Death Grips - Ha Ha Ha Lyrics


I'm at Glow Bowl, in a wet fuck hole
Where the 1994 hobos throw
69's and the bitches shout
I'll fuck you when I wanna hang out
Tell the princess eat shit and die (ownage)
Not in public, hoe, I'm still high
These pigs are crazy, dog
This narc at the dyke bar in a slow car
Looking like a hedgehog
Sluts go sonic (ownage)
Tryna dick your mom and shit
I'll do anal in the pit
Repulsive as a benched knick, show your titties and I'll spit
These chicks are crazy, god

Hate you on a fucking whim, turning into you again
These pigs are crazy, dog
Make a god a better man, no one hates you better than
These chicks are crazy, god
You're so amazing, ha

Ha-ha-ha, bitch
Ha-ha-ha, bitch
(Feel me, feel me, feel me)
(Slap, hey, slap)
Ha-ha-ha, bitch
(Feel me, feel me, feel, feel me)
Ha-ha-ha, bitch
(Slap, hey, slap, ha-ha-ha)
Kiss me

It's my Liberace starter kit
Got her hard like Spartacus
Put a bitch under my wing-a-ling-a-lang-lang-lang
Look bitch, fly like thus
Dope man's dry, oh yeah right
Don't trip mark, yo this my part
I got green David Letterman's, dick like zen
Remember when you fainted at the bargain bins
Party time (ownage)
Gimme, gimme, gimme, gimme, gimme, gimme, gimme
Good news to hell
My Toyota with some bells (ownage)
Pussy so wise
She's trying to bump two queen drugs right between the eyes
Ownage, ownage, ownage, ownage

In a wet fuck hole
With my feet kicked up so my hair can grow
My steeze is crazy, dog
And I'm in bitch house
Talking 'bout how I'm not tryna hang out
Her steeze is crazy, dog
(So crazy
S-S-So crazy
S-S-So crazy)
I think I'm crazy, dog
Put a bitch under my wing-a-ling-a-lang-lang-lang
Put a bitch under my wing-a-ling-a-lang-lang-lang
You're so amazing, ha

Ha-ha-ha, bitch
Ha-ha-ha, bitch
(Slap, hey, slap, ha-ha)
Ha-ha-ha, bitch
Ha-ha-ha, bitch
(Slap, hey, slap, ha-ha)

Doing, doing, doing, doing, gniod, gniod, gniod, gniod
Doing, doing, doing, doing
[*beep beep beep, beep beep beep*]
[*beep beep beep, beep beep beep*]
You're so amazing, ha

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Death Grips Ha Ha Ha Comments
  1. EATshitanddrinkbleac

    Does this song creep anyone else out? MC Ride sounds like a ghoul and is talking about meth addiction


    0WN4GE TH4T SH1TS G4NGST4!!!

  2. Jonathan Long

    The end 😂😂

  3. Michelle's other World

    I only googled hahaha

  4. Alecs - Minecraft Hypixel

    I say hahaha in google microphone for no reason nd this comes up, I'm kinda creeped out rn

  5. lunes

    Hahaha bitch

  6. Carlos Hernández

    Spotted a The Fall sample at 2:30

  7. san dee

    Death Grips biggin up The Fall. Cool. 2:35 is the guitar riff to Paranoid Man in a Cheap Shit Flat.

  8. ichtoza vuzovsky


  9. JSpringthorpe

    The picture is weird

  10. jojo halt nh

    Wer ist von google assistant hier?

  11. swush

    The lyrics to this song are so noticeably cheesy for death grips. I like it a lot.

  12. Nico DSBM

    Yeah I'm putting my dick in that

  13. Samsung Prime123

    This is a trouma watch.............?

  14. Jandra Sriker

    This song has like 5 different beat switches.

  15. Игнат Осипов

    Best music to listen.

  16. TAYO Chanel


  17. That Famous Feeling

    Nine Inch Nails sent me here! And mirrors.

  18. •Black Rainbow•



  19. gallows

    wow! nice song!

  20. Anjay Kumar

    That's not😬 right u show only one pic😝

  21. sokocul

    i type haha for test my internet.. and always show this video.. now i try to open this video.. and fck up

  22. liam

    That intro always makes me think of that It movie. I haven’t been genuinely freaked out by a song in years on years, until now.

  23. Azrin Bin Yunos Yunos


  24. Colin Gindele

    I feel like I’m going to fight a earthbound boss.

    goro akechi

    You engage MC Ride.


    So true

  25. asphyxia :end

    I found this by laughing into my google voice search

  26. Mitschcrafter


    Maggie Diana

    it was fukin one o yas

  27. yamenay

    this > billie eilish

  28. Maya Apodaca

    It gave me nightmars😾😾

  29. Y Omri


  30. James Stone


  31. Lily n Anthony pranksters

    This song sucks and made me very creeped out and I will never ever ever watched it again and it made me laugh so hard so bad!!

  32. Mikey LaFave

    I googled haha and here I am lol 😂

  33. First Name Last Name

    I just searched hahaha on google and found this masterpiece

    Mille Andresen

    Same dude...! HaHaHa

    sonia daggati

    Same here

  34. Jacket

    listening to death grips makes the voices in my head feel less alone.

  35. Jandra Sriker

    That intro is fire.

  36. HoryBP

    This is 2013 Nine Inch Nails and Death Grips child

  37. C G

    I want this song played at my wedding 💒 ❤️

  38. Big sweat

    I can't believe they sampled the Danny phantom theme song

  39. muffawuffaman

    0:45 did you fuckers sample Bonsam Besu Devil May Cry?

