Death Cab For Cutie - Monday Morning Lyrics

She may be young but she only likes old things,
And modern music it ain't to her taste,
She loves the natural light, captured in black and white,
She sees mirages of mountain ranges,
Within a blink of her eyes it changes,
Back to the open plain, oh no she can't explain.

I cry out "Love keep your arms around me",
I am a bird that's in need of grounding,
I'm built to fly away, I never learned how to stay.

The night is gonna fall and the vultures will surround you,
And when you're lookin' in the mirror what you see is gon' astound you.
But all these lines and greys refine, they are the maps of our design,
Of what began on a Monday morning.

Monday morning, Monday morning,
Ooh, ooh,
Monday morning, Monday morning,
Ooh, ooh,

The night is gonna fall and the vultures will surround you,
And when you're lookin' in the mirror what you see is gon' astound you.
But all these lines and greys refine, they are the maps of our design,
Of what began on a Monday morning.

Oh yes the night is gonna fall, and the vultures will surround you,
And when you're lookin' in the mirror what you see is gon' astound you.
And all the glow of you from inside the room,
Is burning on inside of you, it all began on a Monday morning.

Monday morning, Monday morning,
Ooh, ooh.

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Death Cab For Cutie Monday Morning Comments
  1. Turkey Bowlwinkle

    I like the part about the vultures

  2. Matthew Snyder

    Well, I guess this is growing up

  3. Laundry Detergent

    Love this song but I can't help but think he should have used "will" or some other word in place of "gonna". Saying "gonna astound you" just doesn't flow that well.

  4. DJAmat

    I've been listening to this song for 7 years now. I always come back to it when i'm feeling lonely. I don't know, this song just gets me.

    Siouxsie X

    Just came across this in the last 6 months and been on repeat. I just get this song

  5. biddy fox

    The sequel to Brother on a Hotel Bed


    6th grade throw back

  7. kason haug

    this is one of the best on the album

  8. Henry Przepiorka

    proper guitar pop

  9. Luciano Guarnieri

    Obrigado Maryame, por fazer minha manhã de segunda-feira, muito melhor!!! Je t'aime mon amour!!!

  10. Todd Schafer

    I once had a girl like this. Unfortunately, I cannot forget her.

  11. Tiffany Simons

    This song is exactly me I'm a young and I like old thing and modern music isn't my thing. 📻

  12. Francis Grey

    I'll look back at this comment in a month

    Quaaludes G

    Francis Grey lol my account got hacked but it's been a month now, I come back next month

    Quaaludes G

    She farted on my pp I'm like vro

    Captain Chumbuwumba

    what the

    Quaaludes G

    Captain Chumbuwumba I died

    Quaaludes G

    I forgot

  13. Peter Schrader

    Sounds like SNL Christmas band w/ Horatio Sanz.

  14. Max Comeau (Singer-Songwriter)

    This is excellent! Wow ... nice!

  15. Gemma Pettersen

    Total coincidence that I'm listening to this on a Monday morning. Didn't even notice.

  16. SammieGram71

    I now play this song very Monday morning bc yes. 😍

  17. Emily Michelle

    Oh Zooey 😭

  18. Bradley Ferrier

    THIS ladies and gentlemen... is music

    Mixtape Minus

    damn no way

    Andrew M

    Why, because a moron with a mix tape without taste says so?

    Aditya mishra

    Indeed..... Not everyone will appreciate good music

  19. XoXShikariXoX

    such an awesome song!

  20. Mel V

    the beginning lyrics is definitely me :)

  21. luna reed

    I listen to this every monday mourning before work,gets me the fk up lol :)

  22. Nomz102

    The name of this song made me tired, grumpy and sad.

  23. Hannah Eilers

    (Shhh this is about Zooey shhh.) ;D

  24. austin kalinowski

    best album on the album by far.

  25. icesk8er1564

    the color of the symbol thing changed and i thought i was going crazy

  26. hjbhhib

    you hipsters are so annoying

    Andrew M

    That's only a reflection on your own disturbed psyche. A hipster you are, annoying but totally boring, with mix tapes & random hip stuff, no clue, come here & spout random hate. You are hilarious.

