Deanda, Paula - Your Place Lyrics

I can’t wait to put this loving on you
There’s nobody that doesn’t like me
So come on, let me show you
What you putting on when you out there
Wanna put it down, hold it down
Oh, you know I’m taking you there
Taking you there, oh, whoa, oh

Step up to the play boy, it’s time to make your move
I’m giving the ok, show me now what you gonna do
Let’s get back to your place, try a get to your place
So come and give me all of your love
Let’s get back to your place,
I’ll do whatever you say
You warm up me to go
Warm up me to go
Let’s get back, let’s get back
I won’t wait

Wanna feel you inside my world
And you can be the river of it
You be the river of it
Our shadows dance by candle light
Can’t be wrong if it feels right
All night making love
And we ain’t stopping until the sun’s up
I feel your love
I just wanna make you feel the same way I do

Step up to the play boy, it’s time to make your move
I’m giving the ok, show me now what you gonna do
Let’s get back to your place, tryina get to your place
So come and give me all of your love
Let’s get back to your place,
I’ll do whatever you say
You warm up me to go
Warm up me to go
Let’s get back, let’s get back
I won’t wait

Take me to your place, …all your mind
I’ll be all over you, just let me come inside
And we can do whatever, anything what you like
Just know you’ll be mine for the night
Take me to your place, might turn into my place
After I’m done with you, I’ll talk what you like
Take me to your place, might turn into my place
After I’m done with you, I’ll talk what you like

Let’s get back to your place,
I’ll do whatever you say
You warm up me to go
Warm up me to go
Let’s get back, let’s get back
I won’t wait [x2]

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Deanda, Paula Your Place Comments
  1. Frank Dwayne

    Someone needs to hurry up and sign her already cause this talent can't go to waste! I hope one day she makes a big come back like she deserves! Fingers crossed!

  2. Armando Cervantes

    Bad News everyone E.G. Records took down the entire "Page 1" Album that holds this song, it is missing now along with Martin &Yeye's music. We have to fight

  3. Rufina Hernandez

    Give me back my chocolate peppa

  4. Rufina Hernandez

    You need new stile girl

  5. Rufina Hernandez

    You need a better voice

  6. Nerseh Kindermah

    Hi Paula

  7. Monica Delgado

    I love the song tho 💖

  8. Monica Delgado

    Damn her make up is horrible in this video

  9. lee hinderson

    She definitely needs a stylist with her...most of her videos look cheap with her make up apply and clothes not matching...

  10. Lisette Nicole'

    What happened to u girl miss u . U so overlooked

  11. princess_tink tink

    I think she's cute y'all just haters but who still love this song in 2018

  12. Nova Z

    Song was great! but this director set her ass up for failure in this video! Paula Please come back!!!

  13. Dj T

    I need some new music Paula we need you to get you shit together

  14. shawna Damami

    She's so pretty why they do my girl like that ? Amazing voice .....Babes keep pushing youll get there babes....

  15. Cindy Wright

    girl all these bad-ass makeup tutorials on YouTube, no reason your makeup should like that.... you are a gorgeous girl, with a beautiful voice, your makeup was too distracting in this video

  16. Black Layce

    I so luv this song but honestly the video sucked. It was one note and needed other layers to make it complete. It should tell a story

  17. Anjilana Josè

    her clothes are skimpy in here..and the intro looks like something from movie maker..oh don't get me started on the makeup. -___-
    her "brand new" music video is way better.

  18. Tomarra Garner

    Amazing song I missed her so walk away is still one of my fav songs... your a cute girl way too much makeup love...

  19. SweetBoyFragranceRev

    I don't see a problem with her makeup. She's beautiful. I love her, I love her music, and I will always be a fan. #TeamPaula

  20. Magdalena Kondraczyk

    great song <3

  21. Christina Montoya

    i just think the red backgrounds make it look worse...

  22. Taki

    The makeup is bad and the camera quality shows this production was cheaply made.

  23. Enai R

    She is soooo under valued in the music world, probably cause she hasnt sold her soul

    Luca Peyrefitte

    Enai R probably because she loves herself

  24. Erika Reyna

    Hmm🤔 My deep respect for her talent, but seems like she wasn't as confident or comfortable filming this video. Basically saying whomever promoted or shot this video doesn't have true creativity and talent. Though, her voice and music is on point.

