Death Cab For Cutie - Some Boys Lyrics

Some boys are filling, some boys are filling the hole
They're making the killing at the top of the billings
Their role, and that's all that they know
But some boys don't listen, some boys don't listen at all
They don't ask for permission, they lack inhibitions
No walls, and they get what they want

But some boys don't know how to love

Some boys are singing, some boys are singing the blues
Joylessly flinging with the girls that they're bringing to their rooms
And then leave them, they're through
Some boys are sleeping, some boys are sleeping alone
Cause there's no one that's keeping them warm through evening
They know that they're on their own

Some boys don't know how to love

Some boys are filling, some boys are filling the hole
Some boys are sleeping, some boys are sleeping alone

Some boys don't know how to love [x4]

They won't get what they want

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Death Cab For Cutie Some Boys Comments
  1. Sarah Paulson

    I listened to this a lot after was date raped by someone....its really relevant and sad xxx

  2. Aaron McDougal

    I relate so well to this...

  3. MrH3RM1T

    To be one of those boys, hurts like hell.

  4. Aoki

    some boys likes kissing other boys

    Adam Kirkbride

    Rat Trap supervisor not even CLOSE to the truth

    Rat Trap supervisor

    raped and molested always take up for their predators


    Rat Trap supervisor um please take your homophobia else where that'd be great hun

    Pedro Menezes

    and homophobes? what do they lived in them childhood to grab that andry about people that only want to be happy?

  5. Tedfordshire

    some boys are sleeping alone...

  6. EagDesert

    The seems to erroneously assume that all men want or need the validation of being useful to a woman. A man is not, and should not, be defined by his relation to women, and there isn't anything "wrong" with him for not wanting to conform with the traditional relationship/marriage/family model. This because everyone is unique, and we don't all need the same things out of life.

    There may be men out there who want that, and don't understand how to get it, but don't assume that it is the role all men should conform to or else be judged negatively.

    Travis Walters

    And vice versa. The sooner we come to understanding that grouping people and characterising them is silly the better this experiment gets. I agree with that in the big picture, but that is not what this song is about and assuming that they are speaking for all when the song deliberately says some is a bit of a stretch.

    Zack Ducker

    There is a group of people, however that wants to find joy in a long term companionship but can't and wish they could

    Meisk H

    Um.... That's why this song is called SOME boys

  7. spystyle

    They know that they're on their own ...

  8. Tara Hulliberger

    So true. And sad.. And kind of cute. 

  9. AceFace39

    I love this song, but it makes me so sad when I listen to it.  AHH!

  10. Dustin Watkins

    btw what is your interpretation in that case? and why're you so upset and aggressive about it??

  11. Dustin Watkins

    ... free speech. I'll give my interpretation of whichever track I want to, whenever I want to.

  12. Dustin Watkins

    thanks for the different interpretation. I think you're onto something there for sure

  13. mbunakid

    Thank you for your contribution. I don't really care about artistic sensibility to be honest. Lighten up man :)

  14. keiphammusic

    You've completely missed the whole meaning of the song.. The song is basically about a bunch of guys in general and how they deal with love/relationships. Pay attention to each verse. They're all about different types of guys. In fact, the notion that there are only "nice guys" and "douchebags" goes completely against what the song is trying to say. There are many types of guys in the world, and however good or bad they are, they're just looking for "love" or at least what they think "love" is.

  15. Noa Ganot

    Like if u heard this song on Smash first :)

  16. Kip Davis

    That Katharine McPhee version SUCKED compared to DCFC's version!

  17. Kat Pack

    Check out the show Smash on NBC this Tuesday....Katharine Mcphee is going to be covering this song! :)

  18. joshuawatkinsful

    Maybe give Nickelback a go, they're a little easier to understand.

  19. joshuawatkinsful

    Look at Paul's comment, he gets the gist. I'm not the only one.

  20. joshuawatkinsful

    sounds like you don't have any artistic sensibility. I do think he meant it literally, and metaphorically. He says it so plainly because there is no emotion in the act. The whole nice guys finish last idea, while douche bags who could care less are just "filling a hole".

    I get it - but some people aren't analytic or empathetic enough to understand these things.

  21. Custard God

    Go home Diction, you're drunk...

  22. Conanto


  23. Paul Neville

    wrong? There's obvious sexual connotations. There are blatant references to unsatisfying sex throughout the whole song.

  24. Morocoyable

    Stiles Stilinksi brought me here! great song

  25. mbunakid

    Sounds like you don't have a sense of humor :D

  26. joshuawatkinsful

    sounds like your friends are losers

  27. Bill Brower

    GREAT SONG 5*****'s

  28. derekisazombie39

    @patrickzaucha lmao! I never even noticed. but still. I love dcfc

  29. Michelle Acojedo

    I told by friends to listen to this.. they took "Some boys are filling the hole" soo wrong :/

    Dustin Richardson

    And yet... is that interpretation actually wrong in this case? If all you're doing is 'filling the hole', chances are, you'll probably feel like your relationship is missing something, or are trying to compensate for a different part of the relationship with sex. Multiple meanings to 'filling the hole'.

  30. babydinos26

    love them!! they are my favorite band :) just sayinn!