Death Cab For Cutie - The Ice Is Getting Thinner Lyrics

We're not the same, dear, as we used to be.
The seasons have changed and so have we.
There was little we could say, and even less that we could do
To stop the ice from getting thinner under me and you.

We bury our love in the wintery grave
A lump in the snow was all that remained.
But we stayed by its side as the days turned to weeks
And the ice kept getting thinner with every word that we'd speak.

And when the spring arrived
We were taken by surprise when the floes under our feet bled into the sea
And nothing was left for you and me.

We're not the same, dear,
And it seems to me
There's nowhere we can go
With nothing underneath.
And it saddens me to say
What we both knew was true
That the ice was getting thinner
Under me and you.
The ice was getting thinner
Under me and you.

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Death Cab For Cutie The Ice Is Getting Thinner Comments
  1. daras1871

    Dear friend, thank you for hosting me so many years ago.. I remember this song playing in the background most evenings - i hope you are doing well! This is my nostalgic way to remember you!

  2. Khloe Garcia _

    Serena and Dan’s relationship wasn’t worth destroying Rufus and Lily’s love. Rufus and Lily truly love eachother and have been for decades. But things kept getting between them. They’re meant to be together but they’re not going to end up together. And that’s what so sad.

  3. Jake from Geico

    Being sad brought me here

  4. Iska Daniati

    2019 😄

  5. Bella and Hammy

    Who searched this song after coming from Gossip Girl

  6. Paige Smith

    Great song I cried because it reminds me of my bestest friend who will always be by my side through my battles and fights in a dark room

  7. E A R T H

    My chest is choking

  8. Brandon Andrews

    May 2019 anyone? Gossip Girl still reigns. ❤️

  9. Archie.M

    "he's gone you can let go now"
    "I know, I don't want to..."

  10. Jumai S.

    Finally understood it: He sings about the society and the climate change

  11. Danielle Harland

    I'm watching a depressing playlist and this fits really well

  12. Sarah Edwards

    This reminds me of my ex best friend ...

  13. Awuondo L.

    This song reminds me of my ex husband

  14. Yemes

    We’re not
    the same, dear

    no matter how much you miss it
    they’re gone.

  15. Bubblez_Is_Sour

    Totally didnt come here because of some tumblr post about a ship I won't mention so no one screams at me :')

  16. Xinyu Lu

    This song is def underrated

  17. peachy Seasons

    I'm sitting here in my house it's really cold.. Sometimes I can't cry and I feel so empty it feels amazing to finally cry out my pain.

  18. Diogo Carvalho

    This Song reminds me of pumpkins

  19. Tabchoo

    Revisiting this song in 2k18... makes me just as depressed as it did 3 years ago.

  20. KD3 The Drawing Gamer

    Fuck you tbh Im not going through that hell again

  21. KD3 The Drawing Gamer

    If I relapse because of that hoe I swear I will choke her

  22. Yemes

    And here we are again.

  23. Selam Alei

    Xoxo Gossip Girl ;)

  24. Craig Biggam

    Come back...

  25. Lil Dysfunctional

    This song get me really sad it’s me bad one of my friends best friends betrayed me 😢

  26. Flux Blizard

    i wont 2 kil mysef

  27. Maddie J G

    Shoutout to those with sad hearts

  28. its hard to get a job when your an drunk molester

    I knew the whole times

  29. FarIs4F4B

    why is eveyone saying Gossip girl why

  30. UnicornFreya Brooks

    Chuck basssssss is the only one I think about!!! Who gives one about my ex!!

  31. AJ is okay

    Today i feel....
    Like i dont matter
    Like i dont belong
    Not worthy of love

    Wait i feel like this everyday
    So why do i exist?

  32. Baby Yoda

    This makes me think about my ex I have to see and walk past everyday in the halls and see his relationship with a old friend of my..... the worse part is that old friend of my was the girl he cheated on me with.........and seeing them happy together makes me think did he just use me to get close to her.... why was I not good enough to keep him down.... what was wrong with me but I can’t move on because he gave me the best relationship even though he cheated on me I hate him I hate myself because I still love him I hate him for making me love him in the first place just to cheat on me.... I hate you James

    Xinyu Lu

    hope things are getting better

  33. Marcoispan

    Everyone is talking about their exes and I'm left with thoughts of my fucking abuser

  34. Ryleigh Reagan

    I’m here because this is this is the song playing when Serena and dan were dancing after they broke up💔😭❤️

  35. I'm Nameless. Deal With It, Google.


  36. DancersAudioswap

    Chuck bass is a romantic?

  37. Fabiana Moreira


  38. Nafer Akeba El Bebley-Calvin

    That guitar riff @ 2:00 is amazinggggg

  39. Natalia Apodaca

    my ex and I bonded over death cab and that’s how we became friends, and I dedicated transatlanticism to him and I’m finding all these lyrics that remind me of our lost love. we could have prevented our breakup but it’s something that happened and now we’re growing apart. this song makes me think of where we are at. death cab never fails to make me think about my life.

