HAPPY MEANS CONTENTED IS THE MAN THAT PUTS HIS TRUST IN HIM. I WILL GO TO THE ROCK CHRIST, JESUS THAT IS HIGHER THAN I , instead of lowering your standards. God says My Ways are not your ways, nor are My thoughts your thoughts. BE you Holy as I am holy. Whoever trusts in Me, God shall Not be confounded, No Won't be made ashamed But Shall Be the Head and not the tail. And I, Jesus if I be Lifted up in the earth will Draw all men unto Me. Psalms 35 says there shall be a highway and a way and it shall be called the Way of Holiness. Settle not for the crumbs of deceit and wickedness to seem to be making it because O. Testament also says in 14 v12 or 12v 14, There is a way that seems to be right but the end thereof are the paths of destruction. Matt.7v13 to 14 directs us to get off the broad road where many are that leads to destruction, death but to get ok n the narrow road found by the faithful, committed FEW that LEADS TO ETERNAL LIFE. JEREMIAH 31 SPEAKS OF EPHRAIM MY FIRSTBORN THAT KNOW OF THE P R I M O G E N I T O WHICH IS THE BIRTHRIGHT THAT ESAU FOOLISHLY SOLD FOR A MORSEL OF A MEAL TO JACOB HIS BROTHER THEN TRIED TO RECLAIM IT BUT IT WAS TOO LATE. EPHRAIM SAYS WE SHALL GO UP, TO OUR GOD IN ZION AND THEY SHALL GO WITH TEARS AND SUPPLICATION AND GOD SHALL RECEIVE THEM AND SHALL GIVE THEM VINES TO PLANT That shall become vineyards. GOD GIVES BLESSINGS AND ADDS NO SORROW WITH IT as the deceiver does to you. K please God loves you and your sweet BLESSED family so much, do gospel music and write a book as well you can get a publisher or do it yourself Even tell of the guile that Satan threw your way, expose the devil because he is the one that is banished from heaven and can never get back in to a place we've never been to before. Get on your spiritual post for the LORD and stay there waiting for His coming for the trumpet to sound, for those that are living and looking for Him to be ushered out of this present evil world that is not our home. Seek you first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these other things shall be added into you. Lift up a holy standard. Choose to be the elect of God not the perverse and untoward generation that are falling for every evil work from Satan. God says I know My sheep and are known of mine. My sheep know My voice and a stranger they will not follow, even if they were forced out of the streets for being only homeless spreading the Word of God and were pushed into a shelter then quickly were made to take erroneous housing they knew was trash but then said I shall take it to encourage an inmate for a number of years more then 9 months to a year FIND that the place is indeed death through and thru shall finally leave that and take some things into STORAGE whether she gets another apartment or not determining to sue with two lawyers and get a public speaker to expose how they expose tenants to death and other unlawful practices not caring for people but casting out smokescreen pretending to be doing right but are ravenous wolves. God shall continue to take care of His own because they have made Him their Refuge and Strength as Psalms 91 SPEAKS OF.

  2. Angie Peña

    I wish i could find the chords to this song!! :'(

  3. WestCoastBrian Tiberius

    Still wow Kristinia!!!!:-))

  4. Brendan Tio

    Not that this version is bad its good, but Ryan Tedder's version was better....just saying

  5. Widya Farzana

    whats the guitar chords? any idea?

  6. stealth bomber7

    what is that baby- face on the guitar?

    Troy Lewis

    stealth bomber7 yup

  7. WestCoastBrian Tiberius

    Beyond amazing!!!!Such passion and flow.....just incredible!!:-))

  8. lockton losse

    love you on school dance

  9. Zaria Culbertson

    I love this song u have a pretty voice and you did good on school dance

  10. Jonathan Edwards

    Ryan tedder wrote this
    Love it

  11. cakes1616

    I love this song! Her voice is amazing. She def needs better management tho get her out there! Love you Kristina

  12. Korrie Clark

    Love this

  13. Susan Puglife

    Babyface playing guitar on the left. 

