Death Cab For Cutie - Grapevine Fires Lyrics

When the wind picked up, the fire spread
And the grapevines seemed left for dead
And the northern sky looked like the end of days
The end of days

The wake up call to a rented room
Sounded like an alarm of impending doom
To warn us it's only a matter of time
Before we all burn
Before we all burn
Before we all burn
Before we all burn

We bought some wine and some paper cups
Near your daughter's school when we picked her up
And drove to a cemetery on a hill
On a hill

And we watched the plumes paint the sky gray
As she laughed and danced through the field of graves
And there I knew it would be alright
That everything would be alright
Would be alright
Would be alright
Would be alright

And the news reports, on the radio
Said it was getting worse
As the ocean air fanned the flames
But I couldn't think of anywhere I would have rather been
To watch it all burn away
To burn away

The firemen worked in double shifts
With prayers for rain on their lips
And they knew it was only a matter of time

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Death Cab For Cutie Grapevine Fires Comments
  1. Lucas Oliver

    Did you see Death Cab??
    Min: 1:13

  2. Kurt Martin

    The little details on this video were beautifully done
    Like Billy sitting in the front while the mother sitting in the backseat to comfort the son
    He sees the picture and a single drop hits the frame like a tear then the rain follows

  3. MilkaInSpace

    So many people are living this in Australia right now and my heart is breaking for all of them.

  4. Lester Ang

    The Australian fires made me remember this song.

    N A

    Same. And both have dogs as profile pics :(

    Lester Ang

    @N A oh yeah, and there's a dog in the video too.

  5. Cookedaburra d

    This is too real... As an Australian living close to the fires burning right now... I can't even begin to describe to you what it's like watch a mega fire burn through everything. We had to evacuate by boat. People we know, lost everything.

  6. SevenFoot Pelican

    Deathcab for Cutie is essentially the soundtrack of my high school days (2004 - 2008)

  7. imi jb


  8. Paul Barte

    For anyone interested, this drum beat is known as the purdie shuffle. Usually not heard in this type of song, and I think it makes the song.

  9. Manuel Lumbantobing

    When the wind picked up
    And the fire spread
    And the grapevines seemed left for dead.
    And the northern sky, looked like the end of day,
    The end of days.
    The wake up call to a rented room
    Sounded like an alarm of impending doom.
    To warn us it's only a matter of time.
    Before we all burn
    Before we all burn
    Before we all burn
    Before we all burn.
    We bought some wine and some paper cups
    Near your daughter's school when we picked her up
    And drove to a cemetery on a hill,
    On a hill.
    Watched the plumes paint the sky gray
    As she laughed and danced through the field of graves
    There I knew it would be alright
    That everything would be alright,
    Would be alright
    Would be alright
    Would be alright
    Would be alright.
    And the news reports on the radio
    Said it was getting worse
    As the ocean air fanned the flames.
    But I couldn't think of anywhere I would have rather been
    To watch it all burn away,
    To burn away.
    The firemen worked in double shifts,
    With prayers for rain on their lips,

    And they knew it was only a matter of time.

  10. Budhi Harlow

    This is a $1,000,000 Groove, not found in any Midi Rhythm Library!! I have studied many 100's if not 1,000's of Rhythms. especially from West Africa. While the Purdie Shuffle has roots that can be found in Africa and Ireland it is an Innovation from African-American Culture. America gave the world the Drum Set which allowed for the creation of a central Permutatable Groove to hold a Pocket for both accenting the Melody Line and a Staircase for Stacking Harmonics. God Bless Death Cab for Cutie for harnessing the Power of the Purdie Shuffle, (forgotten since Home at Last), in this a timeless and transcendent song that really communicates from the Soul.

  11. G. H.

    Videos represents depression. the "grapevine" fires are the synapses in the brain. The video shows depression burning someone's mind down like a fire burns down a town.
    The man collects photographs and the firemen put the flames out but they knew it was a matter of time...before the fires come back.

  12. Steve Dakin

    I had a beautiful vision of the video the second I heard it... once I saw the video it made sense I guess

  13. Tim King

    What a fucked up storyline, I love the song.

  14. Tyrone Shoelacez

    October 2019 and Northern California on Fire. Again.....