  40. AnselAlly

    aint here cause mo gossip girl, just cause I am really ducking sad and wanted to really feel the sadness in me.

  41. Nathalia Silva

    O Gelo Está Ficando Fino Demais

    Nós não somos os mesmos, querida, que costumávamos ser.
    As estações mudaram e nós também.
    Havia pouco a se dizer, e muito menos o que fazer
    Para impedir o gelo de ficar fino embaixo de mim e você.

    Nós enterramos nosso amor no cemitério de Windsory
    Junto veio a neve, foi tudo o que restou.
    Mas ficamos ao lado disso, enquanto os dias se tornava em semanas,
    E o gelo continuava se afinando com cada palavra que nós trocamos.

    Quando a primavera chegou
    Fomos pegos de surpresa pelo fluxo abaixo de nossos pés
    Que seguia em direção ao mar
    Nada fora deixado para você e eu

    Nós não somos os mesmos, querida
    E parece para mim
    Que não temos nenhum lugar pra ir
    Com nada sob nossos pés
    E me entristece dizer
    Mas sabemos que foi verdade
    O gelo esta ficando fino demais
    Sob mim e você
    O gelo esta ficando fino demais
    Sob mim e você

  42. garen evans

    been a big fan of DCFC for years now, helped me through some tough times, now im past the worst and looking back, id still be feeling sorry for myself and down an emotional hole miles deep if it wasnt for this song and a few other DCFC songs, thanks for reminding me that not everything is meant to be 🙂

  43. STOB IT

    My love for chair brought me here <3

  44. chinchillas are fat

    I'm just here to find someone to talk to so if you have time plesae talk to me

    chinchillas are fat


    chinchillas are fat

    I guess nobody wants to talk to me I knew nobody cared ....goodbye

    Kate Bowman

    deep down inside someone cares. I promise.

    Kate Bowman

    I try to care about everybody.

    chinchillas are fat

    Kate Bowman. Wow somebody actually replied don't worry I'm doing better now I was just really sad at the time....thank you

  45. Sly Slidel

    Dan and Serena. And I'm OG

  46. Aahana Mehta-Vasisht

    I'm here bc gossip girl, xoxo

  47. young machines

    The worst death cab song ever. Shame it had to close out a great album like narrow stairs. This song is a piece of crap.

  48. Julia Steele

    Everyone's here because of Serena and Dan ❤️❤️

  49. Samantha Gryszowka

    This was my grandpas favorite song we always used to sing together to it but on January 13th when he was in the hospital I went there to go sing it with him to hear him say goodbye sam I love you and I watched him go right in front of me I've been through so much and this song reminds me of him everyday I wish I could have sang it with him just one more time

  50. etuseicosi

    Who else listens to this song in 2017? <3

  51. jon andrews

    hits me hard man

  52. Tia

    ive never seen gossip girl but these comments r makin me curious

  53. Heleena S

    The best part about this video is how you put a smiley face at the end of this really sad song :'D

  54. Cabudool

    Am I the only one that's not here because of gossip girl?

  55. yippido

    I love this song <3

  56. les chefs masqué

    xoxo gossip girl
    This is my life
    thats movies comprain my life...

  57. Clueless Joe Jackson

    I miss you Sarah princess, hope your marriage is going OK.

  58. luna


  59. Arsene Lupin III

    I love these guys, but christ he writes some heart-wrenching lyrics

  60. How Free or Die

    How come when I google sad songs I come across some really non-sad, really good songs....

    Bipul Islam

    That's the universe saying 'I feel you bruh' ...

  61. cutwrists tired of living

    this song makes me feel why do I even belong here and when I had memories with him now it is not the same anymore it just make me cr😢😭

  62. Kumar Shrijan

    whatta song!

  63. Aditya mishra

    There was little we could say
    even less that we could do... 😕

    WillyMcWitty ツ

    .. 😟

  64. Izanami

    God this song made me feel so nostalgic

  65. Marcus Avelar

    and now the ice got thinner :(

  66. Susan Hoysted

    for me it sucks being alive tbh

  67. meg m

    just over a minute in and im already sobbing

  68. Artsy.heidi 13

    I just wanna know if this guy likes me, I hangout with girls that are so outgoing I'm not like akward but I'm not super bubbly and outgoing and I'm afraid he doesn't like me, my used to be BFF isn't really hamging out with me and it sucks being a teenager

    Artsy.heidi 13

    I just wanna not care what people think!!!!!!

    Musky Melvyn

    Makeuplover 567 stay strong, don't let others rule your life. You are not a teenager forever, thankfully ❤️

    Artsy.heidi 13

    @Charlotte Moran thanks😭 I'm trying to be more outgoing but I have always been shy my life

    Musky Melvyn

    @Makeuplover 567​ I used to me, really shy. But I just taught myself not to care, it's easier said than done but once you stop caring you can just do whatever. As long as you do what makes you happy and get rid of the people who are negative, u will be surrounded by people who are positive and that's all you need :) life has a funny way of sorting itself out:) :)

    Christiaan Potgieter

    Makeuplover 567 yeah it really sucks.

