Dean Brody - Time Lyrics

A gang of kids on their peddle bikes
In a dusty town, way to ride
To the general store for popeye cigarettes
Class of '99
Yeah we lived, laughed, loved and cried
Took for granted that those days would never end
Living like that yearbook picture wouldn't fade
And some standing right beside me, I might never see again

The trouble is
You think you have time
You think tomorrows always coming down the line
And then one day
You wake up and you find
The trouble is you thought you had time

Student hire and a fancy job
Big old house, two car garage
He works hard for his wife and his son
An empty seat at t-ball games
Just a sacrifice he'll make
Make it up, next weekend comes along
Years go by and that day comes too soon
That boy goes off to college, he stands in his empty room

The trouble is
You think you have time
You think tomorrows always coming down the line
And then one day
You wake up and you find
The trouble is you thought you had time

Shotgun shells and a tackle box
On the floorboard of a truck
Morning sun burning fog off a lake
Teenage girl and her grandad
He takes her fishing but he feels bad
She can't take her eyes off that Facebook page
But someday soon, who knows how long
She'll look up from that phone and he'll be gone

The trouble is
You think you have time
You think tomorrows always coming down the line
And then one day
You wake up and you find
The trouble is you thought you had time
The trouble is you thought you had time

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Dean Brody Time Comments
  1. Donald Nettnay

    Millennials don’t get it!

  2. Cedar Levret

    I have "you think you have time" tattooed on my arm as a reminder.

  3. Dan McCaffrey

    Call your mom.

    Jim Hoover

    I would if I could. She's currently in my brother's coat closet in a small urn. But, I've got a great pic of her near Dawson City in the Yukon. My brother and I are panning for gold. Mum's having nothing to do with the small gold chips, she's looking for the big nuggets next to us.

  4. Rod Meger

    Tears every time I hear this song so true Florette

  5. Kendall Mastre

    Really makes you stop and think

  6. boredwithusernames

    Time is fleeting and people you love are precious. Use the time that you are given to be with the ones you love before it's too late... and there is no more time...

  7. Valerie Evans

    This beautiful and meaningful song is proof of what a BRILLIANT songwriter you really are Dean. You have a way of tugging at people’s heartstrings with songs like this. But you also have love songs and songs that are fun and great to dance to as well, songs that just about anybody can relate to. You have a God- given talent for sure. I Love your voice too and am a FAN for life!!❤️

  8. Baby Daye

    I'll do anything to spend more time with my grandfather, really can't believe he is gone it's been to weeks and I still can't believe he is gone well he ain't really gone he is in my heart it's just sad how you think you have alot of time with someone then they are gone in a heartbeat.

  9. fernando sampaio

    beatiful song. this guy sings a lot, real country. no dislikes. ah ah

  10. Melissa Swanson

    This makes me want to go back to the days before cell phones even existed. I loved those times!

  11. m white

    Saw him do this live last week... hoooooly shit is this guy good...

  12. Sabrina S

    Cannot believe this doesn't have more views.

  13. Allysa Braverock

    This song reminds me of me I all ways spend a lot of time on my iPad then hanging out with my family

  14. buddy779

    please take the time ,like right now ! go see your mom n dad ,grandma,grandpa ,your sister or brother,just show up ! no calls to see if there home ,`afterall you know their waiting for your surprise ...time is coming down the line ,then u realized there's no more time to rewind

  15. Morgan Leigh

    this makes me cry so much 😭😭

  16. Morgan Leigh

    this is amazing. i watched you at a concert today and it inspired me so much😭😭❤️❤️

  17. Joshua Hern

    TIME the one and only thing in are lives that I wish I could get back! But that is history so moving forward with this life we change the future for the best!!! But all history is memories and pictures! The pictures we have are worth a 1000 words:)

  18. frist duck

    You always wish you had more time to spend with your grandparents or parents

  19. Barbara A. Walters

    No one promised tomorrow. Better get things straight with GOD before it's to late 🙏

  20. Hayden Stephens

    Every word is true

  21. Bayou billy

    Just woke my kids up and told them a story. Thank you

  22. Marcos A. Catena

    Here because of video from My Self Reliance...
    This is a great song... real !

  23. Darren Chung


  24. R C

    Literally the best DB song ever and the number of views is a perfect testament to the pathetic state of humanity today.