  40. Not Ben Stiller

    does anyone ever wonder what MC Ride smells like? just wondering Hahaha

    A Rehtman

    Like sweat

    ¡T.V CHAN!

    I feel he has to smell like Lay's or some kind of food

  41. BallTistic Screecher

    someone recommended this to me. Listened to a few death grips songs. No thanks.


    sucks to suck

  42. Hifi no Wifi

    shit is crazy dog hahaha

  43. The Kehwanna Coast

    Fuck. That picture looks so gross.

  44. Roger

    thank god everyone stopped pretending like these guys were good, what an awful time

    sons of democracy


    sons of democracy

    My friend has a dog named roger


    have a sad cum bb

    Steven Stynze

    @sons of democracy that's an odd name for a dog

  45. My Names Reed


  46. That One Guy

    Death Grips and DJ scratching is something I'd never expect but here I am.

  47. Balint Honvari

    this is art

  48. dysperisenjoyinghimself.

    i think this is about gang rape.

    Patricio Fernando León Merrill

    How so?

    sons of democracy

    @dysperisenjoyinghimself. good theory, seems like something dg would make, I also think it's about that, but More about the rapists empowerment he gets from it, most dg song come from the prospective of the criminal, like blood creepin is about criminals running from cops


    billing shit that’s a good point, i’ll take more time to look in depth to them again.

    sons of democracy

    @dysperisenjoyinghimself. the whole hahaha bitch is what makes me think that, like he likes the sensation, but is also angry and empowered

  49. #antimathequaledmath #Oumuamua

    sons of democracy


  50. grosezero

    the fall- paranoia man in cheap shit room

  51. OkMoonShapedLimb

    I just discovered this band and WHAT THE FUCK IT'S SO GOOD

  52. James Kelly

    In a beach house, talking bout how I don't wanna hang out

    *who could it be?*

  53. Boooty Lunch

    1:49 fuck a bitch

  54. Altuğ

    0:12 croissaaaaaaaaaaaant

    GachaPxeachy x

    I needed this.

    Pieter-Jan Lavaerts

    I always heard it as 'for scieeeence'

    Josie Edgar

    Dance babylon sugar sugar

    One Click!


    Jonathan Long

    😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 🥐🥐🥐🥐🥐🥐🥐🥐🥐🥐

  55. KimidoriAoi

    At 2:35 contains a sample from The Fall's Paranoia Man in Cheap Sh*t Room (

    truvultur bb

    KimidoriAoi good ear

  56. Max_Elixir

    "Looking like a hedgehog, sluts go sonic"

    Is that a fucking Sonic the Hedgehog reference

    sons of democracy


  57. legend 2800

    I fuck with this hahahahahahahahahaha


    I can hear it again very good.

  59. zi - ka - den

    The last time I listened to this song I almost cried...
    How do you normal again?

  60. sm0l Mane



    I don't get why this song is /oursong/ is it to do with the lyrics or who shared it?

  61. deathfiresword

    It’s cuz hahaha wasn’t a single, it was leaked. Year of the snitch.

  62. John04

    Does anyone want to look into the fact that the little scream at 1:00 sounds like something Quagmire from Family Guy would say. family guy samples???


    John04 I fucking hate you for making me hear this

  63. Depressive Tangela

    The fact that the usage of the word "ownage" didn't make this track rubbish is surprising.

    sons of democracy

    Death grips can do no wrong

    Richard Russell Fan account

    Shut up b*itish

  64. Erick Brandão

    ha ha ha bitch

  65. Dardargo

    What a story Mark!

  66. Saturated Neō Wax

    why is ur pfp still bottomless pit?

  67. Fiend S

    Ha ha ha.

  68. ParadoxAssassin

    There are some sick beat changes. What a trip pushing boundaries of the vulgar and genius

  69. _chary

    some sweet bass lines on this album

  70. neoMelee

    a c t o r s

  71. Dylan R.

    My second favorite track of the album

  72. Кусне Rіndѕеx

    Legalize Ranch

  73. Baran Pektaş

    it is listenable

  74. TVBForever

    me laughing irl

  75. Vantablack

    do you think those tiny mouths smell like vienna sausages instead of hotdogs?

  76. henry

    hahaha BITCH!

  77. Malyngar

    This sounds like shit

  78. Giulio Pucciarelli

    Best song of the album

  79. Kassu H

    HA HA HA

  80. Someguy somewhere

    I hope this one doesn't get age restricted.
    How else can my 5 year old listen to this?

    Nolimo(NOT IN USE Read channel desc)

    Age 5

    Born 1999


  81. shiv_ring

    Why did they upload this 2 times written in 2 different ways?

  82. Mr Blean

    Deseru Gurippu

  83. Anthony C

    Go to sleep

  84. Tommy "Johny" Wiseau

    oooof theres the larry i was looking for.

  85. Cameron Johnson

    life lube

  86. FAST AND В U L В O U S

    /Year of the snitch/

  87. Zyck Hyle

    It was the turkey all along

  88. Zyck Hyle

    Y reupload tho

  89. part23 / david


  90. 0.2 XN

    Best on YOTS

    Mr. Galaxy

    I love the song too, but holy hell is it hard to choose a favorite track from this album. It was a really satisfying album imo


    1. Black Paint
    2. Hahaha
    3. Dilemma


    0.2 XN yes Mr. Kubrick

    That One Guy

    The Fear is easily one of the best songs they ever made. I want to smoke the same shit Zach, Stefan and Andy are to make this

  91. Lemonadka_ _

    why did they reupload this?