  27. Occidentalis44

    Twilight DID NOT intrduce me to this song..

  28. Kyle Stone

    Twilight hasn't produced shit. They didn't make this. They didn't produce this. Death Cab for Cutie did. But yes, awesome band indeed.

  29. luisa marrone

    We all hate monday morning less... Death Cab =)

  30. Genevieve55

    Listen to Cath... and Possess your Heart and Soul Meets Body and... getting carried away. But definitely give those a listen. I got into Death Cab a couple months ago and so far I love every album I've listened to.

  31. Genevieve55

    I always listen to this and "Monday Monday" (Mamas and Papas) on Monday morning. In fact it is Monday at 10 am where I am. It makes me hate Mondays a little less. :)

  32. Brooklynn Culwell

    NO no i read other comments saying it was from twilight and i got confused.

  33. Julia Febos

    As long as you like Benjamin you are okay in my book.

  34. Julia Febos

    No no it wasn't Meet Me on the Equinox is what you are looking for.

  35. Brooklynn Culwell

    This song was in twilight? xD

  36. TwiLalla

    what is your problem if i'm a twilight fan and i LOVE death cab?

  37. Pixelkhiin NiMFJ

    Yeah it's a shame that your poor series sucks. I use that book to hit people in the head with, and as packing for moving.

  38. Frightened Sponge

    If everyone listened to Death Cab, the public world would be a more tolerable place. I'd rather hear this on the radio than half the crap that's on it.
    Bandwagon fans or old fans, it doesn't matter.
    It's a beautiful song, and whoever enjoys it shouldn't be ruled out simply because of their other tastes or the medium through which they found out about this song.
    Get over yourselves.

  39. Julia Febos

    But you would be liking the music after it doesn't matter the order

  40. Luciie

    Or, Death Cab For Cutie could have just denied the money, like My Chemical Romance did, STILL write Meet Me on the Equinox, STILL make thousands of dollars for being the awesome that they are, and continue to be famous to the few that admire them. However, artists need to eat too, and in the real world, such things don't happen, so their reasons are understandable. However, Death Cab For Cutie doesn't need any bandwagon fans, they need real ones. Twilight can suck it.

  41. Bob Jones

    he doesn't want DCFC to become anymore mainstream. no need for 1st grade name calling

  42. Julia Febos

    So you don't want Death Cab for Cutie to become famous and more well known and you wish they didn't get those thousands of dollars for writing meet me on the equinox. That is how I now have grown to love them. Just because you don't like the books doesn't mean you have to be a twat about it...

  43. whooshyoumissedme

    The beginning of this song describes me. I swear.

  44. Shannon May

    fuckers. they always ruin the good music!

  45. radiowwww

    Monday is my prophet. It tells me exactly how the entire week is going to be. For instance today is slow, this means my entire week will be a slow parade of failures, while the faster failures simply slide right by me, without noticing me. Glad of that, for i will be too slow to defend, otherwise. I dont have much hope for this week. Still though it seems it can be a very pleasant week, just unagitated, and lackadaisical. Most probably, uneventful, and unprofitable.

  46. Shelby Temple-Hart

    For My bestfriend Cherisse<3

  47. G3m1thun4

    @cutyourlossesX awesome!

  48. Gabriella Acevedo

    this chick sounds like a major hipster.

  49. burymewithitxx

    the day Death Cab's new album came out :p

  50. VeneratioDiablo

    You mean glitter.. ugh.

  51. Renato Passos

    Very nice song!

  52. Normaan Martinez


  53. noshington wells

    @EpicBrawlers this instant.. isnt that amazing

  54. amzyangel92

    One Tree Hill :) <3 Choosing the best music ever x

  55. James Pfleger

    @samuelRknight uhhh that is why it works perfectly

  56. S K

    "gonna astound you"? That lyric is awkward as shit.

