Death Cab For Cutie - Little Bribes Lyrics

The Eiffel tower built to smaller scale
The freshest oxygen I'd ever inhale
I tapped a bottle against a safety rail, killing time

And you were like a walking compliment
Tall in stature and exceptionally read
In dummy glasses and a cardigan
Oh, come on

And oh so empty were the faces of the dealers And the waitresses around

You said that all these things you've learned to ignore
The hidden cameras on the casino floor
And what gets paid for behind hotel doors
Oh, come on

You pretend every slot machine is a robot amputee waving hello
The people stare into their eyes and they feed them little bribes and then they go

The never-ending twilight
In a basement where the sun has never spilt
You said that you were lonely
And then we kissed like lonely people do

You said the city has a beating heart
That pushes people down the boulevard
And they're all hoping for a wish fulfilled
In a desert for a dollar bill
Those foolish dreams, you know they plague me still
Oh, come on

And oh so empty were the faces
Of the dealers and the waitresses around [X2]

They're empty

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Death Cab For Cutie Little Bribes Comments
  1. uvp5000

    The music is brisk and clever, the lyrics delightful and ever-moving; playing and singing this song is a whole lot of fun. The video is like the song - there's never a stop to the action.

  2. CarterWatson Keep on Rockin

    First time listening to this band really happy I found out about them

  3. Savage Kid097

    Kidbehindacamera brought me here 😂😂

  4. carsonkent

    great concept, great execution.....has nothing to do with the actual song, the actual lyrics, the purpose of this piece of art....

  5. Roldi Oldi

    this song is fucking awesome

  6. Tia


  7. Dominique Echols

    Yup, no judgement/ no shade. He's sobbing about a prostitute

  8. Mike Walker

    This music video is SOOOOOO underrated!!! These visuals are amazing!!!

  9. Tessellated Heart

    Does anyone know when DCFC is Touring?!? I really want to see them!! I hope it's in the south east USA area. (Florida) :)

    Scorpions Fire

    They will Tour soon ;) cant weit to See Turm in Germany again :)

    Hayley Sommers

    They are touring this summer!

    Alex Smith

    Tomorrow in St. Augustine, FL with CHVRCHES


    DCFC and CHVRCHES? That's like my dream show lmao

  10. terry1919

    Still more talented than Wrong Direction

    Tessellated Heart

    WAY MORE TALENTED is what I think you met to say.


    Harry Styles' solo work is amazing now, even though 1D wasn't that great


    was there someone making that argument?
    or did you just feel like letting everyone know that water is wet, fire is hot, and the sky is blue? :)


    terry1919 how is this relevant?

  11. Mary Burrell

    cute video.

  12. Mary Burrell

    I love this song.

  13. Karina Servin

    you were like a walking compliment, tall in stature and exceptionally red :)

  14. Jordan Pomeroy

    "every slot machine is a robot amputee waving hello"

    I love Death Cab.

  15. R.D. Adair

    Such a good way to look at the world :)

  16. César M

    Great video, great song

  17. Jon Scott

    Never disappoint with their music videos...and this one is hilarious.

  18. lilly ray

    i love all of death cab for cuties songs

  19. Justin Bradford

    Maybe something off Pretty. Odd. - I love that album.

  20. Daniel Klebingat

    I'm so glad that dcfc's video's are unique, pleasing to the eye, clean and fun without any of today's 'need' for flashing lights and half naked girls in the background. :D Great song

  21. Henry Haprov

    Thats a little redundant don't you think?

  22. iwannaburjoeyramone

    I dont know of any other band that could describe a casino so poetically.

  23. Cassidy Cosway

    Perfect music video is perfect ♥

  24. Atticus Pond

    If there were to be a playlist of the best DCFC songs, it would never end

  25. MyChemicalBromance

    Did you know "The Lion King" has lions in it? I shat bricks.

  26. MrSchneeblee

    i love them, i love this song, but this video makes me nauseous.

  27. Ofra Black

    LOVE that song and video! ♥

  28. Ashley Trinh

    thumbs up if you fried cheese in a pan after watching this

  29. Shannixxii

    love this song. too bad the rest of their music isn't like this

  30. thebigtverberg

    I love DCFC, and Ross Ching! Win-Win! Great song and vid!

  31. Bookworm1045

    One of the best videos and songs ever <3

  32. MikeUMA

    @mang1111 It's on an EP called The Open Door, released in 2009.

  33. mauro navarro

    of which album is this song?

  34. thegreenguitar

    Going to see these guys in Feb! I'm so excited! I never thought they'd come here! :'D

  35. rororoyourboatful

    @EPICGIRL99 if anything, it reminds me a tiny bit of pretty. odd., specifically pas de cheval, but holy SHIT.

    death cab is god tier and panic! at the disco is shit tier when compared. that is all.

  36. Jeremy Crise

    @EPICGIRL99 No, no it does not.

  37. EPICGIRL99

    Does this song remind anyone else of Panic!at the disco ??