  69. Sophie

    This song describes me and my mom :(

  70. Ethan Carvajal

    im crying so hard right now. why doesn't she love me? I've tried so hard to fix my mistakes.

    alex jones

    Ethan Carvajal man I feel you. My woman after 6 years told me she doesn't love me anymore. Im sorry.

    Ethan Carvajal

    im sorry for you too man.
    i just wish i could do more

    alex jones

    Ethan Carvajal yeah it's tough, it's dragging along, I keep trying to reel her back in and she doesn't want me. Hey, shits tough bro. Just know your not the only one going through this. It will all eventually be OK. It's good to hurt and go through the mourning process. Doesn't seem like it now.. but we will all look on our situations and feel better. Just think the time you spent together isn't wasted.

    5oh kona

    Ethan Carvajal Time Heals All Wounds, imagine losing the one you would have followed to hell if needed and your family that you made which is now seperated. if i could make it through all that pain regret and self resent ment that i had, you can make it through whats hurting you.

  71. HugoElcabezas


  72. Blaine Roussell

    Originally heard this song in gossip girl and fell in love with it. It gets me everytime. Reminds me of my ex that I shouldn't have let get away!

  73. DeAnna DeRosa

    So accurate and so sad.

  74. Fairs Plays

    It's almost been a year? Still haven't gotten over him and I went out with a bunch of people to get over him giving the wrong impression :/ I have other crushes but he still comes up in head :/ but I guess I don't love him anymore and vice versa. If anyone needs help comment because I get how crap feels. Also go gg 🙌🏻

    Sumit Kumar

    I get you. Crap alert :(

    Fairs Plays

    @Sumit Kumar indeedy :/

  75. Bleach

    drink me


    Justin Baare we make jokes to deal with the fact that we want to kill ourselves. We make jokes to hide our insecurities. This is some people's coping method - even if you have a different coping method.

    Emily Ott

    You are actually everywhere I go, even on unpopular videos what the fuck

    cursed chromosomes

    hellokittyrms16 I've had it since I was nine, I'm sorry, it was like that for me, I'm sorry if I upset you

    GabeH 918

    i want to right now...

    。ramen noodles。

    _”a-are you sure, bleach-san?”_

  76. Erin Cody

    Im just thinking about anakin and padme

  77. Halimah Hannah

    this song accompany me during those sleepless night

  78. Verse Proxii

    These are the cringest comments I've ever reed.

  79. Javīėra Ff

    you can't put a that happy face after this song dude

    Lillie Turcotte

    Javiera Pascal ive gotten really good at that , yes i can

  80. RA Morgan

    I love this song! I wish I could sing along to it but my singing sounds like nails on a chalk board 0-0

  81. Jesse A

    this song is good for when your in a breakup:'(

  82. Ak1 blast

    it makes me cry

  83. Forever ashlynn

    gossip girl brought me here💖

  84. Michael Golden

    Shit reminds me how alone I am

  85. - anne

    this song is so underrated

    Brooke Salt

    Its fucking phenomenal

  86. jellybean love

    This song is so sad it made me almost cry

  87. Angel Winchester

    this makes me sad
    I had a really bad break up
    also gossip girl was pretty fantastic
    it lead me to this song

  88. Omair Bhore

    Love suffocates or should I say heartbreak suffocates

  89. Snail Gazer

    Fastest way to ruin emotional music is stick a bunch of retarded pictures in it.

  90. sydney rinker

    I need a good cry and I heard this song is good for triggering that.

  91. sydney rinker

    I need a good cry and I heard this song is good for triggering that.

  92. Mckayla Hutcherson

    heard this in gossip girl, fell in love!!


    same :D

  93. OriginalLappen

    this song hurts so much

    Andy Broberg

    +OriginalLappen i feel yea man

    Red Dead Web-Head

    It hurts so good...

  94. Smøl Bean

    this song reminds me of The Simpsons movie where Homer is drifting away from Marge and the kids On the Heart shaped ice

  95. RebelSavant99

    *listens to song on loop for 382948279 hours*
    that's what I do every time i'm sad ._.

  96. Hani SmiVLov

    What are the names of the characters in the art in this video and what are they from they are so cute.

  97. Fauziaa

    this makes me think about my ex..the one that got away.

    Andy Broberg

    +Chrissy C +1

    Peter Kier

    Me too, Chrissy. I think we all have one....

    WillyMcWitty ツ

    That's the exact thought that runs through my head when I think of her. "The one that got away.." 😟

  98. 71196

    Thank God i found this for myself :P ♥ I dig Trasantlanticism because of Beastly, and then this song happened.. Today

  99. Luna Rose

    How have I never heard this song? It's so beautiful!