  57. auditi5

    @Gorehound23 True. She's so wonderful<3 Plus, he's better off being sad and writing mopey songs. She's better being adorable and with joseph gordon levitt! :)

  58. auditi5

    @TheImnothungry It is! the day they met or something like that (:

  59. Veilchenbeschleuniger

    Youtube - how can you stop buffering a Death Cab For Cutie Song? Burn in Hell!

  60. Richard Parker


  61. Valentin Borquez

    buen tema

  62. freakazoid6657

    when this song came out I had the intention of listening to it every monday morning but I have consistently forgotten every time..

  63. Liz Brown

    @Samiiax7 except now, Ben and Zooey are getting a divorce... so that pretty much makes this song the saddest song on the whole album.

  64. Paige Bradley

    I'm seeing them at deck the hall ball in like a week...I think I might cry when they perform :')

  65. 55667ish

    @cutyourlossesX hey.. im a huge twilight fan, but i knew dcfc before i read the books or watched the movies.
    so watch it buddy.

  66. IMDangerOzz

    @sh1tonwba shut the fuck up.

  67. SamiYoon

    Song's about the singer meeting Zoey stfu about Twilight. Did I mention the only good thing that came out of Twilight were the soundtracks? Because the 'saga' in general SUCKS ASS, word.

  68. Darby Mowell

    @CannedBananaz I got it xD

  69. xSoyMilk

    really? twilight? this band and especially this song seems so unfit for such a movie....

  70. Mona Zhang

    @ALestriel8 Completely agree with you! In fact I discovered Muse through Twilight :P I feel slightly ashamed...but not really

  71. ALestriel8

    twilight has surprisingly produced quite good music. i dont care how you get to music. as long as there is music being introduced to people. a band as awesome as deathcab.. people need to be educated! even if its through twilight!

  72. DJAmat

    Pretty good? This song is the best thing I have ever heard.

  73. Wayne Barlow

    Now this is the Death Cab I've missed oh so much. <3

  74. Anhthu T

    i love listening to the first 10 seconds at top volume. can't get over it.

  75. SuperHiddenaccount

    @georgegabriel9 same here man

  76. Nicky Lieber

    @cutyourlossesX hahah!!!

  77. daniel ha

    twilight fans better not get there dirty little fangs on this one.

  78. Kiana M

    this is my favorite song, definitly popped when lidtening to this album :D

  79. Disgusted Batman

    I think he wrote this for Zooey.

  80. Andrew Nunez

    only 48,000 views... what the heck is that?!?!?!

  81. Lworld63

    love this song so much!

  82. Keith

    @TheLumberjackHero possibly the only comment i can agree on.

  83. Keith

    sounds like two by antlers, just not as good

  84. Not Enough, Fartsy

    Is it just me or is the tempo faster than normal?

  85. Sydnayyomg

    I adore this song. I can't stop listening to it.

  86. George Gabriel

    from the second i bought codes and keys this was my favourite song

  87. Abhishek Vaid

    I promise to listen to it on every Monday Morning from this day forth !!!


  88. Sphinxabee

    How do they know me?!

  89. Sean McConnell

    I love the antlers but to accuse death cab of ripping them off is like saying the pixies ripped off nirvana. You hear similar melodies of the antlers because they were influenced by Death Cab. Both rock btw.

  90. Sean McConnell

    Everyone dislike all of NBA036 videos because he posted a different song under this name just to get views. AIt's the top viewed song under monday morning death cab

  91. Aaron Huggins

    Great, especially when the other video is a fake XD

  92. Daweed Tacheles

    Hui e!!! muchas gracias amigos...
    PENDECHOS (hehe)

  93. Jordan Ford

    I love the chorus in this song. And the rift is addicting lol

  94. emmy

    zooey deschanel brought me here

  95. Kinksayshi

    @shannonjoy93 except they didn't.

  96. Shannon C

    Totally ripped off The Antlers!!!!!!!!

  97. SuperHiddenaccount

    @robinho1979 totally agree with you