  15. notârobot

    When i was small my dad showed me the music video and i cried when the wife burned in the fire-
    now im crying because of the memories

    AJ Gee-Romero

    omg same, i would be scared to watch this when i was little

  16. Rob Brown

    A couple of my viewers brought me here. Awesome tune. But now I need an entire box of Kleenex 😢

  17. Budhi Harlow

    The harmonies are Crazy Beautiful!! One of the most healing rhythms is Halftime Shuffle. It creates a cradle of back and forth motion, holding emotion like a big, loving Bear Hug.

  18. Seong Hang

    Hasta hoy entiendo esta canción

  19. John H.

    I’ve been looking for this song for 8 years and I finally found it tonight!!!

  20. Robert Lange

    This is the most metal non-metal song ever.

  21. Fernanda Moreira

    All I can say is that if I were a band, that would be it.

  22. Chad Ehling

    My house burnt down as a child. It was 21 years ago and I can still remember standing there in thr middle of the night and just watching it all burn away like it was yesterday

  23. TheWarningGuy

    Prune gang

  24. Fabrizio Cáceres

    Cant avoid crying everytime I see this video :'(

  25. 13 1618 alalá

    The Amazon Forest is burning...this is so sad...

  26. Maze Maze

    Amazon :(

  27. Cecile Unia

    Certified song for introverts, man I can't believe this song is already 9years old really brings back my lonesome high-school days

  28. Robert Martinez

    This song reminds me of the fires in Northern California, I live 15 miles from where it all happens so this song hits home

  29. Michael Zubay

    They just released a new song called kids in 99, about the Bellingham pipeline explosion on June 10th, 1999. I always loved Grapevine fires, but never knew what it was about until I listened to kids in 99. I'm guessing that both songs are about the Bellingham explosion, but from different perspectives. Grapevine fires was released ten years after the explosion, and kids in 99 20 years. I'm hoping they release a song to memorialize this tragic event every 10 years until they no longer make music. This band is amazing!

  30. Rayla Santos

    This band understands me like no one does

  31. Sarah

    This song means something a little different in 2019

  32. BCS

    does the vocal melody not remind anyone of march to the seas chorus?

  33. stuartrm91

    This is one of the most incredible drum tracks I’ve ever heard. So tastefully done and extremely tricky to learn at first!

    Jesse Dahl

  34. Nina Hrechka

    this is my go-to bad day song. hes on top of a hill watching his city burn but he knows everything will be alright. thats what i get out of the song at least. shitty things happen and you have to remind yourself that everything will be alright

  35. Ryuzaki Simms

    Excellent song.

  36. Rob Lucas

    Drummer is fucking amazing

  37. Tia Tokkesdal

    2019. Two family members just died in the same week and this is still my song.
    Thanks death cab❤️

  38. ASMR Jedi

    one of the most underrated songs ever

  39. Elijah Hernandez

    I heard this song vaguely and that it was an awesome song but when I heard the until we burn part my heart sank and I died eternally

  40. Paul Watkins

    For a totally different experience, listen to the music on 1.5x speed...

  41. Dustin Schiffer

    Where's my keytar?!?!

  42. Adam

    Song of the Day
    04-18-19: Grapevine Fires | Death Cab for Cutie
    also on:

  43. Jean-Paul JP

    This song brings me down to earth everytime,let me know if u know what I mean

  44. Luis Cortés

    Most nostalgic music ever.

  45. Kevin Nel

    That purdie shuffle

  46. katchu

    i can't describe how much i love this

  47. Cloud fart

    I haven’t heard this since I was in high school my sophomore or junior year and the nostalgia that hit me was so pure it was almost like listening to this song for the first time.. such a beautiful song.

  48. Justin Reyes

    I literally cried out of my ass

  49. kenwes69

    A better video would make this song better

  50. Brian Burk

    Legend has it you can still here the drummers ghostnotes in this burned out town

  51. Greg and Layla Cordero

    I was crying so hard!

  52. Sack Boy

    Hello 2019.

    Wow it's been 10 years. Forever be my favourite.

  53. Sarah Louise

    This was our wedding song. I think a lot of people missed the point but to us, it was perfect! P.s. we're still married. :)

  54. For the Doggies Guitars

    Right on target with what's going on these days.

  55. La Quebz

    When i was young, my dad show me this song and i remember that i was always crying to listening this song..
    And today, this is my first time i listening to this song and nothing change.. i crying again🤷🏻‍♀️😭

  56. Theo Suguitan

    California in 2018:

    "Well Shit"

  57. leeleatherwood24

    So surprised that no one has pointed out how relevant this song has become recently! Kind of eerie!

