Dear Hunter, The - A Night On The Town Lyrics

I've been misplaced in so many ways
Broken battlegrounds, hiding veils of delicate deceit
Yet here I breathe
Teeth still gleam from holy water
While millions of lambs migrate to the slaughter
My head in a bag and my hands are bound to my feet
And voices sing:

"Were we erased like common thieves?
Tossed in a cell to feast with the fleas
All because we never had written a word"

What will I see, tonight in these eyes
And what will I know when the morning comes?
What will I see, tonight in these eyes
And what will I know when the morning comes?

Must we remind of exchanges existing so long ago?
Would we arrive at agreeable musings
Sentimental or just confusing
We lost what we had but we took it back
Friends in the gutter, enjoy one another
Just give yourself to the dust and the dirt where you stand

What will I see, tonight in these eyes
And what will I know when the morning comes?
What will I see, tonight in these eyes
And what will I know when the morning comes?

I'm not who you think I am
And even if I thought you'd known
I never would have told you so
And more alarming
I would have done the very same
Would have stole more than your name
Would have cursed and brought the world on your shoulders
I was in the wrong place
At the right time

And what's the worst I'd see
By giving myself to the earth below me
Not knowing how far I'd fall, by casting away the ordinary
Just how long can I stay in illusions formed here long before me?
And how long can I breathe this stolen breath here underneath?

There's that subtle smile that did me in
She moves...
An agony reminds where I've been
She breathes
"I'd never let this happen again"

Where's your heart?
Mimicking the patriarch

She's naive...

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Dear Hunter, The A Night On The Town Comments
  1. Dick Jason Lizama Rojas

    Que buen tema!

  2. k d

    Casey seems to have lost his touch at some point. This aint it, chief

  3. Colin Kampmeyer

    This is easily, from start to finish, one of the Top 10 albums ever made!

  4. Caleb Moen

    I always felt like the "Friends in the gutter enjoy one another" line would be some kind of tongue in cheek reference to trench warfare in WW1

  5. Bowser's Space Laser

    it is my absolute favorite thing in the world when bands have musical themes that cross albums like this. this band will never not bop.

  6. Kevin Klimo

    It's official now, this is the best TDH song ever.

    Bwanito Bwanito

    The best TDH song ever is the one you are going to play

  7. Carl Manvers

    I can hear strong hints of In Cauda Venenum here. Which is great 'cause I love that song too. Gives this one a little sting in its tail.

  8. 8008135

    So much talent, is there anything Casey cant do?

  9. TTALeapMonster

    I wish all the music videos were lyric videos

  10. J Princeton

    Only a family of deer could hate this band.

  11. ReginaBVital

    I just love

  12. Tor Bright

    Is it just me or does this song have some heavy LSD undertones? Is this about tripping balls?

    Pigbenpus Wow

    Nope. It's about the main character of the story going on a booze fueled bender after coming back to America from ww1 having stolen the identity of his half brother to try and start a new life

  13. Néstor Tamayo Franco

    Am I the only one who gets Ice Age bibes from the 3:30 on part?

  14. Alexander Mesko

    This is the best rock group. Hands down.

  15. RED VELVET 벨벳

    I can’t be the only one that thinks of an old Pixar movie when @3:25 kicks in right?

  16. katana_92

    4:35 that build up though

  17. Cucamonga Duke

    The very best way to listen to this album is straight through; beginning to end; flame to fire.

  18. Matthew Rangus

    Reminds me of Rapture.

  19. Luis Sandoval

    ....I think this video literally made me nut.
    Just.... damn.

  20. Daniel Aliaga

    is absurd how underrated this band is

  21. Joe Gee

    I'm still convinced this song is the most perfect representation of what TDH can offer. Fucking love this song

  22. J Melara

    Anyone reminded of the old cartoon network theme music at the beginning

  23. Austin Colbert

    dude they suck

  24. The_Ismist

    the bassoon part at the end never lasts long enough.

    Cameron Jacobs

    If you listen closely... it’s totally foreshadowing the song “wait” on the album.

  25. Manny

    Love the Art Deco theme in this video.

