Death Grips - Black Paint Lyrics

Drop the curtains soaked in shadow
More shade
Black, black paint
Drip freak freak seek seek so cold
Black, black paint
Making sounds that don't deserve us
Like blou
Black, black paint
Those are my Satanic urges
Right now
Right, right now

I'm down for
Boom, boom boom
B-boom boom boom
Hey, hey, hey, hey

I require privacy
I'm always thinking finally
Dreaming, feigning

Raised up over out my smoke
Black paint
Black, black paint
I am gonna take your coat
Say thanks
Black, black paint
Sick people felt light up your eyes
Black, black paint
Those are my Satanic urges
Right now
Black, black paint

I'm down for
Boom, boom boom
B-boom, boom boom
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey

I require privacy
I'm always thinking finally
Dreaming, feigning
Changing, cheating

Boom, boom, boom...
Hey, hey, hey...
I don't have enough power
I was staring right at her
H-hold, h-hold, h-hold

Black, black paint
Black, black paint

Black, black paint

You think I could hold
This statue off the balcony
I think I'll stay a while
Spin the bottle

Boom, boom, boom...
Hey, hey, hey...

I require privacy
I'm always thinking finally
I require privacy
I'm always thinking finally
Dreaming, feigning
Changing, cheating

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Death Grips Black Paint Comments
  1. Loz the Lyricist

    xenu is lucifer

  2. Zientoo

    Yes it's black

  3. Mike Yankee Uniform

    kiedy wypiedalasz śmieci i z wora leje się smródwoda

    Jamal Hellboy DiCaprio

    Kiedy nobody not a single soul that feel when z ziomem liczysz karty i wyliczyles 180 i je zaczyansz piescic i ziom sie z ciebie spieje potem podpala twoje wswyzstkie jebane pieniadze

  4. lunes

    Can someone tell me the guitar or genre of this song i know its rock but what is it noise? hard rock? This shit sounds cool as fuck

    Jamal Hellboy DiCaprio

    well you could find some stuff like that in psychedelic rock, garage rock. The riffs here are pretty basic but its more about the production. If y ouve got enough time just get into the entry level bands like led zeppelin, black sabbath. You will find your way to great rock shit

  5. SpeakingName

    I honestly got scared when listening to this

  6. koala sovietico

    Omg this sounds exactly like the noises in my head

  7. IVPixel


  8. LOuis M3

    make me feel good

  9. ZX Spectrum

    i remember this kingdom hearts scene

  10. 4 / 10

    I thought that thing was gonna start default dancing

  11. The Piratey Weenie

    I heard you paint houses.


    i don't

  12. lunes

    Can someone tell me specefic music genre of the guitar in this song

  13. big Nutz

    So this is the Swan melon was talking about

  14. Лимон

    This isn't Paint it in black, but is cool

  15. kala captain

    Back pain

  16. kala captain

    back paint

  17. Picnez

    Cada vez que escucho este tema me entran altas de tomar una chocolatada bien fria lpm

  18. detre vortni

    Thanks for taking my coat Stefan. That was really polite of you.

  19. Takyon's Channel

    Who doesn't paint it black

  20. Granola

    Was not expecting 1 billion views wow

  21. Z_Buzi_do_Zuzi

    Siema od łysego :D

  22. tokiisradical

    not feeling this track, very repetitive.

  23. Flim Flam

    You evil fuckers switched it, how dare you

  24. dont say the n word

    where are those shitheads saying Death Grips is shit

    TWL .v

    right here piss off

  25. smol toaster pastry

    Thanks, Mr. Grips, for taking my coat!

  26. Quinn Nosbod

    Gives me super early marilyn manson vibes

  27. zero

    Death really do be gripping some black paint doe 😳

  28. inxy


  29. Nondrijan Stipljunglec

    Thanks for the black paint SCP 049

  30. All Sevens

    This is trash. They're capable of so much more

  31. Irvin Valdivia

    to anyone reading this, lemme guess, you like the outro of Only Acting from Kero kero Bonito, right?

  32. That Famous Feeling

    This album is comfortable. Accessible. Like Bottomless Pit 2.0. Really excited what they do next. Do they get thinner or thicker. Or the same.

  33. Alex Kurylo

    roite now

  34. Enemy of the State

    when they ask what type of paint you want

  35. Enemy of the State

    you gotta listen to it over and over and you learn more every time and it gets better

  36. Damian

    I heard something about Justin Chancellor of Tool lending his Bass skills to Death Grips. Anyone know exactly what he did?

    Bloodestbath Bill

    he rewired their brains

  37. noerddanger

    first 10 seconds sounds straight off of yeezus

  38. Alex Kurylo

    so this is "oh my god bitch" color
    oh shit we could guess

  39. General Sotheny

    Why am i getting recommendations for kero kero bonito?