    DB - please have mercy on those of us who are left and dump your heart into more songs exactly like this. I play this regularly and impress upon those I care about the gravity of the reality you present with this song.

    I promise... we are out here. The silent majority if you will. We are here.... please man.... please...

  25. teresita edna munsayac

    Great song Dean, meaningful lyrics, love your songs Dean.

  26. gary barr


  27. James Scott

    This song ranks among my top 20 , very powerful. I try to tell people life is in the living of it and no matter where you go there you are. This song is fantastic.

  28. Kerri T

    I know this all too well. Thought I had lots of time left with my brother. He was only 36. Lost him Thanksgiving 2017. Was working so much I missed making memories. We all think we have time. But you never know when that time could be up. Cherish every memory and every Moment. Because you can never get them back.

  29. Brad Copp

    First time I heard this song I loved it because time is very precious . My dad had been ill since 2018 and I would take every opportunity to visit him which was unfortunately not often enough. I listened to this song on the afternoon of February 21st 2019 and received a phone call 3 hours later that he had passed away. The plan is to play this song at his memorial service in June. In the meantime I'll keep listening because it helps me remember that there are others that I love I have limited time with. Thank you Dean for writing a song.

  30. Mellmick26

    what a beautiful song 🙏🏼

  31. Scrapps44

    I'm gonna go call my grandma. I'd give anything to see my grandfather again. Fucking song, now I got a tear on my phone.

  32. Wendy Bricker

    I love this song you don't know when some one is going pass away everyone u better go see your family before they pass away

  33. Catherine Hooper

    So true! It seems like 15 yrs. ago my son was 15. He is now 30 yrs. old!

  34. DJ Bonin

    I'm in my mid 60's and this song is so true ,never delay seeing some one you love,because your time will go quick. My mother said "don't wish to be older it will come quick.Love your loved ones like there is no tomorrow.They could be gone.the next day.God Bless you all. djb

  35. It's Hailey's world 48

    I love this song ,Time it's so good. 😊❤ I love Dean Brody

  36. First Last

    Why is this song so sad?

  37. E.L.A.


  38. Freddy Bolen

    Just the best written song ever!!! ..& a talented artist to boot!

  39. Jason Striation

    Bet this Brody guy is the worst on his phone ever!

  40. Jorgeblanconews hbn


  41. Dan Rose

    Good song

  42. hardass912

    So about a year ago I heard this song on the radio and it really hit me. Next week will be a year since the day my dad found out he was diagnosed with cancer. Yesterday was his birthday. Thankfully he beat it and we were able to celebrate his birthday. Live for what you have today because tomorrow is not a definite. Thanks Dean!!

  43. Korissa Silver

    3:05 makes me cry everytime

  44. Danielle Clarke

    Canadian country? Yep that's basically my daughter's life. We need more songs like this especially those days 🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦

  45. Cori Horton

    This one speaks volumes

  46. Jocelyn Thompson

    This came out right as I had lost my grandmother... then the following year my dad saw a co worker die in front of him and two days later my friend had drowned this song helped so much mostly to help me cry so my heart could somehow heal

  47. Allen Mac Donell

    Someone dear to be told me about this wonderful song that reflected how I was feeling at that time, my mother had just died of cancer and being a "momma's boy" it hit me a lot harder than even I expected. It was this song and it brought to light the simple truth, I knew with her cancer she was going to die one day but never thought it would be that day. Dean you probably never read these comments but thank you. For summing up what I was feeling and thinking and making it solid so now I can play this song and all the memories I was remembering of her when she was alive flood back, yes with the pain also, but thats a fair trade off.

  48. Ty Currie

    they played this song at hi funeral he was 21

  49. Ty Currie

    i miss my cousin he died may 5 2018

  50. James

    A classic Pink Floyd cover.

  51. Reno Sen

    Inspiring ♥️. This song would make me think and come around with some time for myself rather than social medias.

  52. Reno Sen

    Tears ran down my cheeks.... Lovely song. Truth inside the song makes sad.

  53. MazzLen

    🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁 great song... I’ve lost so many people in my life... when I was a kid my mum would say ‘life is short’ yeah yeah... but it is... so precious so quick... eat that donut, buy that new couch...

