Dean Brody - Trail In Life Lyrics

It was a May full moon
We parked the car
And I sang you a song I wrote on my guitar
Oh I have kissed
Many times since then
But that first one is special
One you don't forget
If I had asked you then you probably took my ring
But time and distance have a way
Of changing things

And sometimes I wonder
What it would have been like
If we had wandered
The same path in life
Tonight if you're out there
Looking up at the same moon
Girl I hope
That your trail in life
Has been good to you

College days
Frat house nights
You were more than just a bunch of rowdy friends of mine
You made leaving home
Not as hard to bare
Yeah we swore we'd stick together
Till we were in rocking chairs
But we all kind of scattered
Getting our lives in gear
The phone calls went from weeks to months
To I ain't heard in years

And sometimes I wonder
What it would have been like
If we had wandered
The same paths in life
Would we still smoke cigars?
Yeah when the wild cats beat OU
Oh friend I hope that your trail in life
Has been good to you

The day I was born
They said you cried
When you signed those papers
And kissed me good-bye
To young to know
How to raise me up
So you let me go and start this world in a house of love
I was 12 years old when daddy sat me down
And told me of a brave young girl
That I should know about

And sometimes I wonder
What it would have been like
If we had wondered
The same path in life
I think I would make you proud
Of the boy you never knew
God I hope
That your trail in life
Has been good to you
And some day I know
This old trail in life
Will wind back to you

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Dean Brody Trail In Life Comments
  1. Ingebjorg Mosberg


  2. Eddie Shahverdian

    I love being in love with this song and with my Rose’s being!! Thank you Rose for telling me what to do and where to go at UNC and what classes to sign up for Child development and business Ethics!!

  3. pol inesia

    Listening to Dean Brody's singing on the radio while driving is perfect .

  4. Jocelyn Thompson

    you are my new favourit artist... amazing live u had so much fun at the concert u made it awesome even being in the balcony u waed up at us it was great. bless you for being who you are.


    this guy is talented his music. good driving

  6. stelvio 1972

    'Sunday Drive','Gypsy Girl','Kitchen Song',........and so on!All the same boring shit.

  7. Eduard Koruni

    Such a a talented and plausible musician! Superb lyrics & full of human feeling tune! Thank you Dean...

  8. kenney c

    Nice to Hear Country Music again Thank You Dean Brody !!

  9. jovie

    Love this song.  Sounds like Scotty Mcreery's  "The Dash"


    Show.Valeu pela postagem deste álbum.

  11. 53cjohnson

    When the wildcats beat OU!!!! Go Kstate!!

  12. Tabea McGrath

    Why he doesn't have more listeners and fans is surprising to me. Such a beautiful voice and thoughtful lyrics.

    Salma official

    Tabea McGrath I’m Best Dean Brody listener...

  13. JoeDoakes1015

    Country radio needs more songs like this and less crap like anything by Florida Georgia Line.  Dean Brody is such an amazing artist.

  14. Laura Anker

    Being adopted myself.... this song brought me to tears the first time and still does ...Thank you for capturing it so beautifully Dean .... Wawa

  15. Janet Shutt

    Today is my son's 12th birthday. This song brought tears to my eyes...gratitude for the trails in my life that lead us to him 11.5 years ago all the way from Korea. Touching song for those who have been blessed by adoption.

  16. matthew osterhoudt

    such a great heart touching song

  17. lilgirlfrumhicktown

    haha i was just about to dislike ur comment, then i saw brothers, and was like...:) k, they aren't crazy! :O

  18. CantStayAway

    This is my favorite Dean Brody song...I don't really like any of his other ones, except for "Brothers".:)

  19. Holly

    Can't wait to see him live with my boyfriend in February <3

  20. Emiasis

    I dont even listen to country music and i stumbled upon this song at my shop a while ago and i found it to be one of the most beautiful songs ive ever heard. Thanks Dean :)

  21. tayorpound14

    i have to say i absolutely adore dean, his song Wildflower pretty much changed my entire perspective on myself.

  22. Gary Linger

    America is not the be all to end all to country music though it is treated as such. We may have started the genre but I find that both Canada and Australia have some better artist than we do. Of coarse an artist is not really said to have truly made it until they get air play here in the states. That is a joke. Nashville is a joke and far too many deserving of getting noticed here in the US are overlooked. Such a shame. You Canadians have some artist to be very proud of.

  23. cowgirlinup

    me too =(

  24. Craving Crashy

    <3 Dean Brody can explain so much within his music.

  25. Aria Hale

    I haven't found one song by him that i didn't like , He's just so amazing ! .

  26. Cameron Trowsdale

    omg this song live in concert is awesome... Cavendish Beach Music Festavle 2012!!

  27. kyle arsenault

    lmfao no i live in sydney nova scotia canada.. and do not have a sister.

