Death From Above 1979 - Blood On Our Hands Lyrics

I'm leaving while you turn away
In the basement is where I'm gonna stay
There is blood in all the things I say
Will you hate me if I stay this way

From the bedroom where we're running from
There's a sequel to the things I've done
You're a woman we both know it's true
By the things that I've done to you

There is blood on all the shoes you've worn
From the people you've been stepping on
There is blood in all the things you say
I won't hate you if you go away

There is blood on our hands again
From the bedroom is where we will
bring it back to the start again
bring it back to the love we had

There is blood on our hands again
From the bedroom is where will
Bring it back to the love we had
Bring it back to...

I'm leaving while you turn away
In the basement that's where I'm gonna stay
From the bedroom where we're running from
There's a sequel to the things I've done

There is blood on our hands again
From the bedroom is where we will
bring it back to the start again
bring it back to the love we had

There is blood on our hands again
>From the bedroom is where will
Bring it back to the love we had
Bring it back to...

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Death From Above 1979 Blood On Our Hands Comments
  1. Sarah L

    YESSSSS heard them at the Williamsburg waterfront. This and Romantic Rights are forever part of my young adulthood years :')

  2. David Clark

    SD be hittin different now

  3. Project r070971

    I liked the justice remix better but I still like this a lot

  4. Zero Scorpio

    i keep singing along to blue orchid when this song appears

    both are still fucking great though

  5. david patterson

    Shit I remember when I was on a good smack run and it ended up in Prison . I ordered this cd from a package and the next 3 yrs were smooth sailing !

  6. Chris F

    Came here from letterkenny they used pull out loved it so much I started digging deeper into dfa79...f&#kin love it

  7. BazookaHorse

    Holy shit babby Sebastien and Jesse

  8. Andrew Williams

    i won't hate you, per se.

  9. Shane V

    We are a group of music lovers nerding out over our favorite songs that fall under a new theme each day. Come show us what you got! Today’s theme is “Blood I”.

  10. uNkLeRaRa4

    Canadian blood!

  11. Alex Borrego

    This takes me back.

    Herkus Kaminskas

    Alex Borrego p

  12. Alice Madness

    FUUUUCK, this song is so fkin goooood!!!! Suggest me similar bands pls.

    Jade Smith

    Alice Madness you may like area 11

  13. The Bible

    wow trash

    Yes I'm Takeoff Can't Stop Me Now

    So is the Bible

  14. Aleksandar Lazarević

    Disciplin a kitschme is best.

  15. Jay VanDevender

    Fantastic bass and drums! Vocals pretty good too

  16. Andreas Rohe

    Real Underground!!!

  17. Gwendolyn McDonald

    Seen them a few times, rad to see them play Nathan Phillips Square for #PanAm   2015 in Toronto!

    The Fat Turtle

    Super jealous, I've missed the few opportunities I've had to see them. Would sell a left nut to listen to this live with the bass shaking my bones.

    Gwendolyn McDonald

    Awww, where you from? Am lucky I guess! Saw them in Oshawa not that long ago as well :)

  18. Fernanda Leal

    I fucking love Canada ❤

  19. Klomtoye

    2:54, 'wtf u doin' bru, u gota show it liek u killed the dog, don't sniff the period blod, it gets al oveir ur face.'

  20. swampdodger

    L.P #2, after 10 years, kissed n made up, `bout time.kind of ?  

  21. Andrew G

    I can't believe I missed these guys 10 years ago... Their new album is amazing!  Need to go back and catch up on the first record.

  22. ARTV

    These guys are finally back in action! I just posted my review of their new album "The Physical World" on my channel. Check it out and let me know what you think of the album!

  23. Rebecca Pollard

    royal blood have copied this

    George Oscar Bluth

    lol so true

    Brad Murphy

    This to be the most ignorant comment I have ever seen. The sounds are completely different consider Jessie routes through an ancient Peavy amp and Mike Kerr runs his entire setup through a huge bass rig and multiple 2x12 fender guitar amps with a splitter. Two completely different sounds, two completely different types of bands. Ones more of a punk band and the other is straight up Rock N' Roll. You can't get any further apart. The only similarity is it's a two man band. I hate to tell you DFA was not the first to do this. Ever heard of Local H? And I'm sure there were some bands before them. Ignorance is bliss.