  25. Mini ME

    I love her voice in this song 💕💕💕😘

  26. Atreyu Iglesias

    heyy this is neo the one and she has a varry good voice for this song ill help promote vids and aspireing artes

  27. Marilyn Blackman

    Video Sucks but I love the song!!

  28. SongWriterScience

    great job paula. i love this song. its been like good medicine. and the make up is fine. it reminds me of the 50s pin up girls. fun look!

  29. Robby Ashley

    to be honest I really thought this a joke someone make fun of her I didn't know it was her until I actually watched the video she's too beautiful to wear her makeup like that!!!!

  30. Ron Roberts

    I love the groove of her music, her voice, she's beautiful, but she needs better lyrics and chorus to her songs. I believe..

  31. sidney white

    This is the definition of HORRID :(

    Juls c

    sidney white your face!!!

  32. Emmanuel Saenz

    I love her!! 😘😘😘

  33. Sain Hadam

    Video shot on vhs..or beta cam?

  34. Littlebadest 1

    love her she's so talented some bitchz are just haters but you hater ain't stopping her lol

  35. lovesme24

    I love her voice ..where she been at

  36. beautybynelly

    The bed scene has me screaming lmaoo she looks so uncomfortable

  37. Mel Johnson

    her make up is horrible ...She's to beautiful for that clown look

    Juls c

    all you skunkas dont look half as good as her. even with all your make up freakin ms. piggy's

    gee lopez

    Mel Johnson yea thats what i said lol

  38. Ra S

    u guys are ass holes. this video wasn't that bad.

  39. patricia gerandino

    Her MUA should die!

  40. Juls c

    one of the baddest singers ever!! not the best but shes off da chain

  41. Angelina Saunders

    horrible music video. great song. she too pretty to be wearing that much makeup.

  42. michelleearellano

    looking like a straight up chola lol


    That make up has got to go!

    Juls c

    don't hate shes amazing

  43. Brit'nee Supernal

    Great song.The video isn't that good.

  44. faby mari

    Oh bless I could've done without the video. The tattoos look tacky her outfits are very swap meet looking her makeup...... Song and voice are really good tho

  45. Love

    Too much blush. No.

  46. Kaylonni Banks

    I love the song but the video looks like she shot in her house!

  47. HeyyChi

    Thus sounds exactly like sect meet by xscape

    Shawna Thomas

    yes inspired by it

    Faria Ziyad

    Sample from "my little secret."

  48. mstcherie13

    For the people saying she has too much make up come on.get over it. She has a beautiful voice and is very talented and pretty

  49. Selena Gabby

    To much makeup !! Wow!!!

  50. rini blossom

    Love the song but not the video

  51. Karen Serrano

    Lol . Toooo much make up and toooo much blush xD

  52. Celeste H

    Love the song

  53. Tiera Pitts

    I absolutely LOVE this song.

  54. Techbit

    Paula Deanda is a very talented beautiful Young Woman, She needs better management, her makeup artist sucks. She had a lot of steam with the doing too much track, they should've had better song selection for a follow up single. Now She is a little older She should do the Euro R&B type of music, the style of music she is currently doing, as great as it is, isn't connecting with this generation. With the right management She will be all set, and who's idea was it for her to compete on the Voice!, no woman with her talent who has been hot in the industry should Be on the Voice. I commend Paula for never giving up on her dreams!, Walk about it there

  55. Fielani Pohahau

    I don't mind the song, but this video.. Omg, no.

  56. connie shen

    Great song but her image was just horrible, way too much makeup.

  57. Keisha Shrayah

    That's a guy

  58. Desiree Rodriguez

    Holy moly....I love her but she tried way to hard

  59. asholeejonas

    What's going on Paula? Too much makeup >.< this just isn't you...smh

  60. erik B

    What lable is she with

  61. AmaddiesWorld

    I so agree with the makeup not looking good at all. It looks too cakey. Her blush is all over, her eye shadow is not blended out well and the oufit for me was a no no. I love Paula but she could have gone naturally here and have a cute but little sexy oufit that does not reveal skin. Who ever did her makeup though needs to watch YouTube Tutorials a bit more and practice.

  62. Aaliyah Khan.

    She looked really uncomfortable in the last scene on the bed.

