Dean Martin - Write To Me From Naples Lyrics

I can hear a mandolino
Write to me from Naples
Write me every day
I love you and Naples
More than words can say
Call me Cara Mia
Tell me all that's new
Write to me from Naples
Keep my heart with you

I can hear a mandolino
Softly entice
While I raise a glass of vino
Praising your eyes

Since we said Arrivederci
My poor heart cries
For a letter from you

Write to me from Naples
I love you and Naples
Call me Cara Mia
tell me all that's new
Write to me from Naples
Keep my heart with you
Keep my heart with you

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Dean Martin Write To Me From Naples Comments
  1. jacquie T

    Swoon. From the time I was a kid and heard this song until December 13th 2019 nobody will ever match Dean Martin! These kids today don't know anything about cool or vocals

  2. Yaminoonna 3

    Why i was born in 2000 😭??

    Jazz King

    because League of Legends is a lifestyle.

    jean marc watrin

    I ask me the same question , but was never able to answer . I could cry..

  3. Susan Dunn

    Deno Crocetti

  4. roger lalmant

    Did somebody know if Dean ever was in Rome? Thnx for the answer.


    roger lalmant yes, he was born in Napoli, and traveled to Rome often.

    Michael Cosco

    He was born in steubenville ohio, not napoli. his parents were italian immigrants.
    how the hell would you know DoubleAJA

    Fabienne De Pauw

    Michael Cosco Yes he was Born un Steubenville Ohio in the US... and now I know ..he travelled of lot to Rome... He Did a movie in Rome...”ten thousand bedrooms”with Ann Baxter...
    Thank you very much for the information... kind regards from Belgium Fabienne.
    We are all Mister Deanfans so we’re all friends... so. No need to offend each other... have a Nice day..

    jean marc watrin

    Ten thousand bedrooms was not with AnnBaxter but with Anna Maria Alberghetti , a so charming italian actress ; But it is nice to remember this pleasant movie .  With all my regards ...

  5. Saul Rios

    this song make me think in the future (because my future maybe will be in italy)

  6. RuZteze TheTroll

    i love this song

  7. When Irish Eyes

    Dean Martin's Italian associated songs remind me of my many travels in Italy.

  8. GerJoe Dev

    Such a beautiful song.  I always loved it.  I could listen to Dean singing all day and all night.  I'lll bet most folks out there did not know this - Elvis was a huge Dean Martin fan and he actually recorded this song because he liked it by Dean.  He did a good job on it and it is out there on some odd ball CDs of his home recordings.

  9. barrygioportmorien1

    I love it, never heard Dean do this before.