DeBarge, Kristinia - Goodbye Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
Am I suppose to put my life on hold
Because you don't know how to act?
And you don't know where your life is going?
Am I suppose to be torn apart
Broken-hearted in a corner cryin'?
Pardon me if I don't show it

I don't care if I never see you again
I'll be alright
Take this final piece of advice and get yourself together
But either way, baby, I'm gone

I'm so over it, I've been there and back
Changed all my numbers and just in case you're wonderin'
I got that new I'm-a-single-girl swag
Got me with my girls and we're singin' it

Na na na na, na na na na
Hey hey hey, Goodbye [repeat]

[Verse 2:]
Cut my hair cause it reminded me of you
I know you like the long do
Had to switch up my attitude up
Thinkin' of changin' up how I ride
No more on the passenger side
Too bad you missed out on the way that I drive it



H-hey, H-hey
H-hey, Goodbye


[Hook x2]


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DeBarge, Kristinia Goodbye Comments
  1. Over Load

    Single girl swag omg

  2. Bunnyoutube 1107

    Ellen know or go theme

  3. Tony Angeles

    Who else thought it was Kristina de garbage?

  4. Kuba Kubuszewski

    najgorsze jest w tym to, że tej piosenki szukałem ponad 10 lat


    they just like a spoiled bug they always clown on me anyways


    for robbing us


    what it does it mean that im from l.a

  8. chimwemwe Mwansa

    Who's here after a breakup ?😂

  9. le ciel

    Why does she lip sync so aggressively

  10. Will G. Forrest

    The saddest part about this one hit wonder is that she came from a famously musical family. I wish she had more hits.

  11. 고원이gowonie

    i feel bad bc i forgot about this song and it's still really good

  12. Ariann Browne

    She looks like nina dobrev

  13. baeky

    god 9 year old me is shakinggg lmao

  14. Asri Mansor

    After 10y still my jam 😜🤣

  15. pepsi10141


  16. NewJackSwing13

    Which Debarge is her father Chico? Either way I like that she sampled her families song for this

  17. ファルク 石田OFaruk ISHIDA

    She looks like my teacher in University. lol

  18. babyV

    Shit still a bop

  19. grave the emo cat

    Perfect song to get back at someone

  20. Jo_CLuis

    Still a bop 🔥

  21. Mei Yong

    single girl swag~

  22. Krystal Perez

    Are you still singing?I love this song and Sabotage back when this came out.

  23. barbara pozzoli

    go girlpowership.

  24. Felipe Moreira


  25. M L

    Every song in 2009:

  26. Milly

    Wtf is this ?

  27. Stephanie Densmore

    these pop girls today could NEVER

  28. Maria Rosa

    I remember when this song was first released. It's timing was perfect with what was going on in my personal life. :)

  29. Shide Brittani

    Still here in 2019

  30. morenazo952

    Not bad, not bad at all!!

  31. merry rose

    Krissy killing it looking like her father !

  32. Mickados743

    the clip is so void

  33. Dahboo_4_Dayz

    I remember this song! Brings me back to junior year of high school. But am I the only one who found out her name is Kristinia recently? I always thought it was Kristina

  34. White comiX

    2019 anyone ?

  35. Vicius YT

    10 years, still famous

  36. Burning Wang

    Why does her ethnicity change halfway through the video? She goes from Latina to black?

    Kelly Smith

    Burning Wang well her father is African American and her mother is Mexican

  37. Liana Soares

    1:23 😆🤣😂😅

  38. Brittney Leghorn

    I remeber doing the dance to this.. 😳

  39. Lourdes Marquez


  40. Emily Toy

    I was legit losing sleep trying to remember who sung this and what it was called 😭😂

  41. HiroKitty

    Omg I finally found this after 10 years.

    I remember being 8 years old dancing around in the living room whenever a commercial came on that had this song playing

  42. Tyrel hunter

    She looks like her daddy 😬

  43. Alexandra Graceland

    What😂😂😂😂 1:22

  44. Manny Covers

    It’s sad people call her a one hit wonder. She has bops and can sing.

  45. Diaspro Hosier

    2019 anyone!?

  46. Ryan Kelly

    I didn’t even realize she sang this lol im ashamed😂😂😂

  47. faustina Balazova

    Completely forgot about this song loved it so much Brings memories when I was younger

  48. WIGSprop21

    Na na na na, hey hey, Goodbye Kyle :P

  49. ferol mohd


  50. Kimesha Ward

    Kristinia DeBarge has announced her new album,"Back In The Day",. She said will be released in late September. She's putting the finishing touches on it.

  51. Tiago Sousa

    Br Agosto de 2019?

  52. DuDu JuNie

    Considered as one hit wonder

  53. Mima Lebanese

    Omg i soooo forgot about this song. Shame on me! Omg i miss those times i think i was 12 or 13 years old and i had my first crush on a guy who was so "cool" and also my first heartbreak and this song was my anthem!