  26. SuperMassivePancake

    I absolutely love this band and am so glad I found them. Listening to all of the acts is an experience and I am so hyped to hear the last one. Will also be sad that the story is over though :'(

  27. LR HD

    Or a night at the opera

  28. LR HD

    A day at the races

  29. hellothisismufin

    I get Bloodborne vibes from this

  30. Trystero

    lyric video = short film now

  31. Julien Lebamoff

    That building with the gold roof reminds me of Rapture from bioshock


    Julien Lebamoff They both use Art Deco imagery to represent the time period they're based in.

  32. Captain Damnitt

    Casey writes the story, lyrics, music, and he makes these videos? Holy shit dude


    Also, he built some of the guitars the band plays.

  33. Justin Le

    This song kicks major ass and this lyric video is fucking awesome

  34. Duke Murdock

    Ah, that feeling. The Bitter Suite.

  35. joklable

    3000 like is mine! :) Simply amazing!

  36. Hellsus

    He is lyric video hahaha

  37. gothamcityoongi


  38. Sigma Unknown

    Dear Casey, holy god more bassoon. Yours truly, a devoted bassoon player

  39. David Schnare

    this band is lame! why would kings of leon tour with them?


    That was Deerhunter, a different band. If you came to comment after listening to a Deerhunter song, you came to the wrong place. If you think *this* lot are lame ... well, it's all a matter of taste, I suppose.


    David Schnare

  40. Connor Smith

    This has become one of my favorite songs. The instrumental break gives me a sense that we're moving through life and looking back at our experiences with nostalgia while still simultaneously moving forward and living in the moment. 👌

  41. Simon B.

    Besides the fact that this is one of the best TDH songs ever, kudos to whoever made this lyric video.

    Malcolm Cooke

    It was Casey himself! He did The Revival one too!

    Nick Conner

    Shut UP. What? Not normally a fan of lyric videos and was specifically impressed by this one. Why Casey you have to create so good!?!

  42. The_Ismist

    i liked for the bassoons at the end


    Me too! Took me a while to realise they are playing a variation on "Wait" from the same album.

  43. Monique Angele

    This band has some of the best music I've heard in a while. So creative and inspiring artistry. Amazing music!

  44. AMaliciousMoose

    The reprise of Bitter Suite I is one the best parts of the album, which is saying a lot as it's consistently fantastic. It neatly reintroduces Ms. Leading while highlighting that Hunter has become the sort of deceitful person he rejected her for being in the first place. First she took advantage of his ignorance, now he in turn is taking advantage of The Lover.

  45. Alex Chaffin

    the reprise of the bitter suite 1 is fucking breathe taking

  46. Jorge

    Gran canción

  47. Bone Lad

    I still consider this one of the most addicting music videos out there and it deserves so many more views.

  48. z 100

    slay me

  49. Tristan Nichols


  50. HammersmashedTaco

    ugghh, I need more of this, so,so much more of this, illegal downloads ahoy!

    Stover PiX

    I'm sure you'll find a lot more—and they are probably fine if you do decide to steal their music. I'm thankful I'm able to get their full compilation packages and support the awesomeness. Not everyone is so fortunate. I don't mean to sound like a dick—just support what you love if you can.


    Its like this; i can afgord to buy all tge music of vands i like, because i like a lot of bands, ill illegally download your stuff but buy your merch and pay to go see you live. I think it still works in benefit to the bands still.

    Nelson Koop

    Albums are like $10. No one has an excuse to not buy an album if you think about it. Just don't buy coffee for a few days lol

    Saniyah Haider

    It's a little hard when you live on the other end of the world cuz shipping is expensive, and I don't have a credit card :"))


    +Nelson Koopman For some people, 10$ is quite a bit. Also if you're listening to a lot of music the prices can add up rather quickly. I own somewhat over 400 albums and I'm quite a long way from having all the records I want.

  51. WalkUpSlowlyDownSmash

    The musical reprise in the middle just makes me wanna get up and dance.


    WalkUpSlowlyDownSmash It literally feels like that moment in a musical where the entire cast comes out for a huge musical number, I adore it

  52. Chico Mememes

    I like the references

  53. Dejobli

    "There's that subtle smile that did me in...
    ...She moves."

    "...An agony reminds where I've been..."
    "...She breathes..."

    "I'll never let this happen again..."

    "Where's your heart?
    Mimicking the patriarch.
    She's naive..."

    no amount of callbacks by any band i can think of would ever beat this.