    Erline Andrews

    "You can't get any further apart." Are you for real? As soon as I heard Royal Blood I thought of Death From Above. Defend them if you must but don't deny the obvious.

    MRHenHen 1986

    Copied lol 😂


    @Brad Murphy local h is fuckin sick

  24. Holden S.

    hopefully, HOPEFULLY, there's a tour corresponding with the new album. really wanna see them live.


    I think there will be, check out their facebook 

    Neil Walker-Wells

    @Maibeid playing riot in TO CHI and DEN

    Neil Walker-Wells

    Chad Charlton

    @Neil Walker-Wells Pretty sure they're only playing Toronto...hometown show!

    Ray W

    @Chad Charlton
    They're from Toronto! Sweeeeet

  25. jeanarousi


  26. DJZwart Broek

    The Hardest Button to Button 


    blue orchid


    @lutascosmin ahhh so i guess jack white was a fan or just coincidence


    @kellymadden Hardest Button to Button came out on Elephant in 2003. This came out on You're a Woman, I'm a Machine in 2004. Blue Orchid came out on Get Behind Me Satan in 2005. Similar sound, but Jack White did it first.


    i only hear the similarity in blue orchid


    @kellymadden The way that the vocals of both Blood On Our Hands and The Hardest Button to Button are spoken sound similar. The original comment in this chain, written by DJZwart Broek, is about how close The Hardest Button to Button and Blood On Our Hands sound.

  27. Dallas Reinhart

    These guys rock pretty damn hard!

  28. Arch

    Ahh, Much Music days.

  29. Lawrence Smith

    Neither does actively avoiding it...

  30. FelixChampion

    great song, bass tones is siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick :)

  31. Zomcon Gaming

    boy i tell you hwat

  32. Bruno Campestrini

    música transuda

  33. ShonkyLegs

    FUCKING D.O.A!?!

  34. Father Thunder

    IDK man. I loved La Cucaracha, but that's just me. I just wanna see them back together with Dave, Claude, and Glenn

  35. TheShameofaNation

    I honestly wouldn't doubt the running out of money thing. Nothing against Papa Gener, but the dude's solo stuff is jank, which is honestly why I think La Cucaracha fell so short, too much of Gene's soft rock stuff. I really don't see why he can't stay sober in Ween, it's not like he doesn't have the support of everyone else or anything.

  36. Father Thunder

    discovered them a week after they broke up. It was such a let down to find them at that time. But I know they'll be back. Dean isn't holding anything against Gene, and Gene is probably not doing so well with his tour. I remember reading that he ran out of money or something. He just needs to get sober, or just stick to pot lol

  37. TheShameofaNation

    I sure hope so, man. I only discovered them last November and I immediately bought every album and became a fan for life. My life would be complete seeing them live.

  38. Father Thunder

    I predict that Ween will reform next year. Or at least do a 30 year anniversary tour. Just watch

  39. TheShameofaNation

    Boognish is love.
    Boognish is life.

  40. Father Thunder


  41. Xander Belton

    strangely enough I just came here after watching "The Hardest Button to Button."

  42. OrangeKlawHammer

    Skinny Puppy...god tier band my friends.

  43. wazoo41


  44. lazylank



    How did no one mention MSTRKRFT in this damn conversation?

  45. Sal Presti

    really? lol what video?

  46. noblekyuss93


  47. poniegirlaus

    ahah sadly since im in australia i will never be able to meet him in person but i have talked to him over the phone and watch the videos she uploads on her youtube crumpled angel where he is seen in the videos if you were to look up the stray-chuck on the mike misty confirms my relation to her as well as proof :)

  48. RicardoR5

    We are here to make money and sell out and stuff

  49. Francisco Ferreira

    Arcade Fire, Billy Talent and DFA 1979 are fucking awesome ( and Justin Bieber, off course xD )

  50. 1234


  51. Sealatis

    says the guy with the. em wait gimme a sec ill.... says the guy that uses youtube :I

  52. Gary Mandley

    No, this is actually good.