  14. Rancho Coral

    Is that Babyface playing guitar?

  15. Chingy gonzalez

    Woow I never heard talk only sing im shocked she has a child like voice

    Phillip Sorrells

    Yeah, but iz sexy, no?

  16. Isabelle Antonsen

    Still love this song

  17. 이서현

    Hey do you have a speak up inst?

  18. Camille •

    Just ❤️ it!!!

  19. tladybug100

    She's a good singer. I like Thomas Fiss' better though. I'm more into upbeat songs

    Bryan Camacho

    Ryan Tedder's version is even better!

    Haloh 4

    Her version on her album is more upbeat then This

  20. Steph Morgan

    This version is so much better than the poppy upbeat one....

  21. Tittlesnhizmouf

    I like diz 1

  22. Hazel Lissette

    Her voice is so perfect. I seriously love her. I would listen to this everyday in junior high

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  24. Lu Lu

    i hope my bf say something to me. he has kept silence with me for 6days.. :((

  25. UrbanPopDance

    And I think this is because her label at the time didn't give her freedom to be her own person entirely so she was giving the public what her label thought they wanted. Listen to her latest album: Young & Restless. Shows a different side to her, I personally think.

  26. UrbanPopDance

    Aww, boo boo!

  27. Exotica23

    I don't see why she didn't make top charts voice is amazing

  28. WoAiiNix33

    I wish theres an instrumental for this song :/

  29. Sebastian Carey

    She is amazing !! Her voice is beautiful !! This is talent she sound perfect like the studio version !! Love her <3 Yeah I felt this song in my heart

  30. erika fuentes

    Love song

  31. Holly IsAwesome

    You deserve to be appreciated just as much as she does. If she can't see your potential, I hope you can move on confidently. This post made me sad.

  32. Holly IsAwesome

    I just can't get into this artist. In her videos it's like she doesn't embody the person she portrays herself to be. There is potential in her live stuff, though. Great voice.

  33. Nutellah

    Does she have any new song other than "cry wolf" ?

  34. Anne Somerhalder

    I want to have her voice, she should be more famous.

  35. kirkky9

    Her voice is so flawless I can't even believe it! :)

  36. Shanna Green

    i for some reason dont like any of her music ... BUT these live ones .......... I LOVE .. speak up and sabotage ... soo good .... but i cant get into her other stuff myself .. good job on this lady you did it so well ... my fav version of this song by anyone

  37. MGJimenez

    shes good in live!!! hope she'll sing more songs!!

  38. ReeCkeh

    I lost a girl because I didn't speak up, I was too closed. I've now changed after 2 years, and now I'm trying to do anything to get her back.

  39. mj peters

    <3 this song

  40. Sade Martin-Washington

    Danggg this song is AMAZING

  41. Quinton Samuels

    Is that Babyface playing the guitar?!!!!!!!

  42. Quinesia Henderson

    Love this song where did she go

  43. qwertyuiop36371

    thumbs up if you think her and chris brown or justin bieber should do a duet (:

  44. qwertyuiop36371

    i remember when i was having a hard time with my bf and my friend showed me this song and im just like.. WHY?! IM MORE DEPRESSED NOW. lmao. love her

  45. BerglindBK

    where did she go??

  46. OriginalClaireFarron

    just try it.

  47. Daniella122010

    This explains exactly what im going thru. It sucks.

  48. bibipink4eva

    This is how I feel about a guy that I like, and to me it's so hard to speak to him(to say hi even), I'm very shy. I feel horrible...

  49. Amy Luna

    *sweet.. ;)

  50. Amy Luna

    wat ever happened2her

  51. ElevatorButtonsxoxo

    i miss her she has true talent she needs to be a star she's way better than the crap out there now

  52. Shanna Green

    i think all her acoustics sound better .. in fact i dont normally like her songs at all .. til i heard the acoustic versions

  53. FedeRhodes

    this girl is so sweer

  54. Hilda Delfstra

    @muzikluvr1231 James' :)

  55. HahaNiceTryXoXo

    YASSSSS! Sing girl!