    Stover PiX

    checking out Sola Scriptura and it's pretty great. reminds me of the old prog rock i grew up on. I'm hoping it doesn't get all christian on me. Sounds like it is. Tends to get a bit boring from a lyrical standpoint. Casey treats religion a bit different FYI.


    +Stover PiX Well, I thought it always had Christian tones. However, I think Casey does it in an interesting way by not focusing strictly on the Christian themes straight up but hiding them in allegories and metaphors. The main focus is always on the Boy's life.

    Nevertheless, it's great music whether or not there is a religious message or not.


    Casey may be very areligious but it's clear that Christianity has a big influence on his imagination (side-effect of growing up in our society, I suppose).


    Dejobli agreed good to see true fans :p

    Nicolas Felipe Alvarado Monardez

    Doomsday Afternoon is a masterpiece

  54. Luis Brest

    gracias mathias chu

  55. Kayla Greer

    is that a bassoon at 8:15 ??????? <3

    Arturo Rodriguez

    look up

  56. Carola23

    Casey is a genius!!!

  57. Zach Rachedi


  58. lol lol

    what can't Casey do?

  59. Joseph Van Praet

    What are these rumors of a potential TDH movie? Any truth to it? I will fucking fund that shit myself!

  60. RobbyBobby

    this album is amazing. Best album since Silverchair's Diorama

  61. aquaswept

    wt f im so immersed rn

  62. Jacob Smith

    Everyone needs to check out Agent Fresco. Super talented band from Iceland, who have that similar alt/prog rock sound. You will not be disappointed. Dark Water, Pyre, See Hell and The Autumn Red are good listens.


    Yeah! Agent Fresco is a great band!


    oh my god yes

  64. eXhoria

    Casey should honestly release a full version of that, it would be lovely


    +Kyle Hagen I meant of just piano. I've listened to.mustard gas before, as you can tell by the _beginning of my comment_


    @Kyle Hagen Sounds like a personal problem, lmao.

    Onodera Punpun

    Well we know the topic of mustard gas right. How the boy almost died and after he remembered his life.

    I love the short nod to it past the Bitter Suite I reprise. Because not only does it give him a huge flood of emotion upon seeing Ms. Leading but also it invokes how he felt when he almost died.

  65. JAFFA

    God fucking damn that shit is beautiful

    Max DeVincenzo

    Well said, well said.

  66. Satrio Fahmi Utama

    wow this song is a masterpiece

  67. ace88bf

    wow this song is amazing. brilliantly composed, brilliantly produced, brilliantly sung, just wow

  68. Monarch Squadron

    This reminds me of Bioshock infinite. ~Rage

  69. Andrew K

    this shit is great. i love this song and style, it's so unique. it's like indie rock with a theatre sound

  70. Nico

    I sense a Coheed and Cambria influence amongst us.


    Coheed and Cambria is my favorite band, and I hear no influence from them here at all.

  71. czerviik

    Can somene tell me who made that video pls?


    the man itself... Casey Crescenzo

  72. G Landau

    Heard for the first time. Amazing. These guys are amazing.

  73. Mac

    For a self-proclaimed prog band, this sounds like a bunch of pop songs stapled together


    If you don't think that this band is progressing ve then you either have no idea that this is an Act, not an album. this is a story that has progressed over the course of four Acts. So, if you understood what prog was, you'd notice that the Acts themselves are thematic while following greater, overarching themes in the music that help guide the story.
    Or are you one of those music elitists who think genres need to remain pure and not try and incorporate the evolving flow of new styles music in an intelligent way?


    +XBLJunior Remaining the same is the antithesis of what prog is, so to answer your question, no. I just don't think Act IV is 'progressive' in any real way. This is just a 9 minute pop song with a baroque tinged feel, there's nothing unique or outside the box going on harmonically or rhythmically, which is something I enjoyed about tDH originally. Act II, the Colour Spectrum and Migrant were absolutely phenomenal though.


    +Mac I'm trying not to get frustrated, but no. you really don't understand what it means to be progressive. What they are doing is interesting and changing. Why else did you like previous works of theirs and not this? You just don't like the upbeat, spritely feeling this Act has. To make an album progressive, the music must tell a story and alternate based on the story it conveys, not at the whim of what sounds good to you or the writer. If it's a sad moment, a memory, anger, new people, place or idea, the music fits that, and recurrences (reprises) of those feelings permeate the work. If you don't like the direction of the story, it's not yours to tell.
    But say this isn't progressive. This is one of the best prog albums of last year and it's bs for you to say it isn't just because you don't like the style and theme.