  58. Harvey Manfredjensenden

    I love anything played over a half-time shuffle.

  59. Cheshire Cat

    Reminds me of the fires here in California,

  60. Hafizi46 Hafizihasim

    Beautiful song.

  61. Scott & Alma W

    This is so sad that this is happening right now. People are dying in the Grapevine fires. Pray for all those who have Perished and lost all. God help them to heal and recover from the pain and lost loved ones of the grapevine fires

  62. NorCal Aviation

    My god this is paradise right now I’m crying

  63. RhonniChan

    To the California Victims
    We are with you guys in spirit and love 💗

  64. npc #051011

    What a song.....i cant stop playing it

  65. Tisha Watkins

    This song takes on a really sad meaning considering California is burning down and we can't do anything about it 😢

    Tyrone Shoelacez

    And again this year...

  66. Alana DeForest

    Relevant today!

  67. KMalley

    How sad this song is still relevant year after year in California.

  68. BallPython38

    Back when music videos actually told a story.

    Rico Williams

    Music videos still tell a story. You're just watching the wrong ones!

  69. Johnlocked the impala

    I listened to this song on repeat the morning my father died...

  70. Jason Potter

    I just discovered this song today, and i wish i discovered it sooner. Better late than never.

  71. Zach Risinger

    Almost ten years later and this song still knocks me on my ass.

  72. npc #051011

    "Firemen worked double shifts, prayers of rain on their lips.

  73. vmah0111

    This song really grew on me

  74. John Jones

    Idk how many accounts I've liked this shit on

  75. Sofia Roux

    I couldn't help crying for the victim of the Greece wildfire tragedy😢😢😭

  76. Will W

    Death Cab always makes the best vids to accompany their songs!!

  77. SharleneKate

    MTV days bro...

  78. Connor McKay

    Best Death Cab song they've made in my opinion. Love it.

    Mo-Mutt Music

    Me, too. "Stay Young, Go Dancing" is wonderful, too. Shawn R.

  79. Marco Paul Galli

    So glad i found this song

  80. Dylan Rowe

    I just seen this video for this first time tonight, but I heard it for the first time about 7 years ago

  81. TheAtman 108

    Black Kray brought me here

  82. Paul Watkins

    Try listening to this song at 1.25 speed!

  83. 1 Rich Jordan 21

    my teacher showed this to us for our musical Friday I loved his story but I'm sad his wife died from the fire.

  84. trsidn

    It's amazing that this is so appropriate for the wine country fires last year....

    Tyrone Shoelacez

    Same this year

  85. alan betts

    A young Hank Hill ladies and gentlemen.

  86. Kayo Davis

    I love this song...rainy day in the windows slightly...light some candles.. Disconnect with the world...what do you feel?....happiness..enjoy your day💋

  87. ThatLittleKitten

    Incredibly underrated song imo.

  88. Caleb Sherman

    I couldn't stop crying the first time I heard this... still gives me the feels.

    Mo-Mutt Music

    It's a gorgeous song. Shawn R.

    npc #051011

    Beautiful song

  89. Mickey Valenz

    DCFC's drummer is so underrated ... just tossing in the purdie shuffle in a modern song like nothing is no easy feat

    Mo-Mutt Music

    The shuffle is the right feel for the verses of that song. Yes, he's underrated. Shawn R.


    Jason McGerr 👌

  90. Moises Gomes

    I'm in 2018 and this song go on my favourite of all time.

  91. Alice Does Stuff


    Husband: "BRING THE LAMP!"

    Steve Dakin

    Alice Does Stuff u need to be able to see rite

  92. Ghost Walker

    8 years old but it still has the same effect for some one who hasn’t seen it

  93. Blake Dabz

    we watched the plooms paint the sky gray.
    she laughed and danced through the fields of graves
    there I knew, it would be alright

  94. CrAzY ShAnKeR

    those who dislike clearly havent clicked play yet

  95. Dizzy Fortune

    I used live in L.A until 4th grade. So I remember alot of the fires. Now I live in Pennsylvania. All my friends live in Ventura.

  96. I'm a man With pants legs

    Been in hurricanes with how the end video started the beginning of rain. The video sounds so much worse.

  97. Yeah Man

    Listened to this while watching the smoke rise from Thomas

  98. Alec M

    This song is so pretty when tripping balls <3