  56. pa xiong

    Song is explaining the way I feel rite now :((

  57. Anthea Peter

    holy shit. sounds just like the recording!

  58. squeallymaniac

    god i thought christina perri was underrated :(

  59. Juan Manzo

    Love it

  60. ELFilahyou

    This is how I feel about my boyfriend right now. ):

  61. TheBOo0o

    @xThisIsLarix ryan wrote it, she just gave some money for it.

  62. audrey the gypsy

    Team Tedder!

  63. Lari Mccann

    @kevinfinalfantasy1 its HER song though

  64. TheBOo0o

    @rissa923 I think Ryan tedder wrote it :)

  65. R Issa

    There are so many people who sings this,
    who is the original singer of this song?

  66. jmsnails12

    Thomas Fiss version is better

  67. natalya karpenko

    wow shes good how come shes never on the radio or anything?

  68. Theinnerbeauty1

    OMG Look ITs babyface !!!!!!!! shes lucky

  69. PostedEveryHour

    is that babyface?

  70. kevin nguyen

    i think ryan tedder sings it better but its just an opinion

  71. Cristina Mendoza

    Ryan Tedder sings it better (:

  72. Candace Heath


  73. ClarendonGirl17

    can i just say how talented that guitarist on the left is, hes playing his guitar upside down...You can tell by the thickness of the strings that he genuinely is as well...

  74. MrBellaruby

    q limda canciion

  75. cidness85

    ok so i'm confused...why didn't she release songs like this if she wanted to be famous? now she was a one hit wonder?



  77. stephen feao

    nice voice!

  78. stephen feao

    nice voice!!!!!! keep it up!!!!!!!

  79. leea marie

    Wow she gets it too?... Alot of boys are so talkitive but when your around them its just silence and you never know what thier thinking.

  80. Andrea Gudino

    this is the perfect song to OUR story.<3

  81. j3w3Lry


  82. Soundos Khedre

    Ryan Tedder FTW !!

  83. Katelyn Kahlke

    this is my favorite song, im in love with it <3 Kristinia Debarge, your seriously my favorite artist.

  84. Briittany Monroe

    "some days i feel it then i feel its over
    some days are hotter and some days are colder
    when u open up our love is alive
    now ur quiet and im dying inside"

    im soooooo playing this song the next time me and my BF are in the car

  85. Elly Christman

    This is simpily beautiful

  86. Fanilliaj

    love you kristinia debarge!!!!! sing girl!!!!!!!

  87. Narlie Channel

    She has brilliant talent! Keep sing Kristinia, you had great talent! :D Haters thinks she got attitude or just jealous of her talent!

  88. Missann168

    which debarge is her dad?

  89. ushergrl

    theres 2 dumb ppl who rlly disliked this ? Wow

  90. Krizia Fontarum

    this is my song...please speak up :) i really like you just say those words i've been longing to hear

  91. Mimi Vang

    wow i want to be able to sing like her. i love how she raises her voice at "BABY SPEAK UP!! " she's awesome! <3333

  92. iiomi18

    i don't know why but she reminds me a little bit to Demi Lovato xD
    Maybe she looks like her ...

  93. Mrsmakeuplover4ever

    @a18nukem ummm ok congrats on that im just putting my word in u dont like it 2 bad

  94. Kaizo

    @Mrsmakeuplover4ever that's Babyface, how can you disrespect a legend.

  95. Mrsmakeuplover4ever

    at 2:49 the guy looks like Micheal Jackson bro lol

  96. Mrsmakeuplover4ever

    I love this chick shes good i love all her songs

  97. Jayhawksrule1

    Shes so gorgeous!!!! And has an an amazing voice

  98. DIamond King

    I love this!