  54. Redroxx is not a scam

    Yo your a gr8 band!! #eminem

  55. Dean Bowling

    This was played at my sons Class night last night. I was doing fine until it got to that last verse. Suddenly my mind was flooded with memories of loved ones I have lost and the thoughts that I hadn’t done enough for my kids in their lives. I’ve lost my grandpa, my dad, my oldest brother and my brother next to me that was so close to me. I miss them ALL SO VERY MUCH! My son is graduating Thursday and I’m so VERY proud of him! This song touched me, and I don’t listen to country, only gospel, but still it’s meaning touched my heart. Thanks Dean Brody from another Dean.

  56. julie weisgerber

    This song makes me cry u great dean I wish I more time with my grandpa and great grandma 😭😔😞😢I wish I had the time

  57. Jim Hoover

    As they say, the days sometimes drag by, but the years fly by. I sent this song to 4 friends and family members who have cut-off their parents. Not just for a few days, but for years!! I savour every minute I get to spend with my 91 year old Dad.

  58. shelbie mazer

    This was my uncles favorite song he died in an accident on January fourth 2018 it was my brothers birthday I listen to this song when I’m sad

  59. Bri Conn

    such a great song

  60. proA8player999

    0:29 Is this a music vid... Oh yeah it is

  61. Cindyjean Stover

    Good stuff!!! Great message!!!

  62. Jeffourey

    Cowboy for ever

  63. Katie Scott

    i was class of 99 and it be 20 yrs soon Lord

  64. Ryan Wasiukow

    This song is 1 of the 3 songs that opens your eyes up about the speed of time. The others are Fast by Luke Bryan and the other is 5 more minutes

  65. Melesio Torres

    Great song.

  66. niki smith

    My great grama favorite song she past a way last week

  67. Brian Edwards

    Beautiful song, lyrics. Thank you for making me think about the ones that I need to reach out to before time runs out. Thank you for the beautiful song.

  68. Jacob Klomparens

    👍🏼how true

  69. April

    Love this song! Voice of an Angel, if Angels are Men too :)

  70. Trish Edwards

    i lost my dad last summer..this song hits hard

  71. Sensei Juan

    Never take anyone or anything for granted. Life can change in a second

  72. Same L

    Mm. M m. M. M mm. M. M discard comment

  73. Rita Hill

    Every time I listen to this song it chokes me up. Beautiful

  74. Christine Richardson

    Great song.

  75. Rhonda Johnson

    Trouble is!

  76. Mr. Monkey


  77. Ryan Wasiukow

    Wow, nice job Dean, you have a point. You think you have time. You don't. I took for granted my Great Uncle wouldn't die any time soon but he's dead.

  78. Cynthia Scott

    In love this song

  79. Robin

    When I hear this I look at my kids and think about how 30 years from now I'm gonna be saying the exact same thing. Most of the people who died today thought that they were gonna be here tomorrow. Love everyone and everything as much as you can.

  80. echickgal1

    This is a great video.

  81. jaxon cruickshank

    This song is really inspiring

  82. Tom Settle

    85 People have no soul.

  83. Janice Sopatyk

    such a thought provoking song

  84. Rainfeather1

    good ole country music ............very nice

  85. Jacob Bleeker

    Great song BC proud

  86. Jen Zilio

    Love this song

  87. Paulsgirl28 R

    Miss you papa wish you were still here

  88. Erna Smyk

    this song stopped me in my tracks and tears flowed.  Magic is what you Dean have put into words, my wish is that all people listen and listen well.  How quick we just take life for granted!!  Thank you for enlightening me and opening my heart and soul to this great life .. greatest gift!!

  89. It's Hailey's world 48

    Great job Dean.

  90. flying iron

    Im 14 but i appreciate what i got and i still have my grandperants and im going to comprehend what i still got and spend as much time as i can with them before their gone

  91. Riley Newton

    What a beautiful song. So touchy, brings tears to the eyes.

  92. Crystal Trahan

    This song speaks so much truth about the way the world is. Time is never promised...use it wisely. Spend it with the people you love most.

  93. AlienAsh

    I thought I had time jesse... I'm so sorry😔I hope it's better up there then it is down here

  94. jaden Raynes

    He's a marintimer

  95. Lisa Taylor

    Dean Brody ❤️

  96. beammeup scotty

    love it so much
    s J m i

  97. Dawn Reid

    I cry almost every time I hear this song

  98. Dawn Reid

    I cry almost every time I hear this song

  99. Summergirl

    I LOVE this song sooo much....even though it does make me cry......cause I'm getting old and it sucks!!