  53. ChinpoNugget


  54. Kevin Mista

    The tragically hip is a great Canadian band as well

  55. TheSweetestCurse

    Why's everyone forgetting Crystal Castles and Grimes?

  56. offspringalldaway

    Maple Syrup? Come on man. A Classic to our Society.

  57. CapaldiFan

    This song is so awesome! And the outro is amazing. Theys should play it live.

  58. ChinpoNugget


  59. Ethan Alicdan

    billy talent? william shatner? ringing any bells?

  60. Marco Luparia


  61. hork13


  62. Monster Robots Attack

    Ice hockey, Maple syrup, fuck Australia I wanna move to Canada.

  63. Kara Jerome

    this is the best song that i have ever heard lol i have to listen to it every day :D

  64. poniegirlaus

    eheheh and now to make you all jealous i shit you not but my uncle is jesse keeler he married my dads sister misty fox my cousin violet is their daughter :3 i love it

  65. TheShameofaNation

    Says the guy with a forever alone avatar. Nothing says straying from the pack like overused memes, oh boy let me tell ya.

  66. mark stallard

    they rule

  67. MIKE10000isn


  68. René Salvador

    i forgot how bad ass this band is!!

  69. Emmi

    It doesn't really matter what people listen to, whether it's media fed or not.

  70. UncleJimima

    I like this song

  71. RobiRoadkill

    i'm sorry to break it to you buddy, but listening to what the media feeds you does'nt make you open minded, quite the opposite.

  72. jameabeto1


  73. jameabeto1

    Not my problem that your ears are not open to different sounds :)

  74. RobiRoadkill

    lol the weeknd. why not just throw drake in there too make us look even worse. (sept for rush i can't hate rush)

  75. VideodromeGnome

    haha Heart is actually from Seattle, Deadmau5 sucks ass, and Rush totally f'n rocks. these guys are pretty cool too. I think the Tea Party is actually the best band thing to ever come from Canada along with Skinny Puppy.

  76. Caldwell Fitzgerald

    So yeah, the best thing to come from Canada.

  77. Rival Green

    You did as well
    Vancouver Heat , Spiral Beach , Mother Mother , Neil Young and Northern Lights ...

  78. Ruben Gardiner

    this is shit. listen to your traditional heavy metal scene its the fcking best

  79. Henry Kirkwood

    OMG Arcade Fire and deadmau5 are two of the greatest things in existence

  80. Twurl

    You forgot Justin Bieber.

  81. ANT


  82. deathnote3675

    Don't forget Fucked Up! c:

  83. So Sophisticated

    more like neil old

  84. So Sophisticated

    156thousand ... really? wtf mainn how?

  85. AimlessAmoeba

    I don't know that I'd call Heart Canadian per se

  86. Inquire about it

    BMX - Dirty east 06'.

  87. GVilleAnarcho

    my comment wasn't tongue in cheek. not in the slightest bit.

  88. GVilleAnarcho

    Man, I bet you wish you hadn't made this comment.

    By the way, The Weakerthans is the best thing to come out of Canada, and maybe the entire world. End of discussion. Turn off the comments. Finish watching this video and then go listen to the greatest music on earth.

  89. Entertainment_account


  90. wiiopsunday

    I love you because you said Japandroids.

  91. Mckenzie Roch

    and Beck and Godspeed You! Black Emperor

  92. Tyrell Sweezy

    I love that outro.

  93. * XxBlackFALLENAngelxX *

    And better than all of those Sum 41 and Tokyo Police Club

  94. DocSicnarf

    I agree with you on Rush and Heart.

  95. PSExposed

    Merry Christmas, mate.

  96. wdm2112

    Fuck you.