  54. kelvin Vieira

    Passei a minha adolescência ouvindo essa música, não lembrava o nome dela. Várias músicas usam esses sample. Nostalgia pura.

  55. Tanya Kelly

    She a beautiful girl why her music career never really exploded maybe she jinx just like the rest of the Debarge family

  56. Indi Utile

    Wow I was obessed with this lol 😂❤

  57. Jeremy Legier

    2019 anyone

  58. virgohedgie

    This was one of my songs of the summer of 2009 lol...the summer before freshman year of high school. Damn I can’t believe it’s been 10 years!

  59. Keisha Nicole

    Yeah get it Kristinia.‼️💚♥️💖💙💜💖🔥James DeBarge daughter oh yeah, the spitting image of her Daddy. I remember when this song first came out, I'm was jamming and still is 2019. I love Kristina and her Dad James DeBarge is my favourite DeBarge sibling 💖💜♥️💖💚💜❣️♥️❣️♥️💜

  60. corina borja

    She's pretty but man I think she's trying too hard🤣

  61. Micah Curry

    So... They took a good song everybody likes from I believe the late 60s, and turned it into... This?
    Siiiggghhh you ruined a masterpiece.

  62. Tania Jones

    She's beautiful and can sing but even when this song first came out, it sounded very forgettable & generic.

  63. PressPause 2Play

    Dam her dads TWIN!!! Just effin BLESSED

  64. Burning Wang

    Why does her ethnicity change halfway through the video?

  65. Honeymoon Globe

    This song isn’t on Spotify

    Emie Rehema

    It is on Spotify x

    Honeymoon Globe

    Emie Rehema Ik now cuz my friend on discord help me find the song

  66. Jay Ryan

    miss 2009-2011 good years


    2019 Who ??

  68. Armond Gonzalez

    Bd fbf.vncirbrhrhrhi4jfjirjfjfufjjrruhrhrbrnfnrnrnfnnjdrn
    End in x ducnfjfnrndfjrj.

  69. XxAquaxX

    I remember when this was like, top shit back in ‘09

  70. Neh-Bih Sangbong

    10 years later 2019?

  71. KamiLovezHelloKitty

    Back when this song was a hit I was dozing off to sleep and my mom was like hey don't go to sleep it's a school night! And my only response was 'na na na na hey hey hey goodbye' and she thought it was the 1969 song smh lol

  72. Jase Holland

    *starts dancing uncontrollably*

  73. annie



    Copyright nananananananananana hey hey goodbye wwe raw

  75. Honeymoon Globe

    This song was a bop back then

  76. Edith Shelly

    What happened with her? She was great!

  77. Courtny E.

    El Debarge's daughter

    Luci nln

    Kristina is James DeBarge's daughter

  78. See Burrito

    Didn’t they use this song on like a razor commercial??

  79. Market Barn

    my high school years. favorite song. actually forgot this song for years but I kept hearing Na Na Na Na Hey everywhere I went on the intertubes so after 7 long years away from this.

  80. Denise Nyström LeCat

    This song was sneaking up on me when i was falling asleep the other night, i typed 'na na na hey hey hey goodbye' EVERYWHERE and now, i finally found it. Happy me!

  81. Oh yeah Mr.Krabs

    This song is for the boys

  82. Gaya Emanuelle

    Saudades dessa música.

  83. Miranda Miller

    My inner 11-12 year old is loving this! I was so obsessed with this song, I’d sing it all the time. It was so iconic for me

  84. Cleveland Good Shield

    This song is 10 years old in 2019.
    I remember listening to this on the radio when I was 18.
    Now, I'm 28 listening and watching it on my smartphone. Technology has come a long way, too.

  85. Rohan Padiyar

    Kristinia follows me on Twitter.

  86. salvatore4606

    number 24

  87. Neal R

    Anybody else remember when Ellen played this song to introduce Know or Go? All these years, and still like this song. This is also when I first heard about the “Na na na na...hey hey hey, goodbye” phrase.

  88. Ariana Rodriguez

    This and Jesse James' Wanted were my songs in 09

  89. Kate Bagwan

    Was looking fo rthis and I just discovered the original song from 1969 xD

  90. Jodi Rayfield


  91. TheCrazyOne !

    *School gyrls brought me here💖💯*

    *P.S 2019 youngstas ova here?!💯🙏*

  92. TheOnlyBently 22

    Are we just gonna ignore the fact that she committed grand theft auto???

  93. lys

    if you’re a early 2000’s kid you had this on your mp3.

  94. SandraaVictoriaa

    This is still the anthem 😭❤️

  95. Michael Garcia

    I really like 1:57.

  96. crazy me

    Cut your hair were?

  97. jeffry solis

    This was my jam 😍