  38. QueenOfCows95

    difinately my favourite death cab song, plus the vidoe is awesomeeeeeeeee

  39. John Rogers

    @Azatt1987 Yah Man

  40. John Rogers

    Ross Ching Is an awesome Director

  41. Eduardo Perez

    2:29 ... UFO

  42. Fun Loving Criminal 77

    Cool Video

  43. Wermhats Wormhat

    Wow that bit about robot amputee slot machines was deep as shit. I need to give this band more credit, I've been ignoring them because I thought their name was queer

  44. 1pallapalla

    idk why but this reminds me of Red dead redemption (a game) ^^

  45. caligirl986

    haha this is great :)
    Thumbs up if you LOVE ben gibbards voice! its just SO amazing!

  46. Jody Holt

    I thought it was called Little Brides. And it was about midgets. Dx

  47. TheAG1213

    does this count for speed reading?

  48. Anthony Harris

    This video is amazing..I'm just thinking of how long it took to shoot lol.

  49. Nico Gonz

    @skoops91 that joke is lame

  50. Eduardo Avila

    poor edition video guys... this video is great but make it...

  51. TheLinkinFighter

    At least I don't have any trouble figuring out what the lyrics are XD

  52. Kindred Wings

    hey cox, i cant watch the videos i like because your commercials ruin the video excitment. aand i even have cox internet

  53. nobolettu

    This music video is FUCKING AWESOME !

  54. Sofia Santiago

    is the video done using stop motion?

  55. Sedruk3

    barely the same.

  56. philpotpie

    @odogguitar It's the first song on the Open Door EP.

  57. Andy Debrallin


  58. antoinette .baquiran

    this, this is why i go on youtube. to find awesome music.

  59. Amy Creaner

    this is AMAZING

  60. Matt Blake

    Mt. Wilson... nice!

  61. Sally Shaar

    Since I found this song, I listen to it everyday, such good vibes.

  62. Zeke Jones

    Great vid!
    And not just the music either, which scores big in my book!

  63. Lee

    I want to sleep with this song, have sex with it, wake up in the morning and eat the song out, then kiss the song goodbye on my way to work.
    I love you Death Cab!

  64. allyndeimos

    no one's allowed to be this awesome.
    and yet, and yet! :)

  65. rubethedude

    They're emtptyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

  66. 2good4evil2evil4u

    Awesome video and song. I am glad I found this band.

  67. Azatt1987

    directed by Ross Ching?!

  68. Marie Faubert

    Death Cab could sing twinkle, twinkle little star in reverse.. i'd still love it..

  69. Killahbeez79

    Damn this is the first time I have heard this song and I am in love....btw a love button....

  70. francesca d

    The O. C. for life!!!

  71. Quixotic Fool

    Saw the 'and' on the keyboard. . . went to check mine. . . forgive me.

  72. Hunter deBlanc

    why on earth is the embedding disabled? i wanna share this with the world of Facebook and re-post it every day on my news feed

  73. nicole charron

    i enjoy his voice

  74. nicole charron

    @CapumOfOuttaSpace hahahahhahahaha

  75. McKenna Edwards

    This video made my day.

  76. Abi M

    awesome song, awesomer band

  77. clairosaurusrex

    4 people don't know how to read

  78. Chris Sanders

    the song makes me think of the James Gang

  79. Shawnku00

    get excited for death cabs new album coming out! codes and keys!
    check it out on my blog !
    casketlegs. com/2010/12/death-cab-names-new-album-this-spring-codes-and-keys/

  80. Hootshot112

    oh come on! I love these parts of the song.... no, I love the entire song :) DCFC connot fail!

  81. Alex Kahle

    like a good neighbor statefarm is there...with a youtube video without an ad

  82. Lucy Duffell

    this song is FIT :D

  83. Lindsay Gillespie

    THEY'RE EMPTYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

  84. Olivia Schettino

    this is one of the best bands ever unlike the crap they play on the radio today......................I <3 DCFC!!!

  85. lukelukess

    songs from the heart !!

    Such an amazing band to chill to!!
    please subscribe to my channel. I have a new acoustic EP out now.

  86. tessa szatzker

    this is amazing!

  87. raraavis

    Amazing video. Why not the HQ version, as per Vimeo?

  88. Fry

    "...every slot machine is a robot amputee waving hello" Awesome lyrics

  89. eeskaatt

    @StayGoldStudios the director: vimeo dot com/4729762

  90. carsonkent

    i can't imagine how long this video took to create.....yet great art is timeless. i love the perspective they took on Las Vegas.

  91. porrita porra

    What means "Reb"?

  92. Scarpa_moore

    hahaha this song rox :3

  93. Eli S

    I'd tap the bottle they tapped

  94. phunkmasta66

    Third favorite DCFC song

  95. tzitzatziryhv

    super cool!!!

  96. joeneedstosleep

    Wow, just think of how much time it must have taken to make this... All those time elapsed shots...

  97. Marjon Parsi

    heheehehe i lol'ed at the end

  98. dessajones

    great video! ♥ DCFC!