  63. Kim Marasigan

    Awesome song and talent. Cheap music video

  64. Maria Garcia

    Too much blush too much eye shadow should've gone natural make-up I wonder If the make up "artist" did that on purpose who doesn't notice when it's too much

  65. ChinadollXo22

    Dang ! Yea 👎

  66. Cherie Bianca

    The song is pretty awesome, however the visual interpretation just doesn't do it for me. I know the video has been made on a limited budget, but it doesn't add anything special to the audio. 

  67. Emily A

    Great talent, nice song, but... the make up just ruins everything. I get the song is suppose to be sexy and all, but the make up was cheaply & horribly done that ruins the entire video. It's not sex at all!


    On point.

  68. krystal ramirez

    Song is kool but the makeup nope

  69. rae2188

    Love love the song but the video has gots toooooo gooo

  70. Tae PA

    Love the song, but not so fond of the video. But who cares, the song is most important.

  71. kakai anuar

    So sad what a talent yet her image is ruin by her own self i love paula...but her image just not mature i wish she change it to classy not trashy

  72. khalyna burnett

    you need a better makeup artist paula.......


    Yea she fuccin needs


    god wtf i thought it was a guy the first moment i saw her... 

    Juls c

    You need to quit using fake hair skunka

  73. Charese Horne

    I miss the old Paula

    What happened girl

  74. Charese Horne

    I miss the old Paula

    What happened girl

  75. LiLMusicBunny

    Just Straight Screaming From Beginning To End

  76. LittoMonaaBabyyy

    dam homegirl you should pay a mua to help you out, that blush way to much ! 

  77. Mythinkingbox

    Um..she's not like this..I guess she was trying something different to attract viewers. But really Paula? You don't have to stoop down to show "sexyiness" because you already have your amazing voice for that. I miss her old songs.

    kimberly Clough

    Mythinkingbox stoop down to sexiness? Women aren’t allowed to act sexy? My god.

  78. Meja Jorey

    Love it :D

  79. E. C.

    One of my favorite artists of all time

  80. Carmen

    She looks trashy and has to much make up and should wear make up that looks natural.

  81. 948bscott

    It's okk

  82. chris marks

    Yo you are a great artist u jus need a team I'm out the tone hmu

  83. Jocelyn Tatum

    What does her tattoo say

  84. NoHeartLife

    I love the song but she used to be so pretty as a youngin.. She's wearing too much make up she looks like a tranny.. She got blew out in the voice battle round against sisaundra ... She needs a mentor.. She has so much potential she shouldn't be wearing those slutty clothes

  85. Jason Hawes

    As a guy, Paula was a mild guilty pleasure in terms of music or an artist I wasn't supposed to like.  Or at least one I wasn't supposed to admit to liking.  But I did.  I thought she had a really good voice-not to mention she's absolutely beautiful.  I was stunned seeing on YouTube that she had to audition on The Voice.  I had no idea she dropped off the map to that degree.  This song, yeah the video is pretty amateur, but the song is pretty good.  I don't know that I'd say great, although it maybe could be with better support.  It really has a sexy, sensual 90's r&b feel to it.

  86. Tony Superman

    Paula is a rookie and need singing lessons.

  87. Erin DieHeart

    too much blush

    aresly Rodriguez

    Yea to much blush

    Ricardo Reyes

    Naw she look good lhh u mad or naw

    gee lopez

    Erin DieHeart yea 4real

  88. milagro33

    Wow! This producer really needs another profession. I can't believe she put this out. So much potential going to waste.

  89. Kayno Splits Wigz

    Sounds like Xscape's My Little Secret.
    Still a great song doe!


    Sample I believe.

  90. Andria Montoya

    I loved Paula when she debuted in 2006. I still listen to walk away and doing too much. I wish a respected label would sign her again.

  91. queenbean91

    Omg she's trying to hard

    Teal C.

    At first she was "Doing Too Much" and now she is trying "Too Hard" :(

  92. Maria Loona

    *she; *broke

  93. Maria Loona

    Shw auditioned for The Voice. Is she nroke or something?

  94. Kurikara

    Get some better outfits...

  95. Kurikara

    This video is shit. Looks like it was filmed with an Iphone camera. Sequence is terrible too. But on the other hand the song is amazingly good.

  96. Carolina Torres-Rendon

    Paula is back with her Beautiful voice

  97. Caressa Cowan

    Beautiful voice, tacky video!

    G Up

    Caressa Cowan she lost her big studio budget

  98. jairoo alvaarez

    To much blush !

  99. Naiblee11

    This is was drug do to