Death From Above 1979 - Going Steady Lyrics

Oh you should see her now
We still love her now
She is going steady
But we're not ready
To see her fall in love

I know you are getting older
We should never turn our shoulder
I have never seen you suffer
I will never hurt you mother

I will never make you suffer
I will never hurt you mother

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Death From Above 1979 Going Steady Comments
  1. Cookie Cookies


  2. Milo Morris

    Such a sexy song

  3. danny.

    i hope that bass was over 18

  4. chris gouw

    Anyone here from Reddit? Thanks for the recommendation! Sick song.

  5. Julio Andrews

    ty Reddit!

  6. Destro 29

    2019 still rippin this tune hard!

    Cookie Cookies


    Nicolás Riveros

    The whole first album is just timeless. Such a blast of a record!

  7. Юрий Иванов

    привет из 2019

  8. Shane V

    We are a group of music lovers nerding out over our favorite songs that fall under a new theme each day. Come show us what you got! Today’s theme is “Steady”.

  9. Kevinkinne3 Merp

    The bass lines are so tasty

  10. lily munoz

    Saw these guys live amazing!

  11. Nathan Wright

    What is the time sig of the end bit?

  12. Eder

    This song is fucking amazing.

    I'm late to the DFA party but I'm sure they'll understand.

  13. doublerre

    I could go to a DFA '79 concert where they play just this song, and still be satisfied

  14. Hugh Johnston

    one of the best songs on the lp

  15. Shawn Ryan

    I feel like they could of put in a second verse at 41 seconds to stretch it out a little longer and push the 3 min mark.

    Shawn Ryan

    +Andy Tarkowski still going to cut the song up in audacity and double up the verse. hahaha

    Andy Tarkowski

    +Shawn Ryan I just threw up in my mouth

    Albert McTorre

    +Andy Tarkowski Sexy.


    why does a song need to be longer than 3 minutes?

    Peter Ogrodnick

    That’s always been their ‘shtick’. Go hard for 2 and a half minutes. A lot like my sex life.

  16. Jafet Gonzalez Gonzalez

    one of the best bands not ???
    good rhythm

  17. Stephen Williams

    And this is why it's not a crime to run a bass through a guitar amp. Take that techy nerds.


    well it's good if the amp don't burn and the mic of your bass too ;)

    Alejandro Alcázar Flores

    actually he does run the bass through two bass amps


    Huh? it is a bass amp, it's just heavy distortion added.


    He runs his rig through two peavey super festival 400b bass amps. It’s why he gets that tone.

    It’s also why you can’t find the damn things since it’s rare as fuck. Luckily a couple companies make preamps that sound like it.

    Dfa1979 is why I play on a peavy bass 400 series amp. 400 watts. Blows the roof off.

  18. Jonah Kindya

    Everyone around me listens to rap. thank you Wesauce for showing me these cx

  19. Tommy Carroll

    Yeah I play the 6 string and have for years but the second I listen to DFA, I immediately want to pick my bass back up again and start learning the drums!

  20. Hyper.Bomb

    I wanted to start drumming because of :41 to :52. Still one of my favorite licks/patterns to this day. 

    Bun Egg

    Hyper.Bomb I love that it sounds so simple, but it’s a bitch to play right.
    All dfa songs have a subtle difficulty to them.
    Great drummer.
    Have you seen the House of Strombo live performance on YouTube they did?

  21. ajazman

    thank you Justice for bringing me to them

  22. Xzavier Andrews

    DIG THE  ART WORK!!!!!

  23. Beyond The Shack

    any fan of this band is a friend of mine! obviously they have good taste in music!


    This is one of my favorite rock bands and definatly my favorite band for when i am pissed 😬

  24. keyboardcohorting


  25. Sean Mcdaniel

    this band destroys. period. make new music.

    Cameron Kirkpatrick

    New album September 9th.

    Sean Mcdaniel

    @Cameron Kirkpatrick you sir just made my day

    Tracy Panavia


    Evil Avocado

    Sean Mcdaniel They just made a new song called "Freeze me".


    Mah jam <3