DeBarge, El - Sad Songs Lyrics

So sad, there's another sad song, oh yeah
Sick and tired of sitting in this... staring at the man in the mirror
Ever since that she left I felt a beat down in my chest heart
Something it cause I can't remove it, it's so hot you get to it
And hit in the club won't do it

I'm in this empty room playing my piano
Singing nothing but sad songs, sad songs
I'm so alone no one's here but these battles
I'm on sad songs, sad songs

Shouldn't have got up on my knee yeah
Make you feel like you're the only one that I needed
Girl I gave you my heart for the keeping
All the love I put in your heart was deleted, yeah

Baby you took advantage, look at me damaged
It's not how we planned it, yeah
The light's upon, no one's around, trying... all about
The tears drove down my face, time just won't erase
What we have ain't come back, stuck in the past what the... was that?
Girl ambitious why did you quit on?

I'm in this empty room playing my piano
Singing nothing but sad songs, sad songs
I'm so alone no one's here but these battles
I'm on sad songs, sad songs

And the melody that I tender play, started to play when you left
And they key of loneliness I can't resist hoping for your best
I just know that the door closes when you leave
Only thing here is these memories and the sad songs haunting me

I'm in this empty room playing my piano
Singing nothing but sad songs, sad songs
I'm so alone no one's here but these battles
I'm on sad songs, sad songs

Sad sad sad sad songs [x3]

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DeBarge, El Sad Songs Comments
  1. Mike Jr

    If you can't relate to this you've haven't experienced heartbreak

  2. T. Honey Awoke

    It's a beautiful's sad, but beautifully song by El.

  3. Andrew Flood

    love this song !!!

  4. Gwendolyn Hall

    you are so sexy el debarge love you

  5. Brenda Robinson

    Another great one from the beautiful El!

  6. Emelio A. Salazar

    Nice RnB tune..!

  7. ZeeVeeDubs

    I was in love with Bobby Debarge when I first heard his falsetto in the group Switch and never looked back crediting him with bringing falsetto back after Eddie Kendricks! RIP the both of you! However, The EL said he copied his brother because he was so proud and looked up to him.and wala...we have "The EL" So thank you Bobby for leaving us this beautiful gift that is your tracings and legacy thru God! EL.please drop another one of your gifts to all your fans that span from the 80's till now!

    Pat P

    ZeeVeeDubs He was never in the group Switch. That was was his big brother, Bobby.

  8. jael cato

    i love this song



  10. FedeRhodes

    This track is just so deep.El is such a blessing to the world

  11. Tunde Akinwande

    @ElsTheFuture thank you sir

  12. Akin Akinwande

    @ElsTheFuture lol..forsure!!

  13. FedeRhodes

    I relate to this song almost autobiographical

  14. cutelady113

    this cd is sooo hot!

  15. Akin Akinwande

    my brother produced this track

  16. jahlal4

    man, does this song say it all or what...not many songs ever truly capture the emotion of a broken heart, but this is one of the rare few...repeat

  17. MsRapture16

    Really one of my favorite songs when I first got this c.d. I played this song and many others over and over

  18. Fee Booable

    I like this song.

  19. Littlepoochgirl

    Love all the El worship. He's our precious American royalty. A real music man.

  20. megajustme09

    this is wat u call real music..

  21. mashallw

    @westerncouture07 hey Homie, I haven't heard those radio stations names in a very long time. You took me home for a quick second. it nice to visit even for a little whie.

  22. Tammy Hines

    El this one is your next single, loving it, can;t wait for your Third Chance

  23. yoyo yo

    almost sounds liike Robin Thicke l0ll

  24. kelikel2

    Brilliant!!! El , i want u to get well for you and your family! But I'd love it if you could get out and perform this..This has 'hit' stamped all over it!!!

  25. kelikel2

    This is excellent! Should be a singlr release!

  26. FedeRhodes

    This song truly describes the love n hate relationship with drugs,leading to damage,lonelinesssHe's still fghting the battle.We pray for you El. I know what "empty room" mean in this song.Ive seen it myself in a friend.When you get to sell everything including your bed sheets to buy drugs.You end up sitting in an empty room.Drugs destroy your health your relationships your finance...I wish God rescue him

  27. CTrinaW72

    I love his whole relaxes me and remind me of what real music is really about, plus I love looking at this strikingly handsome man.

  28. Jurina Harris

    Awww! :) El, your voice is drop dead gorgeous! haha. :)

  29. LHayes25

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE...El's cd real music is finally back!!!!! thank you El

  30. Brian Hargrove

    This should on the radio stations here in Chicago like Power 92, WGCI, and V103. This is hot.

  31. Dana K

    This song is BEAUTIFUL