  40. Juhozel

    i wanna get off mister ride's wild ride

  41. Hunter Broxson

    Didn't Tools bassist play bass in this?

  42. Tk 420

    fuckn mean as song

  43. THE DUDE

    Anti KKK?

  44. AyotheJabaWoky

    fear and loathing in hades


    i am gonna take your coat, say thanks

  46. Wu Tang

    Oh shit they played this at Vegas House of Blues in March 2019. Just found this now in August lmao

  47. Music MO

    They sound closer to the wildest Linkin Park sometimes.

  48. Vitoshima

    I don’t get it

  49. Downward Spiral

    >Be me
    >Be part of a three-person band
    >Be lead vocalist
    >Make a mixtape that gets pretty popular
    >Music is a mixture of electronica and hip hop
    >Release an album
    >Album is beloved by fans and critics alike
    >Start incorporating rock and noise into music
    >Things are going great
    >Go on a tour of America
    >Gain cult following
    >Be Sarah from Kero Kero Bonito

  50. spinwheel _ cycle

    Cursed images as music R E A L L Y D O E S work here

  51. FutaKet

    0:12 BALLSACK

  52. Tyler Durden

    This. This is it chief.

  53. Riftborn Wakeupcall

    Are going to get a new Album I wonder??????????

  54. 2muchwhit1

    What about green paint?

    Shane Harrington

    Irish Grips are a different band

  55. Sentient Hotdog

    I get a little Sleep band vibe.

  56. Herbalteaa

    Great song to eat worms to

  57. TumbleFuk

    Happy birthday to this song

  58. fl4shy

    happy black paint day boys

  59. Blake Thornton

    I like to imagine the Poison Jam from JSR would play this song

  60. WildEagle12345

    My nose feels stuffy after listening to this.

  61. Gilmar

    Mc ride is recording his songs direct from the void at this pont

  62. TrihardcX

    when he said "I am gonna take your coat, say thanks" i felt that

  63. Terminally Radical

    Is he doing the default dance

  64. Mongolian Kids Cartoons

    Song gave me sleep paralysis

  65. gallium


  66. James t Kirk

    I am John

  67. James t Kirk

    Fuck I love this shit

  68. Serious Bismuth

    That's *racist...*

  69. Tristin Buckley

    Death grips - melon paint

  70. BITE 777

    I was staring right at her.

  71. Jj Hawn

    Just saw them live in Tulsa yesterday. They destroyed it with this song.

  72. Kehwanna

    This song hit me like a shot of espresso, it took no time to get me pumped up.

  73. rafi aljero


  74. Its UrMum'sBoi

    3/10 Not enough record scratches.

  75. Striking Viking

    powerful paint wizard wields his prodigy in a trailer park

  76. skoopty wooop

    I didn't like this at first but it really started picking up around 2 minutes.

  77. Chivalrous Chase

    i'm here for erobb

  78. MR Anderson

    im so fucked up i thought the paint can was slowly tipping for like 1 minute

  79. Gamen Snootdroop

    I am gonna take your coat.
    Say thanks.

  80. Paulo Filho

    back pain

  81. Faze Man 2


  82. Sean

    new fav DG song

  83. John S

    wow...this is LITERALLY me

  84. Nicholas Mitchell

    About to hit 1 million views!

  85. Aren

    1m views congrats. My third eye is on this as graceful

  86. V 4 p 0 r

    The virgin "paint it black" vs the chad "black paint"

    Good 777 Luck

    Hi stranger 🖐🏽

  87. Burrito Wyrm

    0:00 - 2:10 driving on a highway frantically looking for the bathroom
    2:10 fucking finding it
    2:50 taking a piss

  88. Quan Mcghee

    I expected a lot more. I like it, but the energy level is kinda low on this album

  89. Rivers Cuomo


  90. joseph renshaw

    yo i was just looking for black paint and found this, what the hell did i just walk in on.


    If You still are looking for black paint

  91. syntolic symbolosis

    True vintage

  92. Toaster


  93. A 19-Year-Old NOT YouTuber

    I gave Death Grips a shot for the first time. It was the biggest mistake of my life.



    Eh, it's an aquired taste.

  94. Zenox xGod

    I don't understand this music, the needle seem to think this is one of the best singles of 2018. I just don't know what music is anymore

  95. blotty smookin

    Good, but still not as good as the Ariana Grande version

  96. Kryptonite

    i see a red door but someone already has it queued

  97. AstroPilot

    This is what it sounds like if Sonic Youth did rap

    Chris Knight

    Ciccone Grips