  28. kyle arsenault

    i hear him all the time on The Highway on Sirius Radio!

  29. John Paul

    im only young but this is the story of my life......losing love, lsing friends, being adopted.....the only difference is my mom's trail in life didnt end well :( i love you mom <3


    DEAN grande ragazzo canadese dove trovi un mix di dolcezza e malinconia .BRAVO DEAN continua così....

  31. punkerella45

    Being a birth parent and having given my son up for adoption was the hardest choice to have made. Once I heard this song I had to actually pull my car over and break down in tears, knowing his brithday has come and passed again I can only hope his trail is happy. Thank you Dean

  32. Patrick Smith

    the college buddies part got to me pretty hard, best times of my life!

  33. Matt Prendergast

    Class act. Plays big shows n small towns. Love this guy

  34. singsoftlyGert

    Loved it!

  35. Alexander Morris

    it really is awesome to see the love between Canadians. reading through the comments it makes me feel strong and proud to be from this great nation we all call home.

  36. Tremkoe HVAC

    From Seattle to all you wonderful music lovers out there: This guy is top notch and let's hope he doesn't get messed up by some insane record company. Dean, you're a great singer and you write amazing songs.

  37. salmonspooge211

    soo judging by the song he went to kansas state? or do all canadians make shit up

  38. tarutini

    his voice is just soo serene its akes you feel good and have chills running down your spine at the same time <3

  39. Rregu24

    Haha Jaffray BC

  40. Brendan G

    @AlemceaCosey His song "Brothers" does that to me

  41. Downhomesunset

    Another great Canadian Country singer joins Gord Bamford, Paul Brandt, Terri Clark, Corb Lund, Adam Gregory,George Canyon, Gil Grand, George Fox, Ian Tyson.......ect! We LOVE our Country!

  42. Fleury751

    Man i realy love your stuff. I have been listing to country music my entire life and you and a few others make me feel very proud to be Canadian.
    I rank you with the legends of country, which i am sure history will record.
    Allso included, Gord bamford,and Jason blaine.
    Thank you guys for everything you have brought to country music.
    Yours truely
    Ken Fleury

  43. J English

    @justindyck Shania,Blue Rodeo,Rankins,Cowboy junkies,Gordon Lightfoot Hank Snow & so many more! I've never been out of Australia but I luv Canadian Music!

  44. Ashley Kardashian

    aww how cute <3

  45. Gloria Simpson


    Dean Brody played our Gateway Music Festival in Bengough, Sk last summer - he was really good - and Jason Blain will be there this summer. I guess we know how to pick them - you should come!

  46. Elijah Thompson Gymnastics

    this song makes me cry every time because it makes me think that my birth mom must have loved me so much to give me up when i was born

  47. Kidwitha12gauge

    This is canada making up for justin beiber,we are even

  48. callthewindmariah

    Okay, this song makes me fall in love with Dean Brody even more than when I heard "Brothers".... :')

  49. Lauren J

    This song makes me want to cry, every time I hear it; but it's so good I can't help it.

  50. Crystal Dawson

    no problem bubba :)

  51. coleriver9

    I'm a Kansas boy and this is the kinda stuff we only listen to when we rope

  52. Brendan G

    @bubba4568 Blueeyedcountrygrl7 thank you for sharing those artists, I think they are great.

  53. leafsfourever

    Virginia, I will never forget you.

  54. Justin Dyck

    Dean Brody, Gord Bamford, Jason Blaine, Doc Walker, George Canyon, Shane Yellowbird, Carolyn Dawn Johnson. Canadian country music is awesome. (Johnny Reid used to be good too.)

  55. 3 RA

    wh=ish he was better known in the US hes so talented and more people need to hear what real country is about.

  56. Brendan G

    @blueyedcountrygrl7 You know.. I have never heard of either of them but ill definitely look into them

  57. Crystal Dawson

    I totally agree he is way too talented for only Canadians to hear him but I could say the same about Jason Blaine and Gord Bamford...Love this guy though he's great!

  58. Steve Wiggins

    second great album from a very talented young guy keep it going dean awesome

  59. Lori Jones

    He is amazing!!♥

  60. pika txu

    et un country man de plus... et une chanson country comme les autres...

  61. Sophie Daigle

    lovin' in dean brody!! <3

  62. Blakey7612

    His voice is amazing, another amazing Canadian!!

  63. totaler166

    @bubba4568 unknown? he's huge in Canada, the guy has simply amazing songs like Brothers, Dirt Road Scholar, and a few others.

  64. pup5ful

    great song....very it!

  65. Jodi Ross

    love this song, and dean brody :)

  66. randym99

    Hard to believe this guy nearly didn't get his shot.His music is pure sunshine on your soul.Keep up the songs from the heart that are real to all of us.DEAN BRODY a soon to be country music legend.And a good harty Canadain boy.

  67. Brenda Mcgrath