    +XBLJunior The theme is fine. Instrumentation, compositional technique, harmonies, vocals and rhythm; they're all just elongated indie/pop songs, it's all very traditional and conventional. The other Acts just felt superior to this; that long sweeping flow of the Lake and the River, or the orchestral, grandiose insanity of Mustard Gas... that was truly progressive, and totally unchartered territory at the time. This is derivative and stale in comparison.


    +Sincerely the Alchemists Absolutely dude, everyone is entitled to their opinion, and I thank you for not perceiving mine as an attack on the band, whom I love.

  74. Simone Rattazzi

    Canzone m e r a v i g l i o s a. Adesso mi compro l'album!!!

  75. Cammy

    the story is really deep Nd shiz. it makes sense now why everyone album has an act 1 backbone feel to it

  76. Markus Hamill

    This music is incredibly good. 18 no brainers here.

  77. lankeysob

    This song should have been the closer!

  78. DearHunterFan15

    A good portion of this song actually premiered in Act: III as Untitled 1.

  79. yupify

    Holy shit, I love Casey so fuckin' much

  80. thatonedrewguy

    I just recently heard of this band, and decided to check out this song as an introduction.

    i became a fan in the first 4 seconds. Well done.

  81. Shorty Extraordinaire

    This song blows the socks right off my feet and gives me the chilliest of chills. :3

  82. Tiny Chuck

    I like how they used some previous music in this song and sort of re-did it. Excellent.

  83. Clauber Camilo


  84. rockkiller124

    I hope their new album is good, my first time listening to their music.

  85. Noah McCoy

    This is driving me nuts!!!!
    I KNOW I've heard this song somewhere... However I cannot put my finger on it. I don't know if a friend told me or what...
    regardless, this is an amazing song! Definitely going to be following this band.

    Kevin Quirt

    +Noah McCoy Well the song is new, as this cd is new.

  86. dakotatyler2

    my head in a bag, hands bound to my feet???????????

  87. Matt

    so, i picked up my copy of the record and, much to my dismay, there weren't any moving lights int he background, or changing colours like there is in this video at the very end. talk about misleading advertising. i haven't been this upset since i found out gushers don't actually make your head huge.


    hahahahahaha!!! Post of the day. ^^^

  88. JP Hernandez

    Between The Buried And Me brought me here

    Beto U.U

    How, exactly?!

    Joseph Bastidas

    JP Hernandez And now they're on tour together. What a time to be alive

    Briana McCauley

    Bee teeee BAM!

  89. Justin DiMatteo

    This video should be shown to anyone who's never listened to TDH before. Instant conversion.

  90. The Appetizer Radio Show

    Incredible song, one of many excellent cuts from the new album. Very interesting take on the video too. Old fashioned in perfection.

  91. Brian Bridges

    this. is. awesome.

  92. Ben Smyth

    This is absolutely incredible... it's like a wonderful mix between Haken and Flying Colors, but with an incredible unique edge to it all. Could anyone recommend me some of their other work?

    Forming Stories

    You should really experience The Color Spectrum. It's there 7 part album, where each album represents a color in the rainbow. The yellow album has happy songs, the black album has darker sounding songs, the blue album has emotional-bluesy songs, etc...

    Justin DiMatteo

    +Ben Smyth Everything. If you want to know what their "best" stuff is, it's arguably Act 2 and The Color Spectrum. However it's not worth much saying what their best work is, because all of it is great.

  93. Ordinary Saints

    wow. so overproduced. and the vocals are so heavily layered . each vocal has like 5 tracks. This is way too much studio .


    Shut up!


    Yeah! How *dare* they criticize something you like! Not that such a thing as differing opinions would exist, am I right? Such a blasphemous comment should be outlawed!

    Fucking troglodyte.

  94. Beanie Sandals

    Had on repeat for 2 days now

  95. Beanie Sandals

    Holy shit I just cant get over how amazing this is!

  96. TehDauvs


  97. Beanie Sandals

    Whoa, just epic. You did it again Casey, mind blown!!!

  98. Mike Doyle

    That Chorus man.